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  1. We paid £26.15 at Etruria on 18th May
  2. I fancy doing Limehouse to Teddington sometime in July. I would plan to take an early morning tide (6am ish). My partner has been persuaded that it would be an interesting trip but she says we can't go unless we travel in the company of another boat for a bit of a backup if things go wrong. Is anyone planning such a trip sometime in July who would fancy a bit of company?
  3. When I was speccing our new boat Beta Marine wanted about £3500 for one to be fitted to our new Beta 43 engine.
  4. The HNC was originally built on a shoestring budget never mind the restoration.
  5. The web site shows it as open now Link. However I haven't had an email about it yet.
  6. There's a canalside farm shop at Great Haywood. Pricey, but good quality.
  7. Are these moorings offline as stated in the title of the thread or online offside as stated in the text?
  8. Crick (and Cropredy) have sold us diesel at 10/90 split without any question.
  9. Maybe the Three network has become overwhelmed by all the unlimited data whizzing through the ether. This has happened before when Three offered unlimited data. I think I'll stick with my limited (to 100 Gbytes per month) package on Virgin.
  10. Are the EA mucking about with wiers or something? Sounds very odd.
  11. How does that pound become a metre down? I thought it was part of the River Brent?
  12. I mean Braunston as in centre of the canal universe.
  13. OK, For reference here's a list of Post Offices that I know accept Post Restante. Crick Banbury Birmingham City Centre Ellesmere Llangollen Marple Napton Braunston Chester (Northgate Street) Rode Heath Sheffield (Wilkos) Droitwich Stockton Brook (Caldon Canal) That's all I can think of off the top of my head. Feel free to add to the list.
  14. The Rode Heath PO answered their phone this morning and they confirmerd that they do do Post Restante. Yay!
  15. We have also experienced the Atherstone volunteers and their reluctance to go below the third lock down. And Hilmorton where the bottom lock is the only one where you get assistance. And also the top three at Hatton. But we have also, just last week, experienced the Rochdale into Manchester, where the wonderful volunteer Ian met us at lock 65 and on his own helped us all the way down to number 81. Thanks Ian.
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