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  1. zenataomm

    Towpath bike punctures

    For heaven's sake I was being light hearted !!!!! As I said I used to lock wheel for my Uncle as a child. We did it to keep the boats on. Lock wheeling is hardly a requirement nowadays. In the 54 years I have been canal boating at first everyone was allowed to bike on the towpath. Then you had to have a licence from Waterways to do it, and then for a while nobody was allowed to. Now we have Sustrans ideals to accept. No thanks. It's hardly a critical element of contributing to the network and its traditions. What I do know is that back then nobody did speed trialling, OAPs, pets and children weren't terrified or even knocked over. So if I had to decide between banning cycles on towpaths or allowing everyone merely because some born again boaters wearing trilbies and red neckerchiefs want to persist in inverted snobbery while taking some coal for a chug along the cut. then I'd go with the historical tradition introduced during the 80s and ban them completely. However, as I suspect that I'll never have that choice and that this forum as it often does is merely experiencing a bout of "let's pick holes in everything for no purpose at all" I'll leave it to you to play without me. Goodnight ….. To sleep, perchance to dream -ay, there's the rub. For in this sleep of death what dreams may come of some cyclist having to repair a puncture on a muddy towpath in the middle of nowhere.
  2. zenataomm

    Towpath bike punctures

    My experience of the old tradition of lock-wheeling certainly didn't involve tyres. You were lucky if Uncle could be bothered to tie a bit of old rope around the rim.
  3. zenataomm

    Towpath bike punctures

    All these recommendations for tins of foam are all very good but it's a bit like recommending sucking Polo Mints when driving on a skin full. The simple truth is if we'd been meant to ride bikes on canal towpaths god wouldn't have grown thorny bushes alongside them. You'll be saying next to put your gloves on the dashboard so you can't see you're speeding. It's the universe's way of telling you that you shouldn't be doing this.
  4. zenataomm

    Does a boat need PAT Testing

    I guess it is relevant for boats, but not Continuous Cruisers as they stand still.
  5. zenataomm


    Cultivate a thicker skin.
  6. zenataomm

    Brayford Pool Lincoln

    The Green Dragon is still there, just closed (again!)
  7. zenataomm

    The Ultimate Floating Brick ?

    Now that you mention it would be nigh on impossible to distinguish them apart. Place it amongst some and you'd never pick it out. Errr, well ……
  8. zenataomm

    Narrow boat slipping trailer

    I agree, unless it's powered by a Lister. Sheesh, does the 50ft go on top?
  9. zenataomm

    The Ultimate Floating Brick ?

    I bet Sea Otter were hoping everyone would have forgotten they had a hand in it before it was ever publicly advertised.
  10. zenataomm

    Braunston tunnel horse path.

    According to the 6" OS 1888 the first two are smack in the middle of the bore, and the third one is more to the Southern wall.
  11. zenataomm

    Narrow boat slipping trailer

    The hat doesn't suit but I'm fond of checked shirts.
  12. zenataomm

    Braunston tunnel horse path.

    Well I had a go, it's not easy to make it out in the copy I'm pasting here, and of course there is the famous kink to allow for.
  13. zenataomm

    Braunston tunnel horse path.

    You can see it on Google maps …. https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/Grand+Union+Canal/@52.2846729,-1.1844774,156m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x4877050f17fedb13:0x7edf4743e89e1ff7!8m2!3d52.158392!4d-0.9284807
  14. zenataomm

    New pup on the boat

    That's a baby Rotten Weiller …. Woo Hoo!! Good luck pulling him out in 18 months.
  15. zenataomm

    Jam 'Ole Run

    I was told to turn my HA2 off once when going up The Thames. I asked why, and was told, because I told you to. I replied that I'd travelled through half a dozen or so locks and nobody had wanted the engine off before. It was a hand start and could be tricky when hot. He advised me that was my problem and he wasn't operating the lock until I had. I looked around at the other boats in the lock and everyone was staring at me. So I jumped into the engine 'ole and switched off the fuel pump. In 20 seconds she'd stopped spinning, and I climbed out to watch the other boats leaving the now full lock. Come on I was told with an impatient wave of the lock keepers arm. No can do, like I said it'll need to cool down before I attempt starting it, we're staying here. He was narked, pull it out then! He shouted. I answered "It weighs over 20 tons, you pull it out" He declined, actually he ignored me. We sat on the front and rode up and down three times. Nobody asked us again, nor on the return trip.

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