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Alway Swilby

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  1. Alway Swilby

    Victron Venus GX or Color control GX

    Sorry I didn't spot this thread back in September! We have a Venus GX. It is connected to our Multiplus inverter, our MPPT controler and our BMV. It is connected via a cat5 patch lead to the 4G router. Everything just worked out of the box. It doesn't use much data talking to the VRM and the VRM doesn't seem to mind the external IP address changing whilst we move about or reboot the router. All in all I'm very pleased with it and it works well with no problems. When we were away for a few days in December I spotted via the VRM that the shore power had tripped so I could contact a neighbor to turn it on again. This made the cat happy as the heating came back on! I was wondering about connecting the senders for the MSC fuel and water gauges to the "tank" inputs but I haven't got a round tuit.
  2. Alway Swilby

    Three unlimited data, minutes & texts £20

    You might be right. All I can say is that I'm glad I retired from the telecoms industry in 2014 so I won't have to deal with it!
  3. Alway Swilby

    Three unlimited data, minutes & texts £20

    Indeed. Not just them but all sorts of things, lifts, alarm systems, security syems, little old ladies (and men) who have had their phone line since 1958, fax machines (as used extensively in the NHS), card payment machines and loads of places like back street garages, old boat yards etc. This list is not exhaustive. There is going to be chaos!
  4. Alway Swilby

    Three unlimited data, minutes & texts £20

    Ordinary analogue voice land lines are due to be switched off by BT/Openreach in 2025. By then everyone will have to be using a mobile phone or a VoIP phone. A VoIP phone will use whatever broadband internet connection that is available to you so could be a router with a sim card. By 2025 BT would like everyone to have (and pay for) a fibre connection to their homes / businesses. Obviously doesn't applyy to boats! Presumably mobile voice calls will still work as now. Changes are afoot!
  5. Alway Swilby

    Three unlimited data, minutes & texts £20

    I'm on Virgin's £20 per month for 100 gigbytes. We rarely use more than 30 gb per month and any unused data rolls over to next month so we always start each month with 200 gig. Latest speed test result:
  6. Alway Swilby

    Marple Lock 11 update

    Peak Forest Canal Starts At: Lock 1 Ends At: Lock 16 Monday 23 July 2018 17:00 until Friday 24 May 2019 16:00 Type: Navigation Closure Reason: Structure failure Update on 06/02/2019: Unfortunately, whilst the works at Marple Lock 11 have been progressing steadily throughout the winter so far, they are a few weeks behind our original intended schedule. It is now planned to re-open the canal to boats by close of play on Friday 24th May 2019. Delays have been encountered in the piling phase of the works, with the augering of the ground and reinforced concrete pile installation behind the existing lock walls proving slower than expected, as well as having to address some design changes due to site constraints. However, the piling is now complete, ensuring the ground is stable so that the failed lock walls can be carefully dismantled. Given the progression of the works to date, at this stage we now have more certainty regarding the expected duration of the next phase; take-down of both lock walls, followed by their re-building back to the correct alignment. This is complex and time consuming, as the walls are being re-constructed like-for-like, in order to comply with heritage requirements. Lock 11 is a Grade II Listed structure. We apologise for this ongoing closure, and are pushing forward to complete the re-construction of the lock as soon as possible.
  7. There was a Tyler Wilson Sheffield Keel (wide beam) at Crick a few years back and it had both types installed in the bathroom. Of course there's plenty of room in a wide beam.
  8. Alway Swilby

    Bow Thruster Tube - again

    I'm glad we have a bow thruster. I hardly ever use it but when I do I'm glad we have it. ETA that I can steer!
  9. Alway Swilby

    Question re engine oil and coolant

    As it happens I particularly like the 4.5 litre containers because our Beta 43 takes 9 litres per change. If I can only get 5 litre containers then I change the gearbox oil too! Pretty sure the OP will be ok with API CD oil which is available in some chandlers. Our old Barrus Shire (2006) ran on CD ok. Car spares shops don't normally stock it but can get you some in if you ask. You could also ring Barrus to check if CD is ok.
  10. Alway Swilby

    Favourite Flight of Locks.

    Before boat life I lived in a house on Green Lane just up from the Fox. The Hanwell flight got me into boating. My dad took me for walks along the flight when I was about 5. I remember seeing working boats being towed by little towpath diesel tractors. Once a boater offered us a ride to Brentford but my dad declined the offer saying something about having to be home for tea. I don't think I ever forgave him! I've taken a boat down there a few times now and found it most enjoyable.
  11. Alway Swilby

    Favourite Flight of Locks.

    The flight above Shireoaks on the Chesterfield doesn't actually have a name of its own but is known locally as the stairway to heaven. Twelve single locks, two 2 rise staircases and two 3 rise all in a very picturesque location and easy to operate.
  12. Alway Swilby

    Dredging the Chesterfield?

    I'm still confused as to the units of measurement. Is it 0.6 yards 0.5 feet, 0.6 inches and 0.8 of some other smaller unit? My suspicion is that you are really talking metres.
  13. Alway Swilby

    Quiet routes

    I think it was us who was the "Other Boater" ! We met you at lock 23. We are now north of Leicester and haven't seen another boater yet if you discount a CRT crane and a hopper. So far during the summers we've been to Lancaster and Tewitfield, Ripon, the Pennines. Planning the Wey and Basinstoke next summer, the Nene and Great Ouse the summer after that. Glad you had a good holiday.
  14. Alway Swilby

    Hand held radio

    Is it illegal to have a hand held vhf on board and only use it to listen? I thought it was only illegal if you used it to transmit but I might be wrong.
  15. Alway Swilby

    Hand held radio

    Do they block all channels while they are transmitting or just channel 74?

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