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  1. Set to record it but the the recording missed the ending.😟
  2. I will be watching Match of the day as usual tomorrow morning to see if they are 2 metres apart after scoring.
  3. It could be on hold due to Covid 19 as staff maybe on furlough.
  4. Thanks for that David - I missed that info.
  5. This original post states that a new agreement was made and would be in force from the 1st September 2020 and that more details would be in the CaRT boaters update. To date nothing has been seen on the websites or in boaters updates.
  6. On the latest Cruising the Cut vlog he says that he is taking a break from vlogging for a couple of months and intends to do more mini documentary type vlogs once a month. He has done this before when he spent some time with a fuel boat. I did notice that his website has a long list of narrowboat vloggers if anyone is interested.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. Our Liverpool boat has the water pump under the bow step right next to the water tank.
  9. Our boat is a 40ft cruiser stern with a central door. When we visited the show boat it had an offset door which meant that we had to turn sideways to get through so we ordered a central door which was wider. This does mean that we have to make the bed twice a day but you should be ok to leave the bed made up with a 45 ft boat.
  10. They used to have them at most filling stations but stopped using them for some reason. Probably EU law.
  11. Last time we went past (September) it had all been dug out but there was no sign of any jetties.
  12. I ended up throwing the centre rope over a bollard and using a step ladder on top of the boat to get out of the lock.
  13. Running a generator for an hour in the morning and then for another hour in the evening does not seem unreasonable.
  14. Watched the Ellesmere Port to Audlem stretch last night. I would have loved to see any of the "celebrity" boaters off the other boating programmes going down the weedhatch or climbing up the lock ladders. I was waiting to see how he managed Beeston iron lock (no lock ladders) on his own but someone helped him.
  15. According to the latest "narrowboat girl" vlog it seems like there is another boater trying to bully them on the Ashby canal.
  16. Have a look at the canalplan website to give you a rough idea of travelling times.
  17. Clockwise to get Harecastle tunnel out of the way.
  18. There are plenty of mooring rings at Nantwich and Barbridge although the Nantwich moorings tend to get busy. Both areas should be safe.
  19. The jolly tar pub has been demolished and New houses have been built on the site so just look for the Barbridge canal junction.
  20. Looking at the background it may be on the CaRT Rochdale nine flight.
  21. Take the complete lock to a good lock and key centre and they may be able to get keys to fit or supply a matching lock. As zenataomm said.
  22. Jeddlad Don't let one bad experience with a Commodore put you off. Most clubs will invite you for a tour and to meet other members and then leave you to make a decision.
  23. They need to be in a place where a visitor can find them immediately and not out of sight. I can still remember when I had just left school and a fire started in the room where I was working. I could not find the fire alarm button as my gaffer had hung his flat cap on it.
  24. Similar fencing has been erected on the Bridgewater Canal at Trafford rowing club, Watch House Cruising Club and the Manchester United supporters club. It does the job of slowing cyclists down.
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