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  1. As well as the canape, did it have a nice little black number and cocktails?
  2. And breathing and eating and anything else that makes us happy! Of course since the world ends on Sunday it doesn't really matter anyway. Repent ye your sins......!
  3. I stand in awe of your achievements. As someone who gave up when time and money started to spiral out of control you have my undying admiration. Having said which, I am using some of the money I have saved on mooring etc to hire a boat on the Norfolk Broads this autumn. I've even bought a venerable Motorhome (1986 Talbot Merlin) to travel to watery locations! Never say never!
  4. Well I think the idea sounds great! Must admit I would go with a different agency than AB&B. Lots of boats on the broads offer static holidays and seem to succeed. I wonder if it would be worth speaking to one of the hire boat companies to see if they would allow your boat as a "static" on their moorings, they would do the bookings and would even be on hand to sort problems. I used to allow friends to borrow my boat (always told the Marina) and it was fine until one friend reversed the boat into a concrete canal wall and bent the rudder (£400 to fix and the "friend" denied any knowledge).
  5. Hopefully we will have the chance to say hello as we pass, like ships in the night (?)
  6. We're going on Western Horizon, also from Richardson's (Stalham) from September 28th to October 5th. We've never been on the Broads before, but my parents used to go quite regularly and loved it. My wife will appreciate the lack of locks - her MS means while she can still operate them it's very hard work for her and saps what little energy she has. Looking forward to being on someone else's boat, we used to borrow a friends narrow boat so it's a trip down memory lane (Ah nostalgia, but it isn't what it used to be).
  7. Ah well, finally bit the bullet and sold the boat! I worked out that it was going to take several years to complete the work, mooring fees, licence and insurance would end up being silly money for a boat I wasn't able to use. Sadly I had done an awful lot of the required work, but couldn't justify pouring more money into what was starting to look like an endless project. So....... with the money I'm not paying on mooring etc we're hiring a boat on the Norfolk Broads in October. Still going to be looking for a Highbridge Crusader for future purchase and use - so if you hear of one for sale please let me know.
  8. It'll be one of the new Indian Enfields. Mostly oil tight, electric start, 12 volt system that actually works, still looks like a classic but is reliable! OK, I'd love a "real" one, but on cost alone it's a no-brainer.
  9. Currently ride a 700 Honda Deauville, but since I don't go touring any more I'm looking to sell it and get a 500 Royal Enfield GT
  10. But seats on aeroplanes are getting narrower and leg room shorter to fit more passengers in. I remember sitting on a plane for a five hour journey next to an obese American guy who insisted he was not fat but was overlapping into my seat. A friend was seated next to a seriously overweight person some years ago and asked to be moved so he could occupy his own seat instead of just half of it. When they refused he told them that he would disembark as was his right. Since they would then have to unload all the luggage to find his and thereby delay the flight they miraculously found him another seat. People who occupy the equivalent of two seats because of their size should pay accordingly
  11. Ooh, who got out of bed on the wrong side after a new year celebration? I live on the Isle of Man, we don't have any motorways and I understood that cyclists were not allowed on motorways anyway. My "facile comment" was aimed at the manx roads where the cyclists are indeed part of the problem, as they are in a lot of other areas. Try driving through Esher on a Saturday or Sunday morning! In answer to your question I have no idea what part cyclists would play in a hold up on the M4. A few days ago I was faced with a group of about fifteen black lycra clad cyclists who not only failed to stop at a stop sign but rode out three abreast into my path at full speed causing me to take emergency avoiding action. When I gave them a brief toot on my horn they shouted abuse and made rude signs. I don't object to anyone committing suicide, but please don't use me as the weapon of choice. I advocate some form of registration so idiots can be reported and identified and insurance so they are covered when they cause an accident.
  12. My main car is a 1998 Honda CRV which cost me £400, my van is an 2006 LDV Maxus which cost me £800, my wife's car is a Toyota Hybrid which cost her £2000 at auction and £2000 to sort the gearbox out. My bike is a 2009 Honda Deauville which I have had for five years and cost me £1500. I promised myself I would never buy a vehicle that cost more than my first house (£11,250), apart from which if I can't work on it I don't want it. (Except my wife's car!) The only new car I ever bought was a millstone around my neck, it was an Astra which leaked like a sieve, I'll never go down that road again. Old vehicles are safer, you can fix them when they go wrong without plugging them into diagnostic machinery. I park in my drive, and outside my house. There is no problem parking. I am retired and if someone was prepared to drive me where I want to go when I want to go there (car share) I would be delighted, like that's going to happen! Yes a car is a box on four wheels (and a bike is on two wheels) but OMG they are so useful. If you want to go back to horse and carriage that's fine, but don't impose that on the rest of us, especially those that are petrol heads.
  13. So, you're happy to cause serious frustration with your unlicenced, uninsured mode of transport, causing motorists to attempt to overtake your preferred way of travelling in dangerous places as you balk their onward travel. I bet you wear dark clothing and fail to stop at halt signs, weave dangerously all over the road and make rude signs at innocent drivers when they try to get past your mobile road block. Sorry, but most (not all) cyclists are a menace and cause more problems than they solve. I ride motorbikes and push-bikes (electric) and make sure I do not cause problems for other road users - I sincerely hope you are of a like mind, but from your post I somehow doubt it!
  14. Two cars, one van, one motorbike and one boat. I'm trying to create my own smog bank
  15. To be fair Jeremy Corbin is the best thing that's happened to the Conservative party for years. Thank goodness I live on the Isle of Man, we have very little to do with your Government, we have our own useless idiots elected representatives! Happy non political new year
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