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  1. Worse is I can't recall ever seeing an offside ground paddle at woodend lock. It only has a towpath side ground paddle and a gate paddle.
  2. There are lots of places that will make replacement kitchen doors to custom sizes and custom finishes. You may be able to just get new doors made and screw them on to the existing units. Our replacement kitchen on the boat took about 2 weeks spread out over a couple of months. It consisted of 4 cupboards, a couple of drawers, a space for a fridge and a built in cooker.
  3. I much prefer using the Old Line although sometimes I do a combination of Factory, Brades, to take in the staircase, Spon Lane and Smethwick so a bit of a mixture of old and new. Plus diversions around the Soho loop and Icknield Port loop.
  4. That is the same area where I walked to B&Q for some wood and a few tools.
  5. Burning Excel on our stove only emits a small amount of smoke when initially lit but once hot it is smokeless. Often when outside it is difficult to tell whether the fire is still burning.
  6. I've used the B&Q which isn't far from the A5 bridge I think) before Fazeley on the Fradley side. Easily walked to from the canal and good moorings by the bridge. Screw fix is just along from Tesco at Rugeley.
  7. I thought it interesting that CRT are spending millions on reservoir maintenance but seem to now have to pay EA for water to feed the canals.
  8. Rob-M


    Plenty of van dwellers living on the side of the road in Bristol and they have been there for years.
  9. And end up in The Weighbridge...?
  10. Fitting a Wakespeed is what I am considering doing but I also need to replace the mains charger so that can be controlled from a BMS as well, I think the pricing I was looking at for batteries, regulator, combi inverter\charger and a few other bits was just over £6k.
  11. Handcuff key can also be referred to as an anti vandal key. Used to unlock paddles on some locks.
  12. I thought they were stabilisers to help them learn how to line their boat up.
  13. A spare one of most things for when you lose one.
  14. Not boating with fenders down saves having any ripped off.
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