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  1. Rob-M

    Diesel on the T&M and Staffs & Worcs

    Two boats on the GH service point this morning before 8:30 and office opened early to service them as one was having a pump out by 8:45.
  2. Rob-M

    Tv licence dilemna

    We only use DAB now as the stations we listen to are only available on DAB or online and in to tight to have a phone contact with unlimited data so whilst my car can do internet radio I'm not paying the phone bill. In the car, at home and on the boat we don't have any issues with reception.
  3. Rob-M

    Diesel on the T&M and Staffs & Worcs

    That is what I find, staff helpful and I've not had problems getting on and off the service point. The breeze can provide a challenge sometimes but normally a line round the bollard and use of the engine gets the boat on or off the wharf. There is limited space though, especially if the moorings by the workshop are in use.
  4. Rob-M

    Diesel on the T&M and Staffs & Worcs

    What's wrong with Gt Haywood Marina...? We find it a good place to moor.
  5. Rob-M

    Diesel on the T&M and Staffs & Worcs

    Yes, Taft Bridge is still cash only.
  6. Rob-M

    Diesel on the T&M and Staffs & Worcs

    If you carry straight on at Great Haywood you could try NB Dexta at Taft Bridge.
  7. Rob-M


    You have a PM. Offer ends 24\7\18.
  8. Rob-M

    Wi Fi in marina

    Some of the Huawei 4G MiFi devices can also connect to wireless networks enabling you to piggyback off the wifi. Might be worth looking to see if the one you have can do this as you may be able to sit the MiFi somewhere outside the boat to connect to the marina wireless and still connect to the MiFi device from inside the boat.
  9. Rob-M

    Water tank level gauge. Best thing EVER!

    I use the looking at the bows method, when it is an inch or two higher out of the water the tank is low. We do tend to go for the little and often filling approach rather than sitting on a water point for ages waiting to fill a nearly empty tank.
  10. Rob-M

    World Cup football.

    Apparently £29m for the winning nation, £21m for the runners up. WINNERS - £29m RUNNERS-UP - £21m THIRD - £18.1m FOURTH - £16.6m QUARTER-FINALISTS - £13.5m LAST-16 - £9m GROUP STAGE - £6m TOTAL POT - £302m
  11. Rob-M

    World Cup football.

    I felt it was a poor performance today, very slow attacking which let Belgium get 7 or 8 players quickly back in defence. Where as Belgium broke at great speed and reaped the rewards.
  12. Rob-M

    Lengthways trim

    Not sure if this will show clearly our recut drainage.
  13. Rob-M

    Lengthways trim

    We had new drainage points cut in the handrails of our Jonathan Wilson and the old ones filled in.
  14. Rob-M

    CRT licence

    Our licence wasn't checked when we went on the Avon, we purchased the ANT license on foot so didn't have the boat with us for anyone to check.
  15. Rob-M

    Cheshire Ring from Autherley

    Narrow locks are much easier than the wide locks of the K&A. The only wide locks on the Stourport ring are automated with lock keepers unless you detoured up the Droitwich canal which has some wide ones and the couple at Worcester to get off the river.

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