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  1. Google is your friend .... https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=how+an+electric+horn+works&sxsrf=ALeKk03MjW0SeymX_D9tKMIWT3o2NKwadQ:1594242844668&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjQrsSzyb7qAhVTtHEKHacbD2IQ_AUoAnoECAwQBA&biw=1600&bih=752
  2. I'm human and get things wrong every day, but thanks for your hopes.
  3. Thanks for posting that. What is the latest on Shellfen? There are some vids on YouTube from about 6 years back, suggesting the tanks were removed and she ended up on the K&A. Was her fate to be a K&A houseboat? A unique and historic craft.
  4. Is that a double negative or a single nonsense? Anyway, I'm sure it's not something you said earlier twice. 😄
  5. ..... another one that wouldn't recognise a point if it jabbed him in the eye.
  6. What happened before filming commenced is irrelevant and should be dealt within isolation of what the film shows. Two wrongs never make a right, they may explain the trail of events but never cancel each other out, nor do they justify any ass'ing about'ery. That kind of behaviour requires following up and punishing, even if it is only a £5 fine. Also if it's true that the boat owner is known and refuses to say who was responsible on the day then that also is unacceptable, you'd not get very far telling the fuzz that on the road.
  7. If there are then yes, however if not then no. I imagined Athy was attempting to gently ease us all towards recognising the topic of this thread, as it was hovering around English Language which didn't really match the title "Boater found dead" very closely. Personally I am less interested in the passing of an apparent misery than I am in English Language study. I was a teacher of English as a foreign language in Spain during the 70s. However as your preference is to ignore thread titles in favour of the direction conversation takes them. I'm happy to point out that you have omitted a suitable verb after your use of the conditional, auxiliary verb should. Also you're lacking one of these ? Please have revised version on my desk no later than 8.30am tomorrow morning.
  8. So, despite Athy's heroic attempts to get this thread back on topic, we still have no further details concerning this guy's death? In which case I'll add that in my childhood sentences were started with "Well ....." Or if you'd asked a question the response tended to be "Eh?" Hence the popular question at the time was "What do horses eat?"
  9. Sorry chap, you've lost me there. I thought George Harrison wrote it. and he's certainly not present.
  10. Like you say, nearly as good. Isn't it more of a copy than a cover?
  11. Not so much a cover as a mix between tow different and unrelated
  12. Why is that "Terrible"? I'm sure most of us have avoided trouble by the skin of our teeth by following our gut reaction many times in our lives. Every other animal in the world will choose flight instead of fight if it's available. Fight is the choice of those cornered, hungry or protecting young.
  13. Marriage, I can't seem to get the hang of women. Mind you I've only been married 3 times and lived with another 3 (not all at the same time I add), so perhaps I just haven't enough experience. I understand them. When I say "understand"..... I know the words they use ...... individually. It's when they put them in a sentence I don't really follow what's going on. My first girl friend told me I was a useless lover, I've never worked out how she could tell after less than a minute. I think she just might have been overly fussy as my next girl friend would on occasion lose the place in her book.
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