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  1. Doesn't look like we are going to be so lucky with the weather. But we will make the most of what we are dealt.
  2. No panic involved. We are heading to Cromwell on Saturday.
  3. I'm sure we will enjoy it wherever we end up and we know Syd will.
  4. Naughty-Cal is all stocked up, filled up and packed up and ready to head onto the Trent and Soar for a couple of weeks. Assuming of course Boris doesn't announce anything tonight that scuppers that plan! We have a loose plan to head maybe as far as Mountsorrel but a lot will of course depend on the weather and any Covid restrictions we come across along the way. Just to have some time away from home will be nice having lived and worked there now since March. Tide times are not great for Saturday and getting up to Cromwell. It looks like we will be leaving Torksey late at about 4.30pm which won't leave us too much leeway to get to Cromwell before dark, hence the need to fix the navigation lights last weekend. A bit of a hand this week from the weather gods would be useful to stick a bit of fresh in the river for us and let us get out of Torksey a bit earlier.
  5. Good news. The mites are now gone. Now just to treat the sore areas which already look much better. Speaking to the vet yesterday we are to continue with the apple cider vinegar bathes for this week just to make sure any stragglers are definitely gone. We will take some apple cider vinegar away with us just in case he finds anymore while we are on our travels!
  6. The reverse latch is on the outside of the sterndrive so it would have only needed the boat lifting to have a look at it. Having driven both cable operated and fly by wire boats we much prefer the feel of the cable throttles. You get far more "feel" through them.
  7. Single sterndrive boats do take some getting used too. I think we have got the hang of ours now
  8. Nice boats those Aquador 32's. There are a couple at our marina.
  9. He isn't that well trained 😂😂😂
  10. We found out yesterday that Syd has an infestation of Harvest Mites on his feet. We only found out because the groomers spotted sore spots on the tops of his feet that were not visible when his fur was longer. Closer inspection has revealed small clusters of mites between his toes. We have been told to bathe his feet in an apple cider vinegar mixture daily until the mites have gone and the sores have healed. Oddly he has not been biting and scratching at this feet which is usually a tell tale sign of them and the areas that look sore don't seem to be bothering him so hopefully we can get rid of them and he will heel nicely. The only difficulty now is we don't know where or when he picked them up so it will be difficult to avoid them again!
  11. No. And of course we only found out they were not working when it was dark and we needed them 🙃 All working now but we are going to replace the top light unit when we get back as it has seen better days.
  12. Fixed the nav lights today. Discovered the other week we had none out of five working! Now all working again. A combination of two blown bulbs and some dodgy wiring. Had to fix these today as we will be needing them next Saturday on the late tide run to Cromwell.
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