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  1. Thought that prior to that, in the time of knights, when an enemy knight was vanquished, the winner would give the loser furlough.
  2. Remove from where it is, and replace somewhere more convenient ?
  3. 140K for a crash damaged cut&shut, what ever next, lol.
  4. What's todays date, have I been asleep for a couple of months ?
  5. They say covid does strange things to ones sense of smell !!
  6. Bit unfair referring to his weight, he was only after some advice about his boat, not his diet !!
  7. The excessive editing speaks volumes about who was in the wrong. If the idiots had been anywhere close to being in the right we would have got inch by inch footage of the incident, or even a whole episode on the crash !
  8. Oops, foot in mouth time again, sorry 'fella' !
  9. But I'd bet she's capable of fettling something suitable now she's seen what's needed.
  10. You fishing on the local duckpond, or thrashing the engine to within an inch of its life fighting against a rising tide with an oversize beam trawl in tow ?
  11. Hmmm, what time are you due to visit, 5pm ?
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  13. The biggest problem with towpath mooring, are your fellow boaters. Exhaust and generator fumes being pumped into your boat day and night by prats who insist on mooring fender to fender, even in the remotest location !
  14. Anticlockwise. As a single hander I always find the fierce bywashes more problematic coming down than going up, plus you get the bulk of the shroppie locks out of the way while you're still fresh.
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