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  1. Jo_

    swan drama

  2. Jo_


    I agree. I just carry mine and, though I'm aware it's a bit heavier than an aluminium one, it just reminds me I've got the GoWindlass and it's helping me! I'm not skinny enough to carry a windlass in a belt. It would just stick into me or drop off or bang into my thigh. It's easier to carry.
  3. Jo_


    Where are you haggis? You could borrow mine to try if you like. I am at Mercia.
  4. Jo_


    I'll weigh mine and tell you! And you can compare it to the weight of your long throw! 😃
  5. Jo_


    Ditto. Love mine and delighted to hear it's not just me that thinks this windlass is a superb addition to boaty life 👍😄
  6. Jo_

    Deweeding tool - where can I get one?

    http://richardcarterltd.co.uk/product/66-hickory-shunt-pole/ That looks nice - heavy duty - and is it not a bit clunky to manoeuvre?! The propmate is light and supertough; hangs on a hook just inside the stern doors.
  7. Jo_

    Deweeding tool - where can I get one?

    The propmate is what we have used for years. It's brilliant. Miracle Leisure Products (who sell it as in David Mack's link above) are usually at Crick and they also do the rescue ladder/plank which we now carry since we reckon it's more useful that just a wooden plank.
  8. Jo_


    I am delighted with my GoWindlass. Will use it in preference to any other now since it makes my life with rough tough paddles easier! As Grassman says, using the ratchet so you don't have to go all the way round makes raising a paddle a slighly slower operation. But I'm not bothered - after all, as W.H.Davies wrote about 100 years ago: "A poor life this if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare".
  9. Jo_

    I want one of these lock windlasses ! ! !

    I have a GoWindlass - bought it just before our May cruise. Love it. It's now my GoToWindlass 🤣
  10. Jo_


    Yes, I know. But I do have a problem in that on stiff paddles I can't do 360 degrees and the ratchet 160 or whatever is perfect. Of course it's only right for those it's right for - bit like boats and engines! And mine will have a rotating handle because my engineering buddy is giving it one! 😎
  11. Jo_


    Yes, true. And I noticed that the Fradley lock spindles are thin so the windlass does need to be pushed 'home'. But my other windlasses (both short and long throw) have one 'ole and so are also one size
  12. Jo_


    GoWindlass: Just come back from three weeks on the boat and I used it all the time. Liked it a lot. Bit more weight than a 'standard' windlass which gave it a bit of 'oomph' and the shaft length is half way between short and long throw. Since I also managed to crash down onto the bank (yes, I slipped on the stern!) and couldn't do the 'all the way round' windlassing, the ratchet mechanism was wonderful. Lots of people had a look and a try when they saw me with it. It's my new favourite! Women Doing Locks: Almost always I do them, he drives (though he does do rear gates, do the paddles etc.). Reason? If he drives, I'm doing jobs in the boat as we travel - food, cleaning, washing, sorting, writing lists, getting sorted for the evening etc. If I drive, he gets a cup of coffee and stands up beside me. So it's a no brainer. If we both want to get a drink and sit down and enjoy the afternoon/evening when we moor, we both have to do the jobs in the daytime. And I like doing locks
  13. Jo_

    Help required on Android phone

    My Android (Google Pixel 2XL) is deliberately set - by me - not to update until it can do so with a good WiFi signal. We've just got back from 3 weeks' cruising and there were something crazy like dozens of updates pending. Which all went through when it was on our home WiFi. Updates do take up data and because just about everything is an app and everything wants to update frequently, I find it better to keep those updates to a time when I know it's happening. This may all be off the mark, but do check the settings Jan in case you've got the updates configures so that it can't!
  14. Jo_

    North Oxford blocked by oak tree

    Hillmorten lockies said they were having a quiet morning today. Then, all of a sudden, 47 boats turned up. 🌲 effect 😎
  15. Jo_

    North Oxford blocked by oak tree

    Very Smart 🤣🤣🤣🤣 but the perch doesn't look very comfortable

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