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  1. Nowadays we take a marina mooring for a few months in winter. It's not always the same marina although we do have a prefered one in Goole. We might be there for 3 months, sometimes 4. When we leave the marina we stop paying and leave. I notify CRT that we no longer have a home mooring. The following winter we check in to a marina again and inform CRT accordingley. We can't be unusual in doing this. Our licence expires on 31st December when we are always in a marina somewhere and so will have a home mooring at renewal time. I wonder whether we'll have to pay the CC surcharge.
  2. Is this still the case now that the bottom gates can no longer be independantly operated but have to be operated together?
  3. On Monday the lock keeper at Torksey had a pc in his office that he was entering data on.
  4. Viking Marina in Goole has lift out facilities and has cruisers stored on the shore.
  5. Our boat is also a Tyler Wilson shell (and fitted out by Finesse as it happens) and has the chute arrangement. I like it a lot, it's not difficult to reach the prop whilst lying on the deck. We have a propmate ( https://www.miracleleisureproducts.co.uk/prop-mate-c9.html ) which means you often don't need to get your hand wet. The chute arrangement means that I often don't bother to tighten up the weed hatch at all.
  6. Bollington Wharf must have facilities. They run day boats and NB Alton does pump outs so must have somewhere to empty their tank. They may of course charge but I doubt if it is much.
  7. When winding our 58'6" boat in a 70' winding hole I often think "Thank god we haven't got a 70' boat".
  8. On the Leicester Line. Kibworth top lock. https://hendersonconnellan.co.uk/market-harborough/property/wistow-lane-kibworth/
  9. There are plenty of visitor moorings in York, most of them marked as 48 hours. Favoured ones are alongside Museum Gardens on the right after you have gone upstream under Lendal Bridge. There are other moorings at King's Staithe and Queen's Staithe either side of the river before Ouse Bridge. There are however no flood safe moorings available for visitors, they are all occupied by the trip boats. If a flood is likely (keep an eye on the weather 30 or 40 miles away in the Dales) you'll need to run away downstream to Naburn Lock or upstream to Linton Lock (quite a long way). There is a water point near Lendle Bridge but it is where the trip boats pick up passengers all day long so you can only use it early in the morning or after the boats stop in the evening.
  10. Going back to the Upper Thames: every gate has a long pole and hook resting on hangers that you use to open or shut the opposite gate. If CRT equipped all their wide locks with such poles they'd all be nicked within about a week.
  11. We got told off by a lock keeper for only opening one gate at one of the Upper Thames locks above Oxford. After that I did notice that there was minimal mitre leakage at all the Upper Thames locks.
  12. Aqueduct Marina used their stop planks when the Middlewich breach occurred .
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