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  1. Painting - cabin sides

    Thanks, it's exactly what I meant, I do know the difference between Borrow and Lend. It's Your Round and My Round I have difficulty with.
  2. Alrewas wedding

    Are you saying they wouldn't touch each other with a bargepole?
  3. Painting - cabin sides

    You're naming one of the most expensive brands of paint. It doesn't matter whose paint you buy, you're only lending it, it's not there for very long. Your preparation, application, the bushes and trees on the offside, whether you store your boat inside over Winter and how many pairs of Bri-nylon socks you own are more important. Paint is initially a preservative, if it is decorative too then all well and good, the longer it lasts is probably down to you. In eighteen months time a company in the midlands will be launching a service to vinyl wrap boats. zenataomm PS I might have got carried away a tad there and completely made up the bit about vinyl wrapping, in fact I did.
  4. Direct Line

    Winston Wolfe is not a mobster and Harvey Keitel is an actor. Otherwise quite accurate.
  5. Middlewich Branch breach - Shropshire Union

    Each to their own, but I first read it at 20 and have re-read it again twice since 1974. Each time I've learnt more. Hence my avatar and id.
  6. Advice on 'private' boat builders?

    Honestly my friend, nobody can give an opinion on a boat without the proper tools (at the very least a chipping hammer) and given the opportunity to spend at least a couple of hours pulling up floors and listening to engines and gearboxes. Trying to form an opinion of a boat by photograph is like trying to sort apples by phone.
  7. Advice on 'private' boat builders?

    What is important surely is what you think of it.
  8. Advice on 'private' boat builders?

    If his brother was Tony, then the chances are the plans he worked to were superb.
  9. Is Oxford canal south of Rugby on target to open on 16 mar

    I've just taken a stroll down that way, it looks promising from the evidence. Although there is no signage to advise what time or how I'd say it was a goer. It's hardly a hive of activity, I caught sight of a pair of lesser spotted High Vis wearing hard hats and tried to attract their attention to ask if it was passable or not, but they were too busy doing their hands in pockets and staring at nothing posture.
  10. Middlewich Branch Stanthorne to Wardle

    Duplicate Thread, Mods please merge.
  11. Horse racing .....Sport or gambling?

    It's an activity that has continued through custom and tradition and supported for centuries. I imagine most that participate get enjoyment from all three activities .... The Sport ... Gambling .... Socialising. It would be quite boring if you went to the time and expense to experience only one of them. I don't think it would survive in its current format if the gambling industry played a lesser part. That is clearly the larger portion of investment and return. The point that it supports an industry and pays salaries is true, however if the lion's share is paid for by an Eastern Kingdom with a GDP per capita of $486M while UK is $40,340 (figures from gov.org) I can only imagine UK salaries are a tiny drop in that argument, and it would be ridiculous to claim that the lion's share doesn't go back to the lion. Still none of that bothers me, but I get a tad p'eed off when any animal is endangered, hurt, killed or slaughtered in the name of human fun. That however is only my opinion, I would not have commented for any other reason than the question was asked.
  12. 2LW on Ebay

    If you put his eMail address eby55eby@gmail.com into Google all sorts of stuff about phishing jumps out.
  13. Archimedes & Ara photos

    What was the question?
  14. GJCC 100 year old tug on ebay!! Amazing survivor

    You've had an impressive stable of thoroughbreds behind you, so I'd expect you to be wide awake to the realities of such a project. Me however, I'd be better advised to stand in a field and rip up twenty pound notes. Thank goodness for people like you. Good luck!
  15. Location - May 1970

    With those wonderfully caved in counter bands, I'd reckon it was Hawkesbury ...... but then again I'd have a tenner on the Dali Lamar if I was a Tibetan man.