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  1. Thanks Sam. A good afternoon spent reading an interesting blog.
  2. While on the subject of estuaries has anyone gone down the Humber from Goole or Keadby to Hull? I would like to visit the River Hull and the Driffield Navigation. I've read the Tuesday Night Club blog of their trip so it is obviously possible.
  3. Ours is due in April. The marina is happy for us to come and prepare the boat and for the examiner to come and do the job. However we're not happy to travel 50 miles to the boat, either in a hire car or on the train as things are at the moment. I don't want to catch this nasty thing even if the rules say we can travel to do essential maintenance. I spoke to a local examiner just after the current lockdown came into play. He said that as we don't need it doing until the begining of April then could we ring him back nearer the time. He was confident that he would be able to get us done in time b
  4. I have one of these and find it really useful. Propmate
  5. It's not unusual in normal times, when there is no breach and the gates by the railway bridge are open, for the level in the docks and the two marinas to drop by about 6" just by the operation of Ocean Lock a few times. So I suspect that may the cause of the fluctuation. How is the level now?
  6. I doubt you will find anyone on this forum who has one of these. Most of them will have been chased away by unpleasant posts like you have seen. Try the London Boaters facebook group.
  7. Seeing as how there is an element of pedantry going on here I need to question whether you really mean the River Witham? I thought the Witham connected with the Fossdyke in Lincolnshire and is nowhere near the village of Anderton (or the T&M).
  8. The new repair has partially failed. CRT have been to have a look and say there is not a risk of flooding. I don't know the affect to the water level in Goole. It was about a foot below normal when we left there at about 2pm Wednesday which was the highest we've seen since the breach. More pictures in Thursdays blog. Oleanna.co.uk. Pictures taken by Mark Penn from his drone.
  9. I know all about Bloggers and Vloggers but what is a Ylogger? Is this something new?
  10. This afternoon (Monday) there's at least two ships in the docks that weren't there a couple of days ago. And there's pumping going on round the chocolate fireguard stop gates. The level in Viking Marina this afternoon was half an inch higher than it was on Boxing Day.
  11. Plenty of embankments on the summit pound of the Macclesfield canal.
  12. Did you see the video footage in post #35 showing a helicopter dropping a sandbag on the upstream side (i.e the canal side) of the breach?
  13. Well, our boat is moored in Viking Marina which is on the docks side of those gates so should be protected by them. I went there yesterday and the level was about 3 feet down. The step from the pontoon to the stern deck is normally level but now it's a very big step down. There's plenty of boats sitting on the bottom and some listing badly. The gates you talk of are leaking badly as are the Victoria Lock gates out onto the Ouse. We went to have a look at the gates and you can see lots of "boiling" underneath them. I thought there was some means of pumping from the Ouse up to the docks but if t
  14. It's drained a 9 mile long and very wide and deep pound. The pound contains three marinas and many boats are on the bottom or listing. These boats are in danger of being damaged or sunk when the level rises again. It's also drained Goole docks thereby closing the port to shipping, both domestic and international. The recently re-introduced sand barge traffic to Leeds is halted as is the oil barge traffic to Rotherham. The the big Southfield reservoir is also on that pound and been drained. Housing in the area was in danger of flooding which has only been averted by swift action by the authorit
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