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  1. I like my semi-trad which is fitted with extended seats over the rear lockers for comfort. It's a handy space to bring passengers along (and safely contain little terrors), looks good, is easy to access the engine (I can stand in the engine bay) by removing one large board, and it never leaks as long as I keep the drain tracks clear.
  2. I have just arrived back from Denver after watching the Stones there last Saturday. This involved a week long road trip which included the Rocky Mountain National Park (a must whilst you're in the Denver area). We hired a GPS with the car (not cheap) but Google Nav worked well too. We flew to Vegas and drove to Denver in two days with stops. Your must-do list is good but I would also recommend adding Bryce Canyon (more impressive than Grand Canyon in my opinion). Unfortunately Yosemite and the California coastal route are too far away for you or they would be a must-do too.
  3. It wasn't covered by the replacement parts service: it was a repair that I paid a callout for as I was on a retainer membership at the time.
  4. Have you watched the interview? He makes that point very clearly to me.
  5. I think he did: see 5 min 30 secs into clip. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p07jk6k9 To be fair, I think he spoke pretty well and can't really see what more he could have said.
  6. I recently bought this type and find it excellent.
  7. That was surely the point he was making. He did receive quite a grilling from the interviewer: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p07jk6k9
  8. I have seen volunteers at Poolstock
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  10. I once needed to call out RCR to repair a fuel filter bracket that required welding; they sorted it out swiftly. I suspect that most boaters (even those most mechanically skilled) don't carry welding gear.
  11. I recently travelled for a while with another boat that had a recurring engine problem and witnessed the difficulty he had at times finding someone to come out and look at it. Had he been a member of RCR he would certainly have found assistance much easier.
  12. rgreg

    Gas needed

    He has- see post 27
  13. It's not pretty, but I've passed through without incident.
  14. rgreg

    What a night

    I did warn you! I have been caught before where you are and stayed up all night plugging any orifice that may let water in. It's more sheltered on the VMs to the west side of the basin if you can get across there.
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