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  1. I had a similar experience. There was a couple of days work needed on my boat but I was in there for two weeks purely because they were trying to fit my work in with all their other stuff so kept popping and doing a bit and then disappearing.
  2. I am having the same issues as the OP (Steve). I've been trying for 3 weeks to get hold of a local 'boat engineer' and none of my phone messages or emails are being answered. I've used him for a few years now and I've never haggled over prices and always pay him straight away. It's the same with a boat electrician I use. They're obviously so busy they aren't bothered about getting the work, but there's no excuse for not getting back to people. I was a sole trader for years and was very busy most of the time, but I always had the courtesy to return people's messages even if it mean
  3. 😛 I wouldn't like to be a moorer there.
  4. Be careful if you ever call in there. I had a pump out there recently and noticed how poorly maintained the entrance from the canal is. The edges had previously been protected by black recycled plastic batons but most of them had fallen off, leaving bolts sticking out a few inches on each side of the narrow entrance. Thankfully I managed to avoid them but even the most experienced of boaters might not always manage to, especially if it's windy. It wouldn't be much of a job to re-instate the batons or even just remove the protruding bolts, but I was told it had been like that for y
  5. Grassman


  6. We've been considering the Nene and the Levels this year, but might leave it for now because if finding moorings can be a problem normally, it will probably be even worse this year because of the expected increase in people going boating rather than holidaying abroad.
  7. Venice has far more canals than Birmingham, but Birmingham has more miles of canal than Venice 😉
  8. I wanted to do the Thames Tideway this year but with these ongoing issues at Hammersmith I think it will be too much of a hassle to bother. I have enough of a problem getting my head round the tide times without this to contend with as well
  9. Are you using Paypal? If so then please be aware that I was nearly scammed in this way when I sold a van a few years ago. Hopefully they have tightened up on it by now so that it doesn't happen these days, but it would be prudent to check. If you are not then my experience might at least be useful to any others who are selling a large item this way. I advertised the van on Autotrader and after no interest for a few days, I suddenly had an enquiry by email which quickly turned into a sale. The buyer said he wasn't able to come and look at the van because he was houseboun
  10. I never bother reading them because I will never be able to afford those eye watering prices. I'm perfectly happy with my 20 year old boat and don't want to read about something I might be missing out on.
  11. In answer to one of the original questions - Now we live on a boat (for the last 8 years) I do miss looking forward to our hire boat holidays or one of our 4 weeks a year with a shared boat, but this is more than made up for by the fact that we can spontaneously just untie the ropes and go cruising whenever we fancy. We decided to buy a 20 year old boat which enabled us to keep the house and rent it out, which in turn enabled us to retire a few years early. We much prefer living on a boat to in a house and we make use of it by travelling extensively for 5+ months a year. A win win situation.
  12. These errors began after the previous editor Nick Wall retired a few years ago and they didn't replace him. Many of the mistakes are so basic, and not confined to spelling or grammatical errors. For example, a frequent occurrence is photos where they have forgotten to write the caption, and instead reads xxxxxx. You don't need a thorough proof read to spot that surely!!! Other than that I think it's generally a good read, but I prefer WW. Both are prone to duplicating stuff over a period of time though, but as somebody else said, there's only so much one can write about. Despite
  13. Perhaps it's because it's a SSSI area that they aren't allowed to dump the silt next to the canal? The silt may only be slightly contaminated, probably from a build up of diesel and oil from boats, but at a level which in other non SSSI areas would be acceptable being spread on adjacent fields. I'm guessing that the level of contamination was worse that they'd anticipated.
  14. I'm looking seriously at a Boatman Stove, but after reading through the old threads on here, there's one from 2015 which reviews the Boatman versus a Morso Squirrel, and my major concern with the Boatman is the ash spillage/dispersal. Does anybody know if Northern Fabrications have addressed any of the issues since then with the latest versions? The issues in 2015 were 1. No external riddling device. The only way was was to open the door and riddle it with a poker. 2. Small ash box covering only 50% of the space under the firebox meaning much of the ash fell each side of
  15. During my childhood in the 1960's I lived in Kings Norton near to the Stratford on Avon Canal. There was a chemical works (and still is) between the guillotine lock and the swing bridge (which has since been removed). Sometimes the water along that section was bright orange. Goodness knows what the chemical was that was causing it but it didn't seem to affect the wildlife. Also. the river behind the factory had clear water but a permanent white bed. I think the factory made ingredients for toothpaste and presume that both these pollutants were harmless, but I doubt they'd get away
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