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  1. Such a decision is important to keep traffic on the Aire & Calder, especially as the infrastructure is in place. There have been serious plans for the site since 2018, it seems. Placed near the M1 and M61, it should be a useful waterway/ road interchange.
  2. I believe open iron boat is the best description for this craft in its original form. The boat would be riveted iron and there were only a select number of boat builders on the BCN that made such craft.
  3. Did anyone sing the one which was apparently sung at the original 1769 opening? I only heard Happy Birthday. I am a afraid CRT and historical research seem incompatible at present. Still it is nice to reflect on what was. During the 1980's there was a definite and different opinion- one of restoration and bringing the waterways back for general use. This was a time when PRESIDENT was restored and took a trip into central Birmingham. Here she is passing Deep Cutting Junction.
  4. That was very good as a record of Scorpio, including the engine noises- accelerating and slowing down. Scorpio and Leo started from the Distillery. They then moved onto the Old Turn.
  5. Sadly any change of plans appear to be laid at the CRT door. The BCNs planned the schedule and it seems the CRT changed it as the band and children were located at the new location, which historically not correct as it was on the Paradise Street branch, built after 1769 and the procession through the bar lock was onto the Worcester & Birmingham Canal. The original meeting point was at St Vincents Street Bridge. This was one of the boats awaiting the procession. The working boats and the VIP boat were on the other side by the Distillery. At 12 50 boats moved to the intended starting point as arranged with the CRT by the BCNs There were NO communications between the CRT and BCNs-to tell them (the BCNs) of the alterations, it seems. So the VIP boat and the two working boats lined up at the Old Turn Junction with some on the loop and others on the main line. Behind the working boats on the main line came the tugs. The group were then sent onto a ribbon stretched across the canal by the Pit Stop. At about 1320 the ribbon was cut and the tugs went first with the Governor in front At the same time the children started their songs. Scorpio with Leo then passed by.
  6. What is handed down is often important as it provides the means of checking records. Sadly not all records have survived, yet all such information adds to building up the correct image of what happened. Now regarding the family history According to the 1911 Census where Wear and Soar were recorded at Brentford Lock with Harry ans Annie and the whole family (5 sons and daughters) Rose Cutler as "lodger" and Harry Fisher as mate. This census record shows there were a number of people living on the two boats and next to them was Chess with Mr Neal in charge.
  7. Well the chaos went well, I suppose Most importantly there were some 50 boats attending with Scorpio and Leo in the calvalcade. It was perhaps one of the shortest calvalcades, which I attended, though, passing under Broad Street Bridge and "winding" at Salvage Turn. The ribbon cutting was between the Pit Stop and the ICC with an actor "James Brindley" cutting the ribbon. There were two other actors one from Aris's Gazette to report to spectacle and an early vet to report on the "osses" (even if he was some 100 years too previous). CRT did well to organise a band and a group of children who sang "Happy Birthday" to the passing calvacade. It was an event that CRT considered important and the CEO was there to witness the proceedings. For all those who came, they did credit to the moment and it is just the start, there may be an event at Bradley next year to celebrate the construction towards Wolverhampton which reached Tipton and Bilston during 1770. Such an event would also assist the Bradley Locks restoration, for which funding is now being sought
  8. It is nice to see CRT have found an image for the event. The photo is a good view of the Deep Cutting north of Broad Street. However that image is as useful as a chocolate fireguard if the intention was to represent accurate history. The branch to Paradise Street was completed later. Making historical mistakes seems to be a habit with CRT recently, they cannot get the report details for Todd Brook reservoir construction site correct and that picture for the Black Sabbath bridge is another poor choice If they troubled to look at their own waterways archive they might get pictures of the route between Wednesbury and the original wharf in Birmingham. This one is from July 1969 with boats moored at Cambrian Wharf. That place IS on the original route.
  9. Caroline Jones was always helpful when at Gloucester. The records are now at Ellesmere Port. The information sent is of particular value as it relates to boat movements during the war. FMC, like the canals, had a period of direct control in order to support the war effort. It is quite likely that the traffic carried in those days was in the national interest.
  10. If CRT is to be replaced who is to replace them? Loosing dedicated staff has not helped though. Can there be a panacea for this problem?
  11. Looking at the registration copy shows J Harrison and the boats Wear and Soar Later the WEAR was registered in Birmingham 1482 with Joseph Roberts as master.
  12. Gas works traffic is another reasonable explanation. There was a gas works at Northampton that was placed up river (Nene) and past the Breweries. How Claytons collected the tar/ and or/ gas water might mean them going to the works perhaps.
  13. Ah, the ACCC was a later operation using motor boats, and yes I understand Far Cotton was their depot. It would be of use to know the name of the other boat on the 1911 census. This was also the area where the LNWR had their goods depot and George Bird was coal merchant at the wharf in the 1870's. In earlier times Pickfords operated to Coton End, then there were other carriers. Yet if the name was copied wrongly for WARE other possibilities occur-John Griffith, I see named his boats after rivers, and there was a WEAVER, in 1901. The reasoning being if the master submitted the details to the census and his spelling was poor then the records would only reflect what had been given. Boats working in pairs be they be two horse fawn craft, or not, was common to carrying goods.
  14. Far Cotton Wharf belonged to a group of wharves on the Nene at Northampton close to the junction with the Grand Junction Canal Northampton Branch. WARE could have been involved in an aspect of merchandise carrying to the warehouses there or in the trade with one of the Nene Flour Mills
  15. It has been reported The Churnet Valley Railway has announced that their trains today have been suspended as a result of the weather. The suspension of train services today in Staffordshire is due to the dangerous rise in the canal water level. There has also been a breach in the banks of the canal south of Consall. This means the railway can’t operate their services safely today. The heritage railway is monitoring the situation and will be releasing updates shortly.
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