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  1. When was it stolen and where from on the Trent and Mersey canal?
  2. I thought the width was 9 foot. I know there is a section just inside the north end of Saltersford tunnel that is low and possibly narrower at that point.
  3. Our very first hire boat was from L and L at Adlington in the eighties I think.
  4. Have a look at the Shropshire Union Canal Society webpage under Society Documents and click on visitor moorings.
  5. Just started on Talking Pictures
  6. My bilge pump has a dual switch that works manually which more or less drain most of the water in the bilge and also has an automatic function which only clicks in when there is a few inches of water present. Check if this boat has a similar switch.
  7. Last time I was at Big Lock an Anderson boat was being instructed by someone from the boatyard.
  8. Would it stand a knock from Steve Heywood?
  9. I am surprised that the locals have not objected to the delay. I have seen cyclists carrying their bikes over the top gates and the last time I was up there a young mum carried a pram over. Do CaRT not do risk assessments?
  10. Our fender is too short but we always have the tiller roped to one side when in locks.
  11. As you walk from the Lowry outlet there are a couple of moorings near the Holiday Inn hotel which you may have used. Continue walking to the next "bay" which is where Lymm CC usually moor - these moorings were deemed unsafe a couple of years ago.
  12. Lymm CC have not had a visit to Castlefield this year for the first time in many years. In years gone by we have moored 6 abreast opposite the Rochdale nine bottom lock. The club has also usually gone to Salford Quays but due to the unsafe jetties we have been refused permission by Salford Council. This was also a popular cruise on a Bank Holiday weekend for as many as 30 boats and we would again breast up sometimes up to 10 boats wide.
  13. Have a look on the Towpathtreks website which has lots of advice.
  14. I was advised to lower my carbon monoxide alarms by my boat safety man.
  15. I cut mine with a Stanley knife taking care to cut straight.
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