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  1. Athy

    election before or after xmas

    I thought as much - I couldn't imagine you misspelling "gruelling".
  2. Athy

    election before or after xmas

    Your own words, or quoted from somewhere else?
  3. Athy

    Flasher on the North Oxford

    Let me guess: he'd say he'd be back later that day and then you wouldn't see him again for a fortnight.
  4. Athy

    Genuine JOHN HARKER shipbuilders plate

    Thank you for your apology, David.
  5. Athy

    Flasher on the North Oxford

    No, that's "thatching". Easily confused.
  6. Indeed it would have been. When we are going from home to the boat at Cropredy, we stop for beer and cider provisions at the N'hampton Tesco. We also saw the two of you at Alvecote: I did call out, but you were busy steering Sickle at the time so I guess you were concentrating. Your overheard query as to whether one was supposed to avoid or hit the floating bollard at the turning point produced much mirth!
  7. Athy

    Flasher on the North Oxford

    That is no way to speak about Mr. Rees-Mogg. You should be ashamed of yourself: he is quite tall.
  8. Athy

    London whiteout

    I too thought of her when I read Murflynn's post. I wonder how she is - I don't think she was the happiest of bunnies. Ditto Brassy alias Brassed Off alias Grey Lady, who seems to come and go.
  9. Athy

    Pendle Narrowboats

    I believe it's more correctly called Pendle Water, but it is a river.
  10. Athy

    election before or after xmas

    Splendid - particularly your word "wooferendum".
  11. Athy

    election before or after xmas

    It would be pleasant if the rRitish and EU negotiators shared a few of those, yes, the talks would go more smoothly.
  12. Athy

    election before or after xmas

    ....or neither of the above?
  13. Athy

    Pendle Narrowboats

    Yes, I thought of that and it's a possibility. But I think that it depends more on whom you order the boat from. We ordered our last boat from Devizes, who then went and got a Liverpool shell to fit out for us (they also used Pinder shells). We ordered 'Trojan' from Mel Davis, who does no fitting out beyond installing the engine and running gear; he then arranged with M.G. to fit out the shell which he built for us.
  14. Athy

    Pendle Narrowboats

    I'm pleased that you are finding the thread interesting, as am I. Topics on CWDF often do this - start on a particular subject and then develop into related discussions. To use a motoring analogy, your question is akin to "Does anyone know anything about TVR Tuscans?" Many members will not have heard of them, some will have heard of them but no more than that, a few will have seen one and thought that it looked good, but no one will have actually owned one. Members have responded to your question to the best of their ability, but it seems that none has personal knowledge of Pendle Boats (my only input is that I assume they're built or fitted out in Lancashire, as that's where the River Pendle is). Now just wait, someone will pop up and tell as that they love their TVR Tuscan.

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