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  1. Yes, but buy something trailable, with seven foot or less beam, and with a shallow draught! Then you will be more able to cope with what, at present, the future seems to hold.
  2. Tin foil over the inside of the door works quite well as a temporary fix, if you rip it, replace. Ensure that the tin foil extends beyond the door seals.
  3. What's wrong with your Mrs taking the boat? A high proportion of woman on the canals are far more capable than the men! It's a learning curve for both of you, I'm sure she'll pass all she learns on to you.
  4. Probably a slow cooked one!
  5. If you're on a cycle you can obviously ignore all red lights!!
  6. Go on a diet, the less you weigh the less you'll disturb the boat when you move around!
  7. ....We are planning....what can I do....share your partner's?
  8. Time to place a ban on running diesel engines and gennies when moored, some boaters are fed up with the stink and noise! That might help cure it!
  9. What he said, and put more politely than I would've.
  10. There is a boat on the system that has inbuilt, pump filled and emptied boyancy tanks to raise and lower it in the water.I last saw it in the Northwich area about nine years ago.
  11. And add a notice suggesting that those who stand ensure their aim is accurate.......
  12. Name builder and age, then maybe someone with a similar build may assist you.
  13. Just do it, if it helps you enjoy your holiday, ignore the naysayers and just do it!
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