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  1. Lymm Cruising Club moorings at Agden are the other side of Agden Bridge and run to Lymm marina.
  2. I have no idea but they look basic. Try the Bridgewater Canal Company website under boating for mooring locations and then ring them for details of facilities.
  3. There are 2 sets of moorings at the Olde No 3. The ones near the water point are restricted to 48 hours and the ones from the small gate and heading towards Agden Bridge are Bridgewater Canal Company moorings.
  4. Lymm Cruising Club don't allow wide beams or liveaboards
  5. Try and get the name and number of the boat and report it to CaRT and also to the police if you think that he is a danger to anyone.
  6. Someone has been living there since the pub closed probably to deter vandals until someone else takes over.
  7. The marina is finished and lots more houses have been built. The Nevison pub is on the same side of the canal as the marina and is a 5 minute walk.
  8. The skip at the old Claymore hire boat base is for Bridgewater boaters. Also the canalside recycling yard at Stockton Heath can be used.
  9. Thanks for the link Clodi. Interesting to to see all the work that has been done. As far as I can see the winding hole must still be under its "leak test" and not open for boating yet.
  10. Does anyone know whether the new winding hole is open yet. The last I heard was the section was in water for leak testing.
  11. Elsans at Preston Brook marina, Thorn Marine, Lloyds Bridge, Stretford Marina, Worsley and Butts Bridge are free but I am not sure about the others.
  12. I usually give the tin a thorough shake before and after painting.
  13. He could drive to the canal side at the bottom of Ell Meadow lock.
  14. If you decide on this option I would suggest that you do not leave the boat unattended.
  15. If you intend to stay on the boat and not visit the town you may get away with mooring outside the Shearings office in the same pound as the dry dock. This is the site where the Canal and River Trust had their local office until recently.
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