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  1. The fuel boat NB Halsall sometimes uses the Anderton lift. Seeing as how the boat is providing an essential service presumably they will still be able to use the lift.
  2. Do you think the one boater may be confusing themselves? On the CRT web site there is this: Please note that from Monday 30 March, unless there is an emergency or boaters require passage for essential services such as water, pump out or waste, all our employee-operated locks, bridges and tunnels will be closed.
  3. Maybe they're on their way to do food shopping. We need to do that soon.
  4. Everyone got one, I don't have a problem with that.
  5. No, I wasn't stirring but I see your point. The web site I took it from just says "What remains open" with no distinction between retail premises and businesses. Lets look at another way, this is a list of "Ordered to close" which is not a just list of retail premises. I would say that Canal boat hire bases comes under the Caravan parks / Sites for commercial use but perhaps Wyvern saw it differently. Ordered to close Restaurants and cafes (exceptions: they can offer food delivery and takeaway) Workplace canteens (exceptions: canteens in hospitals, care homes, schools, prisons and military canteens, services providing food or drink to the homeless) Pubs Bars and nightclubs including bars in hotels and members clubs Hair, beauty and nail salons Piercing and tattoo parlours Massage parlours Auction houses Car showrooms Caravan parks/sites for commercial use (exceptions: Parks where people live permanently or those used by people as interim abodes where their primary residence is not available) Libraries Playgrounds Outdoor gyms All shops selling non-essential goods including clothing and electronic stores. Community centres, youth centres (exceptions: Halls may remain open to host essential voluntary or public services such as food banks and facilities for homeless people) Churches, mosques and places of worship (exceptions – they can remain open for “solitary prayer”, funerals with social distancing – the mourners two metres apart and for live streaming) Cinemas (exceptions: live-streaming of a performance if the group of workers exercise social distancing) Museums and galleries Bingo halls Casinos and betting shops Spas Skating rinks Gyms Swimming pools Playgrounds Enclosed spaces in parks including tennis courts and pitches for football, bowling etc, and outdoor gyms (equipment could become contaminated by human touch) Prisons in England and Wales are closed to visitors
  6. Here is a list of what businesses can remain open (taken from the Guardian web site). I can't see canal boat hire bases in the list. What remains open? Parks Supermarkets Food shops Health shops Pharmacies including non-dispensing chemists Petrol stations Bicycle shops Home and hardware stores Laundrettes and dry cleaners Car rentals Pet shops Corner shops Newsagents Post offices Banks
  7. Well. we won't be doing that. We'll go to the water point when we need to and probably do some shopping on the same trip then head off back to the countryside for another two weeks.
  8. We'll need to use a winding hole to get to a water point and to get some shopping.
  9. I wasn't point scoring against CRT, just saying that if Johnson announces at 5pm that the outside world is closing down with immediate effect then CRT won't be able to put padlocks on every lock in that time scale. People who need to move on to a pound with facilities will still be physically able to.
  10. I don't think CRT have the resources to put padlocks on every lock by 5pm tomorrow.
  11. All you peeps saying "get onto a pound with a water point by 5pm Monday", do you not think that we might get a bit of notice before CRT put padlocks on the locks? I would think that we would get 24 hrs notice.
  12. Boris specifically asked people not to do that this evening. Perhaps you don't think much of his advice.
  13. Any news on the Marple flight? CRT think it's open.
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