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  1. My Hotpoint might fit the bill. Uses AA battery for ignition, no mains or 12v required as no fans or lights. LPG jets can be bought for it online. Full size cooker, oven and separate grill. Choice of black or white when I bought it. And some had a glass lid over the gas hob, but I didn't want that so mine is without. Only slightly odd thing is that when using the grill you're supposed to slot in a heat protective plate below the knobs to protect them from the heat. I thought it would be a chore but I do it on autopilot now. The plate stows under the grill pan when not in use. I got mine from AO but they stock slightly different models of it now so you might want to check out other websites for more choice. It's called the "Hotpoint HAG(width in cm)K". It's 60cm deep. Mine is called something like the HAG51K but I know there's a HAG60K too. BSS have been happy with it. Best to download a pdf of the manual when you find one you like in case there's installation instructions that don't work with the layout of your galley. But being freestanding this one was pretty straight forward. The space for the cooker already had a vent in the rear bulkhead to allow heat to escape.
  2. Well, I've very kindly had the loose earth connection repaired now (Thanks to a team effort by Bengo, MoominPappa and Tree Monkey), so it can be ruled out of the potential battery/monitor problems that have cropped up since having new batteries installed. But having just woken up at 4am and it's still dark outside, I flicked a light on to find that it was dimmer than it should be. So were some other lights. So I checked the Mastervolt battery monitor and it's telling me the batteries are at 10.98v. Aaargh! The MPPT controller which only indicates battery voltage using a traffic light system however shows them to be on green so not as low as 10.98 (which would be an orange or red light). So I've got some contradictions here - not just that the Mastervolt controller says very low voltage and the MPPT controller says adequate voltage (It's dark outside so solar input isn't affecting that), but also the fact that my cabin lights are dimmer than they should be. Something is not right. I had good solar all day yesterday, relatively low power usage (4.6A × 4 hours tele, plus a small amount of water pump, lights usage/MiFi charging, and I ran the engine all day the day before. That's for 4× 110Ah brand new batteries. I despair. Summit definitely isn't right. 🤔
  3. Thanks both. I've followed the manual's instructions and the meter is set up correctly. Unfortunately. I was hoping it would be an easy fix. That means it's either a wiring/shunt issue or a problem with one or more of the new batteries. I'm not in a position to go and measure the battery voltage(s) myself. As there's a negative cable that needs crimping and it currently has a temporary fix, I'll wait till that's repaired in a couple of weeks time before charging again and rechecking what the battery monitor says. I hope that cable is the only thing potentially causing the low voltage readings on the monitor. I'll report back and decide what to do next after that's sorted.
  4. Hi. Does anyone know how to reset a Mastervolt BTM-1 battery monitor please? Or have a (working) download link for the manual? (I can't find it on their website) Since my batteries were changed my monitor thinks there's only 10-11v in the new domestics even after charging them, that my solar panels are charging at only 11.58v and 3A (they charge at well over 12v but the 3A reading might be correct) and I've no idea whether it knows there's 440Ah capacity in the new battery bank. 🤔
  5. I just wrote down what I was told, no decimal points were mentioned - "eighty" sounds very different to "eight point oh." 8mm would make more sense, certainly. Unless the length was accidentally measured instead of the diameter. I'm now also wondering whether a 1" diameter cable can be correct? That's excluding the sheath because I asked at the time. That's a lot of square millimetres. I think a "Back to the drawing board" situation might be in order. Yes. I wondered that. But to buy lugs and a huge specialist tool for a one time job seems excessive too. I'll have to ask what the end of the cable looks like. I didn't see it myself. It seems that whomever I bought the ready-made cables off didn't crimp it on properly originally. Edited to add: apparently the cable end is in good nick and the lug appeared only pushed on not crimped in the first place! That's a bit of a concern. Hope it's just one that got missed and that the rest aren't like that coz I bought the cables all from the same supplier some time ago and they've been holding my Gibbo'd wiring together ever since 🤔 Anyway, I might not need to buy a whole new cable. All I need is a roving giant crimpulating person with a sign that says: "WILL CRIMP FOR BEER"
  6. Yeah, I've done the drilling thing once before too But It was thinner metal, this lug will need to be meaty. The damaged lug/cable and the bolt were measured as best as they could be reached at the time, but the measurement is wrong. There's no way the negative bolt is 80mm in diameter! 😁 It's a long and fat cable so could be an expensive mistake If I replace it wrongly. The lug came off while the batteries were being replaced and I think it's being held together with gaffer tape at the moment. So I need to replace it soon as, really. I just can't physically get into the engine bay myself so I'm weighing up what my options are with replacing it. I will have to buy the cable already made up. That's what I did before although it's still broken. The earth bolt is already there. I'm not changing bolts. Just buying a new cable.
  7. Thanks. I need to get a whole new fat cable made up. So it's the M8 or M10 bit that sounds like what I need to know. I assume that if I err on the side of caution and go too large with the lug's bolt diameter, a washer can make a decent connection? Rather than risking going too small.
  8. What size lug would a typical earth cable need in an engine bay? I assume it's measured as M-something? The cable itself is about 1" diameter if that's any help. Thanks.
  9. I can take it either way. (Matron) But absolutely no ketchup or brown sauce. English mustard.
  10. Haircut? If you must. Spose you gotta look presentable for your new owner 🤔
  11. You grass him up good, Richard! 🤣 Monkey in trouble now. I missed all the excitement, unfortunately.
  12. I'm not much of an "outside of a boat" kind of swooner, more of an "inside of a boat" gorper. But that is beautiful inside and out. Love the curved seating too. Couple of potted plants in there and a sheep dip trough at the door so the boyf doesn't filthy up the white surfaces and that boat would be heaven for me. Very nice.
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