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  1. 10 quid in Go Outdoors vouchers?? That's good of them considering I paid about £40 deposit for each of ours!
  2. Yes, but I didn't ask if they had any.
  3. And don't they put it back in the canal after they've warmed it up a bit?
  4. We've always (about five times) found pleasant moorings available in Jericho just above Isis Lock on the canal in Oxford. A short walk into the city from there. To turn a 60 footer you go down Isis Lock turn around and come straight back up.
  5. Leaving all paddles up on two locks isn't vandalism???
  6. Yep, we had plenty of room in the tunnel.
  7. Hawne basin had just had a delivery on Friday (two days ago), 65p per litre. Very freindly people there. They let us stay overnight on a spare mooring for free. Water and rubbish bins available along with elsan and pumpout. Also showers and a bath! Lovely place to visit. If they have room they'll put you up for a week for free.
  8. I use EE. £45 for unlimited data on 3 sims, boat router, house router and phone. I used to use Three but gave up because of slow download speeds: too many unlimited users on the network especially when the kiddie winkies got home from school.
  9. Wish I'd read this post this morning instead of this evening. We were going up the flight and the lock above the tunnel needed emptying so the pound was high and the grab rail took a beating. What's really annoying is that back in 2014 I'd managed to scrape off a nav light in that tunnel. So today as I was shutting the top gate of the lock below after exiting I thought the pound looked high and asked myself the question "Shall I drop the pound a bit?", then thought "Nah, it'll be alright." But lets look on the bright side, at least I didn't bash the nav light this time.
  10. Enterprise prices have gone up a lot recently. Hertz seem to be a bit cheaper but now I look around for a local independent. Shame because the Enterprise pick up service is good.
  11. How long have you had that diesel in your tank?
  12. I'm sorry to go on about this but you are giving out wrong infomation. On a weekday at Warwick Parkway there are 12 trains to London between 10AM and 5PM. Warick has 7. In the other direction towards Birmingham Warwick Parkway has 11 trains and Warwick 10. Dorridge does have a much better service towards Birmingham because London Midland trains stop there as well as Chiltern Trains.
  13. There's 47 trains stopping at Warwick Parkway today so more like an hourly service. On a weekday there's 66 stopping trains there.
  14. She's been sitting low in the water on the mooring obviously loaded with oil since the breach. I wonder if there's a use by date for the cargo. I saw a video on FB today of her moving somewhere on the S&SY and she was much higher in the water.
  15. Has Exol Pride managed to unload its 8 month old cargo of oil yet?
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