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  1. And how much does it cost for someone to respond to them, maybe wasting some of the limited funds available that could be better spent on dredging or repairing a bit of infrastructure.
  2. I always thought the conditions were 2mph passed moored boats.
  3. When we had some electrical work done on our boat the cheap who did the work moored at the castle and it was him that said they were owner by the couple who at that time owner the Stables café, they sold the café but had the Ship pub at Framilode. I think they have sold the pub now though. As sharpness posted above the lady is Carla and there was an extensive waiting list.
  4. Gloss would be slippy for the gunnels.
  5. It's to bang your head on when stood on the roof whilst boat is rising, seen it happen to s few people.
  6. Be careful that cat might be asymptomatic.
  7. We've done mixed meetings at work over Teams where the meeting in the room uses a laptop with a separate tripod mounted usb camera that can be turned to point to someone asking a question. Microphones are a bit more of a challenge to be able to pick up the person asking the question, this week depend on the size of the room. Some of the small Jabra meeting microphones are quite sensitive so are able to pick up everyone in a small room, there are also conference units available the can have extension mics plugged in but these start to get a bit pricey, I've install Polycom units that can be paired but they are around £1000 each. Bandwidth will depend on what meeting software you are using but a reasonable speed home broadband copes with video conferencing.
  8. It's an absolute pain and I think getting worse.
  9. But you aren't allowed to meet another household down the pub which of course everyone will stick to.
  10. The problem is though people buy these things and then expect to travel along a canal built 200 years ago for a 70' x 7' flat bottomed, straight sided boat.
  11. On this day 2017 Looking across the wild planting to Iron Bridge
  12. Plus Wast Hill tunnel was finally reopened in 81 after a 2 1\2 year closure.
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