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  1. Hi. I need to find someone who can repair my cruiser stern deck hatches. They're two large steel hatches and the four hinges have rusted through. The hinges need replacing. Ideally I would like someone whose work comes recommended and who can travel to my boat on the Cov. Any recommendations, please?
  2. Thanks Eeyore. A kindly neighbourino opened the deck hatches for me this morning. (No I didn't think to take my phone but any pics wouldn't have been any better than those above) Judging by eye, I think those two pipes that you've marked are joined directly without a second skin tank in-between. Also the swim ledge on that side doesn't have the telltale indentation that the skin tank on the other side does. @Tony Brooks I've wedged a bottle under the header tank over flow pipe to measure if some comes out next time. The overflow pipe was almost horizontal so when I tilted it downwards there was a trickle of coolant that came out (possibly just as a result of my slightly overfilling the tank earlier this week, who knows) There is currently about an inch of coolant remaining in the bottom of the header tank. I'm not sure whether to top it up to just below the overflow outlet again before I next run the engine?
  3. In the vain and desperate hope that I'm mistaken, I'm going to try and find a way to trail that header overflow pipe into a container or something. I've just got to wait till I've got help.
  4. I ran the engine for 2 hours this morning. Now the engine is cooling down, the header tank coolant level is dropping. And although I can't reach it I can see from above the end of the overflow pipe from the (Eber/joint) header tank and the area below it. Both appear dry, suggesting that's probably not where the coolant is going. (I'll get a closer look another time when I'm feeling a bit better) Thanks for the advice, Tony. The overflow pipe for the header tank just empties onto the shelf of the swim/skin tank so what doesn't trickle off into the wet bilge, I'm guessing might just evaporate from the heat of the skin tank. (I'm guessing?)
  5. Bear with me @Eeyore. Could only get one side of the deck hatch up and now it's stuck there, so I've been hanging upside down with a torch and phone trying to take photos under the other deck hatch. I've rather broken myself but at least I didn't drop the phone or torch in, or indeed myself in! Below is a pic of the (yellow) pipe that goes into the (red) skin tank, plus the other paraphernalia above and to the right of the engine. The only other pipe I can see attached to the skin tank is this fat one towards the stern: Any sort of bleed valve isn't obvious to me from above the deck, but you guys might see it coz you know what you're looking for. Oh blimey. That I'm afraid is even less visible from above the closed hatch. I've tried to take a couple of pics but my hands are shaking now so they're very blurry. Sorry. I can't really tell if that pipe leads to another skin tank or not.
  6. Yes, I know from memory that the (yellow) pipe leads to the (red) skin tank. I've no idea about the location of a bleed point for it though (which tells you how likely it is to have been bled, unless that's ever been done by someone servicing the engine in the past, it's clearly not been done by me). I'll go see if any of my beefy-grr neighbours are about and willing to hoist up the deck lids for a photo op. Brb.
  7. Unfortunately not on my own, they're way too heavy for me. I don't know if any of my burly neighbours are around this weekend. If they are, I'll ask them to help. What do you need photos of other than what Tree Monkey has already photographed here? I'll try to get the correct areas in the pics for you.
  8. My boat originally came with curtains over the windows. These were tucked behind a horizontal rod across the bottom of the windows. The curtains were very mouldy in the folds of the fabric. So I decided to go for blinds. I have a roller blind in the bathroom, held flat against the wall by a single tiny screw-in hook and eye, which is quite subtle. And there are wooden Venetian blinds in all the other cabins. These are held by 2 of the same tiny screw-in hooks on the bottom window frame, lined up with the vertical threads running through each blind. The threads loop over the hooks and these hold the blinds parallel to the wall and are hidden by the lowest wooden slat. The slats still twist open and closed without having to unhook them.
  9. Correct. Those things have to wait until I have a willing bilge-diving volunteer in the right place at the right time. But thanks for the advice. They're on the to-do list.
  10. Thought I would update this again. Tues 6th Feb 8pm header tank was empty Refilled (blooping noises of air in pipes) 10.43pm only a little more coolant gone. Topped up once more but no blooping noises this time. (Added approx 670ml coolant today) Wed 7th Feb Only a little coolant gone. Topped up approx 300ml. Didn't run engine today. Thurs 8th Feb No coolant lost from header tank. Didn't run engine today Fri 9th Feb No coolant lost from header tank. Didn't run engine today -------- Tomorrow I'll run the engine again and see what happens. 🤔
  11. *sigh" after a promising night and day, this evening the header tank has lost its coolant again. Here's how it's played out. Tues 6th Feb 9am header tank still full from yesterday 3.15pm header tank still full, started engine. 6pm turned engine off. Header tank still full but as I walked past it I heard 2 bloops as if air bubbles might have come up to the surface. Didn't see any though. 7pm header tank level gone down half an inch. 8pm header tank empty. I'll top it up again now and make note of the quantity. Thanks Eeyore.
  12. Sorry, maybe @tree monkey just said it to me and didn't write it down here. He told me it had water in it and he seemed unconcerned about it. As for the manifold, I don't even know what a manifold is let alone it's filler, so I will leave that for the monkey man to elaborate on. Which brings me back to why has the header tank never emptied before now? Its auto-fill valve has been turned off for maybe a decade. 🤔 What could be going on that might bite me on the bum at a later date, I wonder?
  13. Thanks everyone. Update: Mon 5th Feb Header tank empty by the morning. Filled it up. @tree monkey checked engine bay and pipes for leaks. Couldn't find anything. Thinks the red coolant pipe valves to/from the Eber were not fully closed. He closed them. Ran engine for a few hours. Header tank remained full throughout engine run. I can't remember what time he turned the engine off but some time later - 6pm - header tank level just starting to go down 7.30pm header tank empty. 7.40 I refilled header tank with coolant. 8.40pm header tank level down by about an inch 9pm header tank empty. Refilled. 10.15pm header tank still full. I went to bed Tues 6th Feb 9am header tank still full!!!!! 😮😀 I'm not going to count my coolant chickens until they're hatched, but I have some ponderances that I'm curious about:. @booke23 I intentionally didn't use any hot water last night after your idea about the coil in the calorifier. Could this be related to why the header tank, after a few refills last night, has finally stopped emptying? (Asking because I didn't fully understand the dynamics of how using hot water would increase coolant leak inside the calorifier. But I would like to understand it. Thanks) Incidentally, Tree Monkey and I tasted the tap water from the hot tap before running the engine yesterday and couldn't taste any coolant or see any colour. It doesn't mean there is no leak from one of the coils only that it wasn't obvious from the domestic water. @MtB Following on from your suggestion that the coolant is emptying from the header tank to refill a space that ought to have more coolant in it, I kept monitoring and refilling the tank last night over several hours until the level stopped going down on its own. It did eventually stop! The fact that it still hasn't emptied overnight supports that theory. Assuming it doesn't all go horribly wrong after I run the engine later, do you (or anyone else) know how I could have lost so much coolant when there isn't any *obvious* leak? I checked the header tank in December and it was full, so this emptying header tank phenomenon has only started within the last 2 months, and has been symptom-free despite running the engine a few times a week, until the discovery three days ago of the boiling/steam/burnt coffee smell/Pud panic incident. In the spirit of preventing it happening again, if it's been a very slow leak/evaporation of coolant over many months or years, why did it only show now do you think? @tree monkey Thank you for twiddling me knobs yesterday. It may turn out that the Eber pipes not being fully off might have caused the whole thing. If it was that, any coolant leaking out was ruddy sneaky not to have left signs below the Eber on the swim tank area, but I suppose it might have evaporated off if that gets hot. 🤔 Someone above (Sorry, can't see which post it's in otherwise I would tag you) suggested I work out how much fluid has gone into the header tank till it finally stopps emptying itself. Last night I put in about 750ml coolant till the tank stopped emptying. The day before about a litre in total of water throughout the day and night (it never stopped emptying though) The first day - the day it cooked - I kept topping it up hoping to cool it all down. So some of this coolant and water would have ended up going down the overflow pipe into the bilge. But I reckon that day I put in about a litre and a half thought the day. As this morning is the first time the header tank hasn't emptied while the engine is off, let's say it has taken a maximum of 3250ml (excluding what went down the overflow) to get the header tank to finally stay full. That seems like a huuuge amount of coolant to be missing from something 😮 Anyway, time will tell if it all disappears again after another engine run/cool down later today. ---------- Some related but not really pertinent info for anyone interested in my header tank set up: Tree Monkey showed a photo of where the coolant pipe T's off from the header tank to both the Eberspacher and the engine. The header tank was built not only with an overflow pipe but also an auto fill mechanism, like a teeny tiny toilet cistern (but without a lid) When I bought the boat, I (eventually) traced a slow leak in the domestic water system to this auto fill valve. A "plumber" from a boatyard that shall remain nameless came to replace it (long time ago now) but when he came he turned out to be an electrician! He didn't know what he was doing and when I got home from work I found he had replaced half of the auto-fill valve only. This changed the problem from a slow leak to a continuously filling header tank that filled faster than it could empty through the overflow! Anyway, since then, the on/off knob on the auto-filler side has been permanently in the Off position and the header tank has to be checked and topped up manually. It's no great bother but isn't how the system was designed to work. Had the auto fill been working, it's unlikely that the coolant would have run dry/steamed/smelled like burnt coffee (although the coolant would have become increasingly diluted over time). The first I would have known about any leak or missing coolant would have been the domestic water pump cycling unexpectedly when the header tank needing more top ups than usual. Anyway, I always thought it was a clever idea for a hire boat to have a self-filling header tank that keeps both the engine and the heating happy - especially as the header tank was installed behind a very heavy interior OSB wall, making it very unaccessible to hirers (good) and to future owners like me (bad). I replaced that wall panel with a hinged wooden one some years ago so at least the tank can be accessed without screwdrivers and Geoff Capes' physique. I'll try to put a photo below of the header tank set up, just for the curious among you. The pipe with the white writing leads to the T-junction piping in the engine bay that Tree Monkey posted yesterday.
  14. Steady on with the technical jargon there. I almost understood that 😄
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