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  1. All boats in the Marina have to have a mooring licence even if it is on the mooring at the bottom of your garden. To obtain that they need proof of ownership, insurance, CRT licence and BSC.
  2. You cant just have any old boat on "your" mooring. They have to vet the boat first and make sure it is "suitable" (I Kid you not. Same in the marina if you want a long term berth)
  3. Nope you can't sub let. ETA: We have several good friends who lived on the houses there. Most have now moved away but a few do still live there. We did consider it at one point and had first refusal on a penthouse apartment a friend was selling but the mooring fee, grounds maintenance fee, security fee and service charge made it unviable. Which is a shame because it was a lovely flat. Sums them all up nicely.
  4. It was Sea View International the first time we stayed there. The second and third times it had changed to South West. We stayed in one of the lodges the last time and it was really very nice. But it is a shame that almost the whole site has now been given over to them. Mind you, I don't think I would fancy driving the motorhome up to Sea View. It's a bit tight in places that lane!!
  5. We were at Sea View. Probably won't go there if we do go that way next year. The park has changed a lot since we first went about 20 years ago and is now more geared towards static vans and lodges than touring.
  6. We had a week in the Lakes in July. Before we set off we got all of the usual the place is packed, it will be too busy, you won't enjoy it comments. So we expected it to be difficult to find places to stay and places to park during the day. It was the complete opposite. We managed to get parked up every day where we wanted, booked onto a couple of sites last minute for the night and never struggled to get into pubs or restaurants when we wanted them. We had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed it despite the weather not being great at times. Syd wasn't bothered about a bit of rain though. He thoroughly enjoyed himself.
  7. We love it in there. Did the landlord let you have a look in the jail house? (The site we stayed on a few times is just up the road from St Ewe in Boswinger)
  8. Rents are only going one way, and that isn't in favour of renters! Renting a property in retirement can only be a bigger financial burden than owning a property outright. Yes there is maintenance on an owned property but that isn't going to add up to the same as renting, unless a property has been really neglected in the past.
  9. On this day 2017 Lincoln https://www.facebook.com/100001279506755/videos/1618374478215187/
  10. I absolutely agree. But you would be surprised how many do it or are doing it. Crazy.
  11. They are still operating two boats for hire, although most of the yard is now private moorings. https://www.summercraftboats.co.uk/summercraft-boats/
  12. We got chatting to an older couple who lived in a converted Mercedes Sprinter panel van and have done for the last 10 years or so the last time we went to Saltfleet Haven. They are usually off on their travels around europe and beyond but due to Covid had spent 18 months or so in the UK. They had sold up everything to buy and convert this van and all of their belongings, everything they owned was in it. Their funds are now starting to run out, their van is being scraped through every MOT by the skin of it's teeth and was ready for the scrap yard years ago and their health is now starting to fail them, they are really starting to suffer during the winter months due to their living conditions. They are completely stuck. When the van does fail they have absolutely no idea what they will do. We found it quite sad talking to them as their dream had turned out to be a living nightmare for them with no obvious way to improve their situation.
  13. We are still undecided if we are going to head to Devon and Cornwall this time next year for our two week trip or head across to France instead. We have a week booked on the Isle of Wight earlier in July and a few of the bank holidays are booked for Burnham Deepdale in Norfolk and Southwold, Suffolk, and a trip down south somewhere (location not decided yet) to meet up with some other ex Sealine owners who have sold up and gone across to Motorhomes, so we have plenty of trips planned in the UK already.
  14. On this day 2018 Catching up with friends. This was the last time we were all on the water together. On this day 2012 Sunny Lincoln
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