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Alway Swilby

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  1. Alway Swilby

    Leeds & Liverpool Closed For Cruising

    Two Gargrave flights are going to be closed! Quality journalism.
  2. Alway Swilby

    Leeds & Liverpool to close on 30th July

    And people still say "Lovely day". To which I now reply "No it isn't, we need rain".
  3. Alway Swilby

    tv aeriel

    I've found the Moonraker DTV 1000 to be the best. It has an amplifier built in at the aerial. Needs 12v or 240v power. Used to be available from Maplins now Amazon or Ebay.
  4. Alway Swilby

    How much will be “cruisable” by August?..

    Indeed, and there is a sluice by the water point at Lapworth services which when open continuously feeds water from the GU to the Southern Startford.
  5. Alway Swilby

    East - West Manchester transit

    I wouldn't attempt the top of the Ashton flight all the way to Castlefields in one day, it's 18 narrow locks then 9 heavy broad locks. I'd come down the Ashton flight of 18 then spend the night in Piccadilly Village, it seems quite safe there. Then early doors the next day down the Rochdale Nine to Castlefields.
  6. Alway Swilby

    Mooring in Chester.

    We were in the main basin in February and there was nothing to stop us opening the swing bridge (with a CRT key) and going into the North Basin. Didn't fancy it though and anyway there was plenty of room where we were. I've never seen any boats in there.
  7. Alway Swilby

    Fernwood boats

    When we had our boat built by Finesse 2016/17 Julia was also involved.
  8. Alway Swilby

    How much will be “cruisable” by August?..

    Indefinately doesn't necessarily mean a long time. The cill is fixed one day later and the navigation is open.
  9. Alway Swilby

    How much will be “cruisable” by August?..

    The Shroppie gets plenty too. The outfall is just by the water point along from the hire base.
  10. Alway Swilby

    Can a 60 foot narrowboat get to Ripon?

    We went up to Ripon in our old 60' boat. The top two locks into Ripon are the shortest, we came down them backwards. Great trip, enjoy. Will look forward to the blog.
  11. Alway Swilby


    When we had a pumpout toilet we didn't have a self pumpout kit.
  12. Alway Swilby

    What will happen to the Flapper in 2019

    It was still closed last weekend.
  13. Alway Swilby

    Leaving engine running

    It's a modern engine, you'll be fine. Far better than running it in gear as some like to do even though it contravenes the terms of the CRT licence and wears away the bank.
  14. Alway Swilby

    GU Leicester currently unavigable

    I might be wrong but I was under the impression that the six new directors are to replace ten old ones?
  15. Alway Swilby

    Diesel costs

    But the declaration is for the predicted future use of the diesel not what the stuff you have used was used for.

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