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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. That was my first winter aboard... learnt a lot but did question my sanity at the time. Still at it, but now with the luxury of a winter mooring and shore power.
  3. Then it got moored on more permanently...boats have now been replaced by a no mooring sign.
  4. Tenner now and you get pounced on for the money if you moor in the day. Ho hum...
  5. Thanks all. And yes i have a cardon shaft and thrust bearing arrangement. Will leave alone.
  6. Can i ask... My packing has never been replaced in the decade i have had the boat and probably not since she was built in 04. All is working perfectly...plenty of adjustment, not dripping more than it should, not dry, grease coming through, not hot, shaft turns by hand... is there any merit in replacing the packing material? My feelings are no, if it aint broke etc which is why i have left it, but does it wear out... Any thoughts? Thanks
  7. Days and Abingdon lock closures are now back to the 9th November, although there is one brief restriction for work at Whitchurch on the 4th. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/river-thames-restrictions-and-closures We have had some rain and yellow boards are appearing on some reaches. I have seen boats coming past me today heading down, I am upstream of Shillingford and due to head up to Abingdon myself soon. The outlook is fairly dry weather wise. http://riverconditions.environment-agency.gov.uk/ My opinion is you will make quick passage over a couple
  8. Yes, lots of gongoozlers enjoying the spectacle.
  9. Hard to tell from the photo but are you sure it is heat?
  10. I use the same brand just slightly different spec, not had a problem or any reason to doubt the quality.
  11. And let us hope they do away with signage completely for next season *.
  12. And, annoyingly for the OP getting contradictory advice, I would just get the blacking on...
  13. High at Abingdon was in Jan 2014...you have over a metre to go. What we are seeing at the moment is only after 2 or 3 days of rain and nothing unusual, exciting though it is for us in it.
  14. Pangbourne - Water just shy of overtopping the bank. Lovely spot to be stuck on the meadows.
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