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  1. Jo_

    Help required on Android phone

    My Android (Google Pixel 2XL) is deliberately set - by me - not to update until it can do so with a good WiFi signal. We've just got back from 3 weeks' cruising and there were something crazy like dozens of updates pending. Which all went through when it was on our home WiFi. Updates do take up data and because just about everything is an app and everything wants to update frequently, I find it better to keep those updates to a time when I know it's happening. This may all be off the mark, but do check the settings Jan in case you've got the updates configures so that it can't!
  2. Jo_

    North Oxford blocked by oak tree

    Hillmorten lockies said they were having a quiet morning today. Then, all of a sudden, 47 boats turned up. 🌲 effect 😎
  3. Jo_

    North Oxford blocked by oak tree

    Very Smart 🤣🤣🤣🤣 but the perch doesn't look very comfortable
  4. Jo_

    North Oxford blocked by oak tree

    Better than staring at the TV, eh?! Hope you've got a mug/glass in hand and a comfortable perch!
  5. Jo_

    Cello 12v TV

    Thanks Tony. We'll check
  6. Jo_

    Cello 12v TV

    Inverter I'm afraid.
  7. Jo_

    Cello 12v TV

    We have the Cello with Freesat etc. The sound is no problem because we have a Bose Solo 5 which has taken over as the Bluetooth speaker in the main cabin for Music, Radio and the TV (not all at the same time, I hasten to add!). I think we've come to expect increasingly good sound quality so don't like settling..... One thing I can't sort is the channel numbering. Freeview is fine but when we use the little sat dish and scan, we get all the channels but they don't 'lock in' to 1 BBC1, 2 BBC2, 3ITV etc. Anyone know the solution to this (apart from lengthy manual editing). The old boat TV with a separate freesat box was fine.
  8. Jo_

    North Oxford blocked by oak tree

    Be glad for updates on this. We're currently down near Braunston, doing nothing much, but due that way perhaps tomorrow. So it would be good to know if it's been cleared! By way of exchange, the Elsan point at Midland Chandlers (Braunston Junction) is out of action. I reported it as leaking and possible part blockage, CRT say they inspected and the pump needs fixing (?pump for the Elsan? - shows I know nothing) and that the tank needs to be drained (which they said they'd do today - Wed 16 May) so the contractors can fix. Nearest CRT alternative is canal-side one before the Stop House.
  9. Jo_


    I too went looking and it's a very recent thing. There was a bit in Towpath Talk on the 21st of March. I, for one, am perfectly willing to try anything that helps as I steadily get more ancient.
  10. Jo_

    Courers DPD are a joke

    Send a tweet (Direct Message) with parcel # as they say ... my experience with Twitter has always been an instant and positive/helpful response twitter.com/DPD_UK
  11. I received this and lost the will to live half way through. It would have taken ages to go through it all properly. And the survey constantly links CRT and the waterways so that if I say I (paraphrasing) love the waterways, boating, being in the community etc., then I'm saying that I'm also in favour of CRT's role etc. So I got to half way through, gave up and just added comments at the end. Maybe others are more commmitted and will get through it all .....
  12. Jo_

    Heron narrowboats

    No. It's my photography! Mushrooms are fine
  13. Jo_

    Heron narrowboats

    We have a Heron. Built in 2004. Two owners - we bought in 2009. Gorgeous boat! Just been for a bare-metal then up repaint at Streethay. 58' trad. I particularly love the 'sweep' of the roof line.
  14. Jo_

    Peak Forest Canal

    Update on 11/09/2017: Over the weekend subsidence has become evident at Lock 15, Marple and we have had to close the canal here while this is investigated. Following inspections on site today we are now concerned that there has been some movement to the towpath side lock wall as well. Our engineering team will be undertaking a thorough examination of the lock over the next few days so that we can be clear about the true extent of the problem and what repairs are now needed. Given the uncertainty about the full extent of the problem we cannot estimate a reopening date for the lock at the moment, when we know more we will be able to issue a further update. We’re sorry if this problem has caused you delays but want to assure you that we are giving this highest priority.
  15. Jo_

    Bespoke mattress advice please

    We got our foam/memory foam combination mattresses (one on the boat and one in the lodge) from Comfort Solutions [www.mattress-solutions.co.uk]. And Coolmax covers for them because you do get hotter lying on them! We have a crossbed so did the split across the way so that it's under our legs but that only works with a crossbed of course. We also did the cut and the final fitting ourselves (on the factory shop's advice) using an electric carving knife! Worked a treat.

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