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  1. Maybe the number of weeks used will need to be reduced to leave 2 or 3 clear days between handovers.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. The canal bit starts at 23 minutes when they go out on Scupltor.
  4. Looking at a lot of the hire boat sites they seem to be aiming for the beginning of July for restarting bookings.
  5. But you aren't allowed to sleep in it.
  6. There might not be a mains charger, when we purchased our boat the previous owner took the charger leaving just the engine for charging.
  7. Our boat should have been back at Great Haywood marina but has been stuck on the Gloucester Sharpness so with the bridges and locks reopening we may have to cruise back to our home mooring. I think that sounds like justification for staying overnight rather than returning home.
  8. I laughed myself when I read it, they could have looked on HNBC and got the correct builder.
  9. Our company is currently reviewing it's whole property strategy to determine what it needs to look like going forward and whether they actually need large offices or just occasional meet up spaces. Having a large number of staff in New York may be driving part of that thinking. The whole business has nearly all moved to home working across the globe and continuing to work as effective, and in some cases more effectively. I've just come off a call with 100+ staff on it and presenters in the UK, Ireland and India. There was no difference to if we had all been in one location other than a lot less cost involved.
  10. Gorse is listed with Rugby Boats https://rugbyboats.co.uk/listings/gorse-46ft-traditional-nb-c1948-harland-wolff/
  11. Gorse is up for sale https://rugbyboats.co.uk/listings/gorse-46ft-traditional-nb-c1948-harland-wolff/
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