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  1. We cancelled our licence last week. We got the same reply as you but the money was back in our account within a couple of days.
  2. There is a chilly wind tonight. Not resorted to sticking the heating on but I have shut the bedroom window tonight for the first time since we moved in. Its lovely and warm downstairs and in the other bedrooms where the windows have been shut. Mind you it isn't cold in our bedroom at 19 degrees but compared to the temperatures we have had in this room all summer it feels cool tonight.
  3. Will make our bedroom much cooler though
  4. We have had the curtains and blinds shut (all thermal). Made bugger all difference apart from making the house look like someone had died! Not keen on leaving windows open while we are not there, especially when we are out all day at work. We are looking into getting air conditioning fitted in the master bedroom for next summer. The rest of the house we can live with being on the warm side, we spend most of the time in the garden anyway when it is hot.
  5. It is solar gain we are suffering with. All of the rooms with the exception of the third bedroom have a south facing window. David Wilson in their ultimate wisdom double up on their insulation. The loft insulation is twice as thick as the required standard, the cavity walls are wider with extra insulation and the floor insulation is doubled up. Once the heat is in it has very little chance of escape!
  6. With the corrosion on that prop they will not repair it. It is scrap.
  7. Must be cold on them boats! We are still waiting for the temperature in the new house to drop to a reasonable temperature for living and sleeping. It is only in the last couple of days we have seen the temperature in the bedroom drop below 20 degrees in the mornings and that's with both windows open fully! We knew that a new build would be warmer than our old 1930's semi but we had not anticipated just how much warmer it was going to be. On the plus side we are looking forward to much reduced gas bill this winter.
  8. Norfolk Enchants Wet Dream Moist Beaver Four Play
  9. You didn't exactly go far in two weeks though. That would be a couple of days cruising for most!
  10. I could easily believe it has a 3ft draft. Our little cruiser with stern drive has a 3ft draft. One another note Wayne, be prepared for that drive to be a bag of trouble.
  11. Pretty sure most of the boats on the Trent would have the power to turn against the flow close to the weirs. But then again most of the boats on the Trent are sensible boats and not narrowboats.
  12. There are a lot of stupid boaters around today. We called in at Torksey on our way home from the marina this afternoon and the basin moorings are full of boats waiting to head out onto the Trent. They are waiting for the level of the Trent to drop below the level of the Fossdyke before they can get out. Most are heading Newark way. It will be a long slog upstream for them with current river levels and flows.
  13. Hopefully no one we know! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=444353496293156&id=130206251041217
  14. Funny how everyone suddenly becomes a civil engineer in these cases👷‍♂️
  15. According to all of the flood risk maps and local authority flood reports our new house is at a lower risk of flooding than our old one. Seems counterintuitive as the old house was 200 odd meters above sea level close to the top of a hill in a city whereas the new one is only 40m above sea level on the flat surrounded by level farmland and woods crossed with watercourses.
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