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  1. Yellowback

    Weed hatch seal what should I use

    I use poundland yoga/exercise mats, just cut a piece to suit. Piece that's on at this time has been off and on a few times so is lasting well.
  2. Yellowback

    I'm off

    As above from me. Hope to see you post again one day in the future. Thanks.
  3. The engine bays on narrow-boats get more cramped as the years and waistline of the boater increment!
  4. Perhaps said miscreant isn't as thick as we all hope they are, either knew there was a tracker, from recognition or it said so on the box. Scarf and/or parachute was used to ensure no prints were left, and then removed to ensure no DNA was was left either, educated thieves we can do without.
  5. Can't imagine they were shortsighted enough to have packed that box without any contact details.
  6. More likely a light fingered scout/scouts friend 'had it off' prior to launch, what never went up can't come down!
  7. Yellowback

    Measuring Roof Curve?

    S'pose asking them to digitally photograph the roof section and send it to you, with the actual width, so you can measure the curve is out of the question?
  8. Yellowback

    Tyre round prop, advice please

    Just get yourself a scrap tyre, then cut it up using the options posters have given you (start with the stanley knife round the bead), whichever is the easiest out of the water will be the easiest when you get wet!!
  9. Yellowback

    How do locks raise boats?

    Yes, I've seen fairies by the locks a few times as well!
  10. Yellowback

    Star City

    mmm..... Wonder if there's any money to be made making, and selling banners, welcoming our off planet visitors to the shroppie.................
  11. Yellowback

    Experienced boaters/members

    Go ogle? Who, where, when?
  12. But lucky for you, some very considerate posters were willing to use their time and experience, just in case you should change your mind in the future!
  13. Yellowback

    iPad4 question.

    Nor next to the pontoon at Burton Waters, but would make a nice liveaboard non the less!
  14. Yellowback

    Stolen boat........? I think not !

    Was he 'taking it easy', or killed in action?
  15. Yellowback

    Boat burgled above Watford locks

    Nothing at all, I agree totally with your idea of stoning stockbrokers and holders. Please advise of proposed date and location so board members can arrange to have sufficient bricks to hand.

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