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  1. Grassman

    Should Magnet Fishermen be licensed

    If they fish the stuff out, it doesn't get collected from the towpath and gets thrown back into the canal, it could be worse for we boaters than if it had been left alone. Most of the stuff would have been in the canal for years and would have settled on the canal bed probably in the deepest part towards the middle but out of the way of our propellers. But there's a distinct chance that the newly thrown in stuff would be sticking up more and possibly in shallower waters nearer the edge.
  2. Grassman

    Three Mobile reception at Specific Marinas

    We travel around the country and I use my laptop for the internet using a 3 Mobile mi-fi dongle. I get decent internet signal in most place around the system, sometimes only 3G but often 4G depending on the area. My wife's android phone is on 3 Moblie and often the signal is poor but is fine when she tethers it via my mi-fi dongle. So I think sometimes the device you are using may be a factor rather than the network provider.
  3. Grassman

    Three Mobile reception at Specific Marinas

    I moor in Kings Bromley Marina and for the last 4 years have been on 3 mobile using a mi-fi dongle hanging near a window . 90% of the time I get 4 or 5 bars on 4g with only the occasional slight drop at peak usage times. I think Kings Bromley Marina is currently full and has a small waiting list. When I first looked into it 4 years ago so many people on here said that 3 Mobile was the best for coverage around the canal network. Since then I've cruised extensively and have very rarely had signal problems.
  4. Grassman

    Thames tideway Teddington to Limehouse

    I can imagine it is, but I was okay because I exited Limehouse and went upstream to Lechlade. I have done difficult ones like West Stockwith and Keadby on the Trent, and Selby on the Ouse so I don't know how Limehouse compares.
  5. Grassman

    Talking Dirty!

    Yes. I just point the end of the hose directly into the ash pan of the stove, turn on the power and suck the ash out. I have a strange stove, it's a tall top loading stove called a Godin, but I think the ash pan at the bottom is pretty much like all the other stoves. I'm sure those few negative reviews are from folk who have misused it. I always wait until at least 30 minutes after I've raked the fire before using it, or first thing in the morning before raking it when the ash isn't as hot. But even though the ash has a few glowing embers and the hose gets quite hot and the plastic coating feels and smells a bit hot, it still copes with it and hasn't damaged mine in the two winters I've had it. I've never washed the filter. After emptying the contents I just give it a good banging against the side of our pontoon and the residue ash falls off. I wouldn't be without mine now. It's so easy to use and the reduction in dirt/dust on the walls and curtains has massively reduced.
  6. Grassman

    Talking Dirty!

    I have a Pifco hot ash vacuum https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00NSKJWGW/ref=pe_385721_37986871_TE_item I've had it 2 years and it's significantly cut out the ash/dust problem. I vacuum it straight out of the pan. I never do so immediately after raking the fire but it does cope with hot ash even if there are some glowing embers. It fits snugly on my hearth and even in mid winter I only have to empty it every 5 days or so. It's not cheap, and has gone up in price since I bought mine. It also has mixed reviews as some appear to have had problems with theirs over heating but I suspect that's down to misuse. The suction hose pipe does get hot but is still okay to hold. Expensive but well worth the money in my opinion.
  7. Grassman

    Thames tideway Teddington to Limehouse

    Great photos. I look at the Thames tideway in a completely different light now having done it a couple of months ago, greatly enhanced by having an expert on board 😉. We enjoyed it so much we hope to do it again someday but this time downstream and perhaps venture further than Limehouse. For those of you who have never done it I recommend it. It's not as scary as I'd imagined.
  8. Grassman

    Hire boater basic training

    If there are no locks near the hire base for them to actually show the hirers how to operate one they should do like Caley Cruisers on the Caledonean Canal do and make them sit in a separate room and watch a 15 minute video about the locks and other such aspects before the hirers are allowed on the boat, I think it should be made a compulsory condition of hire,
  9. Grassman

    feeding ducks

    There is also the issue of vermin it attracts. Many a time I've seen folk throw slice after slice of bread into or beside the water, and sometimes a whole loaf. There's far too much for the wildfowl and the rats feed on the leftovers.
  10. Grassman

    feeding ducks

    I feed our ducks and swans with 'fruity nuggets' rabbit or guinea pig food pellets. A one and a half kg bag costs only £1.69 and £1.89 respectively from our local B&M store. Much cheaper than bags of so called duck food you buy from the canalside shops. The wildfowl go mad for it and it must surely have more nutritional value than bread.
  11. Grassman

    Overwater Marina to Llangollen

    Some friends have just got back and said how quiet the Llangollen was. Some other friends said the same last August too. They said there were quite a few hire boats but not many private ones. I reckon private owners and particularly retirees usually wait till next month after the schools go back. I fall into the latter category and I'm expecting it to be busy,
  12. Grassman

    Easy, safe moorings in Birmingham city centre.

    There is also grass all along the towpath on the Main Line just through St Vincent St bridge so for a quick walk this is where I go. My dog will only do her craps on grass 😊
  13. Grassman

    Insurance for liveaboards

    As a liveaboard I've been with Nautical Boat Insurance for a few years. The premium seems reasonable. You find out how good a company is when you need to claim and I had a large (£2,000) claim last year which they honoured without any problem.
  14. Grassman

    Southern Oxford Summit.

  15. Grassman

    Recommend a boat painter?

    £10k seems about right for a 'back to metal jobby' on 58' - 62' boat. I've been told that an advantage of a hand painted job is that there is more depth of paint and therefore more scope for being able to rub down an area with a scratch.

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