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  1. Naughty Cal

    Carbon Monoxide

    You would think so. We know someone who removed the batteries from their CO alarm as their V8 petrol engine set it off everytime they went out
  2. Naughty Cal

    Carbon Monoxide

  3. Naughty Cal

    Reverse Sneezing

    Looks like we have to take him to the vets this week anyway now so will talk to them about it. He now has a very inflamed dew claw He is spending more time in the vets this dog. Booked in the week after for his nuts off!
  4. Naughty Cal

    A Wee one to start again.

    How's the epoxy work coming on?
  5. We will be dead if we have not seen our boat for five months.
  6. Sorry but sympathy is zero in this case.
  7. So a theft took place at some point over the winter, which is several months, and the OP then expects people to look out for a boat which may or may not have the panels. Sorry but if you can't be arsed to look at your boat for months at a time then quite frankly I can't be arsed to look for a boat that may or may not have your solar panels. Tough luck.
  8. Naughty Cal

    Reverse Sneezing

    He is fine afterwards. Just a fit of reverse sneezing then all back to normal again. Not disconcerting at 2am!
  9. Naughty Cal

    Cruiser style boat

    Yes. A lot of the cruisers are powered by big V8 lumps so it makes sense for them to have a petrol pump.
  10. Naughty Cal

    Reverse Sneezing

    A backwards sneeze. Inhaling air rather then expelling air.
  11. Naughty Cal

    Cruiser style boat

    Yes. We had a very lucky escape that day. We were on our way to get fuel ourselves. Had we finished cleaning the boat five minutes earlier NC would have been on the fuel berth as well!
  12. Naughty Cal

    Reverse Sneezing

    Pretty sure it isn't kennel cough. He has been vet checked several times now and vaccinated against kennel cough.
  13. Naughty Cal

    Cruiser style boat

    Famous last words! Personally we would never buy a petrol powered boat due to the lack of waterside fuel availability. But each to their own I suppose. If you do go down the petrol route be very careful when refuelling. There have been a number of fuel related fires in recent years.
  14. Naughty Cal

    Reverse Sneezing

    Having had dogs before and never come across the phenomenon of reverse sneezing we are finding it quite alarming when Sydney sets off with a fit of the reverse sneezes. We have had him almost seven weeks now and he has had a few bouts, usually in the middle of the night. So my question is, is reverse sneezing common in smaller dogs and should we be concerned about it?
  15. Naughty Cal

    New batteries

    The warranty for batteries covers manufacturing defects not wear and tear through use of the batteries.

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