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  1. Mobile phones don't work if they have no signal. We have a couple of PMR and use them if we remember to take them off the charger!
  2. What's the score now at the moorings at Tescos in Reading? We want to moor up tomorrow just to do a shop then move on. Would rather not pay £100.
  3. I'd ban CWDF, the other place and Facebook. Then no one would read about CRT doing things wrong.
  4. The water tap used to be inside the unwholesome ablution block. Is this no longer the case?
  5. Can we get there in a 58' 6" boat? Would love to get up there. Presumably Sutton on Derwent lock is still shut?
  6. The £9.75 also gives you a full years access to the museum at Gloucester Docks too. Bargain!
  7. We paid £26.15 at Etruria on 18th May
  8. I fancy doing Limehouse to Teddington sometime in July. I would plan to take an early morning tide (6am ish). My partner has been persuaded that it would be an interesting trip but she says we can't go unless we travel in the company of another boat for a bit of a backup if things go wrong. Is anyone planning such a trip sometime in July who would fancy a bit of company?
  9. When I was speccing our new boat Beta Marine wanted about £3500 for one to be fitted to our new Beta 43 engine.
  10. The HNC was originally built on a shoestring budget never mind the restoration.
  11. The web site shows it as open now Link. However I haven't had an email about it yet.
  12. There's a canalside farm shop at Great Haywood. Pricey, but good quality.
  13. Are these moorings offline as stated in the title of the thread or online offside as stated in the text?
  14. Crick (and Cropredy) have sold us diesel at 10/90 split without any question.
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