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  1. I received an email at 0920 yesterday informing me of the stoppage details. Have you registered with CRT online for stoppage notifications?
  2. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1991683604478520/permalink/2642602069386667/
  3. Lancaster Canal at Carnforth: short diversion with M6 construction to pass under new motorway junction.
  4. Bit harsh; I trust you took the opportunity to share your knowledge with them.
  5. As a minimum I would aim to go through the Foulridge tunnel, where you can wind at the other end and head back. That will make a perfect 4 days travel, with a stopover in Skipton, on one of the most scenic stretches of canal in the country.
  6. Regarding the Alde central heating, with the Solid Fuel stove lit in winter you will probably use it very little. The Squirrel keeps my 57ft warm throughout and it is on 24/7 over the winter months. The central heating only gets used periodically in spring and autumn when the stove isn't lit so is not a significant cost overall. On the face of it this boat looks realistically priced.
  7. When my 12v fridge broke down I replaced it (temporarily, I thought at the time) with a 230v. There was no noticeable difference in energy consumption so I ended up keeping the 230v. The only down side is that you are reliant on the inverter but you have a good brand in Victron.
  8. From the pound shop...
  9. Quite right, and I find that bad language in a statement reduces its credibility to almost zero.
  10. And so would I have done. If we all just grin and bear it and let folk do what they want unchallenged they won't change their behaviour (although I do appreciate that some people would be nervous to challenge and it's not always guaranteed to be successful).
  11. Exactly the same thing happened to us a few years ago; I think it was at Royal Oak Swing Bridge on the Macclesfield. Lady in a Range Rover came flying round the corner and my other half began swinging the bridge with the car on it. Emergency stop and reverse process, plus one very shocked and embarrassed driver!
  12. My Alde system has a valve to the radiators and one to the calorifier for hot water so they can be operated independently. If yours hasn't, then you can just turn off the individual radiators as Beo suggests. As a secondary space heating/ hot water system combined with a solid fuel stove the Alde is fine. I very rarely use it for space heating and it heats up the water efficiently.
  13. My windows are Caldwells and I would have them again.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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