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  1. I have done that with my 2LW, no problem.
  2. Yes, I wondered about that, looks like one, and the building (left) looks as though it is constructed using stone.
  3. Agreed, but thanks to his amazing records, he certainly chose some 'grim' cross country routes, but I guess there wasn't the traffic volumes we have now, (well in pre Covid days).
  4. My boat came out for blacking 4 years ago, and for my own interest I had a hull survey carried out, cost £400. It was interesting, the boat was built in 1998 and I bought it in 2005 without a survey. I am with Saga insurance, but they are ceasing boat insurance and I will be 'punting round' in November looking for another insurer - not sure if the survey will be too old, will have to see. But if you can combine a survey and blacking it helps.
  5. Mark, Have sent you a PM and email. if you have survived 10 days quarantined in a hotel at Gatwick and engine trouble you deserve a break.........hope she fires up. Mike. Day Tank Full?
  6. Interesting, and well worth following up, on that engine you can actually feel the individual injectors 'doing their job' through the pipes.
  7. Hi, The batteries in Cypress are just 2 years old, the engine starts well normally, but it's not a 'quick turn of the key' starter, it'a vintage job! and needs some respect, It's dead easy to flatten the battery by just turning it over without any thought and cables do become hot under these circumstances. I would not let anybody have a go a starting it without some thought and instruction. That engine needs careful use of the de-compression lever, easy starting on that engine is achieved by using the lever to decompress the engine, turning it over a few times with the startin
  8. I agree with you, long drive to get a car to this point though.
  9. Bit Cheeky!, although visits to the boat are a bit infrequent as my broken leg is taking ages to mend, hope all well.
  10. Hi, A bit of a mish mash. and not sure about cars on the towpath, there is a nice Triumph TR2? by the lock. The scene has 'something' of the Marsworth flight about it, by the style of the cottages, but there are not 2 at one lock.......or a bridge like that on the flight. Nice pic, but a lot of artistic licence incorporated?
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. Awwww! I knew it another 'Cock & Bull' story...........Pop reckoned it was opposite but he never had a good MSD twix the two.
  13. Interesting!, I must confess I like the Central shopping centre / area, which has a good market and has grown as needed, it pulls in shoppers from a huge area. The smaller shopping areas are good and I was impressed when we wanted a new lounge suite to find 7 or 8 big outlets grouped in one area, all within easy walking distance of each other. As said, planning is good with lots of open spaces, when asked, many people hate driving in MK and complain about roundabouts but few consider the 'grid' layout, or the relevance of 'V' or 'H' roads. Loads of history if you look for it and I am here 'co
  14. Actually it's really good, I've visited North Bucks since I was a kid and been working in and been an 'observer' of MK since it's inception, brilliant place, just misunderstood by people. New building are excellent and the camouflaging of some large storage buildings, superb. Great to drive in and through...........and good to boat through as well.
  15. I believe there was a plan to extend the canal to Chesham, something like 19 locks were proposed..........the River Chess is now flowing strongly (April 2021).
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