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  1. Chancellor's Spring Statement - Red Diesel

    No it was sh*te diesel that made the boat smoke for the rest of the week until we had used it all
  2. Easter Weekend

    If only.
  3. Easter Weekend

    If we could guarantee the weather then we would. Only we can't so we won't. We only have a few days off work this time and have to be back on the Tuesday.
  4. It must be summer!

    It is most certainly spring. First group trip to West Stockwith of the year this weekend. A sure sign that people are coming out of hibernation and waking their boats up. Still a bit cold for a bbq though so we have convinced The Waterside to keep us well fed with a selection of curries and sides.
  5. Easter Weekend

    Which is why we are leaving NC tucked up safely in her berth and heading to Amsterdam for a few days instead
  6. Drying Washing

    Laundrette. If it is just a few bits and bobs that we have rinsed through we have a built in washing line on the bow rails. Handy for drying towels.
  7. Cruiser stern "dodger"

    Take them off the boat to spray them.
  8. Cruiser stern "dodger"

    There are other alternatives that do the same job.
  9. Moving again!

    Epic cruise
  10. Cruiser stern "dodger"

    Or sprayed the current dodgers with Wet and Forget.
  11. Moving on red flags

    Most of the Trent flood gates are off now. Think there are only Torksey left on. Weather seems much milder this morning. Time to set off on that summer cruise again methinks.
  12. Revenge of the Beast from the East (Part 2)

    It wasn't worth us venturing out. We had a nice day in with the heating on reading a good book then nipped across to Harbour Lights early evening for Sunday dinner, which was spot on. The beef was cooked to perfection as was the Yorkshire pudding and the calamari starter was very nice also. Set off this morning at 6am to head back to Sheffield and the roads were clear. In fact we have a quicker then usual run back for a Monday morning!
  13. Chancellor's Spring Statement - Red Diesel

    If you need/want to go somewhere and you need fuel you pay whatever price it is. The most we have paid for red diesel was almost £1.36 A litre at Royal Norfolk and Suffolk Yacht Club. We needed it so we bought it and paid the price.