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  1. Come back via the Walsall and you will think the curly wyrley is lovely.
  2. I pulled a puffer jacket of the cill of Walsall top lock as it was preventing the gate from closing, it was so heavy that as the coat became visible I thought someone was still wearing it. Fortunately it was just extremely water logged.
  3. Have cast my votes for license holder and volunteer, aligning with the comments Alan made above as these were names I know from the boating world. It was easy to discount many from their statements.
  4. I leave canal plan on the defaults and either arrive earlier than expected or travel further if plenty of time in hand. Trips are never planned to the minute so canal plan is only used to give a rough idea of minimum distances needed to cover each day.
  5. I don't leave the boat in reverse whilst closing gates anymore having slipped and a!most fallen in behind the boat. When closing gates going downhill on my boat I take the centre line with me so I don't lose the boat. I know some boats don't like to have a really long centre line though so they could drift away if they don't shut the gates quickly enough. I've heard it is quite easy to flush the boat down the pound though if such a thing was to happen.
  6. Take the Chromebook to your local pub with free wi-fi and let it run while you have a few beers.
  7. Surely it's all about getting soaking wet and having a beer or two.
  8. But the boat can drift away from the to gate whilst you are closing it so you need to pull on the stern line which skews the boat across the cut. Then you put the boat in gear and the gate gets washed open.
  9. Closing gates is certainly easier going uphill. I was just trying to point out to dora that is was possible to come in to the gates going downhill.
  10. When going downhill bring the boat in to the top gate, scoot down the gunnels and open the paddles to fill the lock. The flow will hold the boat against the gate and once the lock is level the flow will stop and the boat drifts back as you open the gate. Then scoot down the gunnels and bring the boat in to the lock.
  11. The boat is normally tied up in Icknield Port.
  12. He boated with us last year on the BCN challenge.
  13. Tividale. That would be interesting, not sure where they could serve beer though.
  14. Finished there a few years ago.
  15. I thought closing a footpath required planning consent.
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