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Alway Swilby

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  1. Alway Swilby

    Supply boat Callisto

    On 31st August he told me he was going camping for a fortnight. Should be finished about now.
  2. Alway Swilby

    Internet connection - lots of video calling!

    Yes, I know about Maplins, very sad 😞 . I got a TP-Link router which works well. I cut off the 240v plug top tranformer and run the router on 12v. TP-Link router
  3. Alway Swilby

    Internet connection - lots of video calling!

    You need to keep your eye out for deals. I get 100 Gbytes per month for £25 from Virgin (which works on the EE network). If we don't use some data it rolls over to next month. Like Dr Bob we have a 4G router (from Maplins 😞 ) which runs on 12v with an external antenna from Solwise. It's very rare to have a bad connection as long as we don't moor in cuttings.
  4. Alway Swilby

    Bingley 5 rise

    There is some restricted opening from 31st August. Notice Alert Leeds & Liverpool Canal Starts At: Lock 30, Holme Bridge Lock Ends At: Lock 13, Newlay Top Lock Friday 31 August 2018 10:00 until further notice Type: Navigation Restriction Reason: Water resources Original message: As the recent rainfall has led to an increase in river flows which supply the East side of the Leeds & Liverpool canal, we are able to temporarily reopen the Leeds Liverpool Canal from Gargrave (below Lock 30) through to Newlay Locks (above Lock 13) under the following restrictions. If river levels recede again and pound levels cannot be maintained it will be necessary to consider a further closure. At Bingley Five Rive & Bingley Three Rise, starting on the 31st August, passages will be restricted to the following times. Passage down in the morning will be between 10am and 12pm. Passage up in the afternoon will be between 1pm and 3pm. These timings will restrict the number of boats that can use these flights and this will be managed on a first come first served basis by the lock keepers. Please liaise with the lock keepers once you are on site. We will continue to carefully monitor our water resources and update this notice as the situation changes; if the situation improves we will consider reopening the canal through to Leeds. In order to maintain this opportunity we would appreciate that boaters wait to share locks wherever possible, close all gates and paddles and do not to empty or fill a lock if someone else can make use of the water. You can view this notice and its map online here: https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notice/13817/gargrave-below-lock-30-to-the-top-of-newlay-locks
  5. Alway Swilby

    New river level displays on the Severn.

    When I click on the link I get this:
  6. Alway Swilby

    New river level displays on the Severn.

    Yes. Or rather the info displayed on them is. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/enjoy-the-waterways/boating/planning-your-boat-trip/strong-stream-warnings
  7. Alway Swilby


    Is there a suitable pier?
  8. Alway Swilby

    Nice Clear CRT Car Park Charges Sign.

    This sign is not a one off. We came across a similar sign in the long stay car park at Foxton. We had visitors staying overnight. They bought a £2 24 hour ticket when they arrived in the afternoon. After much discussion about what the sign actually means they went out in the morning at about 8am and bought another ticket. Also the sign says that disabled drivers must display a blue badge. Do they also have to pay and display a ticket or not? And what about disabled passengers? Does the same apply to them if they've turned up in a car with a driver who is not disabled? No doubt whoever did the wording of the sign knew what they wanted to say but they wern't very good at putting it down in writing.
  9. Alway Swilby

    Dozy car drivers and lift bridges!

    Oh! I thought it was something to do with car drivers being nice and cozy inside their nice warm cars and you being out in the rain stood at the panel operating the bridge.
  10. Alway Swilby

    Brentford Towpath Closure

    Doesn't sound good: Update on 24/08/2018: Works to remove the canopy which overhangs the towpath to commence on Saturday 1 September, with the towpath due to re-open on Monday 3 September once the area has been made safe.
  11. Alway Swilby

    Off there head really

    They're on their boat over there.
  12. Alway Swilby


    Farndon Marina near Newark has one or in the other direction Castle Marina in Nottingham. Can't think of any nearer.
  13. Alway Swilby

    Easy, safe moorings in Birmingham city centre.

    As well as all the above there's also Cambrian Wharf next to the Farmers Bridge top lock. 14 day moorings there and there's five or six visitor spaces. Aparently the pub can get a bit noisy but we've never had a problem there (or anywhere else in the city centre).
  14. Alway Swilby

    Getting rid of chimney drip

    Double skin chimney and stuff the hollow between the skins with rockwool. No need for a hat at all.
  15. Alway Swilby

    Assistance required!

    Really?? That seems very unfair on CRT because you can be pretty sure it wasn't them that threw the mattress in the cut.

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