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  1. Thanks everyone for your very helpful replies to my OP. I'm so relieved as I'd have been gutted if it wouldn't have been possible. Caution is the order of the day I think, especially when descending. I will only have one crew to take action should things begin to go wrong so I'll make sure she lets the water in/out very slowly and I will keep a very watchful eye on proceedings of course. Regarding leaking lock gates, next week I am having new (and better fitting) deck boards for our cruiser stern and we have a decent cratch cover over the well deck so both of these should help to keep cascading water at bay. The only previous diagonal locking I've done is a few years ago when we went both directions through the lock at Thorne on the Stainforth & Keadby so these locks will be good a useful experience for us.. Wonderful advice from you all and I now know what to expect and how to deal with them. Many thanks.
  2. My Nicholsons Guide says the L&L Rufford Branch locks are 62ft long. My boat is registered as being 62ft but when I bought it my surveyor said it was actually 62ft 6 inches. A boater mate who has a 60ft said it the locks were extremely tight when he went through them in his boat and doubts I would be able to do it with my length, so what do those of you who have done it think? Have you been through them in a 62ft or over and if so how did you find it? I suppose if it proves to be too tight I could go diagonally but would I be allowed to do this because I've read on here that on occasions CRT have banned boaters doing diagonals on the 60ft long Wigan to Leeds locks? I've already booked my passage on the Ribble Link so I'll be gutted if I have to cancel.
  3. Cropredy is our favourite.
  4. Oh! I hadn't looked in the 'stoppages' section ☹️
  5. Staffs & Worcs canal near Wolverley. It looks as if some offside vegetation cutting has disturbed the bank.
  6. Assuming it's the tall thin upright model (29 series), If nobody wants the complete kit I could make use of the two panels (lower and upper) if they are in reasonable condition. My current ones are quite bent and battered and don't fit very well.
  7. It's made a tremendous difference. They'd done from Fradley and reached just before the Rugeley aqueduct when I passed through there last week. It's good that there are folk around freely willing to do this volunteering or it probably wouldn't get done.
  8. Thanks Tony and you others for the very comprehensive instructions/advice. It's exactly what I was looking for and is much appreciated.
  9. Thanks everyone for this great advice. Regarding changing the diesel filter and subsequent bleeding, just as some of you have experienced, sometimes it's gone alright but sometimes they've had to remove the injectors in a certain sequence to bleed it. It's a job that worries the hell out of me, hence my reluctance to try it myself. But I do have my diesel polished every two years and I also have a fuel separator (aglometer I think it's called??) so hopefully that minimises the chances of problems. I've noted the oil change intervals too and will do them more frequently in future as well as they other things you've all suggested. The engine has done nearly 12,000 hours so it's important I look after it! The previous owners had it re-conditioned at about 8,000 hours but due to lack of details on the paperwork I don't know to what extent that re-conditioning was. Without tempting fate it runs very well with very little smoking except for a bit of white smoke briefly when starting from cold.
  10. In the 5 years I've had my boat I've always used a local 'boat mechanic' to do all the work on my boat. But he has retired suddenly and moved away from the area and the existing mechanics are inundated with work anyway, so I have begun to have a go at engine maintenance myself. I can do a basic engine oil and filter change but have yet to attempt changing the fuel filter, but after searching the mine of information on here I intend to try it. I'm sure there are other things that I will be able to attempt as well, especially using this wonderful forum as a reference. What I'd really like to know from all you much more knowledgeable folk is what maintenance/checking is required when, a kind of idiots guide to what I should be checking and when, such as every service, every other service, bi-annually, annually etc. I religiously change the engine oil and filter every 200 to 250 hours and intend to change the fuel filter and check the separator every 400 to 500 hours. and probably check the gearbox oil at a similar interval, but it's the other things I should be checking and/or doing that worries me a little. Your advice would be gratefully received, and a list would be wonderful!
  11. The problem with other boats being on the move and therefore braking the ice for you is that when the ice re-freezes it's much harder going because some of the broken sheets of ice have slid under or over the existing ice and bonded to them therefore making it thicker. As we found to our cost some years ago !
  12. Thanks for your replies. They make interesting reading and will hopefully appease her obsession a little.
  13. I posted a similar thread in the 'equipment' section but only had 2 replies, probably because it was specifically about having new deck boards fitted. So I'd like to widen the field and ask you very good folk for recommendations for boatyards where you have had other work carried out on your boat whether it be mechanical, structural or whatever, because I have other jobs that need doing as well and I've had a few bad experiences in the past with some. To narrow it down a bit I'm seeking opinions on the following, or for places within a similar location to these, and if some are critical then obviously you may prefer to private message me. Weltonfield Narrowboats Stowe Hill Workshop Gayton Marina Braunston Marina Alvecote Marina Norton Canes Boatbuilders, Glascote Thanks.
  14. A boater friend has a dehumidifier. She lives on board and is marina based. She reckons she used to get a lot of condensation but much less so now, and that it collects about 2 litres of water a day. Her stove is bust so she heats the boat using either the central heating or oil filled electric radiators (she is hooked into landline). She thinks it's brilliant but since she bought a humidity meter she has become obsessed with the humidity reading and won't turn it off until it gets to 40% which I think could be so low it would make the air far too dry. I'm trying to discourage her from being so obsessive and have told her to get rid of the meter but she won't, so does anybody on here have a similar set up and if so what is the lower percentage level you usually aim for? Gawd knows what she spends on electricity and I've told her it would be better to buy a new stove as this would do the same job and massively lower her electricity spend.
  15. I realise my original question was rather specific, so due to the shortage of answers I'll revise my question slightly. Even if you haven't had deck boards made and fitted, are there any of the following boatyards where you've had other work done and have been pleased with the results and their service? Also are there any where you have had a bad experience (reply by PM if it's more appropriate)? Weltonfield Narrowboats Stowe Hill Workshop Gayton Marina Braunston Marina Alvecote Marina Norton Canes Boatbuilders, Glascote Thanks
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