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  1. Yellowback


    He realised he had asked to little for it?
  2. lol, bet there's a few more on here with similar thoughts, and no doubt they keep their cricket bats handy in case!
  3. Merry Christmas to you, and wishing you at a minimum another 18 years problem less boating.
  4. Take a large piece of paper, write on it 'replace batteries' hang it visibly with the washing! Then remove them, it won't disturb you again.
  5. Really, the more help I get the more I'm happy to do it myself. Everyone seems in such a hurry nowadays! Being sat on a boat in a lock after putting a stranger in total control must invalidate any insurance should the boat be lost!
  6. Mayhap with all the running at tickover that today's cruising involves they weren't putting sufficient charge in for their requirements!
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. Yes, but buy something trailable, with seven foot or less beam, and with a shallow draught! Then you will be more able to cope with what, at present, the future seems to hold.
  9. Tin foil over the inside of the door works quite well as a temporary fix, if you rip it, replace. Ensure that the tin foil extends beyond the door seals.
  10. What's wrong with your Mrs taking the boat? A high proportion of woman on the canals are far more capable than the men! It's a learning curve for both of you, I'm sure she'll pass all she learns on to you.
  11. Probably a slow cooked one!
  12. If you're on a cycle you can obviously ignore all red lights!!
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