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  1. I looked at the Lego Technic version and the price of that is bad enough.
  2. Mrs-M read that blog post last night, my response was if someone is waving a flag I will be stopping to tell them to move away from the lock and leave me to operate it. When we came through Wilmcote a couple of weeks back the volunteers said they had never had a boat pass through so quickly, maybe it was to do with me asking them to set ahead and close up behind me leaving me to work the boat through the lock.
  3. I think a new company or a long established company there is probably similar levels of risk with the amounts of money you are spending. Assuming I'm looking at the website of the company the OP is asking about they are using a standard marine contact with stage payments backed by an insurance policy to cover the build in progress. The shell is coming from Tyler Wilson, a long established shell builder, and they are fitting out.
  4. There are others on Apollo Duck listed as Narrowboats of Staffordshire, this one (https://m.apolloduck.com/boat/narrowboats-of-stafford-60-semi-trad/600708?rid=aa&cid=140&z=aa140) states steel work by Narrowboats of Staffordshire so looks like they are\were shell builders but never heard of them.
  5. Rob-M


    You don't need to do a full rotation because of the ratchet so something preventing a long throw wouldn't so the gowindlass ratchet from being used. Our as Nightwatch said there is also a fixed socket. Having seen several in use on our current trip I'm going to have to treat Mrs-M to a new windlass I think.
  6. We first did the four counties in a week's hire with two adults and two young children. If you have an active crew it should be easily do able and many hirers complete it.
  7. I had a call from the bank and when I asked the person to verify who they were they got a bit irate and froze my account. I then had to go in to a branch to sorry it out. The member of staff in the branch said the caller should always give part of the information and ask you to complete it such as the day and month of birth and ask you for the year.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  9. The same as mooring on the only bend for miles which we saw the other day, a long straight section, corner with narrow boat moored then another long straight section. Some boaters don't seem to have a clue about boating.
  10. It has been on the market for quite a few months though so it seems nobody wants to pay the current asking price.
  11. We have one over the main seating area, one over the galley, one in the bathroom and one in the bedroom.
  12. Yes thanks, we had a good day out and a ride round the parade on England along with the current owner and Alice Lapworth.
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