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  1. zenataomm

    Housing Benefit ending for Canal License.

    What? ….. do you mean to say I shan't be getting public funds to pay for a CC licence? What is this world coming to?
  2. zenataomm

    Cracked blackstone box

    Just wallpaper over it.
  3. zenataomm

    Flasher on the North Oxford

    Apparently, in the Winter he hands out leaflets describing himself.
  4. zenataomm

    Off there head really

    There price is so far removed it's not just miles away it's really out their.
  5. zenataomm

    Starter motor, occasional problem

    A loose or dry connection will create a drop in black magic getting to your starter. As it uses between 50 - 200 amps to turn your engine over it needs all it can get. Clearly that amount of juice can't be allowed to pass through your ignition switch as it would burn the contacts and melt your cuff links. So your ignition merely powers up a beefy solenoid that can cope with all those sparks, however if you have a puny connection somewhere (usually the earth) the starter doesn't do more than twitch. What you hear is the solenoid clicking.
  6. The single pot in Erebus still had its explosive cartridge start ….. 18 years ago at any rate.
  7. zenataomm


    Where's this hole at Fradley then?
  8. zenataomm

    Canal and River Trust Drought FAC

    Frequently Asked Cwestions
  9. zenataomm

    Cost of Rubbing Strakes

    Is his real name ERF?
  10. zenataomm

    Cost of Rubbing Strakes

    Did that include tea and Jammy Dodgers?
  11. zenataomm

    Historic Boats for sale online

    Yes I know it is, I wasn't suggesting it was a Royalty Class …. merely that we'd had a Royal visit, rugby tends to be a bit scant in that department.
  12. zenataomm

    Historic Boats for sale online

    No, it's still there, I just couldn't take a photo from that end because of the boats tied up on the water points ….. having lunch.
  13. zenataomm

    Historic Boats for sale online

  14. zenataomm

    Off to Yooonee

    When I gave up on formal education I had a gap weekend.
  15. zenataomm

    Off to Yooonee

    …… you included obviously.

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