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  1. Kids on phones.

    Now you've got me wondering where the apostrophe should go in "girls". Perhaps I should get out more, though I really don't feel like doing so while I still have this virus.
  2. Kids on phones.

    No need to apologise. I see that you are Female, so it doesn't apply to you. Little girls tend to be more sophisticated, and some of them can spell it too.
  3. Kids on phones.

    Little boys, then as now, were not renowned for their sophistication!
  4. Kids on phones.

    Taking your points in order: no, no, no and no. Apart from that we are entirely in agreement.
  5. Kids on phones.

    But my remarks clearly applied to water only. I cannot comment on council estate mores in old-time Coventry, but thinking back, when my Sheffield pals and I went out to play in our primary school days , our mums would make sure that we had a bottle of pop (Jusoda or Tizer usually) to take with us in case we got thirsty (as we would often be out for three or four hours). This seems eminently prudent, and couth, to me.
  6. Where to buy working boats

    "You" as in "I" or as in "one/ people"? It has been raised before. I share your surprise.
  7. Where to buy working boats

    I should mention that two posts from this thread have just been reported by a "Guest". I have looked at both and found them entirely harmless. I will add that we do not take kindly to reports by anonymous "guests": if you want to report a post, you have every right to do so, but please have the decency to tell us who you are. In this case, may I suggest that the "Guest" in question finds something better to do: playing with the traffic might be an option worth pursuing.
  8. Kids on phones.

    If a desire to avoid the effects of dehydration is a sign of such insecurity, then you are correct.
  9. Rain Rushers !

    May I suggest a bigger pan?
  10. Boat Hire Legal Question

    Thanks for that detailed explanation. Have you told the company what you have just told us? Such a reputable company should take such an incident seriously (and will want to know if sub-standard work is being carried out by its staff), so it would be instructive to hear their reaction.
  11. Boat Hire Legal Question

    Your first post suggests that you're seeking advice before attempting a repair yourself; have you now done so? From your stated itinerary, I can think of only one hire fleet which this could be, and they are generally very well thought of, so perhaps you have just been unlucky.
  12. Kids on phones.

    Surely "goats". Very good.
  13. A narrowboat abandoned in France

    That's correct - though I have also seen its meaning likened to "putting the boot in", i..e. violently breaking or damaging something.
  14. Kids on phones.

    Is there any reason to think that this craze will not peak and decline, as so many have done before it? (I remember one point in the 1980s when, during break time, almost all the pupils in my class were absorbed in twisting their Rubic Cubes hither and thither; two years later, you never saw one.) Harking back to that era does make me think of one benefit of the spread of computer devices: most people can now type. At that time, we all submitted our exam papers to the school secretary who would type them out for us, because many teachers simply could not type competently. That would be unthinkable now. And finally...I'm in total agreement with the "baby goats" comment. As far as I remember, at no point in my 30 + years of teaching did I refer to pupils as "kids", either to their faces or in conversation with other members of staff. I referred to some of them by less polite epithets, mind, but that's another story.