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  1. I saw an interesting cruiser moored at the Round House yesterday, built at Stourport in 1965. This is taking part and they mentioned the VALE turning point. I presume that is the one near the University. Hopefully as many craft as possible turn up !
  2. Well for Victor Vectis, the canal is the Stourbridge Canal, Stourbridge Arm at Stourbridge on the border with AMBLE COAT The Canal extended to a railway interchange basin, see Tom Foxon's Book Industrial Canal Vol 2 The River Navigation was the Stour, but that navigation terminus may well have been altered when the canal was made The Bonded Warehouse is just visible in the ariel view
  3. Another Where I am, this time from Britain from Above Collection, 1938 date, the clue is this place was the terminus of an earlier river navigation and a cryptic clue "clothes fit for a stroll"
  4. Wow, such detail It is remarkable the depth of knowledge that exists out there This photographer who died a few ago went on several trips with CACTUS, which has been mentioned in other threads On some images Charlie Atkins seem to have had two water cans, how often did that happen ?
  5. Yes it is Sideway near Stoke, the Stafford Colliery behind had a conveyor belt that loaded the narrowboats. The pit was operated by the NCB at the end, and Stafford Coal & Iron Co before. The location was near Fenton and the pit closed in 1969. Canal traffic ceased before that and coal production was carried on at the nearby modern pit, Hem Heath, although this was a distance from the canal. The traffic in coal by canal seems to have used some of the modern BW narrowboats such as Mountbatten and Jellicoe, perhaps this can be confirmed.
  6. OK No 2 Where I am on same canal, but in 1969 What was the location and what was the purpose. There is a nice image in Tom Foxons Book of boats here, if I recall
  7. As to 1st Ade, If I recall, you were present at the Waterways History Conference in Birmingham where it was decided to look at new research into canals, and more than what had been published by Hadfield (E.C.R H), Buckby Locks was there as well may be ! That was 1999, I wonder where junior was then .
  8. No not an advert for the book, just a statement, the book has been out for some time now, and this is thirty something on different subjects starting in 1992. I would prefer to quote books by other authors, but this information is new. Chris M Jones provided the maps for the staircase locks, by the way. And yes Magpie the junior is correct it is Middlewich and also it would be nice to know if it is the PERCH
  9. Right Canal, wrong Treble There were doubles at Etruria and Meaford and trebles at Lawton and ? The answer is on page 51 on my book for said canal As to boat identity the photographer does not record a boat name for this image, but the Northwich 90 registration may be a clue. I believe this might be a re-registation and some body could explain this. if so the FMC motor Perch, Birmingham 1560 might fit Perch was extant in 2013 is this still the case, I wonder ? And also no, as to Lawton. again read my book the original rebuild was by John Rennie as single locks which were duplicated in house by company workmen, probably with Telfords instigation, but probably as a result of Caldwell the company chairman confering with Telford when he met Caldwell, and there were other engineers who advised Caldwell at this time. The lack of company records makes this interpretation a difficult one, but Caldwells diaries clearly point to the duplication being arranged in house. They were left incompleted after Telfords death, hence a feeling that Telford had a input and the top set were not duplicated until the North Staffordshire Railway arranged this job. Two 55 and 56 remained single.
  10. Yes it is up norf of Brum The date was in August 1962, with one boat and another tied up with it. It is only place I can recall that had a pub with every brand of lager possible but only Tetley for a choice of beer.
  11. That would explain my question Any clues to the ideas of the location, Ray ? or even the boat identity ?
  12. Oh, I presume that was the Stanley Arms at Anderton, the one that advertises award winning food !
  13. We have a Liberal Councillor that serves my ward in Birmingham who claims to have cleaned up the area as part as his election leaflet last May. He did not and we had a storage area for some flats opposite the station was filled higher than that at Skipton until a fire a couple of Thursdays ago. Needless to say that my local councillor was a person who claimed much but did little. That person still got re-elected which goes to show that words count more than deeds in this case. I wonder if Skipton has the same type of "enterprising" councillors!
  14. As to Goliath a Where I Am question has been posted on the History page !
  15. Yup The Trent & Mersey Canal had a tad more bridges than that' Still is near the Weaver and a few pubs, that is assuming they are still open. It is bit longer to walk to Dutton Locks and the heritage viaduct, and may be no trains to disturb the solitude
  16. In response to GOLIATH Any ideas as to this view. The clue being near single locks that replaced a James Brindley Triple Riser As to the painted water cans, it is interesting to see no boat name on them and also ponder on how often a mop handle was painted The source of the image is RCHS Collection
  17. Ryders Green Tar Works was at the junction between the old canal (Balls Hill) branch and the Walsall Canal Ryders Green Locks. The tar works further along the Balls Hill Branch (old main line) was close and opposite to the basin that served John Bagnall & Sons Goldshill Furnaces The 25 in o/s first series shows the location but the distillery had gone by 1900 In fact John Bethell & Co were in receivership from March 1886 and the works were offered for sale in January 1887. They were tar distillers and creosoters of timber with a long term lease of the land from the Birminghan Coal Company.
  18. Spot on The Lichfield & Hatherton Trust need to bore a tunnel under the railway and complete the restoration through to the Coventry Canal when that happens boats can reach Lichfield again!
  19. I will look at "where I am" next time, but for the present continue on the theme relating to the BCN. Whilst Goldshill and the other section near Hill Top may be lost to the boater or the walker. There is an exciting project of putting a canal where there was not one before. Any ideas
  20. There is no chance of a canal being there again because of the bridge height across the canal where the Black Country Route crossed it. The only hope may be a drop lock. What is left of the canal in water is being reclaimed by nature also. But there is still opportunity for restoring the towpath, possibly, to record the heritage aspect that this was the first canal section on the BCN to open. Again unlikely, but then developers move in ways that might see a future change.
  21. Yes Nature has reclaimed what was there as it is claiming back disused railways. This is on the section at Goldshill and parts nearby have been used for housing but this part leading to Brickhouse Lane has become covered by vegetation over time.
  22. I suppose for Ian, joining the IWA in 1961 must be one of the oldest surviving members of that organisation. Which came first IWA or RCHS ? i know he was in the RCHS list of members for 1973, but cannot find Mike's name there members of the RCHS in 1973 included E.C.R Hadfield, D Joy, D St John Thomas and L W Paget Tomlinson
  23. Last Sunday saw a large blaze develop amongst the stored cardboard on site at the Paper recyling factory at Nechells beside the Grand Union Canal (Birmingham & Warwick Junction Canal) The Fire brigade were there in force to put the blaze out and used water from the canal at bridge 109a. This was the view of water extraction equipment on Tuesday 14th June
  24. I hope he does soon. I recall one of the steerers on tha Aaron Mamby caught it near Tipton and it required medical care.
  25. In 1769 the BCN was opened to traffic along this stretch of waterway And yes it was a waterway this view is looking along the towpath with the navigation on the left. It is a bit difficult to get a boat here, but if restored maybe Rivet 5000 might have a chance Not there is a chance of it ever getting restored, but may be the towpath could become a walkway and cycle way! The view is looking towards a side bridge and basin that once served a blast furnace and on the opposite side was once a tar works Any idea which branch of the BCN this is ?
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