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  1. Rob-M

    Do you have a boating knife?

    When I'm barbecuing on the towpath I sit with a reasonably sized kitchen knife for cutting meat etc. never actually measured the blade length.
  2. Rob-M

    Unusual Issue

    Go boating and if the dog doesn't like it put it out on the towpath and let it walk.
  3. Rob-M

    Fazeley Mill

    At the rate Laurie cruises probably some time around July 😁
  4. Rob-M

    Fazeley Mill

    A bit of a run from there for the BCN Challenge. Nice lock free run to Fradley Junction.
  5. I think you've coined it.
  6. Several Big Issue sellers in Bristol now use card readers.
  7. Rob-M

    Lock Maintenance, pound closed?

    I seem to recall reading that other work was being done at the same time which is why the closure is all of Fradley.
  8. Rob-M

    Stern Gland,maybe?

    I presume the op didn't fill his stern gland with grease but filled the remote greaser and maybe then didn't turn it to push some great in to the stern gland. A photo of what he filled with grease would probably help answer.
  9. Rob-M

    Happy Christmas, everybody!

    Congratulations to you both. Happy Christmas everyone, hope you all had a good day and received all those things you wished for.
  10. Rob-M

    Almost tropical but......

    As long as it is dry for my BBQ tomorrow then that is as far in advance I need to know.
  11. Rob-M

    Bring Back Mike the Boilerman.

    The LadyG posts were still there around 5am as I read them and thought she must have had a heavy night but by 8:30 when I looked at the thread again most of LadyG's posts and any that referenced them had been heavily edited showing Edited by LadyG, I'm not sure how many posts had been fully removed rather than just edited.
  12. Rob-M

    Quick secret santa [wotever that is]

    The variants are USB-A, USB-B and the latest USB-C. Then there is also mini and micro variants which are the different sizes of connector.
  13. Rob-M

    Graceless and contemptuous modding

    If a message box is full and not able to receive PMs will a PM from a mod still get through or will this also get bounced?
  14. Rob-M

    Orchard Marine, Liverpool

    The strike off action has been discontinued so maybe the link you posted has now been removed.
  15. Rob-M

    continuous cruising and having a car

    We don't cc but on a few occasions we have moved the boat and then needed to collect the car. It is always a pain, we have done the boat for a few days and then use public transport to get back to the car, boat half a day and then walk back to the car, one of us move the car and one move the boat. If we were cc'ing I think I would try and avoid having a car and either use Enterprise car rental or trains.

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