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  1. Agreed some of the Vlogs are hard work and all have boring parts but the drone filming in some is excellent and well worth watching. Like TV, one always has the option of the ON/OFF button or fast forward.
  2. Albion Mills had Worksop listed as 'home port' when we bought it in 2005, but we this changed to Cowroast when it was repainted in 2011.
  3. Wise post, good news that somebody other than us has a functioning brain. Heep safe. L
  4. Hi, A few pics would be helpful, my OD4, starts 'going out' a few minutes after the knob has been turned to the off position. A blue flame is best and I find that in normal operation settings 1 to 3 are only needed, anything above 2 introduces too much oil into the burner pot and results in orange flames. You state you have 'taken the Toby Valve apart- adjusted the oil flow screws?, not recommended..........which type of Toby Valve do you have? - photo would help. Really all you need to do with the valve is to clean the filter. Have you cleaned the copper pipe twix V
  5. Is the 'flap' correctly adjusted so that it just closes under normal operation?.
  6. Have been with SAGA for years, survey needed when boat reaches 30 years old, slight premium increase when when it reached 20 years. As a matter of interest I instructed a good surveyor to carry out a full 'out of water survey ' when the boat was 20 years old, no problems were found.
  7. Interesting video on FB, Narrowboat Owners Group of a boater cruising down River Severn at Framilode Passage...............there are some crazy peeps about. Sorry could not do link, but it's well worth a look.....
  8. Hi, I had a similar problem with my OD4, and it developed a pinprick hole in the base, A complete overhaul was needed, a new burner pot was sourced. Kabola says the pot can be removed via the top. that's cobblers, the best way is to remove the fire as the burner pot will only come out from the bottom. It's fairly easy to remove the fire, 2 bolts secure the drip tray from the black round cover. I have attached some pictures showing the burner pot and holes. I will attach some pictures showing the operation later, a year ago I fitted a new carb. spares for the burner pot and a n
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  11. Mark, You must have a very understanding wife - looks as though you are painting in the Lounge in one picture at least.......... Mike
  12. Yep. Gardner's do, Amersham high street used to get some tremendous oil stains where the generators (generally Gardner 6LW's) stood during the fair. I also remember a visit to Malta years ago, when the the main mode of transport was old buses (usually Gardner powered) shipped out from the UK, the main bus station in Valletta was an oily mess from deposits from all the old vehicles. I get some small leaks from my 2LW after a run but but they wipe off easily. Bearing the mind the age of the engines oil leaks are reasonable, I recall the leaks from cars of the same period - I know my BMC's a
  13. And be careful if you have a pacemaker.....or guests who have one........
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