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  1. rgreg


    Well I came up on Tuesday and had a conversation with the two lockies on duty about the current situation and they seemed confident that all was ok for now: if we come up we'll come out.
  2. Which is, of course, the way to do it. However, the wind can alter unexpectedly and a quick blast from the bowthruster can keep you on course. As I said, a bowthruster used sparingly can be helpful no matter how good a steerer you are. The problem is when people come to rely on them and never learn to steer in challenging circumstances without them.
  3. They have their uses (eg they are particularly beneficial when reversing into marina berth in a crosswind) but you learn to be a much better steerer without one.
  4. rgreg

    Chester locks

    Whilst we are on the subject of Chester, we have just had the Sunday Carvery at the recently re-opened Shady Oak pub (canalside at bridge 109, south of Chester) and it was excellent.
  5. rgreg

    Chester locks

    There was a vollie at Northgate staircase this morning and Friday, but I've also single-handed them before. Iron lock is the only pain single-handed.
  6. Yes, typically 2 hours and you're punching tide most of that.
  7. I don't think you'll have a problem with that size engine and length, but if you do have reservations about the boat there is a chap who provides tows across with a lovely sea-going wooden boat and can be contacted through Mayor's Boatyard at Tarleton.
  8. Do the whole of the Leeds and Liverpool single-handed then tell us you don't welcome any help with swing bridges!
  9. To be fair, I don't think I've ever had a volunteer tell me they do it because they want to help boaters: they usually say it is to give them something to do, get them out of the house, and enjoy the interaction with people. One made me laugh when he said if he stayed at home the missus would only find him something less interesting to do!
  10. rgreg

    HNC 6E

    At first glance I thought the tree had landed on your boat! Fortunately, it appears not.
  11. I'm aware of this incident, which occurred 3 years ago. As far as I know it was a one-off, but others more local to the area may update us on the current situation. When I stayed there it did not feel at all threatening.
  12. That's ok when, as in your case, you want to cruise to different places, but often I see the same boats dumped between 2 or 3 local VMs purely to avoid mooring fees (and I know this because the owners have told me!).
  13. Yes, I would think that once CRT are aware of the timing issues they will make some revisions.
  14. I have moored at the terminus basin overnight before and it was fine.
  15. As far as I know there is no restriction on the number of boat movements as long as they are booked into Salthouse. It's a bit strange that CRT made Monday an opening day for Coxhead bridge as it doesn't give you time to get to Stanley Locks by 4pm and there is currently no passage on Tuesdays, so another day waiting. I am booked in the week after and considering the logistics.
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