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  1. rgreg

    Almost new car, rep mobile

    This^^. The Hyundai Tucson and its predecessor, the IX35, are excellent cars. As above, I have owned Jags and Mercs and the Hyundai is right up there in quality and reliability. A one year old Tucson will meet your criteria, give you quite a bit of change from £30k, and still have 4 years warranty remaining.
  2. rgreg

    Lancaster mooring ?

    Both of the above mentioned marinas are excellent and Garstang is a good base. There are also many on-line and off-side moorings, both CRT and private, heading north to Galgate, Hest Bank, or even Tewitfield right at the top. Is it a cruiser you are looking to moor?
  3. rgreg

    Eye Spy

    Apparently so: https://www.sainsburys.co.uk/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/gb/groceries/mars-topic-x4-188g?langId=44&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI5uqiupnD3wIVxbDtCh0aqQ0NEAQYAiABEgIpAvD_BwE&storeId=10151&krypto=7XdhtQuDTb%2BhIfghlV9irrUZYvXndrPGtHN3wkgZy%2FsMT%2F9sunUGGZ1M9SLWoqYeU7%2BhGMvgHxmy0XHAX5su%2BnMRRRbf9EdhMJ5luSjemF%2FMFy6NAdcTaDayyfZW15wOc5DaNvWmoB1RGlIZczkLb1SH1HB%2FWe7ie%2BX%2BMj8wEw2QpqMbkd97tA3BQicSDuHfEqFM6GAUmi4gmPvyVJsLoe8%2FXFsIPCvl8V2pJkzKZHiiHJzPRRRu2QotdiwbdVG3jiPifUMIQYF5FYxQUjetd%2FS88eQV1vgn6dXyACeV6ak%3D&ddkey=https%3Agb%2Fgroceries%2Fmars-topic-x4-188g
  4. rgreg

    Eye Spy

  5. rgreg

    Ribble Link Query

    The turn into Savick Brook is easier to navigate than the likes of Keadby because you have a wider entrance to aim at as the lock is not on the junction. The tidal flow can be more significant though at the Savick junction and push you into the sandbank if you try to cut the turn or slow down too much. Keep your speed up and begin your turn once you are adjacent to the entrance and you'll be fine.
  6. rgreg

    Ribble Link Query

    Yes, usually around that time.
  7. rgreg

    Ribble Link Query

    That's the norm; the first mile or so is always a slog until the river widens and the tide slackens after the boatyard.
  8. rgreg

    Ribble Link Query

    Indeed, that's what I meant.
  9. rgreg

    Ribble Link Query

    Even the start times quoted can vary on the day. As long as you're in Tarleton the evening before, Harry Will advise you of the time to proceed to the lock in the morning.
  10. rgreg

    Ribble Link Query

    So, as Grassman has booked he should have this within his confirmation. The general information on the web page is yet to be updated.
  11. rgreg

    London Gatwick Airport Closed By Drones

    And rightly so in my opinion. Let's hope he's right and the Solicitor General, Aviation Minister, and Transport Minister are wrong (if anyone is charged).
  12. rgreg

    Help! we need a mooring

    Does this help? Preston Brook Marina could be a good option. http://www.bridgewatercanal.co.uk/boating/mooring
  13. rgreg

    London Gatwick Airport Closed By Drones

    See post 148. I'm only quoting what I have read, and everything that I have seen indicates that no greater charge is possible. I hope they are wrong (if anyone is actually ever charged with any offence).
  14. rgreg

    London Gatwick Airport Closed By Drones

    As above previous responses, judiciaries do not believe the greater charge can be applied in this case.
  15. rgreg

    London Gatwick Airport Closed By Drones

    I would like to think that you are right ( and the drone operator deserves far more than 5 years in my opinion) but all the legal reports I have seen, for whatever reason, suggest 5 years imprisonment plus £2500 fine is the maximum penalty applicable in this instance.

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