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  1. Sounds handy. But rewiring them isn't something I plan to do often 😁
  2. Thanks. I was aiming to disconnect at night so there's no charge. And to simply pull out the wires from the MPPT controller as it has screw connectors. Is there any preference with the battery connection whether the positive or the negative is detached first?
  3. I vaguely recall that there is a preferred order in which to disconnect (or indeed, connect) the cables when working with a MPPT controller. For example: A. If I want to disconnect the MPPT controller from the system do I detach the battery from it first, or the solar panels? B. And do I disconnect the positive or the negative cable first, for each? Please can someone list the order of what to disconnect? And then argue amongst yourselves till there's a bit of a consensus so that I don't blow any fuses, baffle the controller (or myself) or damage owt. 😃😉 I want to work on the batteries without having voltages skewed by solar input. I'll assume that reconnecting it all will be the same thing but in reverse order, unless anyone tells me otherwise. Thanks. 🌝
  4. Thanks for your help, everyone. It seems that in internet land there is a difference between a "turnbuckle" (metal guy rope thingy) And a "turn buckle" (caravan table top catch thingy) And a rabbit hutch catch (bunny keeper in thingy) 😁🐰 It's the middle one that I need for clipping "table tops" to walls. But thank you for expanding my vocab so I knew what I was looking for. 😊 Mission accomplished 👍
  5. Thanks. Amazon shows "turnbuckles" to be those metal guy rope tension adjusting screw thread things. Might the thing I'm looking for be known by another name?
  6. A different banana The banana and crisp sandwich was Timeslides - purloined from Hitler's bag along with some fluffy handcuffs I think, and his diary ("I'll switch to translation mode: Things to remember: stop milk, pay papers, invade Czechoslovakia")
  7. If it was good enough for Hitler (Red Dwarf "Timeslides" 1989)...
  8. I've got on the walls under the gunwhales a pair of L-shaped/triangular brackets designed to hold a stowed table top. What I need to go with them are some sort of turning catch things that sit above the "table top" and project out from the wall a bit, to stop said "table top" tipping forwards out of the brackets. But I can't order the catches till I know what they're called. Any ideas please? (Inverted commas on "table top" because the brackets will actually be holding the window glass / fly screens when not in use - in case that bears any relevance to the type of catch used) Thanks
  9. The balloon modelling judges didn't even look at Dyad and my minimalistic creation: "Snake And Slow-Worn Bartop Pas De Deux" Most disappointing.
  10. As a previous customer of Mobility Smart I've recommended them to other people in the past. All sorts of intriguingly helpful stuff on their website from the obvious like grab rails for next to steep steps out of the boat or in the shower, grippy kitchenware that won't slide off surfaces or cups that are easy to hold when steering, to folding steps or a tray you can carry securely with a single handle which is a darn site easier than carrying a tray with both hands when you turn your shoulders to walk down a narrow boat corridor. A bit of lateral thinking and there's quite a lot of handy stuff for boaters on their website. It's not just ramps and scooters.
  11. I was just about to suggest getting pizza delivered or similar. Great minds ?
  12. The fish scales on the path was at our current mooring. I never saw the fishmonger, but I heard the thrash and splash against my hull in the dark. Peered out the back where I heard the noise because I wanted to be sure the neighbour's cat had fallen in the water but couldn't see anything. Heard some more thrashing this time sounding like large shagging carp against the hull so presumed that's what it must have been. Next morning we saw all those fish scales on the path. That was quite a big fishy that got chomped.
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