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  1. luggsy

    reflek flame

    It's the fuel filter
  2. Last few times last year bizzie lizzies was rubbish, have to admit previous years they were very nice , best chippy I have been to has to be the wooden hut in DIGGLE
  3. This is the current water level at hazelford
  4. luggsy


    That's a lot of money if I was you I would be banking the £1680 in a separate account so it's there when needed
  5. I am moored at the top side of hazelford lock if things went really bad I would go in the lock , the nearest floating pontoon to me is 1/2 mile away don't know if it's private or not
  6. Just seen this sad picture on Facebook, hope everyone one are safe , water level shot up this morning, we are currently moored topside of hazelford lock ,
  7. If you want a anchor you can store you won't get better than a fortress, if you want one that will stop you get a fortress
  8. Well how things can change boy is it rough on the Trent tonight, not like the glorious afternoon on the tidal Trent, more like being at sea
  9. A lovely cruise in glorious weather from torksey to Cromwell not a boat in sight
  10. Thanks for the replys, I have spent over £1000 since July there , I guess I asked the wrong person as he was management as it was just passed 4 pm on a Friday and the usual lads had finished at 4 pm
  11. Called in Burton water spent £169 on fuel asked about disposal of my old oil said it was only for there own use so no joy , hope to get back on the Trent Monday or Tuesday so next place will be Newark is there anywhere in Newark ?
  12. Thanks for the replies, I will be going in Burton water for some diesel
  13. As title is there any disposal sites in lincoln for waste oil ?
  14. Could it be the thermocouple ? When I first got our lockgate we had the same problem could light it but after 15 minutes it would go out turns out they had not tightened the thermocouple probe
  15. Run our 240v tv through a 150w inverter saves having the 3kw victron on
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