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  1. Split Pin

    3LW Uneven Running

    You would need to undo the pipe that exits left on the photograph and remove the adaptor union from the filter housing, the hole is then at the bottom of the tapped hole.The hole is 0.018" or 0.457mm in diameter so is not so easy to see. An easier way to check it is to remove the pipe and operate the lift pump manually fuel should flow out of the hole. In my experience if the hole is blocked then the engine will run for a short period then dies as the fuel has become aireated and the pump then needs bleeding again, so if your enine is running happily then its doubtfull that you have a problem
  2. Split Pin

    Ram pump

    Hi have sent you a personal message Steve
  3. Split Pin

    Ram pump

    I should be able to resleeve it for you and am nearer than N being just outside of Stourbridge PM me if you cannot find anyone nearer Steve
  4. Split Pin

    Square D pressure switch for water pump

    Only by a little bit 0.3 bar = 4.36112 PSI
  5. Split Pin

    Square D pressure switch for water pump

    Looking at the datasheet the range is pretty much the same as the Square D one. Telemecanique own Square D Looking at the picture they have a very similar action but with an updated switch which resembles a motor contacter. As the Squre D Pumptrol switch has been around for at least 35 years to my knowledge maybe this will become its replacement. Steve
  6. Split Pin

    Square D pressure switch for water pump

    I would agree that the data sheets seem to make it difficult and it does depend on which one you find to look at Switches with either FSW2 or FSG2 as part of their number have a Cut in of 5-45 psi Differential adjustment of 15-30 psi Cut in Range 20-65 psi So setting the cut in at 25 minus the lowest differential gives you 10 psi cut in The J20 means that the Cut out pressure is within the 20-40 psi range as standard At least thats the way that I read it. You dont need to have an account as such with RS but you do need to have a user Id and the price that you see is what you pay. i.e no extra for postage Steve
  7. Split Pin

    Square D pressure switch for water pump

    https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/pressure-switches/1242125/ This one should do the job it is within the range that you need but will need adjusting to match your needs. Steve
  8. Split Pin

    Ian Burnell

    07817 142893 email [email protected]
  9. Split Pin

    150th Anniversary

    20 If they all make it 10 Stationary Engines 9 Commercial Vehicles
  10. Split Pin

    Gardner 5L3

    The books that I have relating to L3 engines list the Marine version as 900rpm max, Industrial versions were rated up to 1200rpm intermittent It would appear that the info given on the sales information is for max engine speed. I'm sure that it would run quite happily at full throttle all day long, although I can imagine that most would be run slightly below this for comfort. I don't have any experience of running an L3 (LW and L2 being my area of expertise) If you are on facebook you might try the Gardner Diesel Engine group for more information , I know that there are some members on there running L3's. Re the gearbox, 2UC boxes wont fit on L3 engines, (they are considerably different in size) It maybe that it has a 3UC type 2 which is causing the confusion. Steve
  11. Split Pin

    Gardner 5L3

    Fuel consumption in gallon and lbs along the bottom of the graph Looks to be around 3.6 Gall per hr if fully loaded at 900 rpm The gearbox will be a 3UC not a 2UC
  12. Split Pin

    3LW Uneven Running

    In my experience if the bleed hole in the filter housing becomes blocked on lift pump engines, then the fuel gets aerated and after around 20 mins or so of running the engine cuts out and the pump need to be bleed before it will run again. Steve
  13. Split Pin

    3LW Uneven Running

    Should you decide to remove the pump, the ease or not of refitting it depends on a couple of things, how much room do you have in front of the engine, you need to be able to remove the timing chain cover and be able to see the marks on the gears to get the initial gear mesh position right setting, I have had to do it using a mirror on at least 2 engines. Secondly do you have good access to the timing marks on the flywheel and do they match the setting for the speed at which the pump has been set?. I am just 5 miles away in Stourbridge and i can check out your pump (depending on when you want to do it). My number is in the front of the G.E.F newsletter or PM me if you would like me to look at it for you. Steve
  14. Split Pin

    4LW fuel pump

    Maybe, they are sometimes stamped on the top face between the pipe unions, most though are stamped on the side as on the left and wont be visible without taking one out. The one on the right started of as an "E" type. If they haven't been done then no its not really worth disturbing them. The absence of the "K" doesn't mean that they aren't to the later spec, if an Independent re conditioner has worked on them they may have used the later setting without marking them. As the rating plate doesn't have the engine number stamped on it would suggest that it has been worked on by an independent at some time in its life. Also the fact that the pump is stamped then it would seem logical that the sprayers would have been done at the same time.
  15. Split Pin

    4LW fuel pump

    There will be K stamped on the sprayer body, all sprayers that were reconditioned by the factory or a dealer were automatically modified. Its unlikely that yours haven't already been done. The change was made along with a modified piston design, and some different parts in the governor, this lead to a 10 % increase in power and smoother slow speed running,

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