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Alway Swilby

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  1. Alway Swilby

    Cruising the River Severn in January

    You need to book the lock keepers and they don't work on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (or something like that!).
  2. Alway Swilby

    Nelson end of an era

    You've also neglected Watney's Special.... what a beer. Mind you it was only 25p a pint.
  3. Alway Swilby

    How much are you paying for smokeless?

    Today I bought 5 x 25kg bags of Excel for £12.75 each, delivered to my roof by NB Dusty. Also a 13kg gas bottle for £33. They didn't have a diesel to spare so I don't know how much that was. The price of all fuels is creeping upwards (except gas, that is bounding upwards).
  4. Alway Swilby

    Multi-fuel Stove

    Well, you need an eco fan to distibute the heat! 🙂
  5. Alway Swilby

    Oxford Loop

    I can't justify spending £45 for a cruise even if the licence is valid until tomorrow evening. We don't have budget for such things. So you've all persuaded me not to do it.
  6. Alway Swilby

    Oxford Loop

    The plan is to get a Gold licence next year and fully explore the Thames. Looking forward to many a good day.
  7. Alway Swilby

    Winter. Cruising. Where?

    We've had good winter cruising on the Macc (serviced by NB Alton), The Shroppie (NB Halsall) and the Lanagollen (NB Mountbatten).
  8. Alway Swilby

    Oxford Loop

    Ok, I'll be law abiding and turn round. Does anyone know if we are officially allowed to go down onto EA waters below Isis lock to wind or should I be a fine upstanding citizen and pay the EA £45 for 10 minutes on their waters?
  9. Alway Swilby

    Oxford Loop

    Just cos it's there. It would give the engine a bit of a work out on a river. Or I could just turn round and plod my way back past all the moored boats.
  10. Alway Swilby

    Oxford Loop

    I was wondering what the likelyhood was was of meeting a lock keeper at either of the Thames locks not how to evade paying a yearly licence! The cost of a licence for this trip is £45 for our boat, if it was likely that we'd meet a lock keeper and have to pay then we will turn round and go back along the canal because it's not worth 45 quid for a couple of hours. Anyhow, we have to go down Isis lock onto the Thames to wind, would you also sugest I should pay £45 to do that? I think the EA are missing a trick here. If there was a transit charge of say £10 then I think plenty of folk would make this trip.
  11. Alway Swilby

    Oxford Loop

    What are the chances at this time of year of being stung for a one day licence of £45 when going from Isis lock up through Godstow and Kings locks then back onto CRT waters at Dukes Cut? Also glad that we ignored all the dire warnings of lack of visitor moorings in Oxford, there's plenty of room.
  12. Alway Swilby

    Saving water at Foxton

    A lockie at Watford last month told us that they are back pumping at Stoke Bruerne then back pumping at Buckby and at Watford and leaving paddles up at Foxton overnight to get more water into that pound. The pound below Stoke Bruerne being fed by the River Tove. I wonder if perhaps they have stopped doing that now.
  13. Alway Swilby

    Saving water at Foxton

    No, probably not!
  14. Alway Swilby

    Saving water at Foxton

    With the side pounds at Foxton and Watford you don't need to reverse the "staircase". If a boat has come down and the flight is clear of other boats coming down then you can just ascend the flight. You don't need to fill the locks above to empty into the lock you are in, there is sufficient water in the side pounds to fill the lock.
  15. Alway Swilby

    Wifi boosters?

    Another benefit of our router is that it creates a 5 Ghz wifi signal as well as the standard 2.4 Ghz. So if you're moored in say Castlefields basin in Manchester where there are a gazillion other wifis in the air causing interferance to your local connection you can use 5G instead which is much less cluttered (for now).

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