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  1. It is one of the bars that link the bridge deck to the counter balances that is at risk of failure and being replaced.
  2. Folks will just have to use Goole or Selby instead.
  3. Is the Kyme Eau lower than Cowbridge?
  4. It is indeed the same boat and it was with Tony that we went out on it. Lovely little boat. This one was a sweet little diesel engine.
  5. Seems that a few boats in Wakefield (not on the Trent I know!) have had a bit of trouble! https://www.wakefieldexpress.co.uk/news/boats-come-loose-and-overturn-at-hepworth-wakefield-weir-1-9658179
  6. You may well find that it isn't as bad as it looks. Start with one window and work your way around. Several friends of ours have dutch steel cruisers and they have all had to have windows out to treat rust and reseal them. Once the surface rust is removed and the surface retreated the leaks stop if resealed properly.
  7. According to the lady on the news this morning it is quite possible that the EU will refuse the extension of time given the lack of progress made. And if France or Germany ever get their exit vote the EU will struggle even more.
  8. Can't comment on the design of the seating but if you want a really good weather proof material for the seating cushion covers I would thoroughly recommend Silvertex. Not the cheapest by any means but it is excellent water proof and stain proof fabric.
  9. As narrowboats go I actually quite like that. I wouldn't be put off by the bed under the tug deck as our bed on our current boat is tucked away under the cockpit floor with limited headroom and we get a really good night's sleep in there.
  10. We had a run out on a narrowbeam Freeman called Black Cat when we were last on the Broads. Lovely little boat with the big gear shifter poking out through the cockpit floor. We did gatecrash the Freeman meet first though. Sydney loved going out on Black Cat
  11. We have had a Silverline 2kW inverter running quite happily for the last four years on our boat with no problems.
  12. The EA river level monitor for Farndon seems to have stopped recording on Friday. Has the river peaked there yet?
  13. Time to start planning how we are going to work this move out now as it will be happening so quickly. The Sierra is going into storage next week so that it is out of the way. Estate agents are coming around to photograph our house in the week so it can go straight on the market and then we can start packing. And then we have to decide where stuff is going in the new house. The turf might not be down by the time we move in. Apparently they are having trouble sourcing good quality turf due to the hot dry summer last year! It will get done though before long.
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