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  1. We are with nautical , liveabord cc
  2. Notice Alert Leeds & Liverpool Canal Location: Wigan Flight to Barrowford Top Lock, Leeds & Liverpool Canal Starts At: Lock 85, Lock 21 Ends At: Lock 45, Top Lock Sunday 10 October 2021 until further notice Type: Navigation Closure Reason: Structure failure Update on 11/10/2021: Our teams have been working throughout the night to try and stabilise the significant leak between Bridge 109, New Barn Bridge and Bridge 110, Aspen Bridge, Rishton on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal, unfortunately, during the early hours of this morning the canal bank has breached. Dams are currently being installed onsite and our teams are organising a method of repair, including pumps to be able to pump water over the affected area to maintain a feed to the lower section of the canal. To help conserve water in the surrounding areas, the following Lock Flights are closed: Barrowford Locks Blackburn Locks Johnsons Hillocks Wigan Flight A further update will be provided tomorrow afternoon, Tuesday 12 October. Original message: A closure to navigation and towpath is required between Bridges 109 (New Barn Bridge) and 110 (Aspen Bridge) on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal in Rishton, while our engineers investigate significant leakage through the bed of the canal. Due to the volume of water loss, please be advised that water levels between Barrowford Bottom Lock (No.51) and Blackburn Top Lock (No.52) may be affected and lower than normal. We advise against unneccesary travel through this area until repairs have been completed. An update will be issued on Monday 11 October. You can view this notice and its map online here: https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notice/20805/wigan-flight-to-barrowford-top-lock-leeds-and-liverpool-canal You can find all notices at the url below: https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notices Please do not reply to the email. It has been automatically generated. To unsubscribe from this service please go to: https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/my-trust/noticesand uncheck the relevant box. This email was sent to gary55lee@yahoo.co.uk unsubscribe from this list
  3. Did mine beginning July with SML ballistic black straight out of the can , brushed on 2 coats then 2 coats with roller 1 roller coat round water line
  4. This is end of the day , the lads done good 👍
  5. This was clear when we moored up yesterday, you can just see langrick which is about 3.1/2 kilometres from here , second picture is after 4 hours with 2 weed cutters , doing a very good job
  6. There happens to be 2 bickerstaffe boats moored at the side of me at the moment, both have different sterns , they have a lovely paint finish ( sprayed ) if they are the same set up as foxes ,in there vblog they say they don't need to run there engine for charging there batteries we'll these 2 have to
  7. You would have to stand on one leg when having a shower guess why ?
  8. Just seen silver fox is for sale at a eye watering price £140.000 https://bit.ly/2Ws4E0D
  9. I have used thr yellow frog tape , I once left some on for 2 months thought it wood be hard to get off come off really easy and never left any residue, also used klean edge good stuff as well
  10. How sad hope he has a good insurance policy, hope he is ok really sad to see any boat sunk
  11. Just paid 90p on a 10% split at burton waters
  12. I have 3 under floor storage cooler 1 in the bedroom where we keep all our toiletries and 2 in the galley we can get 30 cartons off milk in each one if we wanted to keeps your fruit and veg fresh
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