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  1. The narrow boat has now got through but the wide beam and 2 more narrowboats were stuck at 10.45am.
  2. More problems this morning (Fri 29.4) at the junction pound. A wide beam heading towards Liverpool and a narrow boat heading towards Leigh have been stuck in the middle of the canal overnight due to the low water levels.
  3. Volunteers don't usually cover the big lock and are usually at the Middlewich 3 locks. As previously said you should be able to wind the boat about 100 yards before the lock or 200 yards after the lock just past the park. Have a look at the Narrowboat Pirate vlog no 6 (Cruising my NB to Middlewich via Bramble Cuttings) as it features the big lock near the end. Barton tunnel is not timed and Saltersford and Preston Brook tunnels are on the hour northbound (towards Lymm) and on the half hour southbound (towards Middlewich)
  4. Another delay. Now reopening at 12 noon Wednesday 20th April.
  5. Problems ongoing this morning, 2 hire boats grounded at the bottom of the locks in the junction pound. Numerous pounds on the flight low or empty but workers are removing all their equipment from the stoppage site at lock 73 in preparation for reopening.
  6. Junction pound opened again last night but water levels were still lower than usual this morning.
  7. I have just cycled the towpath and CaRT have just put padlocks on Henhurst Lock and Poolstock no 2 bottom lock until water levels recover. The Poolstock pound was empty as usual and the junction pound was very low. Numerous pounds in the flight are empty and there is very little water coming down the flight.
  8. The trip boat is great if you get behind it. Especially if you are single handed.
  9. The flight is now only expected to reopen on Tuesday 19th April at 5.00pm which of course means Wednesday morning. Info from CaRT.
  10. Expect a delay at Wigan as the Poolstock pound is empty every morning. This morning the bottom lock had 3 of the 4 gates wide open.
  11. Wigan Flight is still shut until Wednesday
  12. You could aim for the Moorings pub outside Boothstown Marina which would take you about 6 hours sailing depending how much help you have at the locks.
  13. According to the Wigan Flight Crew farcebook pages he was busy using a jackhammer on the cill of lock 73 today.
  14. I thought that the volunteers only started this weekend.
  15. I just informed them that I had sold the boat and would not be renewing on 30.04.22.
  16. After nearly 23 years we sold the boat on Thursday 24th March and as a matter of courtesy and to save paperwork emailed the Bridgewater Canal Company, CRT, RCR and Towergate Mardon informing them of the sale and stating that I would not be renewing licences, breakdown cover and insurance when they ran out. Yesterday I received a letter from Towergate Mardon as follows:- We confirm that the policy has now been cancelled with effect from 24/03/2022 and we are now advising that there is a total charge amount due of £17.29, in which includes a £25.00 cancellation fee. So much for politeness and giving advance notice, perhaps I shouldn't have told them and just let it run out. I am not one for reading all the many pages of the Terms and Conditions and small print and wondered if anyone else had been caught out like this.
  17. Most boaters moor in the pound near the dry dock usually without any problems. Appley Bridge and Parbold are also ok and both have a train station.
  18. I pass this pound most days and I have toyed with the idea of throwing some bright food dye in and watching what happens.
  19. Pie Eater

    Pie Eater

  20. It is definitely not vandalism as the pound drains on its own every night.
  21. JohnEW The Poolstock pound was empty as usual this morning and a CaRT employee had just arrived to fill it up at 8.00am. Not sure where you are stopping tonight but I would advise you to go through as soon as possible and not wait to go through first thing in the morning.
  22. No news from Bridgewater Canal Company. They usually inform us if there are any problems.
  23. A reminder that the 2 week closure starts next Monday 7th March 2022.
  24. DVCC is in Appley Bridge near Wigan not Appleby Bridge.
  25. Have a look at the latest vlog from Cruising Crafts - "Busy in Burscough" it shows one of their friends using a sewing machine to make quilted cushions.
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