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  1. I have 4 cassettes: two have a working light mechanism and two don't. As others have said, you can see when they need changing so I don't even give preference to the ones that illuminate.
  2. rgreg

    Cambelt or chain? Vetus M4.14

    I can't see how this could be possible on my Lombardini engine as the cambelt is behind a secure protective cover, whilst the alternator belt is external to this. Other versions may be available though.
  3. rgreg

    Cambelt or chain? Vetus M4.14

    That's always my strategy; on my vehicle/ boat I follow the service schedule to the letter even though some aspects may seem OTT.
  4. rgreg

    Double Glazing

    For several years now I've used the "cling film" type successfully. Adhesive tape is placed around the wooden frames and the film is positioned then shrunk with a hairdryer. It's a fiddly job but once you get the hang of it you can make it crease free. The cost of the pack is around £15.
  5. rgreg

    Double Glazing

    Exactly what my neighbour says about his.
  6. rgreg

    Cambelt or chain? Vetus M4.14

    The service schedule for my Lombardini 1404 cam belt change states every 2500 hours. When mine was changed at precisely this (a very straight forward job as the access was good) you could not visibly distinguish between the old and the new one.
  7. My coal merchant told me that Pureheat is now Firegold and, I have to admit, I can't tell the difference. They do also sell Newheat, which I haven't used. I am currently trying CPL Heat Briquettes @ £10 for 25kg from a local Marina and it's very good.
  8. rgreg

    Rochdale Summit Water Flow

    Yes, we had to refill those pounds before we could pass last year, whilst on the west side the water was plentiful.
  9. rgreg

    Dog sets world record for jumping

    I think the dog is trying to catch something mid-air, presumably thrown as an incentive for it to leap.
  10. rgreg

    New boat for the next two weeks

    Could any technical bods advise why I can't load any more photos due to a limit of 1.81 mb? Thanks.
  11. rgreg

    New boat for the next two weeks

    Thank you. I'm not sure yet, but if I do my preference would be for similar to this one rather than a long continuous sea voyage. However, I don't think the second time would be so fascinating as I would have a good idea how it all works.
  12. rgreg

    New boat for the next two weeks

    We have returned safely to Hull. For some reason I'm still unable to post any final photos (max 1.8mb); perhaps I've used up my quota! Anyway, just to conclude, this has been an unforgettable experience. If the idea appeals to you then I would not hesitate in recommending this particular voyage as it was a good mixture of sailing with excellent views and interesting passages. With the boat being smaller than many container ships there is a crew of just 8 (plus, on mine, there was cadet on placement but not part of the regular crew), so you really get to know them. There is also a maximum of 4 passengers on this voyage (2 x double cabins) and there is a good chance that, like me, you are the only one which makes it even more individual. I think I've pretty much covered everything but if anyone wants any more information please feel free to PM me, and please do let me know if you decide to go (I know one or two members were tempted.. just do it if you can!).
  13. rgreg

    Boating holiday - not on a canal

    Nowthen, that looks good. What level of experience did you need to take it out? Were you part of a flotilla?
  14. rgreg

    New boat for the next two weeks

    If the actual duration is plus or minus 2 days (or 20% whichever is greater) either way from the original schedule there's no adjustment. Any more than this is charged/refunded pro-rata. Unless something goes terribly wrong we should be back within the inclusive period 😒

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