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  1. Most boats will arrive on Friday or Saturday but some may arrive earlier but I don't think anyone will mind as long as you move before the rally.
  2. Mine are bolted on and I remove them every 2 years to black behind them and renew the anodes when needed. The bolts were welded on 20 years ago when the boat was built.
  3. The Federation of Bridgewater Cruising Clubs rally is at Lymm Cruising Club this weekend and visitors will not be able to moor on the moorings reserved for the rally.
  4. Ours is a roll up flat and is 20 years old. No problems with it and as others say it saves on space.
  5. Anderton to Castlefield in Manchester will take you just over 10 hours depending on whether you are lucky with the tunnel times. You may find that your hire will only start in the afternoon and that you will have to stop well before Manchester on the first night. Have a look at the canalplan website for rough timings.
  6. I have a 20 year old beta engine and both my alternaters have been reconditioned in the last few years. One done at Nantwich and the other done in Wigan.
  7. Consider stopping at Nantwich instead of Barbridge, short walk to town and more choice of pubs/shops.
  8. Mine was done today. About an hour and cost £180.
  9. Others have suggested hiring a boat before you commit to purchasing. The Lyneal Trust on the Llangollen Canal have narrowboats suitable for families with a disabled person. I have no connection apart from speaking to boaters who are using them.
  10. The latest notice from CaRT states that the canal will be open from this Friday 15th March 2019 as planned.
  11. I thought that there was a stoppage at Saltersford tunnel but this may have been completed.
  12. Thanks nightwatch, it has worked.
  13. Can anyone provide a link to the Wigan Today item about firefighters attending this incident last night. 2 occupants and dog safe and well.
  14. Reminder that the closure starts next Monday.
  15. Hesford Marine on the Bridgewater Canal near Lymm have room at present.
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