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  1. rgreg

    Heat from engine

    I have the same set up and sometimes put the pump on when cruising. Although the radiators get just warm at best, it's free heat nonetheless.
  2. Here's some TV coverage of the breach and an interview with the "lucky" boater. Paddles left open is given as the reason for the breach. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0bj7v8k/close-calls-on-camera-series-6-episode-11 (10 minutes into the programme)
  3. rgreg

    Zero tolerance

    Not hung up at all; I just prefer to follow the rules of the day, whether I consider them inconsequential or not, and get on with boating.
  4. rgreg

    Zero tolerance

    So because you can get away with not doing it you don't bother. CRT must despair at the resistance they face at every level.
  5. rgreg

    Zero tolerance

    So when it was a legal requirement to put your road tax disc in the car did you exercise the same principal and "not bother" to?
  6. rgreg

    Dlsplaying paper licence

    Do you not know where you've been?
  7. rgreg

    Running engines

    I have knocked on boats running engines at 10pm but completely understand why some would be reluctant to do this, and of course, there's no guarantee this will have a successful outcome (in my case it did). The only other option is to involve CRT who, hopefully, will at least contact the offender and perhaps get a result. I don't know what further action they could/would take but if we all just accept anti-social behaviour these selfish individuals feel empowered to do whatever they want.
  8. rgreg

    Running engines

    I wonder if anyone has reported him to CRT, and, if so, what action was taken?
  9. rgreg


    Yes, I also rarely get caught up by following boats on lock flights when single-handing. I usually enjoy a little bit of a challenge to stay ahead.
  10. rgreg

    Dlsplaying paper licence

    Because some people seem to want to rebel against everything.
  11. rgreg

    Dlsplaying paper licence

    To be fair, I don't know how much easier they could make it. You have the option to print them, email them to someone who can print them for you (that's what I do as I don't have a printer), or have them posted to you ready printed.
  12. rgreg

    Dlsplaying paper licence

    50% reduction from a 3 inch square paper? Crikey, your boat must be dark!
  13. rgreg

    Dlsplaying paper licence

    Life can be so hard at times!
  14. rgreg

    Dlsplaying paper licence

    They'll post them to you if you ask
  15. rgreg

    "Your lights are blinding!"

    I always wear a headtorch in tunnels. This can be angled as appropriate.

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