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  1. The latest notice from CaRT states that the canal will be open from this Friday 15th March 2019 as planned.
  2. I thought that there was a stoppage at Saltersford tunnel but this may have been completed.
  3. Thanks nightwatch, it has worked.
  4. Can anyone provide a link to the Wigan Today item about firefighters attending this incident last night. 2 occupants and dog safe and well.
  5. Reminder that the closure starts next Monday.
  6. Hesford Marine on the Bridgewater Canal near Lymm have room at present.
  7. The Aqueduct will be closed for annual maintenance as follows:- Monday 4th March 2019 To Friday 15th March 2019 Info from the Bridgewater Canal Company
  8. I am not sure what work was programmed but all the gates were on and the workmen were in the lock when I went past midweek.
  9. A local has posted a video of a narrowboat being removed from the Leeds and Liverpool Canal near El Meadow Lock. Can anyone provide a link please. Wiganworld Click on forum Click on general Click on High Court Enforcement Officers I can only assume that CaRT were involved.
  10. Lymm Cruising Club won't accept wide beams.
  11. Claymoore Navigation at Dutton stop lock ( near Preston Brook tunnel ).
  12. Ours are Caldwells and were fitted new in 1999. I re-attached a catch that came off last year and a few years ago I bought a roll of the hopper window "foam rubber" from Caldwells and did all the windows again. Other than that - no problems.
  13. As far as I can see the Bridgewater Canal Company list has all the available moorings including marinas, boat clubs and private moorings.
  14. Perhaps the Shropshire Union Canal Society will put some in like they have done elsewhere.
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