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  1. You can get through if you time it right. Update on 25/04/2019: After speaking with our contractors, we have organised the following manual swinging of Bridge 20, Coxhead Swing Bridge to allow customer passage. We request customers who wish to pass through to arrive promptly at 12pm on each of the following days; Saturday 27 April. Thereafter every Monday and Friday until a repair is completed. Customers with a Liverpool Link/Salthouse Dock Booking, please make sure you leave yourself with enough time to allow passage through Bridge 20. Those who wish to rearrange your booking, please do so online, or by calling our Customer Service team on 03030 404040.
  2. Sorry for being thick but what does this mean?
  3. Were heading up the Calder & Hebble from Horbury to Sowerby Bridge over the next few days. It's a pain in the posterior taking both the C&H spike and windless with you to set and work a lock only to find just a windless would have done. Is there a list somewhere of which locks require a spike and which do not?
  4. Didn't someone get stuck in there recently due to a big log wedged between them and the tunnel wall? They were there overnight. By chance another boat came along the next morning and discovered them.
  5. Personally I like Harecastle tunnel far more than other tunnels, especially those horrible ones down Braunston and Blisworth way. There's two CRT bods that know you are in there and keep a lookout for you. If you don't turn up at the other end they'll come looking for you and best of all you can guarantee there is nothing coming the other way. Yes it gets a tad low in the middle but nothing to worry about.
  6. To be honest I feel that way too. What has been really really annoying is the length of time the justice system has taken to get here. We (and others) reported this to the Action Fraud web site back in January 2015 and it's taken till now, over four years later for the case to come to court.
  7. No problem. It is of course most likely Richard has no assets that can be confiscated so we won't get anything anyway. We are not holding out much hope. That money has gone and the chap responsible has got a suspended prison sentance. The judge did tell him off somewhat!
  8. It wasn't Stillwater Narrowboats that were in court, it was Richard Heaton charged with Fraudulent Trading. My understanding of the legal stuff that went on in the court (I was present on Thursday) was that the court deals with Richard Heaton's assets now, not the accounts of Stillwater Narrowboats (later CR&S Leisure) and tries to sieze as much as they can from him directly. Anything that is obtained is then distributed pro rata amongst the group of customers who lost money. My partner is in the process of writing a blog about our involvement in all this sorry story.
  9. There's a may pole dancer. Theresa May, pole dancer.
  10. Here's another one, this time in Leeds Dock (or whatever other name it goes under).
  11. Is this still the case over a year later? And how much was/is the "few quid" for electricity?
  12. We use Waterway Routes too. I run it on an old Samsung tablet which has built in gps so shows you exactly where you are. The cruising info is very accurate and up to date. For pubs, shops etc. we use google maps.
  13. And this begs the question which is the higest sump pound? I'd guess Milton Keynes.
  14. Or maybe the Gloucester and Sharpness?
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