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  1. Once seen never forgotten comes to mind , Robert signed written our boat very pleased with his work
  2. This is going into Boston down the maud foster, we went down another drain and was scraping the top of the solar brackets ended up getting stuck and had to stay the night and was praying it did not rain or we would not have got under it , picture is of us going down the maud foster
  3. They might of been pissed of that you where in ther favourite mooring spot
  4. Just after bridge 98 Radford heading towards penkridge 7 or 8 teenagers throwing stones at boats reported to police
  5. Hi please can you tell me what this hook is called ? And where can I purchase them from ? Thanks in advance
  6. A must get fish and chips from diggle the best we have ever had
  7. luggsy

    which Aerial

    This is the best Ariel we have had no matter where we are we get a signal, I also have the L P and the S P but we never bother with them anymore , I also have one of the ultra thin things that they are selling at the moment advertising you can get sky and net flex free this Ariel beats them all hands down https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Best-Caravan-Portable-TV-Antenna-Digital-HD-Freeview-Aerial-Ariel-Indoor-Outdoor/123668458007?epid=2254425967&hash=item1ccb36ea17:g:I68AAOSwGMFcd5~e
  8. luggsy

    MX 60 noisy

    As nick says good at his job and not a rip off merchant very happy with the work he has done for me
  9. luggsy

    reflek flame

    It's the fuel filter
  10. Last few times last year bizzie lizzies was rubbish, have to admit previous years they were very nice , best chippy I have been to has to be the wooden hut in DIGGLE
  11. This is the current water level at hazelford
  12. luggsy


    That's a lot of money if I was you I would be banking the £1680 in a separate account so it's there when needed
  13. I am moored at the top side of hazelford lock if things went really bad I would go in the lock , the nearest floating pontoon to me is 1/2 mile away don't know if it's private or not
  14. Just seen this sad picture on Facebook, hope everyone one are safe , water level shot up this morning, we are currently moored topside of hazelford lock ,
  15. If you want a anchor you can store you won't get better than a fortress, if you want one that will stop you get a fortress
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