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  1. Hi I made a liner out of stainless steel mesh and also fitted it in the vent cover over some very fine mesh so I can take the vent off and clean all the spiders webs out while keeping all the insects out , hope you can see in the picture , I made these fly screen out of a normal pull roller blind , I took the material off and replaced it with fine mesh drilled out some small holes 10mm and stuck some magnets in the wood that runs through the bottom of the blinds, then stuck two metal strips for the magnets to stick to , this is to stop the blind from swinging out
  2. Ring Chris Potts marine & industrial covers in Burton waters marina linclon made us some last year nice job good quality and reasonably priced
  3. luggsy


    Well it's made me er I don't know just read the description https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/37ft-Springer-narrow-boat-creative-project/264592282930?hash=item3d9aedd532:g:LjMAAOSwb55eFb2x
  4. Stamp end lock lets you on to the river don't have to go trough boston grand sluice so only 1 lock really , also you are forgetting torksay if you want to count that as well , for the length of river what's 1 lock
  5. Love the river witham ( clad we are not on it right now though ) you see plenty of wild life quite nice easy cruising and no locks
  6. A length of rope with a lump of stone same shape as a house brick went in between skeg and propeller stopped me dead and pulled the shaft out of the gearbox prm 150 cost £1700 ?
  7. luggsy

    Hi please can you send me your friends email for the  painting thanks Gary 

    1. W+T


      There you go Gary. Hope you like when he has done it. 


      [email protected]


      All best


    2. luggsy


      Hi Wayne thanks atb gary 

  8. luggsy

    reflek fire

    This is where it enters my stove
  9. luggsy

    reflek fire

    My reflex uses about 30 ltrs a week ( 24/7 ) on various settings mainly low , I have a dedicated 136 ltr ( 30 gallons ) tank so I can go 4 weeks in between fill up , defiantly one of the best things We did having one fitted
  10. Finally after 5 years of kicking water down the waste and balancing on one leg I have replaced the shower tray and enclosure, it has been pxxxing us off since day one the shower tray outlet was at the front of the tray hence balancing on one leg to kick the water down the waste, the waste is now where it should of been in the first place at the rear of the tray, also the new shower enclosure has nano self cleaning glass and it actually does my better half is over the moon with it , this is the old tray 2nd picture is the old shower 3rd picture the new enclosure & tray
  11. Yes the filter is cleanable ?
  12. Mine is a shire 45 grey 5 years old , I thought the yellow Barrus is the higher HP
  13. People keep saying ventilation keep windows open if you put plastic over your windows how do open them ? And aren't you shutting of your ventilation ?
  14. This onehttps://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Deisel-Old-English-Kobola-Heater-With-Back-Boiler-Ideal-For-Narrowboat/133213773164?hash=item1f0428dd6c:g:-uEAAOSwk~VdsL1j
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