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  1. We tried a few different aerials over the years and none were particularly good. Then 2 years ago we changed all the aerial cables from normal co-axial to quad shield co-axial and a small cheap log periodic aerial. The difference it's made has been truly remarkable. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Monoprice-Quad-Shield-Coaxial-Cable/dp/B001URGQY6/ref=sr_1_3?adgrpid=115473660469&dchild=1&gclid=CjwKCAjwn6GGBhADEiwAruUcKubMdYXLsIdPLYBV6p_YHedQcac3CKZERWE3yVW8Qo51tF65KqWN1xoCvfkQAvD_BwE&hvadid=489786940791&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=1007103&hvnetw=g&hvqmt=e&hvrand=68307
  2. Do what we used to do when we hired boats and don't plan a specific ultimate destination. Then if you reach Stourport then fine, but if you don't it won't be the end of the world. You're probably like most people in that you spend most of your life rushing here and there, and we loved having a week when we didn't have those time pressures and could instead have a relaxing chilled out week. Better instead to take your time and enjoy and experience of that wonderful canal and the lovely places you are passing through, having the time to stop off here and there wherever takes your fan
  3. My Samsung Ion laptop has an integrated battery so therefore cannot be removed. The main reason I chose this one was because the battery lasts between 9 and 11 hours depending upon the type of usage. I was sceptical about these claims until I read the Which? Magazine tests. Having now had the laptop for 4 months I'm very happy to find that those claims were indeed true. I charge it up in the daytime when there is solar or we're on the move, and it easily lasts until the following day. Far less hassle than having to keep spare batteries and swapping them over every couple of hours
  4. I agree, CRT are indeed too sensitive about us being in conflict with their customers. However, if the OV is really bad, especially if it's on a bend or narrow section then we do stand our ground and insist on doing it, but this often means we might not do it as thoroughly as we'd want to. BTW, we rarely have a local paid CRT supervisor with us providing one of the party is trained as a Lead Volunteer.
  5. A mile a day? You must be joking. Besides which, trimming back with secateurs would be so insignificant it would be pointless. We aren't allowed to use chainsaws as it's deemed to be too dangerous working from a boat (contractors use them though), but we are trained to use long reach pole chain-pruners which can deal with branches/trunks up to about 10 inches. and we cut back as far as we can. Sometimes we are restricted by shallow water not enabling us to get in far enough. Rate of progress much depends on what the vegetation consists off. It it's blackthorn, dog rose, or brambles
  6. Going back to the OP's comment, I'm part of an offside vegetation cutting team of CRT volunteers carrying out the work every winter between October & early March. When we reach a section where there are continuous moorers we often get 'told off' by some when we begin to cut back the overhanging trees opposite. CRT have told us not to argue with them and so long as there is room for at least one boat to pass by then just leave them, and they don't affect the sightline of oncoming boats too much. I've never found out why they they object. Perhaps as somebody said, they like it b
  7. Thanks again for all your help and advice. We decided to wind just before the locks at Cheddleton this morning. The lady at the day boat hire by the Holly Bush pub said the river section was in flood and that it probably wouldn't be navigable for a few days, and possibly longer because of more rain forecast. With having a week's mooring booked in Liverpool early next month we can't really afford to wait around which is a shame. However this does give us an excuse to come back here again soon, not that we need an excuse though .
  8. Autosol looks similar to Peek which is what I use and get good results with. Whatever you use it's the amount of 'elbow grease' you use which really brings the results. The problem is that many so called brass fittings aren't actually real brass despite them saying so. It's either fake or with a coating of some kind of a brass like substance.
  9. Thanks for your replies. Hopefully the rain for the next few days might not be as bad as the forecast. I must be wrong about CRT issuing notifications on their stoppages list then, but I thought I'd seen ones referring to the river section at Alrewas in the past.
  10. We are due to reach the short River Churnet section in a few days time. With 2 days of persistent rain forecast beforehand do I have anything to worry about? I've regularly been on quite lively rivers, both tidal and non tidal so in theory a short canal section shouldn't be a problem, or should it? I can't remember ever having seen CRT notices about it very often. Also, does the river flow towards Froghall or the other way? The reason I ask is because I always prefer where possible to go against the flow.
  11. You could park the cars in the cafe'/farm shop car park at the garden centre which is on the offside by Bridge 74. It's free and I can't remember seeing any signs about no overnight parking. When we moored opposite there last week there were several cars in there overnight. There are about 5 mooring spaces above the bridge (opposite the car park) and you'd probably be okay parking on the road by the bridge to load/unload. Alternatively you'd probably get away with mooring briefly the other side of the bridge to move your gear, but it's on a water point which might make you unpopular.
  12. I give a long blast of the horn rather than a few short 'pip pip's', on the basis that if it's a road bridge an oncoming boat would probably think the latter was from a car approaching the bridge not a boat coming the other way. I know of several boaters who, when approaching a blind spot actually speed up so they can get through it as quickly as possible before anybody appears from the other way. Utter madness of course, but I reckon there's a fair few who do this. These days it seems to be getting worse, so much so that I now mount my car dashcam at the front on the basis that
  13. Thank you cheesgas for starting this thread, and to you others as well for your suggestions. I’ve had exactly the same problem and have never been able to fully resolve it during the 8 years I’ve owned the boat. I put an additional bilge pump on the engine bay floor of the section under the step, but as has been mentioned, it only removes water to a certain level. The idea of placing it in its own sump (even a bowl would do probably) is such a simple solution and I can’t believe I didn’t think of doing that. Duh! Many thanks everyone.
  14. Only on certain items. I bought a washing machine this morning and they said it didn't qualify.
  15. I'm looking for a reputable company to install a Morso Squirrel in my NB please. I'm prepared to travel but would ideally like one within about 40 miles radius of Fradley Junction or anywhere on or near to the Trent & Mersey, Shroppie, or Bridgewater canals (my chosen cruising route this summer depending on stoppages). The boat already has the roof chimney collar and the appropriately tiled wall surround, so I need a hearth installed to mount it on and a flue up to the roof. If any of you can recommend a reputable and reasonably priced person or company I'd be very
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