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  1. If you decide to fit 3/8" fittings to the 8mm Alde Bubble Tester which is the Blue one, i don't know about Silver 10mm one, you will need: Wade 3/8" x 1/4" BSP male stud. This is what the Southampton Calor Centre fit to theirs to make it the 3/8". The fittings are £15 pound for the pair... I decided to pay up and buy their 3/8" tester without the faff of changing the fittings myself.
  2. Paringa

    Vinyl ?

    Actually it was these who i used...apologies
  3. Goring lock on the Thames perhaps?
  4. Paringa

    Vinyl ?

    I have used these and their design tool... https://letteringdirect.co.uk/easy-lettering-designer/design/9314/ Pleased with the service and quality
  5. I have done it and it does work for me... I hate the idea of the heat going to waste on a cruise. I just have to remember to turn off the pump when i stop or my lovely hot water is no longer hot...
  6. Fair enough. The accumulator and another soft-shift for the PRM are knocking on for £350 - Perhaps i can put up with it...
  7. Hello all, Running this idea past the group. I have a PRM500 which is coming up for its annual oil change along with the engine. The gearbox manual states "use the same oil as the engine" which i have always done - a 15W 40. PRM's are known for being clunky when going into gear and my question is: Is there any merit to my using a gearbox oil say a 80W to so see if this makes it a little less clunky? My thoughts are it probably won't make any difference and may cause more problems than it solves. But is it worth trying? I can always drain it out again... Best regards Par
  8. And don't forget to turn the fuel shut off back on...
  9. This is what i asked the EA a number of years ago and their reply. Q. What happens to mooring charges when red or yellow board are displayed? A. At our short-stay mooring sites where we operate charges, we suspend them when Yellow 'stream increasing' boards are displayed. Yellow boards advise masters of all boats to seek safe mooring - this is because Red 'strong stream' warnings may be displayed suddenly and without warning. Charges remain suspended during Red boards, but are re-instated when Yellow 'stream decreasing' boards are displayed. During these conditions, we advise masters of powered craft to proceed with caution.
  10. Lot of barges use these... https://www.harworthheating.co.uk/product/pj230vacbhmax/
  11. Oh i see... Mr WotEvers handywork. Very nice indeed. Fancy making another?
  12. Yep, it looked exactly like that.
  13. My barge has a dogbox that leaks and it is basically the wrong design. The previous owner had sealed it up and for the most part it has stopped leaking, but of course now it doesn't open which rather defeats the purpose. It has a cover over it which stops any rain getting in. I did look at replacing it but a properly designed and built one was going to be £3500, which is too much for me.
  14. Paringa


    If the barge is new to you and unproven in lumpy water i would be very wary... If you have any diesel bug in the bottom of the tank it will go through the fuel filters and could block them when stirred up on the tideway. The engine stopping is the last thing you need, and then you have to deploy a Anchor... you see where i am going with this.
  15. If i were to do a bathroom again i think i would steer away from tiles... Shower panels...
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