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  1. After 10 years with a clunking PRM500, I have finally spent my money on and fitted the accumulator extra soft shift kit... transformed it. Not a clunk to be heard. Thanks to others for posting their experience.
  2. I replaced my VDO gauge lcd as it was displaying nonsense but still counting. Found a company online, AK speedo, and they supplied the replacement. It was a fiddly but simple operation to remove and replace following their videos.
  3. I would be more concerned about Anodes if the boat was connected to shore power in a marina. Continuous cruising and rarely on hook up i would just to be sure, but that is just me.
  4. You could try Bell rope or Marsh meadow moorings. Not sure what the winter arrangements are but worth a ask.
  5. Excellent, thanks for posting. Can i ask where you got it and how much?
  6. Which soft shift do you have for my reference? The PRM one available at ASAP supplies or the accumulator version from Betamarine and others?
  7. This is all very interesting. My PRM500 just goes from neutral to engaged in a blink and any slack (backlash?) from the drive means it sounds clunky. PRM themselves even have a soft-shift to retro fit for these and i believe later models did have this on. There is the accumulator solution available from Betamarine, but you are knocking on the door of £500...too rich for me. I found the original manufacturer but they too were looking at a fair wedge plus duties so i have left it. Sorry to say no amount of gentle revs, easing, prayers or profanity works. Sometimes it just clunks. Let us know what you plan to do Chevron.
  8. Yes my explanation could have been better Tony, thanks. The display is not black without power and when i apply power it goes black. I have pressed the ribbon and cleaned connections and not had it change sadly. I have emailed a local repair person to see if they can help along with the manufacturer of the board and BEP marine, who have been helpful in the past. It is 20 years old though and no longer available...
  9. Ideas and help needed with this please. My BEP marine tank monitor has thrown a wobbler, the display is showing black. I have turned it off and on again and it would normally boot with the logo and then show the display of the tank levels, but now it is only showing black from the start. I took it apart to see what access was like as i had success changing the LCD of my VDO gauge. That was fairly easy as the display supplied had a ribbon and a clamp, this looks more fiddly. Am i correct in thinking the fault is with the display? If so can anyone decipher what those codes mean on the ribbon and point me in the direction of a supplier? I don't want to bin it until i feel i have exhausted all possibilities. Advice welcome.
  10. Not helpful to the OP but my friend - who has the same engine and gearbox - when i mentioned i had a leak said: Show me a PRM gearbox without a leak and i shall show you one without oil. My leak was from the gearbox selector, new seal and it still leaked but less so! It also seems to find it's own level, so i fill it to the mark and then it drips a bit until it oozes, then stops. A drip try in place and no worries until the yearly oil change.
  11. Beat me to it... Really they are used to extract fumes, but if you want to give yourself a job, feel free. Use as extractors not blowers if you do go ahead.
  12. Search for Rough Surface Masking Tape... Scotch do one at Screwfix. Might be worth a try.
  13. Thanks Keith. I am not going to test moorings policy at Windsor and Maidenhead by not paying during strong stream conditions any time soon... I did refuse to pay at Wallingford when i was caught there once quite a few years ago. I just told the lovely lady who came to collect fees that i wasn't paying due to the strong stream conditions and that i would be happy to explain to her manager why. I noticed the next day there was no collection of fees for any of us stuck there. I had no idea if i was in the right or not, and to be honest, i still am none the wiser having read what Keith has posted. If i do get stuck however, i shall make sure it is at Henley!😉
  14. Could you point me to where the legislation is that says that please Keith? Henley have a clear online moorings policy where they say "no charges shall be made when the Environment Agency have stated the river conditions warrant red boards". So I emailed Windsor and Maidenhead BC to find out what their moorings policy is as they have nothing online. I was directed to their representatives that run the moorings at Windsor and Cookham and they told me that they DO charge during strong stream conditions, which I was very surprised at. I just took it that the landowner could do what they wanted, but if you know different i would be interested to know. Thanks.
  15. TVM were nice but turned a blind eye to persistent overstayers leaving it to the EA to do any enforcement. DE want their cut of fees plus any money they can make out of people they can "fine". They won't want to chase persistent overstayers as it costs too much, so again that will get left to the EA to deal with. JB sums it up nicely for me, the EA should just do it themselves.
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