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  1. A couple of pages about the Pelapone from British Diesel Engine Catalouge published in 1950
  2. Jasmine at the Stourbridge Rally Photo By Alan T Smith
  3. The knurled silver knob doesnt look like an original part, that is where the breather is usually located. The dipstick should be attached to the square headed plug as shown in photograph 1, it is part of the plug and can only be found when the plug is removed, the drain plug is not visible on either of your photographs it is in the centre underneath nearest the flywheel. The plug shown with the blue arrow is on the hydraulic pressure circuit and is normally used with a trolling valve. The large Hex plug on the side in pic 2 may have a filter behind it on the suction pipe inlet, dont know when they started to fit them but my 750 has one
  4. The dipstick is part of the filler plug, there is a drain plug at the lowest point of the gearbox, not easy to see
  5. In 2017 it came to a rally that i organised so I can confirm that at that date it was called Gibson Beans. Mark who was / is the owner did explain the name but I have long since forgotten Steve
  6. He definatly built more than one, my brother has one built by him in the early eighties, it was named Baltic when purchased and was 45ft long, now stretched and recabined.
  7. Was it Bailey Manion? who I remember having a boat called Ratty Steve
  8. Ladybank is now a nearly new boat having been completey renewed between the engine room bulkhead and the bow by Ian Kemp during 2018/19
  9. The MCB's are not speced as suitable for DC supply https://www.hager-me.com/products/energy-distribution/protection-devices/mcbs/mcbs-onekonekt-mcn/mcn125/47712.htm
  10. The spec sheet for the relays is here https://www.willow.co.uk/RG25.pdf 12v DC relay has a coil restance of 85ohms so current is 0.141 amp
  11. Lock 1W on the huddersfield and the end of navigation at that time, the photographs were probably taken at the time of one of the tameside festivals, the second boat in the pictures is Pensax and is the same one as in post 8 by captain birdseye
  12. He was there when we came up in August in the heat of the summer he was wearing a tee shirt wraped round his waist facing forward pinny style and nowt else.
  13. The location is about 100yards past Chubbs bridge towards Stourbridge, there was always a scour there as the road drains emptied into the canal at that point. Dane was owned at that time by the Parsons brothers, I thinks its Richard on the helm, Dane made the journey through the Stourbridge Canal a couple of times in the early 60's before its restoration, taking up to 2 days to do about 5 miles, I was sometimes put on the back being the lightest person to manipulate the controls whilst everyone else pulled on ropes to get it over the scours, my first experiance steering a 70 footer, At 9/10 years old some great memories. Steven
  14. There are some visitor moorings just above the last narrow lock before the river, there were boats there last summer when i passed through, I was told Asda was just behind the buildings, if you are lucky there will be some moorings on the river before Beckets Park lock near to Morrisons. I stopped in Northampton Marina as the friends who we were travelling with preferred the safety of a marina. It all seemed very quiet despite the fact taht there was a festival in the park.
  15. (Now we just need to fix the temperamental starter motor i.e. half hearted engagement. With 59 ohms in circuit between the battery and starter, the wiring and switching is the first place to start.) Also make sure that the starter hasen't moved back a little in its mounting, to large a gap also causes mis engagement problems, 59 ohms resistance in the circuit certainly won't help especially if you are on 12 volt. Does your starter have an oil plug in the nose end? depending on the original application of the starter it may be on the bottom. Toping up the oil will also help as the bendix also dries out over a period of time. Have noted the engine number, there was already one in the list so have you changed your engine? Hope the cruising goes well, at least as a full time ocupant you can move whilst the rest of us await a change of rules.
  16. It may clear itself after a period of running as the oil mist works it way up and everwhwere gets a coating.
  17. Probably caused by a slightly dry rack and quadrents, the amount of rack movent required to maintain a steady tickover is miniscule so any stickyness causes overshoot. Manualy oil the rack where it exits the pump body at both ends, and work the rack backwards and forwards, you may have to remove a plate at the front end of the pump, If you have the slotted screw in the front cover pump some oil in as well, if not I find it better to remove the cover and cold start assembly and oil everything directly, Steve
  18. A few years ago there was a purge on boats not displaying the regestration number, probably at the time that they were introducing the hand held computer boat logging system. I have an end of garden mooring and due to previous vandalism keep the boat completly sheeted over so the number is not visible. I recived a letter to the correct address with the boat name and number on telling me I shoud be displaying the number, in a fit of pique I painted it on the sheets as big as I could make it and then got asked if they could use a photograph of it to encourage others to follow suit. I am now waiting a letter as replacement sheets have been fitted and I havent got round to putting the number on again yet. I remember when the plates were introduced that many didnt want to screw them to the cabin sides and at a canal society meeting the local moorings/enforcemt officer at the time insisting that they should be fitted as supplied, from the outset people painted them on, no doubt some recieved complaints. Mine are as good as the day they were supplied back in 1985 having never been fitted. Steve
  19. 1+ probably means that the voltage reading is out of range for the selected range selection (20V?) so move it up to the next setting probably 200V
  20. Great Barford Lock on the Great Ouse
  21. One of the Galton tunnels under construction
  22. The next picture in the sequence which looks like Fleet Bridge to me. It is not guarented that the photograpks are in chronological order
  23. This picture that I linked to shows it on the RH side and the Cottage looks very similar, the Chimneys are slightly different but they could have been rebuit
  24. To some extent I am working with 56 year old memories and other photograps in the sequence from which my original image is taken, In the background of the second picture their appears to be a bridge which I take to be Fleet, the next photograph in the sequence is (again I think the loading stage before the bridge). Looking at OS maps from the era doesnt make things any clearer, but a photo here https://newwoodlesford.xyz/first-world-war/robert-metcalf/ suggests that it may actually be Woodlesford
  25. The old lemonroyd (I think) taken in 1964. we had been held up at Kippax due to a problem at Lemonroyd for which they had lowered the level between the two locks to carry out repairs
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