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  1. I've never understood the reasoning for wanting to put artificial grass down. We saw a boat a few weeks ago with the whole roof covered.
  2. Winding in the pound by the cafe causes a few vollies to run around a bit. A couple of years ago we were locking down and waited for a hire boat to join us, when asked where they were heading they told me Stratford as they thought they could rejoin the Avon. When I pointed out they couldn't I helped them wind their 70' hire boat in the pound which was tight, the volunteer locky said we couldn't turn there.
  3. We had a similar experience when buying our boat, a very reputable broker showed us an A-B-Both switch and explained that was used for charging the batteries but after destroying the domestic batteries an electrician pointed out the switch was no longer connected.
  4. I find being selective about where you engage reverse helps making sure you don't give a blast when you are in a bit likely to be full of rubbish such as near a bridge. I knock it out of gear as I go in to bridges and drift through making sure I'm well clear before engaging forward again.
  5. Rob-M


    What about one of these https://claxtrolley.co.uk/products/clax Although at £175 I would want it to go off and do the shopping for me. I've never seen one or used one so I have no idea if they are any good or not.
  6. The OP said in the last post he didn't run the engine for two weeks.
  7. You could try contacting Dave Freeman at Taft Farm he is good with boat electrics and you will boat past him as he is just down the canal from Great Haywood. He may be too busy though at short notice. PM me if you want his number.
  8. Rob-M


    I managed to wheel a single bed about half a mile on our sack truck.
  9. Thought New Zealand were going to win me the office sweepstake.
  10. I've winded 57ft with ease there, I'm sure you will be able to get a 70ft round.
  11. I use the met office app and find it quite accurate.
  12. Good etiquette says you don't moor near bridges. If you ever boat a full length boat towing a butty you will realise why it is advisable to leave room but as you say plenty moor as close as they can to a bridge.
  13. So you did all the hard work and now your services are no longer required...! I think you have certainly gone above and beyond what you set out to do.
  14. It was all closed up when we went past a couple of weeks ago.
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