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  1. Rob-M

    Clifton wharf scary

    I'm not sure I can take the suspense. Suspense over now I've seen Tim's link.
  2. Rob-M

    CRT and anti vandal keys

    Not personally as I have two on the boat and one in my daysack I take when going on other people's boats. I have met a boater stranded in a lock flight though with no key as they had lost it and someone caught out in Stoke who had boated in to the empty lock, got off their boat and couldn't open the paddles as they didn't have an anti-vandle key.
  3. Rob-M

    CRT and anti vandal keys

    If there isn't one on the boat then buy two otherwise you will be stuck when you drop one in half way up a flight of locks that needs a key.
  4. Rob-M

    Stratford to Gloucester and beyond.

    I thought the same, plenty of hire boats are seen in Gloucester Docks. However, on one occasion I asked the lock keeper if I could lock out of the docks but he said I had to wait until the day boat had been recovered from the weir.
  5. Rob-M

    Please Hoot

    The three toots happened to me, on approaching a bridge with reduced visibility I heard three short blasts so presumed an oncoming boat had seen my bows and gone in to reverse so I proceeded cautiously which was fortunate as the next moment a boat came flying through the bridge and their three toots was just to make sure they were heard.
  6. Rob-M

    Please Hoot

    I see this a lot at Great Haywood, people seem to like to come flying out the junction often hitting the opposite bank, then reversing and moving in the direction they wish to travel. When I come out the junction I give a horn signal, come out at a pace where I can stop if required and use the width of the bridge so I don't have a need to get anywhere near the opposite bank. I see this at marina exits often as well where some seem to think they can exit a marina without any warning or checking.
  7. Rob-M

    A warning to others...

    That was the same experience we had with Streethay and our repaint. We had a chat about what we wanted doing which was more than just the repaint. We were given an estimate for every part of the works and once agreed the works started. Several of the jobs had issues when they were started, at this point the work stopped and I got a call to discuss the options and agree what would be done along with a revised estimate. Each piece of work was then invoiced when complete and nothing differed from the provided estimates.
  8. Rob-M

    Canal trip choice

    From Ashby boats you could head down to Braunston and back, this would give you 8 locks and a bit more cruising. Once at Braunston you could carry on for another day depending on how long it takes you to get there or turn and head back. You would then get to stop at the Greyhound which is an unspoilt canal pub with a very nice food menu.
  9. Rob-M

    March of the Widebeams

    Did someone not measure the skeg correctly?
  10. Rob-M

    Car Park Stoke Buene

    Toxicity or emissions charge. https://tfl.gov.uk/modes/driving/emissions-surcharge
  11. Rob-M

    Boat licence

    I thought it was to make sure the new owner agreed to the license t's and c's.
  12. Rob-M

    Boat licence

    You have to start fresh.
  13. Rob-M


    Same reason as canoeists, in case they hit their head on the bottom of the cut.
  14. Rob-M

    Barby Sunday

    Thought I should fire the BBQ's up as I've got a second one in the end of summer sales. Beer can chicken and roast beef with whiskey smoke on today's menu.
  15. Rob-M


    I don't think you will notice much difference at the stern. If I go from empty to full water tank it takes the bows down but didn't effect the stern.

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