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  1. Don't really know why it had failed, given the level of bodging, it was probably due to being very poorly assembled, maybe even bad regrinding, when I checked the bearings and crankshaft there was more taper in the grinding than the specified clearances for the bearing!
  2. It sure did, it was from a South African rebuild, it had done very little running after a rebuild before the big end failed, there were bits of shell bearing lying around the sump.
  3. Ferrous has a 24" X 20" prop. Edwin made a mould from an older Bolinder Blade which was probably ex Claytons of Oldbury. Then Cast his own propeller. Its driven by a 3LW and 1.5:1 gearbox so plenty of oomf!
  4. When it was possible to have it as a tender Edwin took it all over the system, once the licensing changed it was put into storage at the family home. If my memory is correct it was originally fitted with an LE Velocete engine. It is now fitted with a 2cl Kubota, Don't know how the licencing system updates but it probably has a one month licence to cover the BCN challenge.
  5. That is an enots fitting and if you had the correct spanner it would have 3/16" or 1/4 whitworth stamped on it depending on the pipe size
  6. Perhaps this will tempt some to visit taken in 2011 We usually refer to it as Middle Earth Country
  7. It maybe that the easy one was already towards the end of the fuel element travel in which case it wouldnt be in a position to let more fuel in so nothing to pump. If the engine is running correctly there is probably nothing to be concerned about. You might try it again now that the engine has been running and see if it is the same or if it is now about the same as the other one.
  8. When Gardner reintroduced the 2LW they supplied them with a PRM260. The official tickover is set at 410rpm but can be reduced to 330rpm I have not heard of anyone having a problem with the clutches slipping. I have a PRM750 on a 3LW with the tickover set at 310 rpm it has been installed for around 20 years without any problem, we also have a PRM500 attached to a 3LW which has done over 12,000 hrs, it was stripped a couple of years ago for inspection, the clutch plates showed hardly any sign of wear. You only need full clutch pressure to deliver max power so any shortfall of pressure at lower rpm is generally inconsequential. I have also had a PRM 160 fitted to a 3LW that was transfered to a Perkins 3 Cly and is now on a 2LW, it is now comming up to 37 years old and is still on its original (sintered bronze) clutch plates. The more common problem with slow tickover is gearbox rattle, this can be overcome by fitting an R&D high deflection drive plate. Steven
  9. The Stourbridge Canal was never a part of the BCN. The propreiters were the Stourbridge Navigation Company. At one time there was a BCN boundry marker next to the road bridge at the bottom of the Delph Locks
  10. CAV manual says 12cc of oil, it soaks into a felt pad. It should ideally be done a couple of times a year
  11. I get about 4000 kWh per year from 4 kW instalation in the West Midlands and four of my panel face South East rather than directly south.
  12. Most domestic calorifiers are of the indirect vented type, the cold water feed is from a seperate stoarage tank, and they have a vent pipe back to the header tank, these are typically rated at 10 mt head of water which equates to 1Bar or 15 PSI. It is possible to use a vented type in a marine situation, but the system need to work at the appropriate pressure. Steven
  13. I was answering your question about LW's
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