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  1. Not unless the signal is red.
  2. In a similar tautological vein: Train guard: "Ely will be our next station stop".
  3. Thus - assuming that there was only one teacher. Possibly should be a colon rather than a semi-colon.
  4. It's actually correct, though perhaps not a-purpose.
  5. No. So much for relying on the internet! One web site shows a route between the two towns, another makes it clear that one has to get a train to Lynn and then a 'bus to Swaffham. Both the trains and the 'buses seem to be frequent though - every hour.
  6. How long is your boat? Where are you now? There is a substantial, lit pontoon mooring on the Relief Channel at Downham Market, same end of town as the station. I do not know how long you're allowed to stay there - I think it's on EA water. Trains from Downham to Swaffham are fairly frequent but you have to go up to Lynn and down again. Journey time is just over an hour.
  7. Athy

    TV licence

    Game, set and metre.
  8. Athy

    TV licence

    Oh come on, feet were in use before that. How do you think people walked?
  9. Athy

    TV licence

    ...and for some time before that - 150 years or so.
  10. So, definitely a "sailaway plus". Thanks for that info - it should help the O.P. form an idea of what he'll get for his money.
  11. Athy

    TV licence

    Indeed, what a relief.
  12. There are doubtless specialist web sites about it, particularly in Jamaica.
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