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  1. Retractable drying line/rack. Mount anywhere high up. I've got one in the bathroom on the boat. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Metaltex-Laundry-Drier-Portofino-White/dp/B000FKP6W2/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=retractable+clothes+dryer&qid=1602444355&sr=8-1 Other brands are available 😁
  2. That was my experience too when hiring on the Broads. Admittedly, it was many years ago. But we had to hand over to a pilot to take us through.
  3. Buy a domestic one that has flame failure devices, and change the jets for LPG. That's what I did. It's much cheaper that most boat cookers and you get a wide choice of decent sized ones too.
  4. That takes me back! My mum used to love those. I would try to snaffle some from her when I was a kid. We called them Minging Morso's 😁 You would do garlic burps for a week after eating them.
  5. Well, that's a publicly philanthropic technique to try and get his end away and have his dinner cooked. 🤔 In 6 weeks time, he'll hand her back and ask for one who comes with her own windlass 😉
  6. It has the full flue length it came supplied with, and is mounted on the bulkhead not far above floor level. I wondered about air intake myself so as an experiment opened the larger draught hole (used for lighting) on the burner pot for a few minutes last night to increase air-in. It didn't change the colour of the flame. (And the destructions say that hole should be shut while the burner is in use anyway.) 🤔
  7. Thanks. In answer to your question, it produces almost no soot. Any idea if there's an additive for either paraffin or diesel that can improve the burn and blue up that flame? I'm not sure how to get more oxygen into the burner pot in the absence of it being molecularly attached to the fuel. 🤔😉 Not pressurised. Just drip fed by gravity.
  8. Just a curiosity moment: I've had a drip-fed heater for a few years now (a Taylor's). When I light it with meths, the flame burns lovely and blue as it should. But when I turn on the diesel drip, the flame burns yellow. When the heater is fuelled by paraffin instead of diesel, again the flame burns yellow.* The destruction manual says the flame should be blue. Other people I've asked in the past who had a Taylor's heater, have also said theirs burned with a mostly or entirely yellow flame. 🔥 So my question is, if the most efficient burn is a blue flame, and meths provides a blue flame, why isn't methylated spirits used as the main fuel instead of just to light the thing? Cost? Safety? Emissions? Availability in large quantities? Something else? (Before anyone asks, no less than 3 × CO detectors at different heights, and 2 × smoke detectors, within 2-9ft of the heater, don't pick up on anything dangerous being emitted from the it. So I'm not concerned about its safety, just curious about the fuel.) Thanks 😊🤔
  9. It does indeed increase Amps (a tiny amount). With the fridge running full whack, the shower pump on, two 12v sockets charging gadgets, and the macerator loo flushing simultaneously, the app goes from showing zero Amps and therefore zero Watts to this:
  10. Thanks. But that confuses me now because it seems to contradict what WotEver said above. 🤔 The reason I asked the question is because of course both battery terminals of both solar controllers connect to the same busbar which in turn leads to the battery bank. Hence asking: "Secondly, does the "Battery" section of the app dashboard show me the voltage and amp outputs of both the solar arrays combined at the battery bank? Or just what the Victron controller is trying to put out to battery bank?" So which is it? Anyone know, please?
  11. Last (and very much least) if the Battery section of the app only shows what the Victron is putting out (matron) then how does that explain the barchart I posted above (#130) which shows days and days of charging during the months that the Victron solar array was unplugged? 🤔👻
  12. Thanks. That's clear (again) 😊 ----------- That's my first question answered, but how about my second? Does anyone know this please? "Secondly, does the "Battery" section of the app dashboard show me the voltage and amp outputs of both the solar arrays combined at the battery bank? Or just what the Victron controller is trying to put out to battery bank?"
  13. Oh, and this is something else I don't understand. The History tab on the app shows how the Victron has been charging the batteries over time. Except it's lying: the Victron solar panels have been unplugged from the controller for a couple of months! I only plugged them in again last night! So has the app got its dates confused; or (again) is it not really reading the Victron controller output but instead the battery bank (which will have been charged in part by the SunSaver array and in part by the engine during the time the Victron array was disconnected)? I don't understand how full batteries would change the Solar section of the app to indicate zero Amps. Surely in a full battery scenario, zero Amps should only be indicated in the Battery section of the app, because the panels ought to produce current on the PV side of the controller irrelevant of the battery status?
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