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  1. Have a look at sofa barn they will make what you want
  2. What is wrong with people, just been to burscough services , whent in the elsan to empty a cassette some lazy get left 3 bags of rubbish in there , if you know burscough will know the rubbish bins are next door , went to wash my hands and someone has only emptied their cassette in the toilet blocking it why when the elsan is next door where they left there rubbish fxxking wxxkers
  3. Dave i fit the pump on the end of the the hose that has the end cap on then pump it into 25 ltr drums , no coolant goes in the bilges
  4. Hi Dave pump is one of these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/38mm-Diesel-Fuel-Pump-DC-12V-Transfer-Pump-40-Watts-Oil-Fluid-Refuelling-TT-UK/383667859603?hash=item595462f093:g:3fcAAOSwKaVfLWg8
  5. Finally got round to changing the engine cooling ( after buying antifreeze nearly two years ago ) was very apprehensive doing it and not being able to get all the air out when filling back up . Well it was very easy but messy but not any more, the original bottom hose went under the engine and gearbox making it very difficult to drain the gearbox oil as I could not get anything under it to catch the oil , not any more as you can see from the picture, all I have to do now is connect a pump on the hose that comes off the ball valve , open the bleed valve on the skin tank , then open the the ball valve , turn the pump on , pump it into 25 ltr drums, it works great as I flushed the skin tank out five times , takes less than ten minutes to empty and no mess , I have taken the handle of the valve now just left it on so you could see it , also my son took the old antifreeze to his mates garage for safe disposal
  6. No as I was going over there matt finish with there semi gloss
  7. I have used B C paints and find they are really nice to use
  8. I have had ed do some work for us top man and not to expensive turns up when he says I would recommend ed all day long
  9. We have all portholes , only a very small adult or a child could get through the porthole so once in it would be a bit of a struggle to open the doors
  10. Because plain bolts are flimsy and if I was to leave the boat on a tow path I can set them and if you got in you would not enter by the doors with the bolts and the deadlock on , I think I would squeeze through the other door just. By turning a key
  11. They are used as normal bolts , what's hard about sliding 2 bolts and turning a key ? If there was that much smoke I would leave by the bow doors
  12. This is our set up 2 combinations bolts lock hatch in place then the jimmy proof lock locks the door to the hatch very secure
  13. This is what we have on our narrow boat 1st and 2nd pictures are of the stove tank on the starboard 3rd engine and webasto tank
  14. Hi I made a liner out of stainless steel mesh and also fitted it in the vent cover over some very fine mesh so I can take the vent off and clean all the spiders webs out while keeping all the insects out , hope you can see in the picture , I made these fly screen out of a normal pull roller blind , I took the material off and replaced it with fine mesh drilled out some small holes 10mm and stuck some magnets in the wood that runs through the bottom of the blinds, then stuck two metal strips for the magnets to stick to , this is to stop the blind from swinging out
  15. Ring Chris Potts marine & industrial covers in Burton waters marina linclon made us some last year nice job good quality and reasonably priced
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