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  1. Wasn't Sainsbury's voted the UK's cheapest supermarket recently?
  2. Indeed. Erm didn't he open it via video link from his home in Scotland? Ordinary or whole wheat plain flour and yoghurt makes a reasonable flat bread. Can also be used for pizza base. 2 parts flour to 1 part yoghurt.
  3. We have the little gas Cadac that we will use with the boat. Great piece of kit and works every time. No more pratting around with charcoal praying for it to take light and burn properly.
  4. Matt Hancock ends his remarks with a reminder about the actions people need to take - despite the hot weather predicted for this weekend. He says the country "absolutely cannot afford to relax social distancing measures", adding: "If we do people will die." He continues: "I end with the advice we all know. This advice is not a request, it is an instruction. "Stay at home, protect lives and then you will be doing your part
  5. I know. Sorry. We should know better But we are much more likely to use it with the limited time at home if it is click and go. Cant be arsed with coals all the time. It is inferior and we accept that.
  6. Neither does ours we could still manage. Bloody hell stop having bread if needs be it isn't vital to sustain life! Perhaps the real reason more older people will die from this is not the immune system, but more likely it is the stubbornness and reluctance to change the daily routine! It isn't rocket science. Stay at home. Not just for your sake but for that of others around you.
  7. At least I'm not playing god with the lives of others around me. It really is beggars belief that some people still just dont grasp the seriousness of this situation and think they can carry on regardless. That is part of the reason this country is up the creek without a paddle. Every one assumes they are more important than the next. Very sad.
  8. Veg box, meat box, grocery box, any box bar the bloody supermarket. It is like people are brain washed! Part baked bread doesn't need a fridge or freezer. You are one of those people who think guidelines and rules apply to everyone but you. Everyone has to make sacrifices, that includes you if we are to get through this. I am the first to admit we didn't take this seriously at first. But now we all have to pull together and get through this and that means going out as little is possible. That isn't every couple of days. What could be more simple. Stay at bloody home.
  9. I absolutely do. They need to think outside the box more. Never heard of a freezer. Or cutting down on your bread consumption. Part baked bread even?
  10. What one person accepts as exercise doesn't necessarily compare with what another accepts. Get over it and change the record. You are where you are. You can either stew over it for the next 12 weeks or more or accept it and get on with life. The latter is probably more advisable.
  11. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-outbreak-faqs-what-you-can-and-cant-do/coronavirus-outbreak-faqs-what-you-can-and-cant-do#when-am-i-allowed-to-leave-the-house As infrequently as possible. I'm not sure how much more clear it has to be. Go out as little as possible. Every few days is more than needs be. You can go longer and should be aiming to do so. It is people like you ignoring the advice that will ensure more people than necessary die but also that the rest of us are in lock down for far longer than necessary as well. It is quite simple. Stay at home.
  12. There are ways and means of not having "fresh" every day if needs be. Once a week should be the minimum aim for shopping which should be achievable for all. We could certainly manage that with the very limited fridge and cupboard space we have on NC.
  13. Good day for a garden bbq instead. So glad we got the patio extended in the nick of time and the gas bbq delivered! We are even considering putting the tent up in the garden and having a night "away"
  14. Are we not all supposed to be keeping shopping trips too a minimum? Twice in a few days isn't really what you should be aiming for! Here in lies the problem. Leaving the house to go shopping should be seen as a last resort not a social event.
  15. Liam went out and picked some stuff up today. He thought outside the box, ignored the supermarkets and got almost everything we needed in less than an hour including the 5 minute drive into town each way. Still loads of veg in the farm shop, we have the butcher delivering meat tomorrow and the car boot is full of beer. Job done for another couple of weeks. He drove past the supermarket and the queue was around the car park again. People have no imagination. The only thing he didn't get was halloumi but we can work around that.
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