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  1. I just remember one in a phone box when I was very little, on the way to school, in about 1958/9, Acton, West London.
  2. When doing a self build course at the National Self Build and Renovation Centre in Swindon, it was pointed out that there was no point in putting energy into a leaky bucket, first plug the holes. No amount of money spent on tech will make up for that loss, just money wasted. When you strive for efficiency, insulation and draft proofing are your priority.
  3. Bring the beavers back 🦫. Their dams would have prevented Holy Brook emptying. 😉
  4. Hi Catherine, Sorry for the delay in replying, work and granddaughters birthday took up my time. Just to confirm the toilet is an electric Thetford with a ceramic bowl. It is not on a plinth and there is no problem taking the cassette out, apart from the bed being in the way. The sump for the bath drain is under the floor in the bathroom and not under the wardrobe plinth. There is a button in the floor which you press to empty the sump overboard. It sounds like your arrangement is different and may require extra work. My friend continuously cruised in London for several years with the holding tank. You have to plan your water and pump out with your moves and there can be queues for these. They are happy to have removed the tank and changed to a cassette toilet now they are in a marina. It makes moving the bed round easier and frees up storage under the bed.
  5. Hi Catherine, The toilet is a Thetford electric one, I am not sure which model, purchased about a year ago for some £600 +. It is not on a plinth, and they get the cassette out through the wardrobe. I haven't inspected the installation closely, but will ask and have a look later in the week. I am away at work today and tomorrow, but will see them when I get back on Thursday. They plan to turn the bed round so that it is sideways on, as at present it is difficult to get the cassette out, but as always funds are needed. I will check to see about the shower, they have a shower over a hip bath, it emties into a sump which appears to be under the floor between the shower and the toilet. I will check that out. The poo tank was large and unwieldy, and you have to get it to the dump.
  6. I think that's how they feel, not forgetting the cost to do it.
  7. You have certainly received the best advice. A friend with a 12×60 Collingwood has done just this. They remove the cassette through the wardrobe, it helps if the bed isn't in the way. I suggested that they swap the shower and toilet round to remove the cassette into the corridor to keep it out of the wardrobe. They haven't yet. The holding tank is big and awkward, they needed help as it is quite difficult to get it out and off the boat. They are happy to be rid of it.
  8. I believe people throw away the ancillary pieces and use proper Eber or Webasto bits to connect the Chinese heaters, as the supplied bits are useless. Search YBW for lengthy threads on the subject, also the place if you are crossing oceans. The Russian Eber copy, Planar, sold as Autoterm, comes with usable bits, but of course costs more.
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