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  1. Anyone for tennis... Doing are bit to clean the BCN.
  2. Did we come past you, we are on the working boats Scorpio and Leo...? Just been stuck in factory top lock as the gate wouldn't open. Had to extend the keb.
  3. We have a motor and a butty but having just seen JP's food and drink list we may need another boat. We should be alright for a week or two if the local pirates attack us. Work finished and on my way home to see what emergency rations the family have purchased for me to add to the cargo.
  4. Not that I'm aware of but we have a few between us on the crew.
  5. Just been given the green light to take Scorpio so no change boat required for the weekend. Just need to assemble the crew, plan what we are doing and move the pair to the start point. I'm sure there will be plenty of opportunities across the weekend for criticism of us playing with working boats.
  6. We came across a boat on the Staffs and Worcs, chap in the back and two ladies on the bank pulling the boat round a bend. I asked if they needed help and he said he had list steering and proceeded to demonstrate that when he pressed the bow thruster button nothing happened. His tiller was working fine but he didn't seem to realise that he could steer with just the tiller.
  7. I steer in to our berth in reverse using the wind to assist, I adjust when I start turning depending on the wind. No use of a bow thruster. There are several boats near us that make plenty of use of their bow thruster, some of them when they have 50' of their 57' in against the pontoon. The ones that make me laugh is using the bow thruster to go round a simple bend whilst travelling forwards.
  8. Having slept in Scorpio numerous times I can confirm it drips a lot. I can't find a picture inside the cabin at the moment but I'll try and remember to take some over the weekend.
  9. You wait until they saw the lock beams off.
  10. Are you aware there is live music at The Flapper on Sunday, some interesting bands playing such as Death and the Penguin.
  11. Could have used non leaking gates.
  12. Hopefully not around the BCN until after the weekend challenge is over.
  13. We may be bringing in a substitute boat for Scorpio but will still be running a pair.
  14. Have you checked the links behind the buttons to see where they are trying to send you...? Don't click them though.
  15. You have to read the April posts and some of the May posts to get the full story.
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