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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. Tree Monkey's "Official Taster of Fine Breads & Most Tempting Baked Delicacies and Sweetmeats" once again declares these both ruddy delicious. I believe I even commented on how tasty the crust was and I hadn't seen the loaves whole. So it can't be burnt, merely weatherbeaten 😉
  3. Tree Monkey's "Official Taster of Fine Breads & Most Tempting Baked Delicacies and Sweetmeats" declares it ruddy delicious.
  4. As an artist and crafter, I can safely say that Tree Monkey has never said "massive respect" to me about anything I've created. 🤔 Pseudo Geordie? 🤣 Is that someone from Sunderland? 🤔😉
  5. Things to potentially search for: Handbag / strap making rings Curtain pole rings Craft/haberdashery rings Macrame rings Leather working rings Armoury rings Shower curtain rings Bridle/horse tack rings Chain links If your wallet is fat enough: smooth segment body piercing rings 😉
  6. Hotpoint also do the HAG(number)(letter) cookers, assuming they're still being made. The number refers to the width in cm. They look almost identical to the one pictured. At least some of them have battery ignition not 240v, gas jets that can be changed to LPG, flame failure devices on the burners and no glass lid. Although if the cooker is positioned against a vertical bulkhead not the sloping sides of the boat, the glass lid is unlikely to be problematic from a practical point of view. Especially if you can clip it / magnet it to the wall so there's no risk of it dropping down. If in doubt,
  7. I always use two types of coal. A fast hot burner like Excel, for when it's very cold and during the daytime. And a slow ashy burner like Supertherm to keep the fire in without needing further stoking, when the space is up to a comfortable temperature. It's also good for over-night. I have one coal hod of each, either side of the stove. If I burn only Excel or similar, I get through much more coal in total, there is a lot more stoking of the fire needed throughout the day, and it works out a lot more expensive. If I burn only a slow ashy coal, it takes hours to get the whole boat (
  8. I've just remembered something else I considered back when I was fitting out my boat studio area: a compact sofa bed and a separate fold out computer desk. Some desks are really clever, either wall-mounted or freestanding (but probably best supported against the bulkhead near the top in case the boat ever got hung up). Ikea used to-do a brilliant tall computer desk with concealed storage above and below, where the act of pulling down the desk surface from vertical to horizontal was kind of cantilevered with the cupboard doors below that would open up to support it. Even the top cupboard on it
  9. I love these ingenious Murphy bed type contraptions. I considered getting one a few years ago. I ended up ruling it out for a few reasons: Boat mattresses can easily become mouldy from condensation/ perspiration if they don't have circulating air around and below them. (I binned three before devising a raised slatted bed base made from pallets). When upright the Study Bed has no circulating air above the mattress, and even in the bed position it still has no circulating air below it. A fold down bed with a 4ft mattress on a Study Bed won't fit efficiently within the cabin spac
  10. You are perfectly entitled to neither read nor comment if my thread is boring you. 🤔 You'll be disappointed to know that I will continue to post here in my own thread and tell long, winding tales of switches and wires, and the general ramblings of someone who actually enjoys learning from other forum members. Expect questions to keep coming. Don't expect to have to answer them.
  11. Well I've been having fun - not. I took down the old plastic light switch that isolates the power to the water pump. While detaching the two wires from it, something broke inside the switch. So I decided I might as well wire in my new posh metal switch. While doing so, I got zapped from the base plate 🤔 Not painful but it was uncomfortable in the knuckle of the finger that got the shock. I decided to finish off wiring it in anyway, which is when I discovered that there's something wrong with the COM screw terminal. Unlike the LOAD terminal, it won't screw all the way down. Unfortunately, ne
  12. Thanks. Any idea why the destructions for it say that you have to disconnect the electrical supply to the toilet before using the descaler? 🤔
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