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  1. This is an interesting case, in 2006 I was cycling down a slight slope when a girl (aged about 17) walked from behind a hedge, across 2 ft of verge and straight into the road without looking, in front of me, I was unable to swerve or stop and hit her, I was flung off the bike and landed on top of her. She was injured and suffered facial cuts and ran back in her house, screaming. I damaged my knee and it became infected and now is causing me inconvenience. Fortunately a motorist saw the whole accident and was happy to make a statement to the Police to whom I reported the accident. Next morning I took detailed pictures of the crash scene. I was not insured but following this incident and the recent judgement would recommend all cyclists to take out third party insurance, extending this to compulsory insurance for motorised electric scooter drivers. I gave up cycling after this, but in the Chilterns (where I live) it's a cycling free-for-all on a Sunday and it's well worth giving them a wide berth when you come across them (usually in blocks of 15 or more) and a dash camera is a worthy accessory. M.
  2. Hankooks make good products, especially tyres, I looked at these batteries, but discounted them as they are sealed units and cannot be topped up wth distilled water. I will be interested to hear how you get on with them.
  3. On a previous boat I had a 1.5 BMC, if I filled the oil to the correct level on the dipstick it would discharge oil via the crankcase breather and the rear crankshaft oil seal, then when it had reached the 'correct' level it would run happily for hours, overfill it and the oil would be discharged as before. I used to top it up to between the high and low mark on the dipstick and it was 'happy as Larry'. You also state you use a 20/50 multigrade - I thought and old engine like a BMC would have preferred a straight Sae30...... M.
  4. Hi, looking at the picture it looks as though someone has over tightened the fitting, splitting the nut. Take care when replacing the damaged fitting.
  5. Hi, The boat which moors next to mine was stretched a few years ago by a well known firm in Braunston, Work was completed quickly and the result is brilliant. It really is impossible to see that lengthening work has been carried out. If I wanted a longer boat stretching is the route I would choose.
  6. Hi, I would have thought the best way was remove old bracket, make new one, drill, tap and bolt this in position, using sealant to complete the repair.
  7. LEO


    Probably similar. I never purchased one, it made adjustment a 'one handed 'operation. The firm specialized in Triumph tuning bits, for GT6's and Spitfires and TR models. I bought a 'camber controlled' transverse leaf spring from the to try to improve cornering in a Spitfire. Personally I have never really had a problem with adjusting tappets with a spanner and screwdriver.
  8. LEO


    Hi, In the early '60's I sure the handbook for Pop's Vauxhall Victor suggested 'setting the tappets with the engine running' - an almost impossible job and ruined several feeler gauges.... anyone remember the SPQR tool for setting tappets.. distributed by a specialist firm in Leighton Buzzard. This posting reminds me - must check them on the 2LW!, and I actually saw a mechanic checking the tappets on a BMC 1.8 yesterday.
  9. Hi, I have not seen one exhibited at any of the Steam Fairs or Classic shows I go to, a guy nearby does run a James 2 stroke motor cycle on a daily basis. M
  10. I recall watching that when it first came out, any info on which TV station?.
  11. Hi, I use a Dremmel with grinding bit, works well.
  12. Hi, I actually had a Keb, but that was Nb. named Keb! - real Kebs are useful, but bearing in mind 'H&S' difficult to store. You need a long one! and bearing in mind how often you would use it, I would try to make one which fitted on the end of a Boat shaft or quanting pole.........and then removed when not needed. Bit like one shaft fits several garden tools (Wolf range?)......... Some umbrella fixing could be used for this. l.
  13. LEO

    Doris Day

    Sorry to read this sad news, Happy memories of her singing ' Move over Darling' accompanied by 4 bricklayers on a building site I worked on aged 15 (it was actually a part of our garden and we were building a bungalow on it). My brother and I still wind each other up over this song! Happy days a career in building construction and houses followed. Thanks Doris! for this and many other great songs. The building site was great, I had to keep the cement mixer and it's Lister 'D' running sweetly.
  14. Not sure about the orange pipe in the oil supply pipe and BSC requirements. Agree with the comments about Toby Valves.
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