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  1. Looks good and amazing value - you would pay an extra £175 to £200K in this area (South Bucks). Hope all goes well with the trade-in, all I hear as a justification for low prices is 'it's the Brexit effect'. Cobblers! I say.
  2. My first boat, purchased in 1988 had a pump similar to the previous picture, I upgraded this to the model in the attached picture in 1992, to improve water circulation (it was a BMC raw water cooled engine). I got the new unit from Cleghorn & Waring? in Baldock. I replaced the screwed grease caps for grease nipples. It's probably still in use on the engine. It worked well, but you had to get the right sized Picador pulley for good circulation of the coolant. I eventually changed the engine from raw water cooling to a heat exchanger system. Sounds to me as though the OP ran into problems with his pump through a lack of grease. If adjusted correctly you will get the odd drip of water through the nut, it's best not to over tighten this.
  3. Hey! It's not that bad, my boat's home port before it came down South was Worksop and it is named 'Albion Mills' after Albion Mill in the town. .....good luck with the new house.
  4. LEO

    Six Nations

    X2, at least the Italians run the ball!
  5. LEO

    Six Nations

    We were doing well until England gave away 6 points by way of penaties, when some twonk thought it had changed to a rough house and boxing match....thanks pal.
  6. Also....the Toby valve has an inbuilt flame failure shut off valve. It might be worth the OP downloading instructions for this valve....do you have a link? This shows how to reset this if it is 'tripped'. I think the filter is partly blocked and there is some water in the system .... it got stirred up when being refilled from empty.
  7. Hi, as a matter of interest, which regulator do you have.the old style one or a now Toby unit?.
  8. It could be damaged, by cleaning, but Refleks may not have this feature fitted. My fire is a Kabola OD4 ( the same model as yours). Unless the copper pipe that KK mentions has been cleaned recently it could be the problem. It caused problems on the kabola I have. I note the OP ran out of fuel and had the tank refilled, bet this stirred up the 'crud' at the bottom of the tank!. I have attached a picture of the pipe to be cleaned. I poked a lot of tarry gunge out of the pipe fitted to my fire.
  9. Probably the most accurate comment, especially with regard to the picture of Cheddington Wharf. The bridge is carefully drawn and fairly accurate, but the buildings are a mish mash...stone, brick,and one timber framed..... The far horizon does feature distant hills, but there is no indication of the railway, so it was probably sketched before that was built. So it was probably sketched on site, but finished elsewhere. My guess is a view near Cook's Wharf, shame his work excluded the bridge number, it does show a plaque.
  10. Your blog is good!, I'd go for oil everytime, These fires burn for ages with little attention, get the one with the hot water facility and you will have lots of HW. Also in your plans allow for a 50 gallon dedicated storage tank. L.
  11. Would the North East do, if so try Hartlepool Marine, (Sorry have not got contact details at the moment), I got some cleaning tablets off the recently and they sent these and a good brochure covering the full Refleks range
  12. I wish, I have got a spare 2LW block under the bed though. Hope all well, see you have a new mutt, what happened to the old one, and what make is the new one?.
  13. It'a all been covered in previous postings, I don't have a Refleks but have a Kabola OD$ which runs on the same basis (oil/drip feed). These oil burning stoves are excellent and run for long periods with minimum attention. It's worth considering where the oil supply will be stored on the boat - ie. dedicated tank, shared from the main tank and pumped to a day tank. Using them to supply hot water for domestic use is a good idea and an ideal solution would be a Calorifier with 2 circuits, one for the Refleks and another for an engine connection.
  14. Hi and welcome, answer -- YES, YES, useful facebook site - Refleks Diesel Heaters...............best of luck, you are looking for the best way of keeping nice and warm and no DUST!!, have fun. L
  15. No chance, the Eco Fan on top of the Kabola would chop it to bits.........................................................hope all well.
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