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  1. My windows are Caldwells and I would have them again.
  2. After wearing single-vision contact lenses for may years, I couldn't get used to varifocal contact lenses (ghosting) and struggled with the long/close eye set-up. I found any contact lens long/ close mix a bit of a compromise for sharp distance vision. I've ended up wearing varifocal glasses most of the time and single-vision lenses when spending time outside or driving (needing to use reading glasses with the lenses). Perhaps I'll have another go with the near/far lens set up sometime.
  3. Craftinsure reduced my premium this year without any change or request from myself.
  4. That's very kind of you, but no correction required. The girl stated that she believed they were fighting, not mating, so was trying to separate them. Rightly or wrongly, that's what she claims was her motivation. Edited to add the updated version which confirms that witnesses stated that the swans were fighting rather than mating. I thought it was rather late in the season for mating. Feel free to correct your "correction". https://mol.im/a/8469801
  5. In fairness to the girl, it appears that she was attempting to separate them from fighting. As for the coward who pushed the chap in, I hope they catch him and throw whatever they can at him: that could have had serious consequences.
  6. Westport is fine, Festival Park is ok, or the tunnel end as Goliath suggests.
  7. Seconded: that's where I get my re-arming kits from.
  8. Last time we came down from the summit into Tod there was a chap walking his dog who said: "I'll nip back home and get my windlass". He set all the locks down into Tod. A really nice chap; perhaps it was him.
  9. rgreg


    Perhaps I'm missing something but can't see what's not correct, relevant, truthful or factual.
  10. rgreg


    So are you saying if Damian did have a boat none of the above would relevant?
  11. My boat is 57ft and descending Salterhebble required some very careful manoeuvring to avoid being swamped by the top gate leakage. The last time I was down was two years ago so perhaps they are not so leaky now.
  12. rgreg

    Free loaders

    But you'd lose it wouldn't you? I do it because CRT ask me to; when they don't I won't. It's really not a big deal.
  13. rgreg

    Free loaders

    I don't have a printer either but once a year can be "arsed" to find someone who has, print them off, put them up and get on with my boating.
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