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  1. Loving all the advice I am getting on here, I was a little wary of posting for fear of people telling me I am an idiot but it has all been so informative. It is good to get experienced boaters advice and opinions
  2. large rear hatch is a good idea, just that we have been able to choose which end to sit out at with semi, the stern isn,t the most comfortable though depending on the tumblehome
  3. The pram cover comment made me laugh, I agree with you regarding the silly looks and am still undecided on one. Wasn't planning on doing the calder and hebble as I thought I could go round the leeds liverpool and down the trent, so a 61 gives me 4 foot of extra space and longer and the wigan flight would prove difficult i think
  4. Agree with the bathroom, it is still open to change, the semi was to enable us both to perch on the side of the rear doors whilst cruising and looking forward, a pram hood, though a little ugly will allow for taking off wet clothes and protect the engine bay
  5. I understood 57 was maximum on the calder and hebble but 61 maximumwould get us along the leeds liverpool, I am happy to be corrected
  6. Hi, We are planning our new build after many years of holiday renting, it is to live on as ccr's when we retire in a couple of years, a used boat, though a cheaper option and better value is not really suited to us as my practical skills are close to zero, and the difference in the price of new versus 2/3 year old boat makes having the layout exactly as you wish worth the extra. We intend having a 61' semi cruiser with standard layout, bedroom with extendable bed, walkthrough bathroom, galley kitchen pullman dinette with twin side hatches, and wide as possible bow doors with a sliding hatch above. Any comments and advice would be greatly appreciated. The 61 foot is to get maximum space whilst still being able to cruise all bar the calder and hebble and the huddersfield wide if I have my information correct.
  7. Braidbar in Poynton have a good reputation, not cheap but the boats look good quality, you may have a long wait though, earlier this year their first available build slot was autumn 2023
  8. According to the figures from Which, if you use a slimline dishwasher once a day it is 3 litres of water, if you wash up after each meal it is 30 litres, but don't all get one, the price will go up 🙂
  9. An alternative view is, if used properly a dishwasher uses less water than washing up, if you have enough solar or use it whilst cruising it may be easier to replace the electricity than topping up the water. Not cheaper, just easier.
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