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  1. Received my renewal quote for narrow boat and contents of towergate they quoted £439.29 last year it was £454 . So I had a ring round something I hate doing, first was G J W £90.000 boat £5,000 contents £150 excess for boat £50 for contents £387 a better policy as no claims bonus protected , next was nautical the same cover as G J W but only £350 both G J W & Nautical are Agreed value towergate wasn't, so a phoned towergate to ask them for a better quote they came back with £371 so I told them I would not be uesing them and told them if they had quoted me £371 in the first place I would have stayed with them , so it pays to shop around, hope this is some use for some one
  2. And remember to turn the fuel off first
  3. They want to spend some money on the Lancaster nightmare trying to moor up and the towpaths well it's like walking in the jungle, but very nice scenery
  4. Called them out twice brilliant service of them both times 👍
  5. Jim the chippy in diggle is the best fish and chips I have ever had also the rag pudding is very nice 👌
  6. All quiet on the western front thank fxxk
  7. Didn't know there where more visitors moorings . I am not to bothered but the dog thinks there is someone trying to get in when it's banging about
  8. I am on the visiter moorings agenst the wall wind is hitting on starboard side
  9. Been up since 1.30 boat rocking violently dog petrified water splashing over bow what's going on with the weather ?
  10. Spot on Richard , last time I was here was getting on for 40 years I was running cast iron doing 2 loads a day for 2 weeks how time has past
  11. Once seen never forgotten comes to mind , Robert signed written our boat very pleased with his work
  12. This is going into Boston down the maud foster, we went down another drain and was scraping the top of the solar brackets ended up getting stuck and had to stay the night and was praying it did not rain or we would not have got under it , picture is of us going down the maud foster
  13. They might of been pissed of that you where in ther favourite mooring spot
  14. Just after bridge 98 Radford heading towards penkridge 7 or 8 teenagers throwing stones at boats reported to police
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