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  1. Ellesmere to the River Weaver

    Good find WotEver ...... these are the ones that I used. I did have to drill a few holes to fit the brackets though.
  2. Wigan Flight 10 week trial

    The lock keepers on the flight say that the new system is a lot better and makes it easier to monitor the water levels in the pounds. CaRT have put notices throughout the area notifying boaters of the trial.
  3. Ellesmere to the River Weaver

    No idea, it was in 2003 I think when we went on the MSC. They are the shape of a small torch with brackets on.
  4. Ellesmere to the River Weaver

    I bought a set of portable battery operated navigation lights for my trip on the Manchester Ship Canal from Pomona Lock to Ellesmere Port.
  5. Liverpool Link - Self Operation

    Thanks for the photos Andrew. We are going in August and your information will help us.
  6. Help on the Rochdale Canal

    I am sure that I read recently of a group of volunteers who are available to assist on the Rochdale but I cannot remember where I saw it.
  7. Liverpool Link - Self Operation

    It states outgoing in the morning and incoming in the afternoon so there should not be any problems.
  8. Manchester Ship Canal Transit

    I think that they would all be flexible in letting you go at the same time as another boat as it is less work for them.
  9. Liverpool Link - Self Operation

    We got an e-mail this morning from CaRT.
  10. Manchester Ship Canal Transit

    Your best bet would be to ask whoever takes the bookings and gives permission.
  11. Bunk beds for grandkids

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I am leaning towards the Hi Gear Duo Bunk at present.
  12. No Water At Wigan

    I hate those hydraulic paddles
  13. Bunk beds for grandkids

    Still searching, without luck
  14. Bunk beds for grandkids

    Does anyone know where I can purchase easy to build/dismantle bunk beds for the grandkids. At present we use airbeds which take up too much floor space. (40ft boat) At Go Outdoors there is a Hi Gear Duo Bunk which is an ideal size but I am not sure whether this would be suitable for building/dismantling on a daily basis.
  15. Middlewich Branch breach - Shropshire Union

    The Springer was still there on Sunday when I walked the section. There were also 2 more narrowboats which the owners must have decided to stay put on the offside until the breach is repaired.