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  1. Grassman

    Fradley to Llangollen - mooring advice please

    Be aware of the Shroppie 'ledge' especially at the southern end. It's usually around a foot under the water and will prevent you getting your boat right to the edge. You can still usually get close enough to step off the boat though, but some folk are put off by it. The Shropshire Union Canal Society have done a lot of work creating good moorings where there is no ledge and they are usually clearly identifiable. Also, the towpath through some of the cuttings are always very wet and muddy, although probably not at the moment. Other nice places to moor (not in open countryside but nice villages and good pubs) are Breweood and Gnosall.
  2. We are currently heading upriver, just south of Oxford (Iffley Lock) and there is water flowing over the weirs here. There seems to be plenty of depth, although this is our first time on the Thames so I don't know what is 'normal'. It looks fine to me and we've had no problems getting to the edge to moor. I haven't heard anybody (lock keepers or other boaters) mention any concerns. We're going up to Lechlade before returning to Oxford and onto the canal via Dukes Cut.
  3. Presumably there were no problems then Athy? We are due to come off the Thames onto the Oxford this weekend so I'm hoping the levels will be high enough.
  4. Grassman

    Boat sunk in Clifton Hampden Lock

    We passed through there yesterday. I didn't really find out anything different to what we'd heard. The lockie confirmed that the work boat had just the single hander, that there was no lockie on duty, and that the boat wasn't secured properly and consequently surged forward and the bow caught on the lock gate. He said it was true that the crane didn't turn up on Friday, and when it did on Saturday it was the same type that they use to lift the lock gates. The boat was lifted, drained of water, then re-floated and towed to Abingdon. He said it was a miracle that there was virtually no pollution caused.
  5. Grassman

    Boat sunk in Clifton Hampden Lock

    We will be passing through there tomorrow so if there is a lockie on duty I will try to find out some details. Mind you there probably won't be one and even if there is he probably won't know any details.
  6. Grassman

    Boat sunk in Clifton Hampden Lock

    Thanks for the info. We will stay here until we know the lock has re-opened. We have enough beer, wine, and milk to last until Monday. Too hot for walking far but the trek to Dorchester will be an option should we run low on those vital supplies.
  7. Grassman

    Boat sunk in Clifton Hampden Lock

    I'm so glad we heard about it early and found this lovely spot a couple of miles down river from it (just below Days Lock) to sit it out and wait. At the time I started this thread I wasn't willing to trust their estimation so we decided to moor up for the day rather than get any closer to it. I bet it was chaos with everyone trying to find moorings nearer there.
  8. A vessel which we have been told is a narrowboat, has sunk in Clifton Hampden Lock (between Wallingford and Abingdon on the Thames). It happened yesterday and the EA website says the lock is due to be reopened later today. Obviously there is quite a build up of waiting boats and moorings within a mile or two each side of it are hard to come by. We're heading towards it from the south and have found a nice spot near Days Lock to sit it out until it clears. We're in the shade and have a good TV signal so we might stay here until after the footy tomorrow . Notice Clifton Lock sunken boat: river closure notice Updated 5 July 2018 Contents When Where Details Byelaws When From 12 noon on Thursday 5 July to 12 noon on Friday 6 July 2018 Where Clifton Lock Details Clifton Lock will be closed to all boats due to the sinking of a vessel in the chamber. No public mooring will be allowed in the lock laybys, up and downstream of Clifton lock. The main navigation channel will remain open throughout the incident up and downstream of the lock. There is no passage through Clifton Lock at this time. This closure is for the safety of river users, pollution prevention and to recover the sunken craft. We apologise for any inconvenience it may cause.
  9. Grassman

    TV aerials again!

    Thanks to you all for your very valid opinions. I'm going to check those other things out and make sure I have a set up which gives me the best chance of getting a signal.
  10. Grassman

    TV aerials again!

    I've tried various TV aerials on my boat over the years. All have been recommended by other boaters but haven't turned out to be as good as I'd anticipated, and too many times we've moored up and my wife has been without her precious tv and I've had to talk to her all evening. Perhaps my expectations are too high and I do realise that there are places where I'm never going to get a signal. Could the reason I have more difficulty be because we run ours through a PVR recorder rather than directly from the TV's Freeview? This is the latest one I've had recommended and I was wondering if any of you have had experience with one and what your opinions are. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/321875830076?ul_noapp=true
  11. Grassman


    But what she really likes about it is that if the paddle gear isn't stiff she can wind it all the way round just as you can with a normal windless. So it isn't always a slower process but only in some instances.
  12. Grassman


    Okay be picky then 😊. What I meant was that they are different to most lock gear. I assumed they were hydraulic inside those 'drums' because the gear is enclosed and they don't go 'rat tat tat' like the others 😂.
  13. Grassman


    We are now moored in London (Little Venice) so my wife has used it quite a lot since Crick. She loved it. She used it just as you would with any windlass then if she found one was a struggle to wind it all the way round she merely began to ratchet it up and down which was so easy. Granted it was a little slower raising a paddle but it was so much easier. When it came to lowering a paddle there's a fixed square next to it which she used. I'm not sure if it would fit the hydraulic type paddles further up the GU such as on the Hatton flight, but those aren't usually stiff and we would just use a normal windlass. Having been used to an aluminium one she got used to the extra weight and really it isn't much heavier than a normal steel one anyway. She wouldn't be without it now.
  14. That's good to know. We're now moored just up the Slough Arm at High Line Marina at Iver. Having been away from our base for over a month and with us going out on the tidal Thames next Friday I wanted to get everything checked over on the boat and get a few little jobs done beforehand. I believe in being as thoroughly prepared as possible, almost to the point of paranoia 😊. Very helpful people at High Line and they've even let us moor here for the weekend.
  15. Grassman

    CH5 Building Britains Canals

    In April we were held up for nearly 3 hours at the top of the Bingley Five Rise. Channel 5 were messing about in a Silsden Boats hireboat and the volunteer lockies were getting brassed off because of the number of re-takes they were doing. I think this series might be the one they were filming for.

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