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  1. Athy

    Spam pm

    Things can slip people's minds. Clearing out a drawer in my office last week, I found my reader's ticket for the Public Records Office at Kew. I last went there to research part of my Mum's side of the family, as there was missing information which she wanted to know. Mum passed away in 2000.
  2. Athy

    Spam pm

    No, Alan did say that these were two members who had made their first posts today. We're still hearing from a few people - most recently member Zathras, who joined in 2013 but has never made a post. I do wonder why, if someone has shown no interest in the forum for over seven years, they feel the need to report a spam message now.
  3. Athy

    Spam pm

    Sorry, I was referring to their e-mail addresses - not taking into account that moddies can see these but most members can't. All three of the spam artists had e-mail addresses in Mali. If you can furnish, by P.M., the names of these two new members, they can be checked.
  4. Athy

    Spam pm

    As conspiracy theories go, that's an imaginative one! I don't know who the two members are to whom you refer - but is either of them from Mali? A further thought: do these chaps actually expect to sell any bitcoins by this method? If not, why are they sending these messages?
  5. Athy

    Spam pm

    Actually, some of the reports we've received have come from just such people, so I guess they're genuine. I can't help you there; I've never heard of one.
  6. Athy

    Spam pm

    Possibly; but there seems to be no rhyme or reason behind who has received them. It doesn't appear to be alphabetically based, now to take into account length of membership or number of posts. I must admit that I have not closely analysed them all, as I do have other things to do!
  7. Athy

    Spam pm

    Nor here. What have we done wrong? The report count is now up to about 150.
  8. Athy

    Spam pm

    Thank you for that advice, which I'm sure our Site Owner will heed. I must say that, when we have had outbreaks of these posts on the actual forum, and when we've banned the senders, they have rarely, if ever, come back to bother us. I also wonder why many members have received these posts, but many others have not.
  9. My best spell-checker is my degree in English. Unfortunately, my computer hasn't got one.
  10. You can, you have and I'm grateful. Now corrected, thanks.
  11. I'm not sure if my computer is equipped with this feature, but on occasion I look at a sentence and think "I CAN'T have typed that!" so I guess it must be. Sometimes, when I am using my search engine, it playfully omits the first letter of "canal", with surprising results.
  12. Athy

    Spam pm

    Yes, we could be hearing from them for weeks to come. Oh, frabjous day.
  13. Not nesser-celery. It depends on your subject. At one of my schools, the P.E. master's (handwritten) end-of-term reports had to be (type)written again by form teachers because they were such gibberish. He was irked when he found out, and spent a couple of hours swinging from trees and beating his chest, but calmed down when someone bought him a pint. Addition and/or adaptation of punctuation was also a standard part of checking colleagues' reports. Then there was the maths teacher, a highly articulate lady and probably the best all-round teacher with whom I've ever worked, who just cou
  14. How about "co-workers" or "friends"? I do sympathise. I write quite a few reviews of L.P.s, singles and CDs for magazines. Therefore the word "release" is one I use quite often. I KNOW how to spell it, but for unknown reasons my computer almost always spells it "reelase".
  15. Athy

    Spam pm

    It keeps us out of mischief. We've received over 100 reports now, so the sender(s) meant business. I haven't received one, not sure how they picked their targets. It has been a mixture of currently active members and people we haven't heard from for ages (eight years in one case).
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