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  1. Seen this stove / oven on Facebook diesel as well
  2. Hi only just done it , where it was damp the fan dried it out pretty quick, I have fitted 4 fans ether end of the bed 2 blowing 2 sucking that has definitely kept the damp away
  3. Why don't you stick it on ? I have just lined my bottom half of the wardrobe with 10mm high density fire resistant foam added 2 vents one fitted with a 120mm computer fan that blows in
  4. Went to get some screws out of my stern locker to see a boat in front of me pouring smoke out of his bow and roof vents and people crowded around, put my wellies on and whent to see if I could help man was sat in bow with his head hanging out and a woman trying to get him out would not leave his boat as his dog was in the boat, so we heaved him out under protest, so I went to the stern and opened the door and dog came flying out , firebrigaed was on the way , on talking to him he said he had just lined the roof out , so I presumed he had not left a fire break around his flue , fireman said al
  5. And to yourself and Kathy 🍺
  6. It does what it says on the bottle then
  7. The neck is sealed to the hull and the lift up flap where the key goes has a lip with a o ring in it , I have used fuelset from day one ( 6 years ) and dip my tanks regularly with water finding paste no water detected up to now also have a fuel guard fitted
  8. This is our fuel point, only seen this design on xr&d boats
  9. Take the lock of then undo the screws/bolts that hold the barrel take the old barrel out then fit a new one half hour tops
  10. Would you not consider a diesel stove ie a reflex ?
  11. I have already said handle was only left on for the picture
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