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  1. It passes all the safety including BBS
  2. We have a fuel guard fitted not the cheapest but you never have to replace it as it has a washable filter and you can see straight away if there is any water/ muck in it as it is a clear bowl
  3. Seen this stove / oven on Facebook diesel as well
  4. Hi only just done it , where it was damp the fan dried it out pretty quick, I have fitted 4 fans ether end of the bed 2 blowing 2 sucking that has definitely kept the damp away
  5. Why don't you stick it on ? I have just lined my bottom half of the wardrobe with 10mm high density fire resistant foam added 2 vents one fitted with a 120mm computer fan that blows in
  6. Went to get some screws out of my stern locker to see a boat in front of me pouring smoke out of his bow and roof vents and people crowded around, put my wellies on and whent to see if I could help man was sat in bow with his head hanging out and a woman trying to get him out would not leave his boat as his dog was in the boat, so we heaved him out under protest, so I went to the stern and opened the door and dog came flying out , firebrigaed was on the way , on talking to him he said he had just lined the roof out , so I presumed he had not left a fire break around his flue , fireman said al
  7. And to yourself and Kathy 🍺
  8. It does what it says on the bottle then
  9. The neck is sealed to the hull and the lift up flap where the key goes has a lip with a o ring in it , I have used fuelset from day one ( 6 years ) and dip my tanks regularly with water finding paste no water detected up to now also have a fuel guard fitted
  10. This is our fuel point, only seen this design on xr&d boats
  11. Take the lock of then undo the screws/bolts that hold the barrel take the old barrel out then fit a new one half hour tops
  12. Would you not consider a diesel stove ie a reflex ?
  13. I have already said handle was only left on for the picture
  14. Hi Richard how are you keeping ? Not heard of you for a long time 

    regards gary 

  15. Picture of pipe work , all I have to do is take the blue end cap off and attach the pump open vent bleed off , open valve ( only left handle on for picture ) and away you go , once set up takes less than half a hour to empty and fill again
  16. We have a Barrus Shiers 45 I was like you I had doubts about doing it was worried about getting air locks in the system, I had the antifreeze for nearly 2 years before I got round to doing it , all that panic was for nothing piss easy to do , hardest thing was getting the coolant out off the engine bay , not any more though. After I drained the system I modified the pipe work buy fitting a drain off and adding a pump to the outlet, I flushed the system out five times just pumped it straight into 25ltr drums , I used 5 year antifreeze but the next time i do it will be even easier now I will pu
  17. I can recommend scarisbrick marina stayed there from February as I had major surgery ended up staying until June due to corvid, Sarah & Daniel where very welcoming in fact bent over backwards to keep everyone safe
  18. If you want metal ones you could buy some chrome dog bowls and cut to your depth
  19. Get yourself some of these they are O ring removable tools
  20. Have a look at sofa barn they will make what you want
  21. What is wrong with people, just been to burscough services , whent in the elsan to empty a cassette some lazy get left 3 bags of rubbish in there , if you know burscough will know the rubbish bins are next door , went to wash my hands and someone has only emptied their cassette in the toilet blocking it why when the elsan is next door where they left there rubbish fxxking wxxkers
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