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  1. Three visiting narrowboats are moored on the Ship Inn moorings in March this evening (17/8). It's been a bit weedy after coming down Marmot Priory Lock but not too bad.
  2. It's ok. We'll fill with water at the town moorings tomorrow so that should more than cover the amount you took out! 🙂
  3. Closing the locks for 16 hours per day allows the pounds above time to recover and for back pumping to transfer good quantities of water without it being sent straight back down again.
  4. The home mooring has to be a CRT Waterside mooring that also has the MeterMacs installation.
  5. My understanding is that the Meter Macs at the London visitor moorings are independant from the Meter Macs in the rest of the country. You can only get a nationwide works anywhere MeterMacs account if you have a home mooring that has Meter Mac posts. If you do have this you can use your pin number anywhere else. If you CC they won't give you a Meter Macs account no matter how much you try and reason with them that it would be a good and useful thing. Anyone can get an account for the London VMs but it only works at the London VMs. The upshot of this is that if you are moored on visitor moorings by a Meter Macs post at for instance West Stockwith, Doncaster, Boston and others I can't think of right now you have to upset the locals (particularly at Boston) by running your engine to charge batteries instead of plugging in.
  6. BBC local news programmes are only available on catch up for 24 hours.
  7. If I find a windlass (or nappy pin or chain or mooring spike or indeed a handcuff key) I just keep it. It makes up for the times you loose things.
  8. There isn't a water point shown at Riddlesden on the Waterway Routes map. They are usually very accurate about such things.
  9. Head north as you were going to. At Great Heywood turn left onto the Staffs & Worcester for a bit then right onto the Shroppie and there you are.
  10. Wesnesday 20th July. It was 100% domestic. She did say we got it at the old price and it was due to go up imminently.
  11. Ah! I got it wrong. I suppose it depends which profit you are talking about. Obvs I was talking about the "Underlying Replacement Cost Profit" not the "Profit Attributable to the BP Shareholders". Also I was looking at the wrong quater, should have been the 2nd quater of 2021 not the first quater of 2022 From the Guardian aticle: "The FTSE 100 oil company on Tuesday said its preferred measure of profit, which it describes as its underlying replacement cost profit, rose to $8.5bn (£6.9bn) between April and June. That is up from $6.2bn in the first three months of the year, and three times BP’s underlying profits of $2.8bn in the second quarter of 2021." Accountants (and media oultets) can always make figures look like they want them to look. Anyway, our most recent purchase of diesel cost us £1.23 per litre at Priory Marina in Bedford.
  12. Yes, I get all that. The point I was trying to make was that their profit tripled in 3 months while we're all moaning about high diesel prices.
  13. Meanwhile, in other news BP's profits triple to £7bn PER QUATER! BP Profit
  14. Talking of lack of water on the Nene, does navigation ever get suspended due to lack of depth? We need to travel from Peterborough up to Gayton but won't be able to start from Peterborough until late August.
  15. Depends very much on how many hours you like to cruise for in a day. Some think an hour is enough, some go for 12.
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