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  1. Strawberry Duck - that brings back memories. When hiring many moons ago we made the mistake of going down the flight in the middle of the afternoon and ended up with a dozen drunken "passengers" on the roof. My father in law was a 5 foot tall ex pitman and was in the early stages of Alzheimer's and wanted to fight them all. We managed to get him inside the boat and the passengers departed at the next bridge.
  2. Pie Eater

    Fradley to Llangollen - mooring advice please

    We have stopped in Trevor a few times and gone to Llangollen on the bus. The bus stop is up the hill on the main road. Many moons ago we cycled it - about 4 miles but all flat on a good surface. Last year I sailed it but had a 6am start from Trevor.
  3. Pie Eater

    Fradley to Llangollen - mooring advice please

    Have a look at the Shropshire Union Canal Society website, there is a list of "country moorings" for the shroppie and Llangollen canals.
  4. Pie Eater

    Wigan Flight 10 week trial

    Update As from this Saturday 7th July the lock flight will only be open once per day at 8.30am at top and bottom locks. This is due to water shortages. Info from CaRT
  5. Old folks are stubborn but I hope she lets you replace them as they obviously brightened up her life. A lot of people have started to chain hanging baskets up to deter thieves.
  6. Pie Eater

    Bridgewater Canal - Broadheath

    Update The canal will be reopened on this Friday morning at 7.00am. Info from the Bridgewater Canal Company.
  7. Pie Eater

    Warburton High Bridge

    The last couple of times I went through payment was only being collected from northbound traffic. Southbound was free. Mind you the new kiosk is so tiny there may not be room for 2 attendants.
  8. Pie Eater

    Leeds and Liverpool breached at Maghull

    Thanks for the photos and update. Were there any signs of repair work in progress?
  9. Pie Eater

    Any update on Liverpool ?

    Has any one got any photos of the breach site showing repairs in progress?
  10. Pie Eater

    Barnton Tunnel

    I to have suggested a smaller "clock" sign be put at the tunnel mouth but CaRT seem to ignore any advice. Too many boaters miss the sign when heading north. The signs also still say to carry canoes over the tunnels.
  11. Pie Eater

    Barnton Tunnel

    No need for lights, just make it a timed tunnel like Saltersford and Preston Brook tunnels.
  12. Plank Lane is on the Leeds and Liverpool Leigh branch canal. Not on the Bridgewater Canal but the tip is handy for boaters.
  13. Put your rubbish in carrier bags and use the local village litter bins as there are no other facilities.
  14. Pie Eater

    House of Lords, can someone explain it to me.....

    600 in the House of Commons, 600 in the House of Lords. Everyone to be elected by us, the electorate.
  15. Pie Eater

    Water levels at Wigan??

    Mac The picture is of the Leigh branch junction.

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