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  1. Interesting video on FB, Narrowboat Owners Group of a boater cruising down River Severn at Framilode Passage...............there are some crazy peeps about. Sorry could not do link, but it's well worth a look.....
  2. Hi, I had a similar problem with my OD4, and it developed a pinprick hole in the base, A complete overhaul was needed, a new burner pot was sourced. Kabola says the pot can be removed via the top. that's cobblers, the best way is to remove the fire as the burner pot will only come out from the bottom. It's fairly easy to remove the fire, 2 bolts secure the drip tray from the black round cover. I have attached some pictures showing the burner pot and holes. I will attach some pictures showing the operation later, a year ago I fitted a new carb. spares for the burner pot and a new mica glass cost about £300, this also included a new cage, carb was £200 on top of that, but I ended up with a virtually new heater. My fire also provides hot water.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. Mark, You must have a very understanding wife - looks as though you are painting in the Lounge in one picture at least.......... Mike
  6. Yep. Gardner's do, Amersham high street used to get some tremendous oil stains where the generators (generally Gardner 6LW's) stood during the fair. I also remember a visit to Malta years ago, when the the main mode of transport was old buses (usually Gardner powered) shipped out from the UK, the main bus station in Valletta was an oily mess from deposits from all the old vehicles. I get some small leaks from my 2LW after a run but but they wipe off easily. Bearing the mind the age of the engines oil leaks are reasonable, I recall the leaks from cars of the same period - I know my BMC's and Vauxhall's did.......modern machining seems to overcome this, especially with Toyota engines and the Hyundai I now run never uses a drop of oil between 2 year service periods..
  7. And be careful if you have a pacemaker.....or guests who have one........
  8. Hi, I made a double skin unit up fairly easily, rolled the inner leaf up and fed it into the outer leaf and filled the gap with fibre glass and ran some high temp silicone sealer round top and bottom to secure it. Make sure you leave enough single skin outer to fir over the collar. Works well, no tar drips. Also use a 'hat'.
  9. Interesting, but really it's better to let it be converted to housing rather than allow the building to decline like the Cowroast Pub or the White Lion at Marsworth. Sadly pubs are in decline and this closure will be the first of many, looking at the figures and prevailing market conditions I think a pub would be the last thing I would invest in. Although locally, Akeman Inns seem to be shrewd operators along the A41 and good luck to the Grand Junction at Bulbourne now under their stewardship - although boaters won't like their prices.
  10. Always liked boats, first boating holiday Sept 1975. with a pal on his 16ft Dolphin. Marlow to Newbridge (Upper Thames) and back- see pic, muscle bound hero mid left! Spent various holidays on that boat and a 21ft Norman he bought. 1988 had some money left over from a divorce (yep, unusual situation I know) so bought Keb a 30ft nb. after making sure current partner liked boating. We ran Keb for 16 years and sold her and bought Albion Mills a 48ft boat with a Gardner engine (something I have always wanted). Always been based at Cowroast. always kept a boating logbook.
  11. I made a new one for my rear slide last year. It's a traditional 'tapered' shape opening, 18mm ply, with 1mm steel covering externally. It's heavy so to make it slide more easily I rebated 1mm brass strips along the sliding areas, matches brass strips on roof runners. Internal finish, scumbled (by me). Works well. Hope you are well. M.
  12. I have flown from Duxford in the top one, great sensation and nice wicker chairs, landing on a grass strip was good as well, I later took my wife's grandchildren up in it as a treat, their Mum was not amused and considered the plane 'totally unsafe'.........great planes, great flying experience
  13. The problem is the lock mechanism is contained in a metal box held in place by two bolts (see original pics), the individual key takes up most of the thickness on this box and it would be difficult to fix a turnscrew onto the internal face of the lock. It should be easy to keep a key inserted internally if and when needed, but it would have to be removed to lock the door externally.
  14. Not so far as I am aware, I have used these on standard framed ledged and braced doors successfully and had no problems inserting the key either side, although if the timber door is too thick you have to modify the fitting of the lock a bit.
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