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  1. On this day 2014. Just settled in Whitby after a flat calm run from Grimsby On this day in 2015 heading downstream on the Great Ouse to Kings Lynn after a lovely week on the Fens On this day 2017 on the Caledonian
  2. I'm not sure that judging speed by wake caused is a very good indication of the speed being travelled. Some boats create far more draw and wash than others due to hull shape.
  3. It was towed back to Hazelford in January. We have had a lot of rain since then into an open boat. A responsible boat owner would of course go and check they property from time to time. Not TD he would prefer to blame someone else.
  4. We have said each time we went in a pub last week that it just isn't worth them opening. Most had more staff then customers. We were the only customers in the Cosy Club in Lincoln city centre at 2pm on Saturday. The place would normally be heaving at that time and was obviously staffed to suit a normal weekend turn around.
  5. So Tony is yet again blaming CRT for what is happening to his boat? Yes he is. I was not wrong at all. The fact of the matter is it is his boat and his responsibility to ensure it is in a fit state to be on the water. We know that CRT and Newark Marina towed the boat back to Hazelford but that was six months ago. Certainly not. Yes I am not a fan of Dunkley but I most certainly would not do what you are suggesting
  6. We know of a couple of people who have had it and tested positive for it. A friends brother died from it pretty early on in the pandemic. He was a large lad in his mid 40's with underlying health conditions. The other was our neighbours mother who was in her 80's who died also with underlying health problems. It was suspected that Liams apprentice had it early on in the pandemic but there was no widespread testing at that point so it was never confirmed. Despite having other health issues he was quite ill but didn't need hospital treatment and recovered at home. But that obviously doesn't count those we know who may have had it but dont know they have had it.
  7. I'm not wrong though. Its usual mooring should be the wharf above Hazelford weir.
  8. No different to catching it at the supermarket and having to self isolate though.
  9. Until a wide spread antibody testing scheme is brought out it will be impossible to say how many people have been infected with Covid 19 already. A lot of people will have had it and not known about it.
  10. I think you are reading too much into a situation that just isnt there! All of the pubs we have been in have been exceptionally quiet. People are really not going out in general. You don't have to give any contact details at the supermarket and you are from what we have seen at considerably more risk at catching it there than at the pub!
  11. We have not been asked for ID as of yet but are not really sure why you would give false details anyway. They have been asking for the name and phone number of one person in a group. Not a problem if they did ask for ID as one of us usually has at least a driving license on us. No. They have to take the name and contact number of one person in each group. Nothing else.
  12. No ballast for a grp cruiser. You get used to the rocking.
  13. No doubt the owner will somehow be blaming CRT for this as well!
  14. The Anglers at Saxilby has excellent measures in place. We have enjoyed a couple of drinks this afternoon. No food as usual but Smith's chippy over the road was open so we had a fish and chips dinner after.
  15. We use fabric foam on the inside of our hoods. Works a treat but we don't let them get too dirty. Worth a try I suppose as it's only a few quid a can from Tesco. It does stink though. We do it and then leave the boat for a few hours until the smell has gone. Only takes a few minutes to apply and clean off again so easy to use.
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