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  1. Looking at the background it may be on the CaRT Rochdale nine flight.
  2. Take the complete lock to a good lock and key centre and they may be able to get keys to fit or supply a matching lock. As zenataomm said.
  3. Jeddlad Don't let one bad experience with a Commodore put you off. Most clubs will invite you for a tour and to meet other members and then leave you to make a decision.
  4. They need to be in a place where a visitor can find them immediately and not out of sight. I can still remember when I had just left school and a fire started in the room where I was working. I could not find the fire alarm button as my gaffer had hung his flat cap on it.
  5. Spray with bleach and leave overnight
  6. Similar fencing has been erected on the Bridgewater Canal at Trafford rowing club, Watch House Cruising Club and the Manchester United supporters club. It does the job of slowing cyclists down.
  7. We can leave ours up for the full length of the Bridgewater Canal but we lower it when we get to Preston Brook tunnel to access the Trent and Mersey canal and we leave it down until we get to Anderton boat lift. Between Anderton and Middlewich we can leave it up if it is raining hard as long as we slightly lower it for the low bridges at the Lion Salt Works and near Croxton aqueduct. Unless we know the area we leave it down.
  8. You are allowed to stay until 5pm before moving on.
  9. I think that the Towpath moorings on the approach to Llangollen have to be paid for as well.
  10. We have no access to e-mail when out on the boat so would we be allowed to just turn up as usual.
  11. I was told this year that CaRT don't issue 30 day explorer licences any more and ended up with a 3 month licence.
  12. A popular vlogger seems to be Cruising the Cut which has 164000 subscribers.
  13. Still no information about the new system which was due to start on the 1st September 2020. Searches on both websites draw a blank and as far as I am aware there was nothing in Damians latest newsletter. Does anyone have any updates that I may have missed.
  14. Pie Eater

    Boat missing

    As David Mack has said it would help if we knew where it was last seen.
  15. Stoppage notice from CaRT that the flight will be closed tomorrow due to a police incident.
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