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  1. The paperback of Canal Pushers, an exciting crime mystery set on the Stratford and Worcester & Birmingham canals, is now available. Canal Pushers was published last year as the first in the Johnson & Wilde series which follows liveaboard journalist Jack Johnson around the UK's waterways. It is available from all good book retailers (price £8.99). The second book in the series, River Rats, is also available in hardback or as an e-book. A must read for anyone who enjoys a Tiller Thriller when they aren't at the helm themselves. Published by orphanspublishing.co.uk.
  2. River Rats, the second book in my crime mystery series based on Britain's waterways, is published today. The book is set in Bath on the River Avon and the Kennet & Avon Canal. It follows the continuing fortunes of divorced and penniless journalist Jack Johnson and the young army widow Nina Wilde who he met on the Stratford Canal in my debut novel Canal Pushers. Once again, the plot is inspired by true events - in this case a long-running row between boat owners moored on the Avon and residents at Saltford, just outside Bath. However, this time Jack gets into deep water by coming to the aid of a small boating community threatened by unscrupulous property developers, corrupt councillors and Serbian hitmen. Many thanks once again to Zenataumm, VictorVectis and matty40s of this parish for their expert input. Signed hardback books are available directly from https://eur04.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.orphanspublishing.co.uk%2Fbook%2Friver-rats&data=02|01||9f2f46c42c3849ed9fd308d7d4aadff6|84df9e7fe9f640afb435aaaaaaaaaaaa|1|0|637211702675250916&sdata=1x4QivplmAWyij9XWbTykBD5j0TJ7eUR6JlV52PnTkc%3D&reserved=0 or from andygriffee.co.uk (£18.99 including postage) or as an e-book (£4.99). Everyone is also welcome to drop into my Facebook Live at 6.30pm this evening (April 2nd) for a brief VIRTUAL launch event. https://eur04.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fevents%2F546304742690595%2F&data=02|01||9f2f46c42c3849ed9fd308d7d4aadff6|84df9e7fe9f640afb435aaaaaaaaaaaa|1|0|637211702675240904&sdata=UGp149cYbopnqZXUGClUp%2FA95McfGkwaMzeibmakuU0%3D&reserved=0 (NOTE: Kind permission for this post has been given in advance by DHutch on a one-off basis)
  3. Hi Jo,

    Just letting you know that River Rats, my sequel novel to Canal Pushers, will be published on April 2nd by Orphans Publishing. Jack and Nina move onto the River Avon and K&A at Bath....


    best wishes


    1. Jo_


      Thanks Andy. Good to know. I'll put down a marker for myself!

  4. CANALWORLD members are cordially invited to Birmingham Waterstones on June 26th for a book event featuring CANAL PUSHERS, the new crime thriller by Andy Griffee which is set on two of the Midlands canals. Further information and ticket booking is available on: https://bit.ly/318fUgw?fbclid=IwAR0ZtFflk8u4RWxjLcOFem2O1mCI7NEpBvawVO_YUhRkzPF_V3zVshDjdXs Early reviews have called it 'enjoyable and gripping' and its chase has been compared to John Buchan's classic 39 Steps - which can't be bad! It sold well at Crick (thanks to Droitwich Marina's Nick and Ali Parkes) and it's an ideal book to be read at 4mph. Available to order in hardback or e-book, or come along to Birmingham Waterstones on June 26th at 6pm. (nb limited promotion of this book has been pre-approved for CanalWorld by the site's owner.)
  5. Overseas holiday paid for by sales? Yes please! Yes the permission was sought and given to draw attention to the book as long as it wasn’t too OTT and had a good editorial justification (ie publication day etc).
  6. Thanks very much Mike. Ok, this will sound smug but I've already written the second one and found it much easier as I plotted it all out in advance rather than making it up as I went along. This made it a much quicker and more pleasurable process (and wife prefers book 2). It'll be published in about 8 months.
  7. CANAL PUSHERS, a new crime thriller by Andy Griffee is published today (May 2nd). Available in hard-back and as an e-book, it's a must-read for anyone who enjoys boating and a good dose of fictional crime. It follows the fortunes of Jack Johnson, a newly divorced and out-of-work journalist who moves onto a boat and meets a mysterious young woman called Nina. They quickly become embroiled in a cat-and-mouse chase with the media, an organised drugs gang and a serial killer across two Midlands canals. The book is inspired by reports of a real life killer stalking the towpaths of Manchester. This is the first in a series of crime books called the Jumping Jack Flash Thrillers which follow Jack and Nina around the country's waterways. Next stop, the River Avon at Bath in a sequel called River Rats. Canal Pushers will also be available to buy from the Droitwich Marina stall at Crick and is featured in the Canal Boating Times which is being distributed at the show. (this post has been sanctioned by the site owner)
  8. It was a pleasure to meet you in the flesh. Thanks for coming such a long way and helping me get the book right.
  9. Canal Pushers, a crime thriller set on the Stratford and the Worcester & Birmingham Canals, is now available to pre-order as hard back or as an e-book. It's the first in the Jumping Jack Flash series which moves around the UK's canals and waterways. Jack Johnson, a newly divorced and penniless ex-journalist decides to live on a boat, meets a mysterious woman and is quickly embroiled in a cat-and-mouse chase with the media, a drug-dealing gang and a serial killer known as the Canal Pusher. Written with the help and advice of three CanalWorld regulars and published by Orphans Publishing. (nb permission has been given by the site owner for this information to be posted)
  10. Hullo. I am available if anyone needs a reasonably experienced crew member for up to a week at a time all year round. I semi-retired, 57-years-old, a married father of two and a former BBC journalist and now a published fiction writer. Trips would preferably be in the Midlands or West Country regions but I am happy to consider anything anywhere. I have hired boats many times but never owned one and I have no experience of tidal rivers and zero skill at engine maintenance. However, I can cook well and rub along with most people and dogs. I would not require payment.
  11. ....and thanks Matty. Your feedback has been invaluable. As a result, Jack and Nina are still together for book 2 and our brief delivery trip has inspired an idea for book 3!
  12. Better than sinking without a trace I guess - thankyou so much Andy
  13. Yes there will.... more details when I know them....(although hardback signed first edition will be worth thousands of ££s in 200 years. If it’s not you can sue me!) ?
  14. If any forum members would like to pre-order a signed hardback first edition of CANAL PUSHERS by Andy Griffee, it is available via www.orphanspublishing.co.uk. Unsigned copies are also available to pre-order before the May 2nd launch date either online from Amazon or Waterstones or by calling into any good bookshop. (nb permission for these links to be publicised on Canal World has been secured from the site owner - subject to it being done in a reasonable fashion and subject to review.)
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