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Community Answers

  1. I've been in a situation where the only option was a knife to release a clove hitch someone had tied.
  2. It is free to setup and Teemill do the printing and delivery and hold the stock.
  3. Hard to tell if it official, the site is provided by Teemill Tech Ltd which look like they produce custom printed items and anyone can set up a trading site through them.
  4. Or get a short term license for the duration you will be moving the boat on CRT waters.
  5. Are you using the default VNC or your own custom VNC...? A custom one does not have the comments added that the default has and it looks like something has changed to start displaying the comments.
  6. Yes, he hasn't departed but his role is temporarily being covered by Jon Horsfall.
  7. Rob-M


    Somewhere quite deep I reckon.
  8. In the data usage you can also set warning and limit so you get a warning message at a certain level of usage and a maximum so that data automatically turns off when you hit the limit.
  9. It does seem to depend in some locations, there has been the same boats in Great Haywood on the 48hr moorings since at least Thursday as I've walked past them everyday and there has at most been two available spaces which hasn't been helped by the big git gaps either. Most are traders, but my understanding is traders are allowed to arrive on Friday, trade over the weekend and leave on Monday so it will be interesting to see how many leave tomorrow.
  10. A gentle touch is one thing but a ramming is not acceptable. If it was a one off then fair enough but if it happening every time they go in and out then you either speak to the owners and suggest they be more careful or speak to the marina manager. I usually reverse on to our mooring unless it is far too windy, I try to avoid all contact with the boat next to us by either fending off their boat with a hand or foot or stepping of our boat with a centre line. Maybe adopt the pop out side approach when you see them approaching and make it fairly obvious you are watching them and make a comment if they hit you.
  11. No hire fleet at Hawkesbury, you are thinking of Autherley stop lock.
  12. When we are out on the working boats with our blue shirts and lifejackets on we do often find a number of boaters expect us to work the locks for them as they assume we are volunteer lock keepers.
  13. I don't think I have ever been asked at Fradley, I go through Shade House, Middle and Junction locks around 10+ times a year. I try to time it now so they are at lunch so I don't have to request they don't help, if there are volockies I tend to step off and get to the bottom gate before they can so I get my windlass on first but coming up I just resigned myself to they will work the lock whether I want it or not.
  14. There are lead volunteers who should be performing the supervision and checking that the required training is being completed. The lead volunteer will report to a CRT task manager.
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