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  1. Hillmorton to Clifton stretch ruined.

    Of course, I know that you knew that
  2. Hillmorton to Clifton stretch ruined.

    I think the shortage is in affordable housing. There are plenty of houses for sale but too few people can afford to buy them.
  3. Narrowboat at sea adventure

    Fortunately every boat arrived safely into the lock
  4. Narrowboat at sea adventure

    Phew.. thanks
  5. Narrowboat at sea adventure

    Try this version. If this doesn't work I'll give up! Mersey003 (1).mp4
  6. Narrowboat at sea adventure

    I think Photobucket has gone a bit crazy. To make matters worse I appear to have lost the edit function to remove the problematic post so Mods, if you would be so kind as to delete it for me. Thank you.
  7. Narrowboat at sea adventure

    Oh sorry, photobucket must have changed their settings. I have posted it on here successfully a few years ago. I'll leave it to see if it's visible to anybody but will delete if not working. It works for me but probably because it's my account. Edit- just seen Wotever's reply so I'll leave it.
  8. Narrowboat at sea adventure

    How about this video taken on the Mersey to whet your appetite for lumpy water narrowboating? See, they do handle well! http://s778.photobucket.com/user/rgreg/media/Mersey003.mp4.html?sort=3&o=3
  9. Boat left adrift/abandoned? Hyde Lock, Kinver.

    At CRT boaters' meetings any queries/ comments regarding specific boats would always be responded to by stating that due to Data Protection no information could be disclosed.
  10. Weird Insurance renewal!!

    My premium fell this year with Craftinsure too. I've insured with them for about 15 years and, as far as I recall, this is the first time it has fallen (although it has never increased much).
  11. Narrowboat at sea adventure

    I think there will be the advantage of weight in the narrowboat hull, but there is bound to be some roll in lumpy water. I know when crossing the Ribble Link you feel this to some degree in less calm conditions, but the Irish Sea is a different animal! Having said that, it looked like they had reasonable conditions at sea; the Mersey Estuary looked the worst.
  12. Narrowboat at sea adventure

    Interestingly, on the film the skipper, Chris Coburn, comments on how surprisingly stable a narrowboat is in lumpy water due to the amount of hull beneath the waterline and is quite resistant to rolling. The biggest threat is from water ingress and fuel issues, hence the extra modifications they made to defend against these.
  13. Cheshire Ring - Which way?

    I've been round both ways and it's great either way. I'd probably opt for anti-clockwise then you'd be descending into Manchester through the Marple, Ashton and Rochdale flights. With your crew you could possibly fit in a trip up the Upper Peak Forest as well.
  14. I recently purchased the DVD "Carry on up the Lune" from Laurence Hogg (of this Parish) and what a superb watch it is. In 1995 an intrepid crew sailed a 70ft narrowboat from Ellesmere Port and up the Irish Sea to Glasson Dock via the Mersey Estuary and Preston, being 12 miles off shore at times. They returned from Glasson Dock to the Dee Estuary where they entered Chester; a journey of 75 miles on one tide. This has to be up there as one of the (if not THE?) greatest sea-going adventures ever made by a narrowboat. Hats off to these chaps.
  15. I wonder what the deal is with this boat.

    So which of these are a concern, or not, to you?