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  1. It is almost as though it was planned that we will leave with no deal
  2. Which will be better how exactly?
  3. Well he couldn't do any worse than any of the other options on the table.
  4. A good leader would honour what their country voted for.
  5. I have some sympathy for May. She was handed a job she never really wanted. Was forced to barter out a deal with the EU when she had not voted for Brexit and didn't believe in it. I do think that under different circumstances she would have been a more successful prime minister. But in these circumstances she was just set up to fail. Let's hope that the next prime minister actually voted for Brexit and will have the determination to carry it through.
  6. But surely if a slightly taller narrowboat moored there you would still see the same amount of painted steel as you are only looking at the side of the boat.
  7. As we are now keeping the boat we can add this trip back to the list.
  8. I have raised this with the CRT licencing department before and they claim that the rivers only registration is a licence which is contrary to their own legislation.
  9. In the case of the overstayers on the Fossditch they are open about the fact that there is very little enforcement so they bend the rules. On the whole they are genuinely nice people thet just have no concept of morality.
  10. Beaching them isn't a problem. Friends of ours did it on a regular basis to clean the bottom and check the drives. Never had a problem. We just never fancied it. They have a bigger shaft drive boat now so dont think they will be so willing to beach that one
  11. No we anchor off the beach and dinghy in. You can beach them. But we prefer not too.
  12. We have had it flat calm in the Wash And equally on the choppy side. Indeed it is. Could be equally as likely a typo as you km though.
  13. I have in the past and have always received the same response of they cant discuss individual cases but to be reassured that enforcement of over staying is taken very seriously. Which is clearly just a lie as the same boats stay in the same locations month in month out.
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