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  1. We are leaving it a week before setting off, give all the others a head start.
  2. If starting from Worcester you can break the first locks up over a couple of days to break in to things gently before hitting Tardebigge. Tardebigge is not difficult, even single handed, just take your time and allow a whole day to do the flight.
  3. A comparison of steering trad and semi trad
  4. The benefit of a trad stern is the ability to pull the doors round and the slide over to help keep warm and dry. Even better if you have a back cabin with a stove to light as you get good heat and it dries your trousers after you've been out working a lock.
  5. I've got 25m of white cotton line to play with so need to make something with it.
  6. You could try https://www.hempsteddrydock.co.uk/ or. RW Davis at Saul Junction.
  7. Doesn't seem any confusion to me, click the link in the stoppage notice and view where it is on the map displayed, simples.
  8. Very sad news. I met Peter a couple of times on the BCN challenge and he was a very nice gentleman. R.I.P.
  9. Have you tried the London boaters Facebook group?
  10. Fixed the link for you by hitting return.
  11. Dramatic headlines is what you also need... Killed by a windlass...! Sunk in 5 seconds...! Gongoozler eaten by a swan...!
  12. Depends if you are a real boater or not.
  13. I use a centre line if I'm single handing, normally taking a loop round the balance beam.
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