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  1. Ah thanks Dave, how do I drill them out?
  2. Hello, Our window is cracked so looking to refit. have never done this before. Where's the best place to buy glass? And do I need to get a new seal? it looks like the bolts supporting the frame can be taken out with an alan key. Any advice much appreciated!
  3. Hello, A family member has recently purchased a dutch barge and looking to get it insured. They're struggling as have only had an "in-water" survey done and compnaies are sayign they need a recent out of water survey. The boat is 1926. Is this normal? Anyone know of any companies that don't require this? I know they should have got an out of water survey done but they couldn't afford it. Cheers, Malcolm
  4. I bled the system before changing the pump and then refilled it. The pump appeared to overheat a little at the start and made a knocking noise. It now runs fine but no hot water pumps through the system.
  5. Hello, just replaced a broken 4dw like for like. Turned it on and it started smoking. Adjust fuel and runs fine now but doesn't gear radiators. I can't hear the pump ticking like I used to. Any ideas what this is? Could it be a fuze? Thanks, Malcoln
  6. Also,l whats the best way to prep the plywood walls for tiling? Should I use waterproof pva?
  7. thanks, do you have to get a qualified engineer to install and lpg one, or is it only if their fitting a standard gas one with a conversion kit?
  8. Hello, Am looking to fit a high wall stone shower tray. There is a gap in the flooring to get access to the waste joint, however I;m wondering if it is better practice to have the tray raised a little rather than straight on the floorboards? Have never fitted one before so any other tips / advice around grout, sealent etc to use would be much appreciated! Cheers
  9. Hello, Looking for a good freestanding lpg oven for our narrow boat, ideally 50cm wide, any recommendations?
  10. ok great thanks for this, had it on setting 2 and the ice cream melted so trying 3! Also are the doors always quite stiff?
  11. so went for the waeco crx 80. have fitted an started up fine, the freezer doesn't appear to be cold enough though, does anyone know why this is? Also what temperature setting do people run these on? we have it on 3 and have two solar panels so hoping that will be enough. Thanks,
  12. Hello, Have just purchased a Waeco CRX80 12v fridge. I have a lead from the battery in place to connect to. Whats the best way of joining the cables? Thanks, Malcolm
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