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  1. curlass24

    LPG Ovens

    thoughts on this? https://www.very.co.uk/hotpoint-ultima-hug52g-50cm-double-oven-gas-cooker-with-fsd-graphite/990722883.prd
  2. curlass24

    LPG Ovens

    Also has anyone had experience with a double oven on LPG?
  3. curlass24

    LPG Ovens

    Hi all thanks for the advice regarding BSS much appreciated. Anyone have any good models / makes to recommended for a 50cm freestanding oven?
  4. curlass24

    LPG Ovens

    Hello peeps, We need to buy an LPG oven for our narrow boat. I have seen some that come with a conversion kit. Do you know if an oven with an lpg conversion will pass the BSS? Also any recommendations on good lpg ovens to buy? Thanks! Malcolm
  5. Hello, The starter motor on our Lombardini LDW1404 has packed in so need to get a replacement. Have found a few suppliers on line, just wondering if there's anything I need to be careful about / look for when re-wiring? Also does anyone know if any special mounts / fittings are required as the aftermarket ones don't seem to come with anything? Thanks in advance. Malcolm
  6. Hello, We get a lot of water in our bilge and along with replacing the decking, I'd like to get a cover to help protect from rain. Would like to try and make something suitable myself. Any recommendations for best solutions / materiel etc to use? Thanks
  7. Hi guys, We have a ticking noise coming from our electrical area containing fuse panel, trickle charger and ignition panel. Any ideas what this could be? Doesn't always tick, tends to over night. About a tick every 30seconds or so....
  8. curlass24

    Best Alternator for Lombardini Engine

    Hi guys, first of all I"d like to thank you all for the advice. So I took the hit and bought a new alternator as I had clearly damaged the other. I've clarified with the supplier all the connection which we have right. The green wire is in fact a rectifier so have left that alone. I test the wires and found the one that turns of the light when touching metal so know which wire is which. I have now wired up the new alternator and it still doesn't work. Is the last possibly that there is a fuse on the b+ wire? The last alternator was 70amps and this is 80amp.
  9. curlass24


    Hello, Am looking to put vents on our doors. Am wondering is it better for them to be at the bottom or the top or both? Thanks, Malcolm
  10. curlass24

    decking boards

    Thanks could I cut this with a jigsaw?
  11. curlass24

    decking boards

    thanks any recommendations for companies that offer custom sizes so I don't have to cut?
  12. curlass24

    Best Alternator for Lombardini Engine

    So I've just spoken with the supplier. The B+ is for the main battery lead which I have connected. The D+ is for the warning light which I have connected (will double check it is right. The W is for the rev counter (which think is broke. They weren't sure about the green, said to leave. So I understand it should work as long as main battery and warning light are wired correct. My question now is, are there likely to be any external fuses that I might have blown and should check?
  13. curlass24

    Best Alternator for Lombardini Engine

    Thanks guys I'm going to have another try this evening. Another thing I'm wondering is whether I could have blown a fuse? When removing the old alternator the main battery and warning light wires touched by mistake creating a big spark. (I have now learnt to cut all current off before playing with electrics..) Is there a fuse external to the alternator that might have blown?
  14. curlass24

    Best Alternator for Lombardini Engine

    Ok thanks will try this tomorrow. I'm worried I might have broken it now with all this miss wiring. Also I over tightened the nut at W and think it's broken beneath. Will this affect the alternator working?

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