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  1. I didn't know that one was impending. But, if it is on telly, it will help fill the gap between cricket seasons.
  2. ...and, being already up, can have breakfasted and gone to the shop to buy more eggs and bacon before the other one gets up.
  3. We haven't seen him since 2012, I'm afraid.
  4. Possibly - though a car (unless it's one of those Dacia jobs) is even more expensive. I'm guessing that a mid-sized engine + gearbox would cost about £5,000?
  5. I think you'e probably right - it sounds logical. I don't mind that. I'm not bedudiced.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. Possibly, Tony; but I just looked at a car manufacturers's web site (Suzuki) and each car is exactly priced, as are all its optional extras.
  8. That's what we're here for! I should add that the East West boats were/ are sent to Britain after being fully fitted out in China (with rather pleasing bamboo-wood interiors, I think); that might be a route worth exploring.
  9. How strange: they ask people to contact them "for pricing enquiries". You'd think that a price list would be an essential part of any seller's catalogue. Perhaps it depends on how many they've sold that month - if business is slack they'll sell you one cheaper.
  10. That depends on you! I have never lived aboard, but I've seen plenty of people living aboard shorter boats than that Our boat is 45 feet long and has a saloon with solid-fuel stove, a galley, a bathroom and a fixed double bed, which are the basics of what you'd need. It also has a five-foot engine room which you wouldn't need (most modern engines are tucked under the rear deck). Further to my remarks above, I've looked up container sizes on the internet and it seems that 40 feet is the standard, so I'm a bit baffled by the 44-footers - but I do remember an article about East-West in one of the boating mags, where it was stated that these boats were made to fit into a container. EW do, or did, make 39-footers too, so perhaps those are the ones which can be "containerised".
  11. There are quite a few Chinese=built narrowboats on Britain's canals, so someone over there knows how to build them. They were marketed earlier this century by a company called East-West; I didn't think they were trading any more, but they appear to have an active web site. One trick they used (and which may be useful to you when planning shipping) was building them 44 feet long, so that a boat would fit neatly inside a standard container. Here's one which cam eup for sale recently. Sorry the picture isn't great, it was the best one I could find on the broker's site.
  12. I'm trying to work this out - I assume it's not a model type. Large and knackered?
  13. Athy

    The power of Clay

    I guess I could have "googled" it, but if we all did that, we would lose part of the discussion element of the forum!
  14. Athy

    The power of Clay

    Is that "clay" as in earthy stuff or "Clay" as in a commercial brand?
  15. "New Dusty" (Jock) doesn't seem to come up the Oxford as far as Cropredy any more, I think he stays further South. "Former Dusty" (Mark Boardman) was sighted steering a trip boat out of Banbury a few weeks ago, he says that he left the waterways behind for a while but couldn't stay away from them.
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