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  1. 1+ probably means that the voltage reading is out of range for the selected range selection (20V?) so move it up to the next setting probably 200V
  2. Great Barford Lock on the Great Ouse
  3. One of the Galton tunnels under construction
  4. The next picture in the sequence which looks like Fleet Bridge to me. It is not guarented that the photograpks are in chronological order
  5. This picture that I linked to shows it on the RH side and the Cottage looks very similar, the Chimneys are slightly different but they could have been rebuit
  6. To some extent I am working with 56 year old memories and other photograps in the sequence from which my original image is taken, In the background of the second picture their appears to be a bridge which I take to be Fleet, the next photograph in the sequence is (again I think the loading stage before the bridge). Looking at OS maps from the era doesnt make things any clearer, but a photo here https://newwoodlesford.xyz/first-world-war/robert-metcalf/ suggests that it may actually be Woodlesford
  7. The old lemonroyd (I think) taken in 1964. we had been held up at Kippax due to a problem at Lemonroyd for which they had lowered the level between the two locks to carry out repairs
  8. The new lock at Stoke on Trent 1974 (I think) so not 21st Century but still reasonably new.
  9. It looks like a flexible impeller pump and depends on which way you want the flow depends on which way it is wired therfore cables are not Pos & Neg specifically. I have two of them and they are both wired up what most would consider the wrong way round due to the way it was necessary to mount them. Demo on how they work
  10. Could also have been based on the bottom chamber at Bratch as it to has an overflow in the same position
  11. The picture of the organ was taken at a Stourbrige Navigation Trust Bonded Warehouse open weekend, dont know which year but thay take place in October each year. The organ is sitting on the Stourbridge Canal Companies weighbridge in front of the original Canal Company buildings. I think that Harley came to the event and exhibited some paintings,posibly at the same time as the organ was there. Steven
  12. Split Pin

    Modern Oils

    Have been using this one from them for over 30 years in my Gardner https://www.aztecoils.co.uk/Topics/commercial_-_monogrades/hdx_30_api_secc_mon007.htm They used to have an agent in West Bromwich which is nearer to me, so able to collect it, about £45.00 for 20lts the last time I brought some, usually around 50% of Morris's for the same spec oil Can still get it through the new owners who also do other manufaturers.
  13. Does it have its original engine? I remember that Albert Brookes purchased it from Claytons and fitted it into his first narrowboat named Glenfied in circa 1968/9. It could have been reunited by now. You no doubt remember the boat Pete as it was converted from a day boat at Bumblehole and kept at Windmill End may also have been at Valencia Wharf as Albert went on to work for the Allen Brothers Steve
  14. Split Pin

    Injector Puller

    Gardners puller is a special bolt which screws into the leak off connection. as per picture and a flat bar which sits across the head I use a slide hammer directly into the same fitting. The thread is somewhat obscure as it is an Admiralty Thread 7/16 whit form x 24 TPI. As Mark says there is no copper washer just conical seat on the injecter nut against a taper in the head. They can get tight with carbon build up between the nozzle and the head Steve
  15. This is the one you need assuming its the manifold to head one that is leaking https://gardnerspares.com/product/lxb-lw-exhaust-manifold-packing/ or https://gardnerspares.com/product/steel-exhaust-packing-rectangular/ if its the outlet one. Spanner size for the manifold clamp is 5/16" whitworth, thread size is 3/8" Whitworth, same for the outlet flange if it has the original pins Steve
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