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  1. Another here who will miss Atkens, though I very rarely go into Newcastle now despite only living 40 miles away
  2. Can you post to it? I can view it when logged out. If I want to post I have to log in, at which point I get the "you do not have permission" message and can no longer see it. May be it's a browser thing, I'm using Safari on a Mac.
  3. Ok maybe this might help explain. Logged in I cannot find the thread just by looking through the forums but if I click through from MtB's post above I think I eventually after a couple of links get the "you do not have permission" message. BUT I was browsing from my work computer (yes I know, it was a quiet day) as a guest and found a section for Newbies and Guests including, I think, the missing posts. It is a section above Boating on the first page. Strangely when you are logged in it is not visible.
  4. Is that a Plus Four Plus parked behind him? Yes, one of only 26 built. My uncle had one for a while from new, ended up part-ex'ing it for a Ford Escort as couldn't sell it. Bet he wish he still had it.
  5. Hi Folks, A new poster here. This is a picture of the boat my father and I built at Teddesley around 1973. A Teddesley 40ft hull with GRP cabin and SR2 Lister engine. She was kept moored at Teddesley until around 1976 when the family moved from Stafford to the North East, and the boat was moved to Bumblehole on the BCN near the end of Netherton tunnel for a short time. Eventually she was moved again to the Leeds and Liverpool canal, to somewhere near Bradford, before eventually being sold. I do remember she appeared on the cover of Waterways World one issue sometime after we sold her. Would love to know if she is still around.
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