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  1. FYI...Culham no longer needing to be closed for repairs. Dear boater We are continuing to explore options to carry out further works at Culham Lock to ensure that the lock remains operational and safe for the boating season. These works will be carried out without the need to close the lock to boat traffic. Therefore, there are no closures planned for the week commencing 12 April 2021 at Culham Lock. Please be careful when navigating through the lock and do not enter the fenced off area. Many thanks
  2. This is the latest. Dear boater Our Operations Management and Waterways department have explored all options and have found a temporary solution to repair Culham Lock. We are therefore pleased to announce that the lock will be open for navigation for the Easter Bank Holiday weekend. Please be careful when navigating through the lock and do not enter the fenced off area. We plan to carry out a full repair in the week commencing 12 April. The lock will need to be closed for several days in order to facilitate this. We will issue further info
  3. I didn't realise that was a option
  4. I have a basic Nextbase vehicle camera wired to my engine on/off switch.
  5. Not seen one yet myself to confirm, but this is believed to be the wee beastie... Pipe Interrupters Type DC257 - Arrow Valves DN20F. The link above has a couple of installation and use docs if you are interested.
  6. This from the EA... Dear non-tidal Thames boater, We are modifying the mains water points at our lock sites and associated camp sites on the non-tidal River Thames. This includes taps for drinking water containers, bulk water supplies, and taps at chemical toilet disposal and sewage pump-out facilities. Please find the attached briefing which provides further information about what is changing. External briefing 23.03.21 Changes to drinking and bulk water supply points[4263].pdf
  7. Micro blistering is what you are seeing in the gloss paint. Do a search on here and you will find expert analysis of this.
  8. I bought a boat... That was enough to keep me busy and poor.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  10. That was my first winter aboard... learnt a lot but did question my sanity at the time. Still at it, but now with the luxury of a winter mooring and shore power.
  11. Then it got moored on more permanently...boats have now been replaced by a no mooring sign.
  12. Tenner now and you get pounced on for the money if you moor in the day. Ho hum...
  13. Thanks all. And yes i have a cardon shaft and thrust bearing arrangement. Will leave alone.
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