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  1. The Heritage Working Boats Group were involved in the making of some of the films when the group was first setup with lottery funding.
  2. A great shame, I introduced Mrs-M to canals with a hire boat from Claymore. We hired for a week and then asked if we could extend to 10 days and did Llangollen and back. They were always very welcoming and we hired from them a few times.
  3. It might only be a leisure mooring rather than a residential mooring so it might be that they shouldn't be living on the boat permanently. Tracking down the mooring owners and speaking to them would be my approach.
  4. Oh to be so naive.
  5. No I haven't. I was a school governor for many years and spent a lot of time working on child protection. Also in my line of work I get to see a lot of information that companies are gathering based on what people post on social media. It didn't take me long to find out information on you based on what you post on here and music forums you post on.
  6. But maybe Burglar Bill has a boat and is a regular contributor to CWDF. It isn't just about what someone posts on here though it is the general attitude to putting information about yourself on the internet, it doesn't take long to join the pieces together and use for a range of criminal activities with identity fraud being quite a common one.
  7. It is easy to identify the house from the site plan though. Then advertising where you live and when you are away on holiday gives plenty of scope for being broken in to. Putting personal information on the internet is something people should think carefully about.
  8. Surprised you are happy to post your new address on an internet forum where you also often post when you are away from home on your boat.
  9. Where is the stoppage list published as I can't find any beyond the middle of may?
  10. The thing with rivers is knowing where the water catchment area is as it isn't generally the local weather that causes the flooding. We got caught on a rapid riding Warwickshire Avon at Twnying once, moored on the pub moorings but part way through the night we were hitting the branches of the tree. Fortunately we were moored against scaffold poles but dad had to cut branches down so the boat could rise. Our weeks holiday was spent rowing across the pubs garden to get off the boat.
  11. Not seen any reports, waiting to know if we will be able to get to Stourport for Easter.
  12. There's Debdale marina as well once through Foxton.
  13. If you used social media you would understand an @mention as it is called.
  14. The @ sends the person a notification that they have been mentioned.
  15. And sometimes trying to drop a paddle can be harder than raising it in the first place. We had an issue coming up one of the wide locks on the T&M and Mrs-M wasn't able to simply drop the paddle. I was on the boat and had to get up the ladder to assist.
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