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  1. rgreg

    New CRT Logo - Discuss

    I think this is aimed at attracting volunteers and more contributing "friends".
  2. rgreg

    Captains chairs

    I recently bought two of these; they are very comfortable, seem reasonably well made, and sit side by side in a narrow with just enough of a gap to walk between them. https://justrecliners.co.uk/products/macau-leather-recliner-chair
  3. rgreg

    New CRT Logo - Discuss

    My immediate thought was its similarity to a London Transport stop; not very evocative of the Waterways in my humble opinion.
  4. Notice Alert Peak Forest Canal Starts At: Lock 16 Ends At: Lock 1 Monday 11 September 2017 09:00 until Friday 25 May 2018 17:00 Type: Navigation Closure Reason: Structure failure Update on 18/04/2018: Work to re-build the lock chamber wall at Marple Lock 15 have suffered a set-back this week after the brickwork exposed at the base of the lock wall was found to be in very poor condition. It had been expected that the reconstructed masonry wall would be founded on top of the brickwork section of the wall, however this has not been possible and the wall has now been dismantled down to the invert of the lock. This marks a significant milestone in the project as we have now reached a stable foundation and the brickwork is being rebuilt currently. Unfortunately this delay has meant that our planned opening date for 4 May is no longer achievable. A revised schedule has now been developed and we anticipate navigation reopening on 25 May.
  5. rgreg

    Amber boats any thoughts comment views?

    You beat me to it! Anyway, back to Amber Boats.... hopefully!
  6. rgreg

    Amber boats any thoughts comment views?

    Too subtle, I suspect
  7. rgreg

    Amber boats any thoughts comment views?

    I wondered why 20% was the first figure that came into my head. It's not enough, is it. Let's double it.
  8. rgreg

    Amber boats any thoughts comment views?

    Now that is funny; you're getting the hang of it!
  9. rgreg

    Amber boats any thoughts comment views?

    I claim copyright for that plus 20% of receipts. I could even be your manager; we may be on to something here.
  10. rgreg

    Amber boats any thoughts comment views?

    I don't need reminding that this forum is excellent; I've been here long enough. I have nothing against attempts at humour if they are funny, but more often than not, to me, they really are nothing more than senseless remarks that detract from the thread. Perhaps my sense of humour is not tuned in to some. Monty Python works for me though but, sadly, not the Rusty and Bob show. Sorry .
  11. rgreg

    Amber boats any thoughts comment views?

    Pretty much the standard rubbish attempts at humour which prevail on here.
  12. I remember seeing at the time ( a few years ago) that there was a direct replacement from another manufacturer that had exactly the same dimensions as the now discontinued GG7000 and was quite reasonably priced. I've had a quick search just now but can't find anything.
  13. rgreg

    Petition for wide beam owners

    Or one to object that it is too small an increase
  14. Interestingly, we had a GG7000 oven which developed the opposite problem to yours: the burner ran on full blast constantly so the oven just got hotter regardless of the setting on the control knob. Suspecting a faulty thermostat, like you we discovered the outrageously high cost of one so decided it wasn't a sufficiently big enough problem to justify it's replacement, so we just lived with it.
  15. rgreg

    C&RT Seize Pensioners Boat 27th March

    I think one of the problems with our modern day society is that too much emphasis is often focussed on finding excuses for people's wrong doings. Of course help should be provided where appropriate, but all too often excuses and mitigation are used by individuals to avoid their obligations.