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  1. 12v Isotherm fridge. Comes in several sizes with optional snazzy extras (lights and knobs and additional cooling plate if you want it). Not cheap but good quality and does the job well. I run mine from solar and engine only, no generator or inverter or any of that palava. I tend to turn it off at night if it's full as it stays cool enough and then turn it back on in the morning. I keep the ice box full of cool packs when it doesn't have frozen food in it. And I fill any space in the main body of the fridge with full cartons of long-life milk or eggs if I've eaten half the food, which get cold during sunlight hours and then help to keep it cool when the solar or engine has a snooze.
  2. In some places I've moored, it does. People think their p*sh don't stink on a hot summer's day. Only everybody else's 🤔
  3. There's one larger hole for the electrics. Two holes for the screws at either end of the light fitting. And a big rectangular grey discoloration to the ?melamine ceiling under every light. I've tried various substances to clean it off and it is not on the surface - it's discoloration of the actual ceiling material after twenty-something years of daylight exposure outside of the fitting and I don't-know-what beneath the fitting. And there's ten of these lights. It's really not worth my time, energy or money trying to replace the bus lights with other strip lights.
  4. A yes - the bus lights 🤣 Still use mine since the ceiling has discoloured under them, I can't replace them unless with something a similar size and shape or larger. In other words more bus lights! So not really worth it
  5. Yup. That is literally how it's gauged on a Black Prince boat circa 1997
  6. Prices went up recently from £16 to £20 to have the tank pumped out locally to me. It needs doing 4 times a year (massive tank) and requires no expensive chemicals or spare tanks or repeatedly lugging heavy and stinking and splashing buckets of disgusting stench every week. I don't even have to get anywhere near it, I pay a nice boat yard man for the trouble. Frankly, I consider it an excellent investment.
  7. Even my little Taylor's heater has a thermocouple which cuts off the fuel supply as soon as the flame goes out. Kinda surprised other liquid fuel stoves don't have the same.
  8. Yes. The tank is steel and integral to the hull. My boat had two loo tanks when I bought it. I got a boat yard to cut out one of the tanks. They had to call in a surveyor once they had cut it down who advised them to put in additional ribs to support the hull structure where the tank had been. It all cost several grand. But once done, a new floor could be laid down in that cabin and I gained a room.
  9. Black Prince built my boat with choc block connectors throughout (except where there's a neg bus bar at the back of the fridge). I find the choc blocks very useful when changing light bulbs or fittings and they're very secure. No idea if or why they would be considered unsuitable for BSS if the correct size is used.
  10. It does raise the question: how many monkeys is too many monkeys? 🤔
  11. Yeah. That's definitely him. I recognise the ears. 🐵 "How did I get mixed up with this f*cking monkey, anyhow?" says the song 🤣 Blame the CWDF chat room and banter!
  12. I asked for transparent panels on all faces of mine as it's basically a greenhouse, but was told by the manufacturer that they don't advise clear roofs because the material distorts out of shape with exposure to the elements more quickly than the regular vinyl does. So I opted for clear windows on the vertical surfaces and kept the roof panel vinyl. It is a bit dark for some plants but the semi shade loving ones do okay.
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