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  1. Grassman

    Mouse in roof void?

    People use glueboards without thinking ahead as to how they are going to deal with a mouse/rat caught on it. Many people rather than carrying out a humane dispatch just leave the rodent to die a slow, distressing and painful death whilst trapped in the glue. My job used to take me into houses and commercial kitchens and on many occasions I came across a dead mouse or rat on a glueboard which had gnawed one of it's legs off in its desperation to free itself while slowly dying of starvation and/or exhaustion. They should be banned IMO. Poison or a legally approved spring trap is much more humane.
  2. Presumably they will keep the levels high enough for boating traffic https://www.msn.com/en-gb/money/technology/glasgow-looks-to-become-sponge-city-by-using-smart-canal-to-soak-up-its-rain/ar-BBPbzEm?li=BBoPWjQ&ocid=mailsignout
  3. Grassman

    Route suggestions (next June)

    Regarding your original three suggestions If you want total relaxation the Mon & Brec has beautiful scenery, some history, and only 6 locks. The whole length can be done in a week but 10 days would be ideal for a more relaxing time. However there might not be enough there to occupy two teenagers. We have hired 3 times on there, the last time was since we bought our own boat because you probably know that it is isolated from the main network. That Lancaster Canal I haven't been on (but plan to do it next year). but you are correct in that part of it overlooks the sea in Morecambe Bay and you can even descend 6 locks and moor in the harbour. I believe it is a scenic canal and there are towns like Lancaster to explore. But with there being no locks, your teenagers may become a little bored. As for the Llangollen Canal, it has pretty much everything - scenery, nice towns and villages, and of course the amazing architecture of the aqueducts and tunnels. But the down side is that it can get extremely busy and has a high proportion of hirers who are inexperienced first timers because so many choose this canal as their first ever, and not helped by the fact that it has some challenging sections. Having said that, although only 4 days, you should now have enough experience to cope fine with it. It shouldn't be too busy in June either. But whichever canal you choose, try to avoid being too ambitious with your plans. So many people try to get as far as they can and therefore don't have the time to explore or appreciate the places they are passing through, and miss out one of the main pleasures of narrowboating which is the relaxation. I also cannot understand some folk's obsession with rings. I think they merely add pressure to the holiday unless plenty of time is allowed for. A 'there and back' can be just as rewarding because just like when you go for a walk, you notice things you hadn't seen on the way out. It can also mean that with less time pressure you might not have to cruise along in dreadful weather because you have to make progress. If you choose the Llangollen Canal bear that in mind and choose hire company that isn't too far from the ultimate destination of Llangollen ( a lovely town which should not be missed). Depending on the duration of holiday I suggest Whitchurch as being the furthest away you'd want to start from so any one of them west of that. And if you find you get back to the base earlier than expected you can carry on past there and go as far as time permits and then turn back accordingly. The other suggestions such as the South Oxford Canal are good ones too. We have so many great canals and rivers it's difficult to choose. Whichever one you pick I'm sure you will have a wonderful time.
  4. Grassman

    Looking at a boat share

    As with a boat that you solely own, the newer the boat the more it will depreciate, so I suggest you look at the older boats with a cheaper share. There are plenty of decent boats available for just a few grand a share. On an older boat the running costs may be a little higher but it's still far cheaper than hiring. Shared boats tend to be very well looked after and maintained, probably because each share owner is only having to pay a twelfth the cost of everything. In 2009 we paid £3,500 for a 12th share in an 8 year old 58ft and sold it 4 years later for £3,250, and got 4 weeks a year use of it for less than the cost of one week's high season boat hire.
  5. Grassman

    Opening times for fuel at Wheaton Aston?

    Thanks gents. I'll call in at Norbury. Sorry about posting this on 'crew swap'. I sent it from my mobile and my fat fingers pressed the wrong category 😕 .
  6. Grassman

    Great Canal Journeys. New series

    I thought the Nile was a river not a canal
  7. We will be passing through there on Sunday and want to get some diesel. Does anybody know if the garage is open on Sundays?
  8. We were moored in Little Venice in June and this was one of three 'weed boats' we saw. All of them were tootling up and down the canal but didn't appear to be collecting much weed at all. Obviously this chap decided that getting right underneath the weed might be more effective 😄
  9. Grassman

    Please use headphones

    We were moored there on Saturday too, just up from Overwater's little charity boat's landing stage. As well as the one with the Ryder Cup commentary there was a boat that passed with the West Ham vs Man Utd match commentary at full blast. His boat was from Gloucester so he was bound to have been a Man Utd fan 😄. At least his team lost ha ha 👍.
  10. Grassman

    Should Magnet Fishermen be licensed

    If they fish the stuff out, it doesn't get collected from the towpath and gets thrown back into the canal, it could be worse for we boaters than if it had been left alone. Most of the stuff would have been in the canal for years and would have settled on the canal bed probably in the deepest part towards the middle but out of the way of our propellers. But there's a distinct chance that the newly thrown in stuff would be sticking up more and possibly in shallower waters nearer the edge.
  11. Grassman

    Three Mobile reception at Specific Marinas

    We travel around the country and I use my laptop for the internet using a 3 Mobile mi-fi dongle. I get decent internet signal in most place around the system, sometimes only 3G but often 4G depending on the area. My wife's android phone is on 3 Moblie and often the signal is poor but is fine when she tethers it via my mi-fi dongle. So I think sometimes the device you are using may be a factor rather than the network provider.
  12. Grassman

    Three Mobile reception at Specific Marinas

    I moor in Kings Bromley Marina and for the last 4 years have been on 3 mobile using a mi-fi dongle hanging near a window . 90% of the time I get 4 or 5 bars on 4g with only the occasional slight drop at peak usage times. I think Kings Bromley Marina is currently full and has a small waiting list. When I first looked into it 4 years ago so many people on here said that 3 Mobile was the best for coverage around the canal network. Since then I've cruised extensively and have very rarely had signal problems.
  13. Grassman

    Thames tideway Teddington to Limehouse

    I can imagine it is, but I was okay because I exited Limehouse and went upstream to Lechlade. I have done difficult ones like West Stockwith and Keadby on the Trent, and Selby on the Ouse so I don't know how Limehouse compares.
  14. Grassman

    Talking Dirty!

    Yes. I just point the end of the hose directly into the ash pan of the stove, turn on the power and suck the ash out. I have a strange stove, it's a tall top loading stove called a Godin, but I think the ash pan at the bottom is pretty much like all the other stoves. I'm sure those few negative reviews are from folk who have misused it. I always wait until at least 30 minutes after I've raked the fire before using it, or first thing in the morning before raking it when the ash isn't as hot. But even though the ash has a few glowing embers and the hose gets quite hot and the plastic coating feels and smells a bit hot, it still copes with it and hasn't damaged mine in the two winters I've had it. I've never washed the filter. After emptying the contents I just give it a good banging against the side of our pontoon and the residue ash falls off. I wouldn't be without mine now. It's so easy to use and the reduction in dirt/dust on the walls and curtains has massively reduced.
  15. Grassman

    Talking Dirty!

    I have a Pifco hot ash vacuum https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00NSKJWGW/ref=pe_385721_37986871_TE_item I've had it 2 years and it's significantly cut out the ash/dust problem. I vacuum it straight out of the pan. I never do so immediately after raking the fire but it does cope with hot ash even if there are some glowing embers. It fits snugly on my hearth and even in mid winter I only have to empty it every 5 days or so. It's not cheap, and has gone up in price since I bought mine. It also has mixed reviews as some appear to have had problems with theirs over heating but I suspect that's down to misuse. The suction hose pipe does get hot but is still okay to hold. Expensive but well worth the money in my opinion.

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