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  1. LEO

    Captains chairs

    A second vote for the Ikea ones, I was going to swap mine for a recliner, but it's served me well since 2005 and it seemed a shame to change it.
  2. LEO

    Help - Seized Nut

    Good Luck. dreadful job and if you have a heat exchanger in the OD4, virtually impossible to do. I have and tend to clean the 'glass' very rarely to avoid damage. L
  3. LEO

    Bending ceiling battens

    I would use a strategically placed car jack on the floor with a length of timber up to the batten would bend (and hold the batten), allowing it to be fixed in place.
  4. Agreed, a bit like 'making love in a punt'! My current tipple is Wychwood's 'Hob Gobling' - 5 litre can from Waitrose - £16. Beers from Tring Brewery are also excellent, (Cowroast Lock, bus into Tring, brewery opposite Tesco's).
  5. LEO

    BMC 1.5 - Which Oil

    No, I think it's a pre-war design, the British Motor industry was still in a poor state after WW2, using clapped out pre-war machine tools.
  6. LEO

    DM2 assistance required in Oxford

    Good news, nice boat, I've known it since the first owner had it built!.
  7. LEO

    Cologne Cathedral

    Even more dramatic if you look up pics on net showing Cologne just after WW2.
  8. There seems to be a growing trend for vandalising narrowboats and stealing anything of value. Reading the London Boaters Facebook page for the weekend is depressing - 5 burglaries involving boats moored at Victoria Park, one unattended narrowboat burnt out and one removed from it's online moorings, moved a short distance and totally trashed (just prior to the completion of a re-fit). I suspect insurance companies will pick up on this soon.
  9. Hi This looks like the fitting you were wanting to remove, looks as though it is screwed into a fitting at the bottom of the burner pot. It's basically a hollow tube with the scraper rod running through it, The rod is quite difficult to turn. Hope this helps. L.
  10. Hi, I guess, I should have checked to see if you had a water heating coil in your OD4, shame as they are good at providing hot water as well as space heating and the 'overboil' safety switch is very useful. KK's advice about the factory set screws within the regulator is excellent. There could be a build up of carbon around the inlet to burner pot, I check this using a small mirror on an extending handle and a hand held spotlight. These inspection mirrors are not expensive and are useful. Or I have a small camera probe which connects with a laptop. I have purchased a spare connector to the burner pot and these screw in. To clean this area I have also made a pointed tool (basically a rod which is bent at right angles at the end) to chip away carbon. Does oil seep in when the 'flame failure shut off' is overridden? - (if fitted). Let us know what causes the problem. L
  11. Hi, I sometimes have this problem with the Kabola OD4 fitted to my boat. It's worth checking if the stove is fitted with an 'overboil' shut off valve - this could have operated and closed off the supply. This is re-set by pushing the button at the bottom of the valve back in (I think! it may be the other way round and need pulling out!), This will restore the oil supply. Or it could be a blocked filter - tricky to get at one screw on the OD4 to allow removal of the filter cover - I have drilled a hole in the frame around the carb. to enable easy access. It is unlikely that the inlet to the burner pot is blocked. A couple of pictures may help, in Pic 1 the Overboil shut off valve is below the large copper dome. Pic 2 shows the hole (in bright steel to the right of the filter) which I drilled to allow access to one of the 2 screws sealing the filter cover. Pic 3 is a general view of the back of the OD4 showing the connection of the overboil thermo coupling. Hope this helps. L.
  12. LEO

    Shower Room refurb.

    When fitting the shower tray/bath don't rely on a line of sealant between the bath/shower and wall, draw a line to mark the top of the bath/shower and then apply a tube or so of sealant below this line to cover the 'lip' of the unit. Then push the shower/bath into this, it provides the perfect leak free seal.
  13. It would also be interesting to learn which end of the crankshaft was connected to the prop....some connect 'back to front' meaning the flywheel is the last thing to spin/stop in the event of a sudden stop creating tremendous forces on the crankshaft. I have seen Gardners installed this way.
  14. I filmed Jim MacDonald hand starting the 6L2 a few years ago (video on UTube) and the engine was in the front cabin then. not sure what was in the back cabin. lovely boat.
  15. LEO

    BMC 1500 revs up when hot??

    Yep. 'Orrible bits of kit, used a clutch from a BMC mini, I replaced it with a Hurth and sold the old bell-housing, gearbox and spare main shaft to a hire fleet operator on the River Avon in 1989. The BMC is as far as I know still in service.