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  1. Interesting. Thanks. This is assuming that the larger array which has a larger potential voltage drop because of distance from the batteries and are much older than the smaller array, really does constitute a "larger array" in terms of maximum output 🤔 Also, what if what you decide is the larger array becomes more shaded than the other array some days and not others. How does that work with presetting the 0.1v difference? Will the shaded array still be treated preferentially by the MPPT Controller or will the shade cause it to be ignored by the controller and the sunny array used instead?
  2. However I understand Reg's thought process on this and wouldn't dismiss it by reasons of the comparison you've made. The whole point in investing in solar and MPPT controllers is to have on-going charge to the batteries regulated to maximum efficiency while off grid. If running the engine for a few hours was to interfere with that efficiency and effectively cancel out the solar input or reduce it, it's no great shakes. Similarly if on shore power you don't care what the solar is doing because you've got a permanent charge there which isn't using the MPPT and which you've already decided is worth paying for (presumably for large or multiple power drawing appliances or for winter heat) irrelevant of your solar input. Chances are in that scenario you've bought the solar for times when you're away from shore power anyway. I tend not to run my engine from dawn till dusk every day and all year, and I would be surprised if many boaters who use large solar arrays do unless they think life is the BCN. But if we invest in MPPT and PV systems it would be nice to know that having a second PV system doesn't screw up the efficiency of the first, because they both WILL be working dawn till dusk every day all year to some degree, whether we are aboard or not. And it's good to get our money's worth from the investment at least, even if (thankfully) the duelling-banjo controller action won't destroy the batteries. I know it has been clarified that having two solar inputs isn't a very big issue on the efficiency of each system, but that there is some reduction in maximum potential input later in the charge cycle. I don't agree that your argument is a good justification to dismiss Reg's thought processes on it though, however reassuring you might think you sounded. Reg's argument makes sense to me when trying to get the most out of two solar arrays, and not swapping one or both for engine power or shore power (which are fairly constant, reliable and abundant, so not very comparable to a system that's a delicate balancing act between two MPPT Controllers reading each other's variable outputs). Very coherent explanation. Thanks, Tony.
  3. Special thanks to the Monkey man for my early birthday present of these extra panels and charger ♥️🐵 I'll be happy to sell any spare electricity back to him at a very reasonable rate And as my birthday isn't till August, I'm taking this as permission to celebrate my birthday for two whole months starting today 🎂
  4. I initially thought about running another set of cables to the batteries but then I thought once they reach the batteries they're basically part of the same "terminal" so I might as well join the cables further up and save some money on cable length.
  5. I now have my two controllers and PV arrays. The Sunsaver MPPT Controller and PV Array #1 is already installed and has been working fine for a few years. I have yet to install the Victron MPPT Controller and PV Array #2. Looking at my diagram below, is it correct that I should connect cable E to cable C (outputs that run from each controller to the positive battery terminal). And cable F to cable D (outputs that run from each controller to the negative battery terminal) - using a bus bar or similar? Or will that make batteries/controllers go boom-boom?
  6. It's a carefully calculated and strategic "stay in bed all day" so that I've got maximum chances of being upright and comprehensible for this evening. I intend to be there even if Monkey has to deliver me in a fireman's lift and dump me on the ground in a heap like a jibbering jellyfish. Permission granted to periodically poke me with a stick to see if I'm still alive.
  7. One person's "members map" is the next person's "stalkers map" Greenland is lovely this time of year. Seventeen degrees and increasingly less iced-in.
  8. Can two separate MPPT controllers be connected to the same battery bank from two separate arrays of solar panels (meaning two simultaneous charging inputs)? Or do the two solar panel arrays have to be joined together and fed through one single big controller to the battery bank? Thanks.
  9. Hey! The number of times I've threatened to turn his monkey nads into earrings... I need a new threat. Or maybe just to follow through on the previous one ? Trouble is I've got 14 earring holes and only one pair of monkey nads... ?
  10. Apparently integral to the hull, so others have told me. But like you, I can't see me water tank ?
  11. And when there isn't a bollard? Or on a windy day? I'm not sure you actually read the examples I gave ? My ex steered the boat without a tiller extension. He was physically strong and found that suited his upper body strength. I couldn't do that so I extended the tiller. That is using my brain.
  12. I ended up on a 65fter, been on it 12 years now, handles fine (that's as much to do with the make than anything else). And I have a long tiller extension to make up for lack of shoulder strength compared to a chap. The boat length actually makes climbing in and out of narrow locks easy coz it doesn't matter if I get on the front or back of the roof. I do have to watch the a*se end near the cill which would be less of an issue in a short boat, and warn "helpful" other boat crews not to open gate paddles for me when they think they're being helpful but they instead just fill up the bow with water (had that happen on Hatton Flight - swines nearly sank me, people used to short boats don't always use their common sense when sharing a lock with a longer boat). I wouldn't go for a boat with a closed end like the old Canal Time boats because I've found it useful when single handing (being a not-that-strong lass and not exactly a gazelle when leaping to the bank) to be able to run from the bak deck through the boat to the bow sometimes, especially when mooring up. On a windy day it's tricky to handle with ropes because I'm not heavy enough/strong enough to always pull it in against the wind on my own. So I just didn't cruise in windy weather if I could help it. A lightweight plastic boat would be easier to manoeuvre on ropes only. And a short boat would have a larger choice of winding holes to turn around in. But for that you sacrifice living space.
  13. If I replace them I'll want to do so with something that fits in the same size cut out hole, really
  14. Well, a certain clever simian solved the problem from his own boat! I told him about the weird popping and crackling noises and he reckoned that because the speakers hadn't been used for a decade, the cone on one has probably split. I took a close look and he's right, there's a couple of little tears. So I've unplugged that one speaker from the amp and turned everything back on and the hum has gone, the volume is properly controllable again and there's no crackling and popping anymore. RIP not-very-trusty-speaker. ☠️? His brother must carry the burden for now. And long live the Great Moomin! ?
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