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  1. Cheshire Ring - Which way?

    I definitely recommend trying to make time to deviate from Marple to take in the short 6 mile Upper Peak Forest Canal, the scenery is stunning and with no locks and just a couple of swing bridges it will only be a couple of hours each way. And going right into Bugsworth Basin to wind is well worth it as it's fascinating. Perhaps overnight there if you can and there is an excellent pub there too. I wouldn't bother with Whaley Bridge as if you haven't the time to get off and explore, there isn't a lot there really and it can be difficult to wind.
  2. Canalside cratch cover repairers

    Oh. Thanks for letting me know that Alan.
  3. Canalside cratch cover repairers

    When will you be at Fradley Junction as I could meet you there either Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday?
  4. Canalside cratch cover repairers

    Thanks for your replies boys and girls. I want an in-situ repair partly to save having to remove the cratch cover and also to have the strap fixings attached to the top sides of the cabin, something which I don't want to try doing myself. There used to be a chap in my area (Fradley) who come to you to do minor repairs but he has now retired. I could call in at A J Canopies at Braunston and see if they can do it, although it would mean a slight diversion to my route. I would have the time to wait there a day or two if necessary while they tried to fit me in.
  5. Canalside cratch cover repairers

    I'm looking to have some 'while you wait' minor cratch cover repairs done somewhere alongside a canal. Just the starboard side re-stitched on the ridge where it meets the cabin roof, and the top toggles changed to straps because the wind stretches the elastic toggles which then dislodges the cover from the corners and also makes the cover sag. I'm based in the Fradley Junction area but in May I will be going on the T&M towards Nottingham, then the River Soar/GU Leicester branch, then south on the GU to London. So anywhere along that route would do. Any recommendations please?
  6. Aylesbury and wendover arms

    Thanks all for your advice. I'll go for it then, as it would be a shame to pass by without exploring them.
  7. Aylesbury and wendover arms

    I'm considering going on the Aylesbury and Wendover arms in June and came across this thread in my research. I see there can be issues with water depth especially on the Wendover. My boat only draws 2 ft so hopefully it won't be too bad, but my question is are there a reasonable amount of places on both canals where we could get the boat within 6 inches of the bank for overnight mooring? The reason I ask is because we have a 30 kg dog who is old and can no longer walk the gangplank.
  8. Get ready for the onslaught.

    Over the many years we were hirers we usually had a pub meal at least once a day either lunch or evening because we saw it as part of our holiday and something we couldn't afford to do so much at home. It did help that we always shared the hire cost of the boat with friends or family, and that hiring wasn't as expensive as it is nowadays. Also, we weren't as obsessive about getting as far as we could so were happy to take our time and linger in places, including pubs. Now we own and live aboard a boat we only eat out perhaps once a week when we are out cruising, partly because we are away for months rather than a week or two and it would be too costly, and also with our boat being our home we have everything on board we need anyway.
  9. Get ready for the onslaught.

    Exactly the same as they look down on learner drivers. We regularly hired boats for years before we bought our own 6 years ago. We are hiring one for a fortnight in April because our Nb is too long for that canal, so it will be interesting to see how many boat owners look down their noses at us.
  10. Alde 2920 boiler

    If you fail with starting it up the first time try waiting 4 or 5 minutes before trying again. It's a pain in the neck but this is what I was once told and it does tend to work.
  11. Sky TV on board

    When we moved to live on board we brought our Sky+ box from home and it worked fine. We bought a dish with a magnetic base from Travelsat. Be very careful with this because a few months later the roof paint began to lift and blister. Even though the magnetic base had a rubber boot, the regular lifting and re-positioning of the dish in order to get a signal in various mooring locations had been progressively weakening the paint. We've abandoned our Sky system now and gone for a Freeview PVR receiver/recorder with a normal TV aerial. We used to have so much hassle trying to get a signal with the dish because unlike with a freeview aerial the signal has to be more specific. Also, with our new set up, if we can't get a signal we are still able to watch stuff we have recorded whereas with Sky you can't. But then there are a lot of you who prefer a satellite system so it obviously has its merits. It's all down to personal preference, a bit like the Cassette toilets versus pump out argument
  12. Tidal Thames cruise in July

    Thanks to you all for your latest information which has all been noted and added to my 'preparation list'. I was interested seeing Scholar Gypsy's photos of entering Limehouse. I appreciate the Thames has it's own issues with the amount of traffic and the currents/flow of the river, but entering it looks far easier than others I've done, such as entering West Stockwith and Keadby Locks from the Trent, and into Selby from the Ouse. I managed the first two very well but I did slightly c*ck up Selby by allowing too much for the sandbanks which resulted in a slight scraping of the bows on the lock entrance wall . Am I right, or is the Thames just as difficult but in a different way?
  13. Tidal Thames cruise in July

    Let me know if you decide to as I think it would be mutually beneficial. Sharpness to Bristol is another on our bucket list so I'd be interested to hear how you get on. However, if you are doing that run wouldn't you from Bristol be going east on the K&A and then downstream on the Thames to London? Whereas we are going upstream from Limehouse.
  14. Tidal Thames cruise in July

    I thought you might be. I've been reading with interest your thread on it. I'll look out for you, but make sure you don't wizz past too fast in your large cabin cruiser creating a large wash across my bows . Mind you, yours will be the least of my problems!
  15. Tidal Thames cruise in July

    I take your point Tony. I will have my cratch cover zipped up so I doubt there wood be much water getting in there from above. I just worry that the drain holes are so close to the waterline particularly as my 1200 litre fresh water tank in the bow will be full. There is a 5 inch lip/step up to the bottom of the cabin door and it's a fairly big cratch so I think there would have to be a lot of water for it to ingress into the cabin. Perhaps I will try to plug them and have somebody periodically checking on the situation. Or maybe go for Alan's idea of one way flaps. Thanks also to you others for the latest threads giving useful advice and links.