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  1. Athy

    Ebay vintage engine sales

    I certainly remember the CoBo, and its Hornby-Dublo miniature version which, being a poor seller, became a valuable collectable in later years (my friend sold his for plenty of £££). But, surely "Metrovick" was short for Metropolitan Vickers? What's the Crossley connection? And, were they the same company that made the 'buses?
  2. Athy

    March of the Widebeams

    A good, and thought-provoking, article.
  3. Athy

    Where to dump rubbish/building waste?

    I have noticed that people with whom I come into contact who do what some would consider to be bloody awful jobs - dustbinmen, council dump recycling workers, the chap who pumps out our septic tank with his turdtanker twice a year - are unfailingly cheerful, often more so than people who do apparently more pleasant jobs. I wonder why.
  4. Athy

    Ebay vintage engine sales

    Ah, THAT looks more like it. The same Crossley company which used to build 'buses, I assume.
  5. Athy

    Ebay vintage engine sales

    Your link leads to something called a "Vintage Soundmaster Bite Alarm". Is that what you intended?
  6. Athy

    Key diesels reconditioned engines.

    Thanks for that information. The original enquiry was nearly six months ago, but if the O.P. hasn't yet replaced his engine then your company could be helpful. I've allowed your post because it's a direct answer to a query by a member, but in future please note that CWDF doesn't allow straightforward commercial advertising without the site owner's permission.,
  7. Athy

    Home and Canal boat exchange

    But this would not be hiring.. If you hire something, you get temporary use of it for an agreed payment. No payment would be involved here. Each party would grant the other party the temporary use of something on the understanding that it would be returned. That's lending.
  8. Cloudy here I'm afraid, so no sighting.
  9. Athy

    a reasonable offer.

    Better a load of tosh than a load of dosh. Mrs. Athy was pleasantly surprised when she got the S-Cross as its tax is only £30 p.a., similar reasons I suppose.
  10. Athy

    a reasonable offer.

    Zero road tax? How did you wangle that? I think you mean 20k rather than £20k, which would be expensive for a service, even if only every 2 years.
  11. Athy

    a reasonable offer.

    I think many people have been suspicious of them because they're Korean, but I have read some very good reports of the make. (Mind you, the nationality of many cars is rather blurred these days. Our Suzuki S-Cross, while of course nominally Japanese, was, we've discovered, built in Hungary and fitted with an Italian engine).
  12. Athy

    a reasonable offer.

    Very good. What is it?
  13. Athy

    Historic Boats for sale online

    I hope it's not Kinver Canopies' demonstration boat.
  14. Athy

    a reasonable offer.

    Boring! You did well on the car, though - how did you manage to get such a substantial discount? Perhaps you didn't get much for the one you traded in against it, if there was one.
  15. I suppose that if it was still there after 14 days, someone stuck a ticket on it.

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