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  1. You'd make a great politician - you have answered a point which had not been asked!
  2. I didn't. Why not? Thank you for your opinion, to which you are fully entitled.
  3. Athy


    Because they have undergone years of training, as you point out. I assume that your use of "paltry" is sarcastic.
  4. I beg to differ - but do PM me (or any other moddy) if you feel that you have been treated unfairly.
  5. Athy

    Great Tits

    Is it about to prey on that unsuspecting little creature crawling along beneath it?
  6. Athy

    Resign Threshold - TSB

    It is a pleasing addition to one's vocabulary, yes. It's actually not dissimilar to the older word "brok" which you'll hear in some parts of the North meaning "broken" - "Me shovel's brok". I assume that this derives from a German strong verb. I believe it's also a term for an Icelandic chanteuse.
  7. I fully realise that some boaters travel further in a day than others - the "half day's cruising" must be seen as an average (3 to 4 hours would perhaps be typical). By the same token,moored boats unmoor themselves and travel on, so they will be difficult to count!
  8. Athy

    Resign Threshold - TSB

    I have never seen it. I assume that it's either a word of Jen's own invention, or a variation upon the better-known "baulked", meaning impeded or hindered. But as for the customer's front end, the mind boggles, or perhaps borkles....
  9. Athy


    Yield not to temptation.
  10. Athy

    Difficulty in choosing a hire company

    Welcome to CWDF, Flotsam, and thank you for this useful information.
  11. Alan, I am as guilty as the next man when it comes to typo's - but some of them are unintentionally funny or pleasing, as this one was.
  12. Athy

    Resign Threshold - TSB

    But not as short as that.
  13. Athy

    Resign Threshold - TSB

    The English language is a thing of constant wonder - and sometimes of incomprehensibility.

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