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  1. My only concern about the place is the entry in Wiki ….. "On the southern boundary of the village is a thriving allotment site, immediately adjacent to the village's cemetery." !!!!!
  2. No need to imagine, you are of course on the money. In my view every letter of the name LISTER should be in capitals.
  3. Is this the right thread old chap? I saw another one just now about a leaning boat, this one is about you moving your boat near to my canal side house, which is odd, because I don't have a house, and if I did and it was canal side then I'd happily welcome you outside ….. perhaps inside even, who knows?
  4. Have a care old bean, you're talking about the woman I love.
  5. And as such is hard coupled up to water, waste and power. An essential when it comes to satisfying the environmental health bods that the essentials of cleaning and food preservation within the stated temperature ranges stipulated for refrigeration and freezing can be ensured. I know of at least one 60 footer that was kitted out as a small cheese café with the view of touring the cut and trading "here and there" How idyllic! Then they discovered they couldn't allow punters on board without a shed load of documentation and licence alterations, so they scrubbed that and started selling through a hatch onto the towpath. Then they discovered they couldn't just slice of a piece of cheese, pop it into a bag and hand it over, as this was food preparation and required a commercial kitchen installation. So instead they could only sell prepacked cheese, which has to be prepared externally and costs them more. Then they discovered that their pre-packed cheese had to be stored in catering fridges with a higher accuracy of temperature which involved big generators. Then they discovered life was a lot more complicated than they thought and that just going off and doing it on the back of what friends, forums and bloke down the pub said wasn't a goer. They are still doing it, but not necessarily strictly within the regulations, and consequently have a permanent eye over their shoulder. Not my idea of living the dream.
  6. I came from an RAF electrical engineer and a Devon bus clippie
  7. 1) Because there's a fortune to be made in your customers bringing their own consumables. That's why cinemas openly encourage you to traipse in with Pick n Mix and Coke you bought at Morrisons! 2) They're so freely available that nobody even bothers to advertise those moorings any more do they? And if you're going to comply with the second bit don't you also need three or four of these miracle moorings? I remember that place when it was called The Gongoozler's Rest, I think you can treat what you've got with penicillin.
  8. As per the title …. I think it's the same as a "Good Dog" it depends on who owns it.
  9. If it's not an official Waterways' notice it means nothing. If it is but there's no safety reason stated like Embankment or obvious privacy reason such as at Ansty which leaves boats on line with bedroom windows, then complain and request an explanation as setting precedents is an unhealthy way forward. This kind of thing crops up regularly and we usually remark that if you don't like boats and/or canals then don't live there. Even if the house was built before the cut (and there aren't many of those around) then you moved in after the navigation was built unless you're nearly 3 hundred years old.
  10. My understanding is that mobile caterers operate within the area of the local council that has issued the licence (or at least are supposed to). That could curtail the OP's ambitions a tad. Likewise serving scoff to the GP from a hatch is one thing, allowing them on board is a totally different. You're now getting into DOT rules on how many people may be allowed on board, life preservers, exits, Safety Certs, how many Bri-Nylon socks, phases of the moon etc.
  11. My eyes read "Stripper" not "Supper"
  12. I'm not surprised, you only ate takeaways and had a BBQ. We all think you're lovely even though
  13. As the above are telling you. If you peer carefully you might make out it's a wide lock, so can't be on The Oxford.
  14. With that much evidence you still want to pursue being their customer?
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