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    Eating, drinking, floating and being merry. DIY-ing the boat, Greenery, cute furry creatures, and a snifter of Talisker... ah...bliss!

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  1. Haircut? If you must. Spose you gotta look presentable for your new owner 🤔
  2. You grass him up good, Richard! 🤣 Monkey in trouble now. I missed all the excitement, unfortunately.
  3. I'm not much of an "outside of a boat" kind of swooner, more of an "inside of a boat" gorper. But that is beautiful inside and out. Love the curved seating too. Couple of potted plants in there and a sheep dip trough at the door so the boyf doesn't filthy up the white surfaces and that boat would be heaven for me. Very nice.
  4. It's a bloomin good one, David: Why are you windows so filthy? 🙃 Surface tension. Gotta avoid it.
  5. Dumb question but I'm going to ask it anyway: Why are the windows that I've cleaned (first photo below) holding on to lots of droplets of rainwater (the rain stopped ages ago), whereas the dirty windows (second photo) aren't? This makes the dirty windows easier to see out of, which is the opposite to what I would expect. I'd have thought that particles of dust and cr*p would cause droplets and stuff to stick to the glass. 🤔 And importantly, does this mean I should never clean windows ever again?
  6. I prefer Ecover Zero too. Unfortunately I can't buy it locally where I live now so I'm having to use bog standard Ecover. Still better than heavily perfumed products. I bought Method lavender spray cleaner last year and like you say, it was way too perfumed for me. The scent lingered for days.
  7. It started off as a rest day. But I got bored. Now I'm knackered and want a sleep 🤣 She does 😉
  8. I highly recommend using someone else's toothbrush 🤔😉
  9. It don't be rubbish. Does the job and doesn't give me a migraine. Win win, I say.
  10. I've taken the glass out of one of the windows and I'm winkling mounds of moss out of the bottom window frame. I'm also cleaning the glass, clearing drainage channels, scrubbing the frames with de-mould stuff, tea tree oiling the wooden internal frames and cleaning the Venetian blinds (which in itself is a job that inspires thoughts of stabbing myself to death slowly and brutally with a wooden slat). I've got numerous cloths, towels, cotton wool pads, sprays, wooden skewers, kitchen knives, and toothpicks on the go. Nb Black Pearl cruises past and the lady on the back deck sees what I'm doing and calls out: "You're a good girl!" I call back: "I've not done this for at least two years. So I'm not at all a good girl!" 😁 It's like Telly Tubby Land along the bottoms of the windows. Only thirteen to heckin clean out. 😭 But I must suffer for my daylight. Oh, and nobody tell the boyf I've demoted his toothbrush to "Window frame moss cleaner-outer" 😉🐵
  11. Interesting. Thanks. This is assuming that the larger array which has a larger potential voltage drop because of distance from the batteries and are much older than the smaller array, really does constitute a "larger array" in terms of maximum output 🤔 Also, what if what you decide is the larger array becomes more shaded than the other array some days and not others. How does that work with presetting the 0.1v difference? Will the shaded array still be treated preferentially by the MPPT Controller or will the shade cause it to be ignored by the controller and the sunny array used instead?
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