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  1. Split Pin

    Ian Burnell

    07817 142893 email [email protected]
  2. Split Pin

    150th Anniversary

    20 If they all make it 10 Stationary Engines 9 Commercial Vehicles
  3. Split Pin

    Gardner 5L3

    The books that I have relating to L3 engines list the Marine version as 900rpm max, Industrial versions were rated up to 1200rpm intermittent It would appear that the info given on the sales information is for max engine speed. I'm sure that it would run quite happily at full throttle all day long, although I can imagine that most would be run slightly below this for comfort. I don't have any experience of running an L3 (LW and L2 being my area of expertise) If you are on facebook you might try the Gardner Diesel Engine group for more information , I know that there are some members on there running L3's. Re the gearbox, 2UC boxes wont fit on L3 engines, (they are considerably different in size) It maybe that it has a 3UC type 2 which is causing the confusion. Steve
  4. Split Pin

    Gardner 5L3

    Fuel consumption in gallon and lbs along the bottom of the graph Looks to be around 3.6 Gall per hr if fully loaded at 900 rpm The gearbox will be a 3UC not a 2UC
  5. Split Pin

    3LW Uneven Running

    In my experience if the bleed hole in the filter housing becomes blocked on lift pump engines, then the fuel gets aerated and after around 20 mins or so of running the engine cuts out and the pump need to be bleed before it will run again. Steve
  6. Split Pin

    3LW Uneven Running

    Should you decide to remove the pump, the ease or not of refitting it depends on a couple of things, how much room do you have in front of the engine, you need to be able to remove the timing chain cover and be able to see the marks on the gears to get the initial gear mesh position right setting, I have had to do it using a mirror on at least 2 engines. Secondly do you have good access to the timing marks on the flywheel and do they match the setting for the speed at which the pump has been set?. I am just 5 miles away in Stourbridge and i can check out your pump (depending on when you want to do it). My number is in the front of the G.E.F newsletter or PM me if you would like me to look at it for you. Steve
  7. Split Pin

    4LW fuel pump

    Maybe, they are sometimes stamped on the top face between the pipe unions, most though are stamped on the side as on the left and wont be visible without taking one out. The one on the right started of as an "E" type. If they haven't been done then no its not really worth disturbing them. The absence of the "K" doesn't mean that they aren't to the later spec, if an Independent re conditioner has worked on them they may have used the later setting without marking them. As the rating plate doesn't have the engine number stamped on it would suggest that it has been worked on by an independent at some time in its life. Also the fact that the pump is stamped then it would seem logical that the sprayers would have been done at the same time.
  8. Split Pin

    4LW fuel pump

    There will be K stamped on the sprayer body, all sprayers that were reconditioned by the factory or a dealer were automatically modified. Its unlikely that yours haven't already been done. The change was made along with a modified piston design, and some different parts in the governor, this lead to a 10 % increase in power and smoother slow speed running,
  9. Split Pin

    4LW fuel pump

    The "K" refers to a change of specification which occurred in 1952 and indicates that the pump has been set to the later standard and should be used with sprayers that also meet the changed standard. The pump phasing was changed and the spring pressure for the sprayers was increased from 55lbs to 61.5 lbs. Previously sprayers were marked "E or E1" Gardner's only used the CAV Body, BPF pump elements, delivery valves and control rack etc. All the other parts were of Gardner manufacture and assembly. The pumps were built and calibrated in house. Gardner's originally made there own sprayers in house, the design changed very little from the first L2 "E" Type version (1929) to the latter type used in the LXC (1980's) Steve
  10. Split Pin

    Decompression gear

    In LW spares book 518.5 published in 1955, it shows the dual anvil rockers and the cam that moves the rocker to a second position to increase the tappet clearance, thus giving max compression as the valve would close earlier than normal, this would coincide with the lever being in the No 2 position. It was probably fitted to engines supplied with hand start only. As Martyn comments it was more common on L2'S. Its also worth remembering that the manuals are pretty much backwards compatible in that the information they contain applies with small variations back to 1931 Steve
  11. Split Pin

    Gardner Engine Forum

    Gardner Engine Forum was formed in 2001 by a group of enthusiasts all of whom were or still are narrowboat owners. In its infancy it was supported by Gardner themselves and later Gardner Parts Most of our members have narrowboats which by nature have the smaller engines fitted i.e 2-4Lw's and 2-4 L2's The forum grew out of some Rallys organized by one of the founder members and has been holding rallies every two years since, normally in the Midland and Manchester Area. We don't have many members in the South of the country. On the website under publications can be found PDF copies of all the newsletters published. We publish 2 newsletters per year so getting an answer to a query would take a long time. If you want quick answers then this forum or the Gardner Diesel engine face book page (nothing to do with the forum) is the best place to ask. We will be holding a rally this year to celebrate 150 years since the formation of L Gardner and Sons. It will take place on the 15th and 16th of September at Etruria. If you can make it you would be most welcome, you don't have to be a member to attend, we are a friendly bunch who are happy to pass on our collective knowledge Enjoy your engine, they are fine pieces of engineering. Andrew no doubt had sourced an L2 manual and left it with boat, if not pm me. As Athy commented , Graham Edges book is about as comprehensive a history of L Gardner and Sons, there is also "Gardner A product History over 125 Years by James J Francis", copies available from the Anson Engine Museum. A much smaller book as as the title says it is about the different types of engine. Steve (GEF Vice Chair and general goffer)
  12. Split Pin

    4LW starter battery size

    Depends on which manual you look at. My quote is from No 67, (which I believe is the last version published) it does mention that it my need to refining depending on the amount of electrics on the vehicle. Not normally an issue for a dedicated start battery on a boat. It does only give one size Steve
  13. Split Pin

    Control cable linkages

    Probably one on this page https://www.asap-supplies.com/steering-and-controls/control-cables-and-fittings/control-cable-fittings
  14. I spoke to Malcolm Braine last night, he remembers a company called either Dami or Dani located in Stockport producing some boats in the early 1960's, maybe ties up with the previous post. He also mentioned some boats built by a company called Halmo, also known as Halesowen Motor Company by anyone living in the West Midlands , one of the owners /directors was involved with the Avon restoration, although this was probably nearer the mid 60's Steve
  15. Split Pin


    Hi Glenn Yes I know Micheal. He kept the boat at Stourbridge, and is a member of the Staffs & Worcs canal society, both of which I am associated with. Interestingly my brother had tried to purchase Golitah but Michael had beaten him to it. Had I checked the EXIF info for the photo and not relied on memory I would have got the time correct. It was taken on 21 September last year at 9.42am Steve

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