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  1. zenataomm

    A sad tale

    Who am it?
  2. zenataomm

    Not a story CRT would like broadcast....

    I love your optimism, I suspect it's misplaced even naïve, but at least you're not likely to suffer heart attacks.
  3. zenataomm

    Stupid Stupid Rebranding

    I've cancelled my standing order, and wrote and told them, I didn't get an answer.
  4. zenataomm

    Recognise this engine?

    Congratulations, open a bottle of Bolinder.
  5. zenataomm

    Rickmansworth Festival Tug of War

    Nice, thanks.
  6. zenataomm

    Steel Narrowboat with Wooden Top and Fibreglass Roof

    Not a bad boat, although it doesn't give any age. Standard, robust engine (if maintained) I think the price is a bit top heavy, but may just be an opening price. I do think it's a bit of a London price though. I suspect you'd pay less for its equivalent further North. Having a wooden cabin would hint at 60/70s so although it's not a lot of money it might still be worth a survey as with that type of age you'd want to know the state of hull and bottom thickness. The photo of the ultrasound reading is meaningless, especially as the boat is in the water. Wooden cabins are prone to leaking and generally need replacing/steeled over when that happens. A bodge job often done is to fibreglass clad the roof. That doesn't mean it's a fibreglass roof, it means the leaky or rotten roof has been clad over with fibreglass, not the same thing. I'd be wary, if you're happy to accept spending money to fit it out and then within a few years start spending money on structural issues then so be it. I suspect you'd end up spending more than it's worth. Good luck
  7. zenataomm

    Old Painted Boat Lamp on TV

    Good lord what was Max doing floating around in a canal in Birmingham, I hope he'd had his shots.
  8. zenataomm

    EU Strikes again ...again!

    Just seen on Sky News ……... Pollution proposals aim to curb emissions from wood-burning stoves Critics say the plans do not go far enough and more should be done to tackle traffic pollution. https://news.sky.com/story/pollution-proposals-aim-to-curb-emissions-from-wood-burning-stoves-11381351 …….. Now then I have never been one to get overly concerned about new rules/legislation. I've been around too long to know that even if it comes to pass at some point then the shape and coverage of such changes often looks different. Even if it doesn't the ultimate question you should ask yourself is "And how exactly are they going to enforce it?" We don't even have enough "Plod" to attend robberies within 24 hours. This paragraph interested me ……. And councils will be given new powers to bring in "clean air zones" to tackle poor air from sources such as wood burners, for example limiting what people can burn or bringing in "no-burn days", and from diesel-powered machinery. So are we to see signs on canal banks telling us that the local council has identified every other day as a "No Burn" day for Stoves, and perhaps even Diesel? What gets my hooter going is that this tiny overpopulated set of islands always seems to be the first to leap into restrictive legislation that immediately penalises its own people. We even give over £12bn every year to other countries to help them develop (we even give to Russia!!!) It seems we gave over £150M to India last year, this is a country with its own Space Programme, which is doing little more than The Americans were doing 50 years ago. However India is planning 455 new coal fired power plants while China 363 new ones. You can't tell me that stopping our people from burning stoves and restricting the use of Diesel is going to make a jot of difference compared to that lot. As I said earlier it's going to be damn near impossible to enforce and the majority of us probably wouldn't give a fudge, but there are many people who are rule bound and far from comfortable about interpreting such rules in their favour. Before anybody challenges me to prove any of the figures above, they're not mine I got them off the .gov.uk site, so it's probably all lies and should be higher. After all the last Home Secretary didn't have a clue about her own operational figures.
  9. zenataomm

    Recognise this engine?

    Many years ago I was passing under a bridge at Willington, my HA2 was just on tick over. Man above me on the bridge looked down at me and with a knowing smile he nodded and said "Gardner?" "No" I replied "Human Resources Manager"
  10. zenataomm

    Recognise this engine?

    The alternator has Perkins written on it, but then again London buses have OXO written on them.
  11. Remove the starter motor, it's only held in place by a couple of gert great bolts at the other end. First take a photo of the cables in situ, especially the little one that connects to the solenoid on the top (if there is one). Once you've got it removed and sitting comfortably on beloved's best lace tablecloth, you'll be able to slacken the ring to your heart's delight.
  12. zenataomm

    Wheels to stop rubbing against a cill

    I have often considered fitting wheels to my boat, mainly because both The Coventry and The Ashby have depleted floatability installed. I can't think of a single thing that does, except perhaps, disappointment. Wow that was heavy for a Tuesday!!
  13. zenataomm

    Fray Bentos Hash, and a Q

    Which means that water could be 26%, however how do you make pastry or gravy without it?
  14. zenataomm

    Old Painted Boat Lamp on TV

    By how much someone pays or offers for it. Tricky if it's not actually being offered, however I'm happy to go on record for saying I'd pay £900 without hesitation for it.
  15. zenataomm

    Old Painted Boat Lamp on TV

    Yes he did, which I thought was cheap. I'd have guessed nearer a £1K considering its pedigree/rarity. Find another.

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