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  1. I have 3 under floor storage cooler 1 in the bedroom where we keep all our toiletries and 2 in the galley we can get 30 cartons off milk in each one if we wanted to keeps your fruit and veg fresh
  2. R Not this time Alan lan was to busy doling a full repaint, his dad give me the grand tour last time great guy
  3. No I don't live in Berwick now
  4. Blacking finally done 4 coats all round 2 with a brush 2 with roller 1 extra on water line , 8 coats of le tonkinois on cratch frame I had already put 4 coats on before we went into dry dock ,2 coats of grey on stern Gunwale , 2 coats of cream on stern been a busy week back in the water tomorrow
  5. I change my engine oil and filter and gearbox oil 3 times a year
  6. Just changed both fuel filters after 2000 hours still like new , I have a fuelguard fitted and have used fuelset from day one , also changed gearbox oil just the alternator belts to change now , going to leave them as my back is fxxking killing me , boat is in for blacking tomorrow so will change them tomorrow, for those who do not know wat the fuelguard is see picture
  7. That's why I keep a diary
  8. I change engine oil & filter & gearbox oil every 250 hours
  9. We have a barrus shire 45 I have kept a diary from day one every place we've stoped at every lock swing / lift bridge , how much diesel and engine hrs every day, just changed the engine oil and filter today 3999 hours, will be changing all fuel filters & both alternator belts tomorrow as well as the gearbox oil , engine 6 & 1/2 years old
  10. Thanks just looking how to amend it myself
  11. Well spotted I never noticed that's spellcheck for you
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