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  1. I meant to ask in my original thread if you know of any other marinas who are either stopping or considering stopping serving customers? If true it' just seems over the top to me and very unfair on their moorers who are paying the exorbitant fees, many of whom are reliant upon on them. Also any passing boaters who are expecting to get fuel of a pump out.
  2. It's only a rumour but apparently a marina in South Staffordshire near Fradley is considering suspending their toilet pump out operation and serving fuel to boaters due to the Coronavirus. Surely this is the height of paranoia? This could have serious consequences especially for liveaboards if other marinas follow suit.
  3. Yes it's the classification of the vehicle rather than the actual weight of it empty or loaded. The same applies to the 7.5 tonne limits you see everywhere, often in residential areas which are there to stop all but little 'box van sized' lorries going there.
  4. Granted they could probably do better with Facebook and Twitter, however they do post a lot information on their website but people still have to be bothered to look at it (which you obviously haven't ). I don't know about Facebook or Twitter because I don't use them but I've heard from several sources that they are somewhat lacking with those. They've recently had a new chairman whose background is in sales so I think we will probably see that changing.
  5. They do keep members informed. My comment about GDPR was in reply to Ditchcrawlers comment that they don't do a very good job of informing NON members of what they do. GDPR has made this extremely difficult now, unless potential non-member recipients specifically give permission to receive information/updates.
  6. This has been made more difficult since the introduction of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) in 2018 which prevents them sending emails without the specific consent of the recipients, and this has severely reduced their scope for informing people about what they are doing. I doubt they have much of an advertising budget so they are reliant upon getting news published in the printed media or on the internet.
  7. A friend sent me these photos from last week when a brook behind the marina over-topped it's banks. They were glad they were in a floating dwelling rather than a house as all they had to do was loosen their mooring ropes.
  8. It was the IWA who brought about the change from HS2's original plans of crossing the Trent & Mersey near Fradley Junction in 3 places to just one place now. They, together with some professional architects, worked out an alternative route which crossed the canal just once instead of the originally planned 3 places and also saved HS2 £55m. Understandably HS2 agreed to it. Another thing the IWA have been working hard on is noise mitigation. HS2 currently are only agreeing to these measures where there are fixed dwellings but the IWA are arguing that boats are dwellings too ,whether they are continuous cruisers, people on holiday, or boaters moored in a more permanent mooring such as a marina or an online one. They are campaigning to have noise mitigation measures put in place wherever to line gets close to a canal/river. They are currently being 'listened to' but how successful they are we will have to wait and see. But whatever the outcome fair play to them for all their efforts. The IWA also do a lot of work reviewing planning applications throughout the country and raise objections to the ones which will have a detrimental affect on the canal environment. They have been quite successful with some of these over the years. Sometimes it may be modifications to plans and other times it's resulted in a complete abandonment of them.
  9. It looks to be painstakingly slow process but obviously cheaper than erecting armco.
  10. I agree Captain Pegg. Sadly it certainly won't be finished in my lifetime but this and other restorations are for the long term and for future generations to hopefully be able to benefit from.
  11. The management of the Finger Post has recently changed for the umpteenth time. We moored there in December and were very impressed with what the new management has done. Good beer,nice food and well priced, friendly staff and generally a good ambience to the place. It's also a good quiet mooring right next to the attractive common.
  12. The full restoration of the Lichfield & Hatherton Canal would also provide another through route as well as a ring, both of which would significantly improve the condition of that part of the BCN. They're making decent progress on the restoration but there's still a heck of a way to go.
  13. Last July we were booked in at Mode Wheel Lock for 8.30 and we reached Ellesmere Port at around 4,30pm. We maintained a fair pace all the way but in doing so I didn't need to work the engine that hard really.
  14. I noticed a group of IWA volunteers have been cutting back the offside trees between Fradley Junction and Huddlesford and it's much better there now. I wish it was more widespread over the rest of the system.
  15. When I did it last July I took a screenshot of my certificate using my phone and emailed it to them. I also paid by credit card over the phone. Regarding other points some of you have raised, For there descent of Pamona Lock the lockies were at the pre-arranged time of 8.30am but I'm not sure they'd do a Sunday. I didn't really need my VHF because VTS at Eastham were very helpful and had made the 3 vessels coming towards us aware of our presence so they all slowed right down while we passed each other. The swing bridge at Ellesmere Port was permanently open and I was told it would be for the 'foreseeable future'. However if it is now operational again, the council will usually leave it unlocked for you if you anticipate arriving after normal working hours, and so will the Museum with their chain on the lock.
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