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  1. So that is the 380 PLUS the 750 with term time distance exemptions - 1130 - 22% who have found a way round the need to continuously cruise but don't need to pay for a home mooring. Interesting.
  2. So possibly 380 'Continuous cruisers' out of 5000 (CRT figure) - some 7.5% will soon have a licence to overstay on prime visitor moorings? Is this right or fair to others? (Dons hard hat, steel boots and protective leather apron)
  3. Be careful what you wish for! The kneejerk reaction of the Safety Elf could be to turn off public power and revert to hand-winding (actually more dangerous as you cannot close the sluices quickly hand- winding whilst the close button is as fast on public power as it is on lock-keeper power). Lockies do go into the hut during locking to fill out the traffic log - but they will have checked that is all going to plan before leaving the pedastal - and don’t think they aren’t watching you! Double (and triple manning eg one lockie for three locks) is the real crippler as volunteers can only work when the lock-keeper only has one lock to man. When double manning volunteers are sent home and the LWK spends most of his time travelling between sites - no supervised service.
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