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  1. Annual maintenance of the aqueduct means it will be closed from Monday 9th March 2020 to Friday 27th March 2020.
  2. There should be nothing to stop you going down Pomona Lock and going up the Irwell on the same day. Book your passage down the Manchester Ship Canal for the following day.
  3. The ropes will be needed to pass the Certificate of Seaworthiness but we did not use ours when sailing from Salford Quays to Ellesmere Port as the lock keepers said it was ok not to use them.
  4. Impossible to forecast the weather but we have always had at least 1 good week out of our 2 weeks in September.
  5. We have always set off for a couple of weeks after the grandchildren go back to school in early September.
  6. I fitted one this year and found it simple to do as all the fittings were supplied.
  7. I don't think you will get much help from the forum unless you answer the questions asked.
  8. When was it stolen and where from on the Trent and Mersey canal?
  9. I thought the width was 9 foot. I know there is a section just inside the north end of Saltersford tunnel that is low and possibly narrower at that point.
  10. Our very first hire boat was from L and L at Adlington in the eighties I think.
  11. Have a look at the Shropshire Union Canal Society webpage under Society Documents and click on visitor moorings.
  12. Just started on Talking Pictures
  13. My bilge pump has a dual switch that works manually which more or less drain most of the water in the bilge and also has an automatic function which only clicks in when there is a few inches of water present. Check if this boat has a similar switch.
  14. Last time I was at Big Lock an Anderson boat was being instructed by someone from the boatyard.
  15. Would it stand a knock from Steve Heywood?
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