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  1. We invested in solar after not traveling to the boat during lockdowns so what we would have spent in fuel driving to\from the boat paid for the solar installation which now means we are running the engine less as this time of year all charging is from the solar. We are, however, running the Eberspacher more for hot water so still using diesel. We haven't stopped going boating though and still see plenty of boats out from the marina, possibly more out than in previous years.
  2. I'm not aware of any others at the moment, keep an eye on the BCNS website as they seem to do most of the organising.
  3. Yes that was me. I didn't have chance to take any photos, I was on best behaviour as we operate the boats as volunteers for CRT. There were plenty of cameras about and Cruising the Cut was filming so there should be something from him in a few weeks. The parade was promoting the canals as part of the commonwealth games being in Birmingham.
  4. Has been a good day apart from a brief shower. Quite a few spectators and plenty of boats.
  5. Yes it is the one by the university.
  6. Anybody taking part in the Birmingham Boating Parade today...? The parade is starting by the Roundhouse and heading out to the Vale winding hole, last I heard they were expecting around 70 boats. I will be steering the motor, Scorpio, with the butty Leo.
  7. https://www.britainfromabove.org.uk/image/epw057492
  8. A very good cryptic clue. With the image search features available it only takes a second or two to find the location.
  9. Don't the windows get washed with the rest of the boat when it rains, that is what happens with our boat.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  11. Is there a calorfier with the PRV piped in to the bilges so as the water heats up the PRV is letting more than an odd drip in to the bilge. I have had a PRV stick open and drained a full water tank in a couple of hours.
  12. When we had fuel issues we had an MLS MFP2 fuel purifier fitted. This removed lots of water and crud and now after about every 50 hours of running I drain some diesel off in to a clear container and it is usually fine and gets put back in the tank.
  13. Try @sarahavfc at Norton Canes https://www.nortoncanesboatbuilders.co.uk/home/index.php
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