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  1. We had the same issue as the only location for solar was over a mushroom and I wanted the panels as close to the roof as possible so the mushroom was changed to a low profile vent. I didn't do the job but I'm not aware the installer had any issues removing the mushroom and putting in the low profile vent.
  2. The ratchet in the windlass saves taking it off the spindle and repositioning to get the best position whether that is to pull up or push forward. It doesn't give any increase leverage.
  3. The last RCR guy who came out to us was from ABC so you were lucky you didn't get the same person. We were left with several litres of diesel in the bilges as the RCR guy didn't have any soak mats and opened up diesel pipes without any concern for where the fuel was going to go. What was the life threatening situation you were left in...?
  4. We had some cheap 12v LED bulbs that would dim everytime the water pump ran, replaced them with bulbs that were rated for a wider voltage range and problem went away
  5. Just to update on this, we had a new fuel pump fitted by the mechanic who looks after our engine and so far having been out cruising for a bit all seems fine. I've not let the fuel tank get extremely low yet which will be the test to do once I've got a spare can of diesel for an emergency top up.
  6. You could try Ed Shiers at Four Counties Marine Services.
  7. We moored half across that one last week as by the time we got to Rode Heath it was late so choice was winding hole or lock landing and I thought someone wanting to wind early was less likely than someone using the lock.
  8. I wondered whether somebody had bequeathed money for the creation of that winding hole and therefore it was named and a sign erected.
  9. Rob-M

    Audlem Flight

    Hopefully CRT will sort it out today ready for when we get there in a few days.
  10. Time to learn how to charge your batteries, you have been massively under charging with your regime.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. At that time of year the only problem may be the Severn going in to flood but if it is ok I would head up the Severn to Stourport at the start and then back on the canals. I would head up the Stourbridge from Stewponey rather than via Wolverhampton.
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