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  1. 6 o clock in the morning for me is the perfect time as it is so peaceful and boating until 10 o clock at night is enjoyable every now and then.
  2. I always turn off my starter battery but leave the leisure ones on as my bilge pump connects to them.
  3. What about Venetian Marina which is a couple of miles from Barbridge.
  4. Have a look at the Roving Canal Traders Association website, you may find someone who makes them on there.
  5. There is still NO CaRT assisted passage on the flight and there has not been for quite a while but as Rob-M says have a look at the wiganflightcrew Facebook page and put your intended boat movement on there. They are genuine unpaid volunteers who have nothing to do with CaRT but if they are available tend to have someone at top and bottom locks at 9.00am in the morning.
  6. Lymm Marina also have a straddle crane. 4/5 hours sail from Preston Brook
  7. We went past a couple of days ago and the once immaculately maintained moorings are now overgrown. We did not stop as there was not room. I think that the work parties organised by the Broken Cross Cruising Club will have been suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak.
  8. When this has happened to me I have shouted to wind the paddles down and then took over myself.
  9. They look identical to mine which were made at Caldwells of Wigan but I am sure that my windows have a Caldwells mark on the glass.
  10. I noticed the new Towpath cyclists signs on the Wigan flight this week . The signs are readable going up the flight (at a leisurely 5 mph ) but coming back down where the Strava trials are held they are upside down.
  11. Since I rounded off the drain plug I now just pump the oil out with a Pela pump.
  12. I thought the latest from CaRT was that you do not need to book the tunnel for morning passage but need to book in advance for afternoon passage.
  13. I would go clockwise to get Harecastle tunnel out of the way and if you are ahead of time when you get to Nantwich you could detour up the Llangollen Canal for a bit or head to Chester before returning via the Middlewich branch. I suggest you moor above Wardle lock on the last night and start early on the last day to get through the last 4 locks.
  14. You won't need the code if you are staying on the boat overnight and not intending to explore the area.
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