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  1. Next door neighbour used them last week - door to door and special cleaning measures.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions and maps. We will decide sometime in the next couple of weeks before we finalise our plans. Another option was to hire a car from Enterprise from Trevor to Wigan.
  3. Can anyone suggest somewhere near Trevor basin that I could safely leave a car for a couple of weeks? Last time SWMBO came home on buses and trains but I would prefer her not travelling on public transport at the present time. I am aware of the public car parks in the area but would like somewhere secure.
  4. Soak with WD 40 and leave over night and then loosen with an impact driver and club hammer. That's how I did mine.
  5. Surely most BW boaters are deemed to be booking when they purchase a CRT licence.
  6. Bridgewater boats need a CRT licence from Barbridge junction onwards. Lots of Bridgewater boats have 12 months CRT licences and others like me just get a 6 month CRT licence to cover the summer period. (Not this year though) In the past I have used weekly CRT licences for short visits and others have used the 30 day explorer CRT licence.
  7. No details from the Bridgewater Canal Company as yet.
  8. The dry dock is nothing to do with the club.
  9. I think that Claymore Navigation had it after Tim and it has now changed hands again.
  10. Have a look at the www.canalplan website for timings for your trip. We usually go to Ga Pa once a year but not this year.
  11. Pie Eater


    The buildings at Wigan Pier are currently being redeveloped. The site will include a wedding venue and events space, gin distillery and micro brewery, food market and restaurant. The old toilet block near Seven Stars bridge has been demolished and 8 x 3 storey terraced houses are now in the same place. I am not sure of the new completion date as work has been delayed due to the pandemic.
  12. Perhaps Sale Cruising Club may have some information.
  13. Open at 8.00am and closed at 4.00pm
  14. There latest vlog shows them rescuing a deer which was trapped in a lock.
  15. We pour in a bottle of Milton sterilizing fluid once a year, leave it overnight then drain and refill the tank. Like others we don't drink the water but use it for showers and washing up.
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