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  1. I received this and lost the will to live half way through. It would have taken ages to go through it all properly. And the survey constantly links CRT and the waterways so that if I say I (paraphrasing) love the waterways, boating, being in the community etc., then I'm saying that I'm also in favour of CRT's role etc. So I got to half way through, gave up and just added comments at the end. Maybe others are more commmitted and will get through it all .....
  2. Heron narrowboats

    No. It's my photography! Mushrooms are fine
  3. Heron narrowboats

    We have a Heron. Built in 2004. Two owners - we bought in 2009. Gorgeous boat! Just been for a bare-metal then up repaint at Streethay. 58' trad. I particularly love the 'sweep' of the roof line.
  4. Peak Forest Canal

    Update on 11/09/2017: Over the weekend subsidence has become evident at Lock 15, Marple and we have had to close the canal here while this is investigated. Following inspections on site today we are now concerned that there has been some movement to the towpath side lock wall as well. Our engineering team will be undertaking a thorough examination of the lock over the next few days so that we can be clear about the true extent of the problem and what repairs are now needed. Given the uncertainty about the full extent of the problem we cannot estimate a reopening date for the lock at the moment, when we know more we will be able to issue a further update. We’re sorry if this problem has caused you delays but want to assure you that we are giving this highest priority.
  5. Bespoke mattress advice please

    We got our foam/memory foam combination mattresses (one on the boat and one in the lodge) from Comfort Solutions [www.mattress-solutions.co.uk]. And Coolmax covers for them because you do get hotter lying on them! We have a crossbed so did the split across the way so that it's under our legs but that only works with a crossbed of course. We also did the cut and the final fitting ourselves (on the factory shop's advice) using an electric carving knife! Worked a treat.
  6. Two Canoe Gypsies

    Abe Books (my 'goto' for out of prints) lists a copy with Fisher Nautical, Hassocks https://www.abebooks.co.uk/servlet/BookDetailsPL?bi=21773582881&tab=1&searchurl=bi%3D0%26ds%3D30%26sortby%3D17%26tn%3DTwo%2BCanoe%2BGypsies%26vci%3D458649
  7. Supporting Exturnaroundman's post, look at www.canalcruising.co.uk (phone on 01785 813982). Very good family firm, based in Stone right near a Morrison's supermarket for supplies. Nice boats which we often meet out on the cut with happy hirers who return year after year. It will place you well for the Caldon. It looks like there would be availability so get on the phone quickly!
  8. Purchase is close

    I'd wonder why the seller would take £5k off (a big discount) for the sake of a couple of days and if the boat's a good 'un. Try offering a deposit and the discounted price subject to survey.
  9. CRT "are aware" but say they have a lot of reports of trees down so not able to say when they'll go out. They don't say whether navigation is blocked, so any more precise information would be very welcome. There have been recent CRT notifications of trees down on Peak Forest and Caldon to add to GG's Oxford and T&M.
  10. Yes, Leicester Line. 5/6 miles up from Crick area. We've a boat heading that way and a local boater says this ... ??Noone in the area to give more news?? I have asked CRT.
  11. Today (Wednesday) pm .... Anyone know about a tree down across the canal near Bridge 28 (Elkington Bridge) on GU? We've been told by a boater in the area
  12. New to boating

    Last four posts on individual spec preferences are really good to read and I found myself mentally ticking off the 'yep, got that' or 'hmmm' or 'nahhhh' as I went! Might be worth adding the length of your boats as well though, because that does affect choices for space use.
  13. our 1st one night stand....

    How lovely! What a joyous thing boating is. Lang may yer lum reek!
  14. Spring cruise

    Have a great cruise. I look forward to keeping up with progress via your blog. xx
  15. Paris houseboat - how to rent?

    https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/15724183?s=cF4AjIqs That says two bedrooms