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  1. luggsy

    Struggling Morso with back boiler

    Is the pump pushing the water to fast through the back boiler ? I had the same problem with my reflex diesel stove ended up putting a PWM controller on to slow the water flow through the boiler works perfect now , just a thought
  2. luggsy

    Good electricians

    As above Edd shiers very good at his job had him do a few jobs for me would highly recommend him
  3. Just put 2 stainless steel D shackels on these might be a better option for you
  4. luggsy

    Calder handspike

    As above pick axe handle
  5. luggsy

    Anchor stowage photos please

    Or just buy a fortress anchor ⚓️
  6. luggsy

    Oops, more new build woes...

    Fxxk me that's disgusting
  7. luggsy

    Gas locker paint.

    Just use standard blacking
  8. luggsy


    Why do fishermen always want to fish on the opposite side to where they are ?
  9. luggsy

    Putting in a shower

    And make sure you get a shower tray with the outlet in the right place
  10. luggsy

    suggestions for a cratch/cockpit light

    We have one of these in our pram hood comes on when we enter goes off after 15 seconds, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/84C9-24LED-Cabinet-Light-PIR-Motion-Sensor-Kitchen-Cupboard-Lamp-Night-Light/142920445751?hash=item2146b8ef37:g:eqIAAOSwd~ZbhlWi we also have one off these in our pram hood and cratchhttps://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/10-LED-STRIP-LIGHT-CARAVAN-MOTORHOME-BOAT-HIGH-POWER-LUMEN-75-12v/281965948216?hash=item41a67aed38:g:dJkAAOSw37tWEns3
  11. luggsy

    Who needs water lol

    Where has all the water gone ?
  12. luggsy

    Zeus 150 Generator

    Lovely looking dog top man for taking him on
  13. luggsy

    Off there head really

    They cannot be serious can they https://www.apolloduck.com/boat.phtml?id=578624
  14. I have a PWM controler connected to my central heating pump to slow the water going through my lockgate works fine , I have it set as slow as it will go , radiators get nice and hot now , before they where cold as the water was going through the boiler to quick

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