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  1. It is going to be too big and heavy for someone with a 4x4 and trailer. Try Beverley Transport or Midland Boat Transport. They move a lot of boats around for Burton Waters so may be able to fit it in as a back load and save some pennies.
  2. No they are a lot newer then that. ETA: It could be the "certain waters" clause perhaps. Maybe the Yare isn't on that certain waters list?
  3. Here she is: https://www.norfolkboatsales.co.uk/used-boats/aquabell-33-trojan-spirit-of-breydon-862.asp
  4. There are some and a growing number of widebeams as well. They are not very popular with the locals as they take up a lot of mooring space which is in places limited to start with. That is interesting because we know for a fact that there are a large number of larger flybridge cruisers in Brundall which are over 46ft and there are several dutch barges up that way as well which are well over 46ft.
  5. You do miss the prettiest bits though through Beccles, Wroxham, Wayford and Potter Heigham. Suppose you can always hire a boat to see those bits though. Would be a shame to not be able to get under Ludham though. The Ant is definitely worthy of a visit. Not so much Wroxham but Potter Heigham is certainly becoming a problem for the hire yards. Unless you hire an old woody from Marthams which can get through on most tides.
  6. It should be fine. That bridge is 8ft.
  7. There is now one fixed bridge close to Norwich which prevents bigger boats getting all the way into the city. Cant remember the air draft of that one but we had to drop the arch on NC so less than 10ft.
  8. Most of the bridges on the Yare are swing bridges when they are working so you dont have many limitations. It is if you want to visit the rest of the Broads you will struggle with a larger boat. Much over 10ft and you wont get to the northern broads most of the time at all. There are other low bridges, Potter Heigham, Wroxham, Beccles, Wayford but they are at the extremities of rivers so you wont lose much cruising. Personally I wouldn't want an air draft much over 8ft as that would rule out the River Ant above Ludham Bridge which is a beautiful area.
  9. I think it will be a bit big and heavy for Tony's trailer. Nice boats those Freeman 30's. There are a couple kicking around on the Fossdyke. Which engines has it got? If it is the big straight 6 Fords they are based on tractor engines so the parts are easy enough to come by. They sound awesome thumping away in the Freeman.
  10. I take it the same 3 boat owners would have complained if they had been hot by narrowboats as well?
  11. Perhaps he was a bit of a dick about it but this guy hasn't been. How you approach a situation can have a big effect on the response you get to that situation.
  12. Take your rain mac and a translator.
  13. No beach today. Boats instead. We started the day with the 4 mile walk from Boswinger to Mevagissey. Then we caught the ferry from Mevagissey to Fowey. Then we hired a day boat in Fowey for a couple of hours. Then we had a couple of hours in Fowey before catching the boat back to Mevagissey. Just time for a quick beer by the harbour and to get some fresh mackerel from the fish quay before the taxi arrived to take us back to Boswinger. Time for a beer on the veranda now before a bbq shortly. Sydney is spark out!
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