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  1. At that time I was watching the end of that country-house celebrity murder mystery thingy, hence I didn't see that item.
  2. Not knowing if he was cumming or going, eh? Thanks for explaining.
  3. For the less adhesive of us, who do not spend the day glued to news bulletins, could you explain the reference, please?
  4. 不不不不不不不 Seriously I suppose it depends on the small print. Does our licence give us the right merely to KEEP our boat on CART's water, or the right to NAVIGATE on it? If the former, a reduction or suspension would not be mandatory; if the latter, it arguably would be.
  5. Less need, perhaps, but they do sound ever so comfy.
  6. Jennifer was quite clearly using "less" in the sense of "fewer".: there were fewer positive cases. This is not digital.
  7. Indeed - I have mentioned in another thread that staying at home must be tedious if "home" is a bed-sitting room. But yes, as said garden catches the afternoon and evening sunshine, using it more as the weather gets warmer is something to look forward to.
  8. We went over that aqueduct in a hire boat last year.Alas, looks as if we shan't be boating in France this year.
  9. That's O.K. as long as their boat has a license.
  10. I think the difference between Greta and the Corona bug is that people take Corona seriously.
  11. Eh? How does this relate to my post which you have quoted? I shall miss steam rallies etc, yes - but I was anticipating what we COULD, not couldn't, do.
  12. Ah yes, I've read the story in the report now. This being a petrol-engined genny, I don't think his gas-safe qualification is relevant - but the report did mention that he installed heating systems, which would presumably include petrol/ oil-fired ones, professionally, so he should have known what he was doing.
  13. Don't you look forward to lovely light evenings? O.K., it's not yet the time of year for drinks, picnics and barbecues by the river, but it soon will be.
  14. Good grief. Apart from anything else, why on earth was this generator running at night while mother and daughter were asleep?
  15. But who would these "others" be? People who aren't supposed to be there anyway?
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