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  1. Naughty Cal

    Living on Narrowboats in London

    Being close to your children could be a couple of hours train ride away which would open up your options considerably.
  2. Naughty Cal

    Family Reunion

    That was easy. Ours had a bushy tail 😊
  3. Naughty Cal

    Family Reunion

    Last weekend some friends of ours bumped into couple walking dog who was the spitting image of Sydney. They got chatting and he, Woody, was also a dog rescued from Saxilby and is about 20 months old. What are the chances of that? So they exchanged numbers and today they came to Burton Waters so that the dogs could meet each other. They instantly recognised each other and spent the next hour or so whilst we chatted with Woody owners charging around like idiots. We all hope to meet up on a regular basis to take tweedle dee and tweedle dumb out together.
  4. Naughty Cal

    Hull differendes?

    Even the Springers only have a slight v when compared to proper v hulled boats.
  5. Naughty Cal

    Hull differendes?

    Guess this is a Springer?
  6. Naughty Cal

    Wind speed.

    The bar suddenly emptied when we went across to Amsterdam in March. Went from three deep at the bar to just me and Liam and the staff in about a half hour when the ship started pitching around. We had a great evening. Didn't see anyone being sick though which I think would have set me off!
  7. Naughty Cal

    Wind speed.

    We have booked cabins both ways. Got a brilliant offer on a Commodore cabin for £15 for the way back. Will save us more then that in drinks as the cabin has a stocked mini bar (soft drinks only!) Got a smaller outside cabin on the way with coffee facilities. Worth paying the extra few quid to avoid the coffee shop queue.
  8. Naughty Cal

    Wind speed.

    We are hoping it will be a bit rough on our ferry crossing from Portsmouth to St Malo so that there are no queues at the bar and no queue for breakfast the next morning Couple of weeks away yet though so it will be our luck that we are back to tropical temperatures and flat calm seas
  9. Naughty Cal

    A warning to others...

    So does Liam amongst the classic car restorations and crash repairs. They still do estimates rather than quotes. They don't work to the time book they work to what they think the job needs. In some cases that escalates. One Porsche came in for £10k of restoration work. The final bill was £25k. More work than expected was uncovered as panels were taken off by which point it is either scrap the car and pay the bill or carry on and get it finished. In the end it worked out ok for the owner as the carr ocketed in value durinv the time it was at the garage which made the repair worthwhile. This isn't a one off either. No such thing as an estimated quote. It is either an estimate or a quote.
  10. Naughty Cal

    Wind speed.

    Look on the bright side. You will have the river and the locks to yourself.
  11. Naughty Cal

    A warning to others...

    And that is why the garage where the OH works provide estimates, not quotes.
  12. Naughty Cal

    A warning to others...

    Indeed. Something is even and estimate or a quote. Not sure why people struggle with the difference. Where do they stop? Do they ring the customer every time something else crops up?
  13. Naughty Cal

    Living aboard 30ft GRP cruiser?

    Tis definitely a boat https://www.leboat.co.uk/boats/cirrus-b And the little Capri that we are hiring soon is here: https://www.leboat.co.uk/boats/capri#tab1
  14. Naughty Cal

    Living aboard 30ft GRP cruiser?

    The Cirus has a flybridge, not sure it will fly though The Broom 29 is a classic cruiser and has been a favourite in the hire fleets for many years. It's only downside is that Broom didn't make the best use of the wheelhouse area and all it houses is the helm and two seats. In more recent years both Haines and Westwood have taken the hull and produced some very nice wheelhouse cruiser versions of it that make much better use of the space. Regardless the Broom will be fine for the two of us for a week. Just hope the weather isn't too sunny or we will fry in the greenhouse
  15. Naughty Cal

    Living aboard 30ft GRP cruiser?

    We did look at them but we found that the layout of the river cruisers we are more accustomed too suited us better. The Broom 29 (Capri) we are hiring in a couple of weeks is a tried and tested design as is the Haines (Cirus) which we are hiring at Easter.

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