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  1. Perhaps @nicknorman might have some second hand ones for sale when he fits his shiny new lithiums.
  2. The boats weren't there, I've seen them somewhere else recently but can't recall where it was.
  3. Rob-M

    Oh dear

    We encountered spring motorcycles on the Stourbridge flight yesterday, there was four of them doing probably in excess of 30mph up and down the towpath. A local lady with her child said they were a daily nuisance. I called CRT to report them and was told they would increase their checks on the locks, there was no mention of reporting to the police.
  4. Rob-M

    Snob boaters

    The inside of our boat is painted in Farrow and Ball, can't remember what the colours are called though. It is often on sale in homebase and wife gets staff discount as well so didn't work out too pricey.
  5. Came past today and saw this for sale sign at Hinksford Wharf on the Staffs & Worcs. The pictures not great but it started property and 13 moorings.
  6. I've used this technique, also used the line as a Spanish windlass to wind a gate open. Another method I've used is to tie the centre line to the end of a gate beam and slowly move the boat backwards to pull a gate open.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. The link down to the Severn will not be restored due to the Severn being difficult to navigate from that point, or at least that was what I was told when I asked the CCT.
  9. Rob-M

    Oh dear

    Talking to a local on Farmer's Bridge flight yesterday and he was saying they have had a spate of cyclists being pushed in the canal recently. There was still plenty riding recklessly though.
  10. Especially when he sets off from next to you at 7:15am as he did on Sunday morning. Today Gas Street.
  11. Rob-M


    We came through Netherton tunnel this afternoon and there was a thick fog like smoke in the middle which I couldn't see through. When we got to the end there were a number of used fireworks on the towpath so I presume the kids had been firng then in to the tunnel. Now moored at windmill end there have been some very loud bangs so they may be firing more in to the tunnel.
  12. We had two paddle boarders launching their boards on the lock landing between our boat and the lock, opposite the bywash which was running. I thought they were going in but they both managed to get away ok.
  13. Rob-M

    Silly signs

    Yes there was that was selling coal and gas according to the boat moored in front of it as they had a sign in their window.
  14. Rob-M

    Silly signs

    I ignored the sign today and went on the only free space which was a permit holders only mooring but I wanted to use the elsan and full up with water.
  15. The pleasure of autumn boating Having moored over night under some trees.
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