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  1. John White used a clever technique of building a recess midships specifically to accommodate anodes.
  2. Which corresponds to the index 108550 on Canalplan boat list. So if this is it, it is licensed according to CRT checker. Not that this is relevant to the mooring situation. A good spot to relocate it to would be just north of its current position, under the bridge and immediately beyond the CRT LT moorings in front of the caravan park; that should draw attention to it.
  3. One of the risks of the diagonal technique is swamping the back deck when descending. We are 57ft, and descending the Calder and Hebble was touch and go at the top end with heavily leaking top gates, and you have no choice but to go near the flow in order to exit the lock. Some of the locks on the Rufford branch are a bit more benign but, if you do decide to do it, take great care.
  4. And then you get those that can't even be bothered to display a number either, so are completely unidentifiable to CRT. There's one moored near to me now with a CRT letter attached to the tiller, presumably asking the owner to contact them to identify themselves.
  5. It probably is the same boat as there's only one Freeman called Lark Rise on the listing.
  6. Sad news indeed. We hired from Claymoore a couple of times many years ago. A very friendly company: even let us have the boat the night before the hire was booked (free of charge) as it was available.
  7. Don't be put off from taking action and let us know how you get on.
  8. Absolutely, and the link from CRT you posted also asks for them to be informed of offenders so they can deal with it. To do nothing is to let these inconsiderate minorities do what they want. So either challenge or report them but don't just feel it has to be accepted. I have knocked on boats at 10pm for engine running but appreciate not everyone will be comfortable doing this, so at least report them.
  9. Speak to the offender, who is breaking the rules and being totally inconsiderate; if this fails, or you don't feel comfortable speaking to them, report to CRT. If this fails, then involve the council. Does not give them the right to be anti-social neighbours. Even as a fellow boater, I wouldn't accept it.
  10. Maybe I am tempting fate by agreeing, but for many years now I have used Fuel Set and not had the dreaded diesel bug. I recently completely drained the tank with a manual extraction pump and even the last dregs of diesel were not too bad, if a little cloudy from the Fuel Set emulsifying any water.
  11. I haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary.
  12. The OP said it was Bruce himself and it's his business.
  13. I once had a (lengthy) telephone conversation with Bruce regarding his Tankbusting service. In fairness, he did make it very clear that there was a base price plus mileage, then additional charges for filters etc which could not be predetermined. When I worked out the potential total (not far off the OP's final invoice) I decided not to proceed.
  14. rgreg


    I've moored all over the country, in the some of the perceived "worst" areas, yet the only place anything bad happened was at one of the last you would expect: the Lancaster Canal (knackered old bike, centre rope and wash brush stolen off the roof). It just goes to show that incidents can happen anywhere but are thankfully rare.
  15. Water levels are looking fairly positive. 39823-february-2019-reservoir-watch.pdf
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