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  1. Thank you. Inline filters list this engine but will call beta as well. Problem seems to be solved ( or very nearly) ..... thanks to all who have taken the time to reply.
  2. Thanks .... I will try inline filters. The engine has Beta Marine and Isuzu clearly labelled on it. Perhaps a forum member has a similar engine and could check for numbers on their filter?
  3. It really is an ISUZU not iseki as in the title .... sorry...... computers have a mind of their own or mine doesn’t work properly!
  4. Help needed once again. My 1990 boat has an Isuzu 3kc1 engine (beta marine). The oil filter sold to me by my local car parts place is not right and leaks. A bit of internet searching has not really helped but narrowed it down to Fram Ph6811 or a Baldwin B179 as possibles. Have no old filter to check any numbers. Can anyone advise? Many thanks in anticipation.
  5. The toolstation number is 87027 ..... definitely 6mm2 and not armoured. Accept probably no good for boats hence question.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. Was surprised Midland Chandlers sell these as Itoo thought it abit dodgy. Will be going back! Other boaters beware. Thanks Jen-in-wellies but not too good with links etc!
  7. Help needed once again ....... Just received a new fuse box from Midland Chandlers and a bit of advice needed on how best to attach the battery feed to the live feed on the box. Photo attached which shows the box and the ring connector for “live”. Also, is the twin 6mm2 cable sold by toolstation (looks multi strand) for household use ok for 12 v on the boat? Thank you in anticipation.
  8. I am always up for a surprise! You will no doubt be right and it will need a longer cable than I first thought. Would 6 mm cable still be ok for a longer run?
  9. Only about 1 metre so will follow the advice and use 6mm cable.
  10. Thank you so much ....... everything I need to know in one post! Will trawl the boat yards/ chandlers to find what I need.
  11. Hoping someone will help ...... I have just bought a Victron 15 amp battery charger and it has arrived with no cables to connect to the battery bank. What size cables do I need and are crocodile clips the means to attach to the battery? How do you size electrical cable? Many thanks in anticipation.
  12. Thank you all so much for your help and advise. This forum (and its member of course) is a wonderful service and we really appreciate the time spent giving us all the amazing options. We have now, with all your help, come up with a plan. Thank you all again.
  13. Help needed! Currently doing the four counties ring and both of us been injured so need to go home and leave the boat for a couple of weeks (safely). Currently near Red Bull and hope to slowly and painfully make our way to Middlewich for better transport links. Any ideas for safe moorings there to leave the boat for two weeks? many thanks in anticipation.
  14. Lord Combermere it is then?
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