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  1. I had no significant queues anywhere, but perhaps this was fortunate timing. If memory serves me correctly there was a paddle out of action somewhere but it didn't cause any significant issues at the time.
  2. And very good, reasonably priced cask ale too.
  3. I'm pretty sure someone was filling up with water when I passed a few weeks ago. I don't know about the Elsan.
  4. I enjoy working locks and prefer to operate them myself. Where I think the volunteers add the most value is at the bottle-necks like Grindley Brook, helping to keep things moving smoothly and giving guidance to new boaters. I'd rather forfeit the opportunity to have sole operation of the occasional locks like these than be held up for hours of chaos.
  5. It's quite simple: you just say "I'm ok thanks", and get on with it.
  6. When I went though last week the volockies were absolutely fine and doing an excellent job of marshalling and assisting boaters.
  7. I have just travelled the full length of the Llangollen and not been in a queue at any lock. There are still plenty of boats around (most of the hire boats appear to be out) but always available moorings. I'm sure there are still bottle-necks in places if you arrive at certain times in the week. I have seen it much busier on previous visits.
  8. rgreg

    I am bored

    Learn to play a musical instrument?
  9. That may be the case in the initial opening period but as the day goes on should improve. It's not uncommon to see a solitary boat working a flight early morning or evening time and inevitably turning locks: I've done it myself. And this
  10. Presumably a greater concentration of boats will reduce the number of boatless locks being turned.
  11. There's a big difference between an expensive windlass and a nappy pin, spike or handcuff key.
  12. There were spaces when I went through, including Tixall Wide. It was a quick passage through the locks too. Still plenty of boats about though. It identifies as non-binary
  13. Has anyone lost their windlass this morning in the Great Haywood area? PM me with details and I'll reunite you with it.
  14. Austin Walmsley, Garstang 01995 602173 or Brayzel Narrowboats, Bridgehouse Marina
  15. Indeed, and they are plentiful and in some very pleasant locations.
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