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  1. Thanks everyone. Regarding these "net" sanding discs, I assume you mean the mesh kind? If so, what kind of grade(s) of disc would I need to buy? I'm not taking the whole boat back to bare metal. But some small rust patches will be. And the rest of the boat will need the paint just sanded but not stripped all the way back to metal. In some places I'll be sanding back where the grippy paint on the roof or gunnels is peeling, which looks like it was created by sprinkling sand between layers of paint. I'll only be taking off what is already lifting there. And later I'll be doing light sanding between layers as I repaint. So I'm assuming I need different grades of sanding discs for these different jobs? If so, what grades for each stage do you suggest?
  2. Please see post #6 I'll be doing it in short stages over a year or more, as I said in post #1.
  3. So I don't have to keep explaining why it needs to be cordless: I have 12v electrics on the boat only (except for a tiny portable inverter suitable for recharging power tool batteries) and I don't have a generator. I don't want any of those things either.
  4. Lowest budget possible. It's not like I do this professionally or may ever do it again 😁. But I haven't set a figure for the budget coz I genuinely didn't have a clue what I needed! Irrelevant of the price, if it's too heavy I won't be able to hold the thing up for more than 10 seconds without going for a kip. So I suppose meeting my criteria is more important than price. I'm hoping for a few options to weigh up the pros and cons of.
  5. My boat needs repainting, and it'll be a slow job done in stages over the space of a year or more. I want a cordless power tool for prepping surfaces but I don't know what to choose. My criteria is as follows: ▪ Cordless ▪ Have at least two batteries so one can be charging while the other is being used ▪ It needs to cope with taking off paint and rust (fairly rough stuff) and sanding between coats of paint (gentle stuff) ▪ It needs to be as lightweight as possible, (I'm not strong and I fatigue easily) ▪ I need to know what accessories/replaceable parts it will need too please It doesn't need to be a scabbler because the bad rust is only in patches. But it will need to be able to sand large areas of peeling topcoat like the whole cabin and roof. I think I need an orbital sander but honestly don't know. And if that is what I need, what make, model etc? Recommendations from experience would be helpful. Thanks all. 😊
  6. Told you my troos fall off if I wear them too low slung on my hips 🤔
  7. Thought I'd try a different look. 😁 I was trying to look cool and down with da kids by wearing my troos low slung on my hips too, but they keep falling down. 🤔
  8. Apart from one jolly to A&E (don't ask) and an obligatory pumpout (unrelated), I've not been off my boat since the second week of March. I'm hoping to go into town next week to learn how to be a human again. Assuming "town" is still there. And assuming I can fathom how clothes work again. And do people still look like people, or have they all mutated into some sort of Rick and Morty style Cronenbergs? Is social distancing still an accepted thing or will I need to bring a long stick with poop on the end? Should I expect to decapitate the distancely-challenged in order to purge the Midlands of ignorant blood? I feel like I'm waiting to be born into a Mad Max world, except it probably still has cake in it, and sensible underpants. 🤔
  9. What you need is the Bad Lipreading "Seagulls (Stop It Now)" song. 😉
  10. I love the duck song! I had temporarily forgotten it existed. Now unfortunately, I can think of nothing else.
  11. It was Wyvern in Leighton Buzzard, some years ago As the boat yard had filled the winding hole with their fleet for several days, and I moored opposite them, I shouted across to ask if it was okay. They said yes because they do it all the time. Sorry that I'm not holier than thou and had the audacity to ask a perfectly reasonable question of them. There was nothing stopping them saying no, and in a circumstance where turning isn't possible, I wouldn't want new boaters reading this thread to be made to feel they can't ask a boat yard a question like that. They'll get an honest answer. 🤔
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