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  1. luggsy

    Alternative dip stick for PRM 150 gearbox

    Yes vitamin tablet , no hole in the middle , I drilled a hole in the bottom off the tube so you can put it back in the tube so you don't break the stick
  2. Just thought I would show you a simple dip stick I have for the 150 gearbox as a few people struggle to see the oil on the dip stick, the orange top fits perfectly and the wood dowel shows the oil so you get a true reading
  3. luggsy

    River Witham - Pollution Incident

    When we arrived in Boston in July there were loads of dead eels floating around the pontoons very sad sight
  4. luggsy

    Security question

    We have this one on the stern doors at the top so it locks onto the sliding hatch https://www.ebay.com/p/Heavy-Duty-Jimmy-Proof-Deadbolt-Door-Lock-Silver-Single-Cylinder-With-Key/1537624879?iid=232979719126
  5. luggsy

    Alternator .Controller Recommendatons Please

    Another vote for the adverc 👍
  6. She's a proper woman , a lot braver than me , hope things turn out well for her
  7. Well explained springy, I have a 150ltr deadicated fuel tank feeding the reflex stove , fuel filter is a fuelguard
  8. Why do lockgate recommend fitting a supply on demand pump when running through a filter then ?
  9. You could also fit a supply on demand 12v pump
  10. Is there a set rule on how far you can fit a mushroom vent from your flue, I am looking to fit another vent but where I want to fit it it is about 20" inches from the flue , stove is a diesel reflex thanks in advance
  11. luggsy

    Pendle Narrowboats

    As far as I know Pendle only do fit outs they do not build the shell / hull Treveithicks ?
  12. luggsy

    Pendle Narrowboats

    We went to look at them when we where looking for some on to do our fit out Shaun the boss said they have to do 5/6 fit outs a year to cover staff pay that was in 2014 sadly he was booked up at that time , nice people and it looked quality workmanship
  13. luggsy

    Struggling Morso with back boiler

    Is the pump pushing the water to fast through the back boiler ? I had the same problem with my reflex diesel stove ended up putting a PWM controller on to slow the water flow through the boiler works perfect now , just a thought
  14. luggsy

    Good electricians

    As above Edd shiers very good at his job had him do a few jobs for me would highly recommend him
  15. Just put 2 stainless steel D shackels on these might be a better option for you

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