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  1. What does the H stand for? A few of the Goole barges are known as xxxx H. E.g Fusedale H and Farndale H.
  2. We have one of these router (which works off 12v or 240v) and one of these aerial Works a treat with an EE sim card.
  3. But its purpose is not to save 30 minutes off the journey time, it's to increase capacity on the rail network to the north because the current railway is full up. If you are building a new railway you might as well make it a high speed one. I'm not saying I agree with it just saying it's not being built just to save journey time.
  4. The A361 at 195 miles long is the longest 3 digit A road in the country. Going from Ilfracombe in North Devon to a junction with the A5 not far from Crick!
  5. No. We've come across CRT staff doing their jobs well since about 2012.
  6. It also shows up in CRT's asset list.
  7. During lockdown we were moored on the VMs just south of the bridge there. I walked round the resevoir many times. A couple of times I saw Foutains wearing CRT hi-vis vests cutting the grass on the embankment. I also saw CRT employees visit the embankment in CRT vans to check on any movement of the marker poles put in to check for slippage. I got the impression that it is a CRT reservoir that is used by the water company.
  8. The thing that gets me is the dog owners (who no doubt "always pick up after my dog") walking along the towpath and their dog walking off the lead some distance behind them. Said dog stops for a crap and the owner continues on walking oblivious to what is going behind them. I've watched this many times from the tiller whilst cruising and give a short toot on the horn to draw their attention. But what if I wasn't there? Crap gets left behind and the dog owner is oblivious to it.
  9. And George Dyson pootled down towards the docks earlier this evening. It's all happening round here!
  10. We're moored in Goole atm and have spent a very pleasant afternoon watching Fusedale heading off for a test cruise up the canal and back again. Also apparently Farndale was also out and about test running on the Ouse. Welcome back.
  11. I use google maps for finding a "useful shop". I use Waterway Routes for canal maps.
  12. Didn't the same sluice fail in the open position last year?
  13. The pump rarely auto runs, sometimes during a stint of reversing but once i've moored up and tightened the greaser it stops, the stern gland hardly leaks at all, Rain is unlikely to get in there, Semi Trad with a pram cover. Any water on the very rear stern drains over the side or into the weed hatch and hence not the engine bay. Not leaking, see above. I'm just trying to be ultra safe.
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