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  1. Lot of barges use these... https://www.harworthheating.co.uk/product/pj230vacbhmax/
  2. Oh i see... Mr WotEvers handywork. Very nice indeed. Fancy making another?
  3. Yep, it looked exactly like that.
  4. My barge has a dogbox that leaks and it is basically the wrong design. The previous owner had sealed it up and for the most part it has stopped leaking, but of course now it doesn't open which rather defeats the purpose. It has a cover over it which stops any rain getting in. I did look at replacing it but a properly designed and built one was going to be £3500, which is too much for me.
  5. Paringa


    If the barge is new to you and unproven in lumpy water i would be very wary... If you have any diesel bug in the bottom of the tank it will go through the fuel filters and could block them when stirred up on the tideway. The engine stopping is the last thing you need, and then you have to deploy a Anchor... you see where i am going with this.
  6. If i were to do a bathroom again i think i would steer away from tiles... Shower panels...
  7. Paringa

    LPG Ovens

    I have a Nordmende CTG51LPGWH 50cm Twin Cavity LPG Gas oven. No need to change jets as already set for LPG. It does need mains for the ignition though as above.
  8. I find that a mini roller to put paint on and a 3" foam brush to tip off works for me. Prep is the key to a decent finish as has been said and can't be over emphasised...but is the most horrible part of the job.
  9. Missing a L there Tony...
  10. Make sure you moor up next to Blackrose to keep the flies off...
  11. I think hider was asking you to manually put the lever forward and back with the cable off and see if it functions normally... If you have my apologies, but it sounded like you adjusted the cable while still connected which wasn't what he advised.
  12. Perhaps they are additional homemade props for the clothes line?
  13. This is the sign - first image - at Abingdon. It is not worded exactly like the temporary looking ones at Goring but near enough... When I asked the resident Abingdon keeper just now what the charges were he said: "24hours free, then a fiver each night for the next two days, after that fifty a night" I asked will that be the same at Goring? "Yes" Why couldn't the EA just put up these signs - 2nd image at Staines - at their sites as soon as the TVM signs came down early in the year?
  14. There are signs now at Goring saying "Mooring Fees apply contact duty lock keeper"... There is no mention of what the fee actually is or for what. They have only just gone up in the last couple of weeks. When i asked the duty lockie i was told the info which I gave to the OP. Why would the EA put up those signs if there were no fees? What a mess... or am i being daft and missing something.
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