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  1. current / 2018 CRT license costs

    Yes Bung On Another Thousand.
  2. I'd felt a little down on power lately...

    I'm surprised you were only a little down on power.
  3. Boat left adrift/abandoned? Hyde Lock, Kinver.

    Greenie for your efforts.
  4. BCN Challenge 2018

    Getting to Titford is three days boating for Laurie with all those locks.
  5. Boat left adrift/abandoned? Hyde Lock, Kinver.

    Wouldn't the Twitter account @crtwestmidlands cover that area.
  6. e-Robot app

    As Rusty (he must be clever) said, choose text value then you just type what you want.
  7. e-Robot app

    Just changed my event to External power is disconnected and I get an email when I pull the plug.
  8. BCN Challenge 2018

    Same as John i use volume 2 of Nicholson's. I also have a map which I think came from canal boat mag that shows all Birmingham canals.
  9. e-Robot app

    I have it working. The steps I took were: Installed just E-Robot Configured a new event to send an email when phone unlocks Set Send Email settings to Gmail, entered Gmail email address and password. Ticked use email as username, added email address I wanted to send the email to, the subject and the message. To test I just used the text value for each. I ended up creating a new Gmail account as I couldn't get it working with my ISP SMTP email settings.
  10. Boat left adrift/abandoned? Hyde Lock, Kinver.

    I would try Ian Lane as the water way manager for that area rather than Richard Parry.
  11. e-Robot app

    Working at the moment but from the docs it states it can be done so I'll have a look when I get home later if a clever person hasn't come along.
  12. Big sofa, little door...

    Have you thought about how cold that leather might be to sit on in winter?
  13. Which Ring?

    We started and finished at Great Haywood going via Fradley, Birmingham, Droitwich, Stourport and back to Great Haywood and cruised a total of 69 hours according to the log book.
  14. Victron BMV 712 smart.

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/Avantree-Bluetooth-Transmitter-Receiver-Speakers-Long-Range/dp/B01N2VKCO0/ref=pd_cp_23_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=YXTYGRXWKEQK6FGBJSXP This looks to be a transmitter and receiver and states it extends the range. Not sure I would be wanting to pay that much though to save walking down the boat.
  15. Which Ring?

    We did that last year, two of us in 10 days but took it leisurely and stayed for a day and a bit in Birmingham.