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  1. Grassman

    Northampton Arm Help

    We're planning on doing the Nene to Peterborough and back sometime around mid April. Any help with some of the locks on the Northampton Arm would be gratefully received so I'll be in touch nearer the time.
  2. Grassman

    Ribble Link Query

    Thanks for the video's davidb. That certainly looks a strong current. To those who have done them how does the turn into Savick Brook compare to the likes of West Stockwith, Keadby and Selby? I've done those three and didn't find them too bad.
  3. Grassman

    Ribble Link Query

    Thanks all, I hadn't sussed it out properly. I've got it now. 👍
  4. Grassman

    Ribble Link Query

    Thanks you all for your advice. I've received my confirmation but when I clicked on the 'here' to get my booking date and time the times were still the 2018 ones. Obviously I don't need to know yet and it will be updated in due course. I was just curious to find out.
  5. Grassman

    Ribble Link Query

    I've just booked ours for June 17th. I'm having trouble finding out time-frame window for the departure but hopefully I'll figure it out sometime beforehand 😊. Are there enough moorings to overnight at Tarleton the day before? If not then I presume there will be plenty of places to moor in the few miles before there.
  6. Grassman

    Ribble Link Query

    Yes you're right John. I now realise it's more to do with the lack of appropriate tides. I hadn't realised there were so few either.
  7. Grassman

    Ribble Link Query

    Thanks for the alert. I didn't know the passages got booked up so quickly. I wanted to spend about 10 days on the Lancaster but the least I can get is 19 days. Ah well there are far worse places to hang around in 😊.
  8. Grassman

    Long Term Mooring on the Coventry Canal

    I think Baddesley would allow you to do your work on your boat. I was there for a couple of months a few years ago and it wasn't a problem. I doubt you will reach them by phone so I suggest popping in there and ask for either Barry or Chas (who tends to be there all the time). You may have to shout through the fence/gate by the car park though because it's always locked. They are a bit limited for room but it's worth sounding them out, especially as you don't want it until 2020.
  9. Grassman

    Roof paint colour - light or dark?

    Thank you all (those of you who kept to the topic) for your helpful and thought provoking replies to my OP. I have still to decide but I'm now leaning towards having a lighter coloured roof. The insulation on my boat is polystyrene which probably isn't as good an insulator as spray foam so that doesn't help. I have 3 solar panels and a roof box which would shelter some of the roof from the sun though, but being a 62ft boat there's still a lot of the roof exposed to the sun. Since beginning this thread my wife has told me that when working the locks she has noticed a significant difference when she has placed her hand on the white and black painted balance beams. The black part is always much hotter to touch she says.
  10. Most people's opinion is that a lighter colour on a narrowboat roof can deflect the sun better than a dark colour does and therefore means the boat being cooler inside, but does it really make a significant difference or just a slight one? I'd be particularly interested to hear from those of you who have had both light and dark roofed boats to see just how much difference you think a light roof makes, if any. Also, and this might be more difficult to answer, is there much/any difference in heat absorption or deflection between a gloss finish and a mat or semi/mat finish? I presume a gloss finish would deflect the sun better but could dazzle sometimes when you're standing at the helm. My boat is in for a repaint soon and I want a dark coloured roof but I'd really be grateful for your opinions before I make a final decision. BTW, I appreciate that a darker colour would probably fade quicker than a light one and I'd be okay with that, it's the heat factor that I'm more concerned about.
  11. Grassman

    Ribble Link Query

    Similar to Haggis's experience, we also found out the hard way when we were on the tidal Trent when our engine was overheating. The fitting of a new, larger skin tank plus changing the prop from 16 to an 18 inch seems to have cured the problem as since then we've done the tidal Thames from Limehouse upstream and the tidal Severn and both times the temperature stayed near to normal. I hope I'm not tempting fate, because we are doing the Ribble next year! I'm afraid it's probably something you can't really find out if there's a problem or not until you try it.
  12. Grassman

    Ribble Link Query

    How far in advance do you usually have to book? Is there a limit on how many boats per crossing and if so do the bookings tend to get fully booked up? We are planning on doing it in the spring or early summer but I don't really want to have to book too far in advance. I realise that the tides have to be taken into account but ideally about a week beforehand would be my preference. We will be travelling quite a way to get there and as you all know it's hard to calculate very specifically when travelling a long distance so I want to avoid the constraints of having to get there by a specific date.
  13. Grassman

    Dog pooh bags

    You must the same as I do, see joggers and cyclists along the towpath oblivious to what their dogs following behind are up to, and I've yet to see any of them carrying a full poo bag. I doubt many of them (if any) ever bother to look back, and if they did happen to see them they probably wouldn't bother going back to deal with it. I also see people walking along concentrating so much on their various hand held devices they are oblivious to what their dog is doing.
  14. Grassman

    Manchester ship canal Servey and cost

    I emailed Mike and got a quick and helpful response. I'm going on the Weaver beforehand anyway so I'm going to call in at Yarwoods for my survey. That works out a bit cheaper than him having to travel.
  15. Grassman

    Dog pooh bags

    I've said in a previous thread on the subject that this is surely the way to go. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-32495924 And it appears to have had some sucess https://www.barkinganddagenhampost.co.uk/news/dog-fouling-in-parks-down-by-60-per-cent-following-dna-pilot-scheme-in-barking-and-dagenham-1-4898517 It means that people don't have to be caught in the act which is extremely difficult to do and involves a lot of evidence gathering and a warden being in the right place at the right time. It can be done retrospectively. I would gladly become a volunteer warden!

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