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  1. As title looking for advice on using the above as a paint conditioner, as I am going to repaint my red panels with epifanes mo-urethane , on the tin it says add between 5-20% what has been your experience of using it thanks in advance
  2. No the blue end cap comes of the I put a reduction fitting on with the pump attached this is the reduction fitting
  3. One of these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/354009887801?hash=item526ca23439:g:x0kAAOSwQ39iWOGJ
  4. Big news foxes afloat have bought cruiseing the cuts boat
  5. Correct people really need to read posts properly
  6. We have the 45 just over 7 years old 4500 hrs never missed a beat starts first time every time , pretty quiet had a few people ask if it's electric
  7. Jus added another 12v duel socket with USB, bought a 2 gang blanking plate drilled out to fit the 12v & USB, it was a 240 before hardest thing was getting a 12v supply to it , I think it looks ok
  8. Hi I'm interested to , how do you do it safely then ?
  9. Hi currently I am in Boston, I have 4 x 6 v Trojans that are at there end of life , I have a 200amp lithium & 2 x 12v 135 amp lead acid batteries , I need some one to fit them for me , been in touch with 2 marine electrical fitters one does not know enough about the hybrid set up the other one does tells me to ring him and don't get a answer getting a bit pixxed of now is there anyone on here who can set it all up for me obviously I will pay
  10. As title now that Trojans have gone up in price £156-99 against , ROLLS s290 series 4000 are £155-95 , us2200dt £136-95 are now in the same price range , you then have the cheaper T105 power line at £119.99 , my current T105 Trojans cost me £605 for 6 seven years ago all the above except the power line where out of my price , if you where to buy which would you go for to make a hybrid system with a 200amp lithium
  11. Has anyone bought a 200amp lithium of alibaba they seem cheap if so did you actually receive it ? Where is the best place to buy one ? Should I be cautious? Any help appreciated
  12. Thank everyone been in touch with Darren
  13. As title need to alter my batterys I have a bank of 6 x 6 volt Trojans one of them has a dead cell ( I know I have to take 2 off ) one other battery is a little low ( number 1 ) so I would like to swap that one with the second one ( number 6 ) of the two that comes off i.e. Take number 5 off that has the dead cell also take battery 6 off and swap it with battery number 1 , as I don't have any tools just in case it needs new leads , any one available obviously will pay
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