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  1. I have looked through the site, and unless I have missed something, there is no mention of the engines as originally fitted to the Admiral class vessels built at Northwich. I suppose for surviving craft there have replacements made, but it would be of interest if the originals survive.
  2. Canal plan states it is good place to moor And there is an Angling Society based there Another benefit is the lack of danger from speeding cyclists
  3. Droylsden Academy is a secondary school in Droylsden, Manchester. It opened in September 2009 on the site of the former Droylsden School, Mathematics and Computing College for Girls which it replaced. The former Littlemoss High School for Boys was also replaced by this school. Today the school is closed- a mark of respect?
  4. Gastric Basin is perhaps not the best name. That basin was part of the BCN from Broad Street to Bridge Street, and prior to the making of the Gasworks, there were side basins and warehouses used the merchandise carriers. The Birmingham Timber Co also had a side basin. Some of the locations adjacent to the location called Bug Hole which is mentioned in local board minutes
  5. When I worked for BR, I used supply the expensive chain mail glove for cleaners (through cost the use was rationed by the supervisors). Those needles used be regularly found on the trackside or on trains, stuffed down seats, in the toilets and in some surprising locations sometimes. One cleaner found one at Soho depot where it has seemingly been tossed over to the depot from the canal towpath. At that time there was the concern of infection from certain transmitted diseases.
  6. Ronald Russell's book is a good starting point. He describes the St Columb Canal as being disused as any canal can be. it was the concept of John Edyyvean of St Austell. When he died the canal died with him. Mr Russell also mentions the Chard Canal, which also might be a candidate!
  7. The NSR works at Stoke built, it seems the Barnton Tunnel Tug in 1865, it is possible they constructed other craft, I wonder?
  8. The Eardington Forge Canal on the River Severn did serve the forges there. Much was in a tunnel . Re Arbury It's a fascinating system but it didn't need to be so elaborate to carry coal, some bits were simply a folly (in the architectural sense) - there was no technical need for the three-way lock for example, it didn't solve a problem and indeed the two upper levels were the same level and the gates next to each other. With mining areas there is the problem of subsidence and also the purpose of building the canal branches- those need to be better understood, I suppose as well as the other uses for the needs of the Arbury Estate
  9. I dont think that the Arbury Canal was quite as pointless as they predate the Coventry Canal and were used for transport of coal. It is a waterway network that expanded with time and was of interest enough for the Weavers to have a trip boat for the RCHS to investigate. Of course the RCHS does like to follow such themes and still do so.
  10. Landowner influence led to the making of the Shelmore Embankment on the SU and also influenced the route of the Ellesmere Canal from Trevor to Chester, during the construction discussion, That canal was not built and the result was the extensive detour to Hurleston. Railways were not immune and tunnels were made to hide the "offensive" line from view at the Hall.
  11. The wandering away from the subject with regards to the Croydon Canal, seems to have created comments about the St Columb Canal. Whilst it can be said that all canal schemes have a purpose so as to find the finance for construction, the abandonment of St Columb canal, which was never completed must rank as a failed canal scheme and what was made has led to observations that it was pointless. Another in this category group may well be the Whitby Canal, which had intentions of linking the River Esk with Pickering, but again was not completed
  12. As parts of the canal can be fenced off as a construction site. On Farmer's Bridge locks, there have been cases of cyclists speeding past on the narrow space between fence and towpath edge. Whilst is was not in the CDM area, it was reckless behavior that affected both boaters and walkers.
  13. Who does the CDM- Construction Design & Management.? for the CRT ? But then speeding cyclists on the towpath infringes such rules anyway.
  14. There is a notebook which was purchased- will have to look up reference. There are also microfilm copies, which Stafford possess, which are more detailed and relate to construction and contractors including Mf 79/7, 79/8 etc The following extract was taken: Receipt Book A1— Receipts of John Baker for cutting the canal- general John Beswick, contractor (for cutting) Making wheel barrows Bricklaying, brick purchase and making Stone getting, quarrying etc Timber, carpentry etc Signatures and Marks (*) 12/9/1766 AN 7 16-0-0 Thos Tranntar 13/9/1766 AN 9 5-5-0 James Hogg 13/9/1766 AN 10 1-1-0 Saml Davis 15/9/1766 AN 11 15-0-0 For use of John Beswick Signd John Clegg 19/9/1766 AN 2 20-0-0 Thos Tranntar 20/9/1766 AN13 3-10-0 John Rogers & co 20/9/1766 AN14 2-2-0 William Bowker and Davis 20/9/1766 AN12 12-12-0 James Hogg 21/9/1766 AN15 12-12-0 On acc John Beswick Signd John Clegg 26/9/1766 AN3 25-4-0 Thos Trantar 26/9/1766 AN16 3-3-0 William Bowker 26/9/1766 AN17 7-7-0 John Embries & Co 26/9/1766 AN18 15-15-0 On acc John Beswick Signd John Clegg 26/9/1766 AN19 14-0-0 James Hogg 1/10/1766 AN 20 40-0-0 For use of John Beswick Signd John Clegg 4/10/1766 AN 21 17-17-0 * Ralph Shepherd Witness Thos Baker 4/10/1766 AN 4 25-4-0 Thos Tranntar 4/10/1766 AN 22 9-9-0 John Embries 4/10/1766 AN 23 4-10-0 William Bowker 9/10/1766 AN 132 10-10-0 On account of wheel barrows Thomas Burton 10/10/1766 AN 24 6-0-0 William Bowker 10/10/1766 AN 25 12-0-0 John Embries 10/10/1766 AN 26 22-0-0 James Hogg 10/10/1766 AN 5 20-0-0 Thos Tranntar 11/10/1766 AN 27 10-0-0 For use of John Beswick Signd John Clegg 15/10/1766 AN 28 40-0-0 For use of John Beswick Signd John Clegg 15/10/1766 AN133 5-5-0 Ironwork for wheel barrows Martin Lane 17/10/1766 AN 29 12-12-0 Richard Tilley 17/10/1766 AN 30 23-0-0 James Hogg 17/10/1766 AN 31 5-10-0 William Bowker 17/10/1766 AN 32 13-13-0 John Embries 17/10/1766 AN 6 22-0-0 Thos Tranntar 18/10/1766 AN 141 1-10-0 On acc bricklaying Thos Pratt 24/10/1766 AN 33 25-0-0 For use of John Beswick Signd John Clegg 24/10/1766 AN 34 6-10-0 William Bowker 24/10/1766 AN 35 13-13-0 John Embries 24/10/1766 AN 7 24-0-0 Thos Tranntar 24/10/1766 AN36 12-12-0 Wm Reynolds 25/10/1766 AN 37 23-0-0 James Hogg 25/10/1766 AN 142 2-0-0 On acc bricklaying Thos Pratt 28/10/1766 AN 160 10-10-0 On acc bricks Jno Bullock 28/10/1766 AN 143 2-2-0 On acc bricklaying Thos Pratt 29/10/1766 AN 38 10-0-0 For use of John Beswick Signd John Clegg 31/10/1766 AN39 9-9-0 Wm Reynolds 31/10/1766 AN 40 10-0-0 William Bowker 31/10/1766 AN 41 20-0-0 James Hogg 31/10/1766 AN 42 12-12-0 John Embries 31/10/1766 AN 143 2-2-0 On acc bricklaying Thos Pratt 2/111766 AN 43 2-12-6 On account John Embries 3/11/1766 AN 134 4-4-0 On account of wheel barrows Samuel Davies 7/11/1766 AN 44 46-0-0 For use of John Beswick Signd John Clegg 7/11/1766 AN 45 4-0-0 Wm Reynolds 8/11/1766 AN 46 24-0-0 James Hogg 8/11/1766 AN 47 18-0-0 John Embries 8/11/1766 AN 48 11-0-0 William Bowker 8/11/1766 AN 144 3-3-0 On account Thos Pratt 8/11/1766 AN 49 2-0-0 William Bowker 13/11/1766 AN 51 52-10-0 For use of John Beswick Signd John Clegg 15/11/1766 AN 52 14-0-0 Wm Reynolds 15/11/1766 AN 53 24-3-0 James Hogg 16/11/1766 AN 54 13-13-0 William Bowker 16/11/1766 AN 55 18-18-0 John Embries 16/11/1766 AN 161 10-10-0 On acc bricks Jno Bullock
  15. John Green's notebooks, also Stafford have a detailed survey of the construction of that canal- I used that source for Silent Highways.
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