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  1. 14 down must be wrong. Her name doesn't fit.
  2. Is it a template for model railway tracks?
  3. Wow that was my regular in the 70s
  4. I witnessed L&L Short Boat Shirley dimensions: - Length : 18.9 metres ( 62 feet ) - Beam : 4.31 metres ( 14 feet 2 inches ) - Draft : 0.76 metres ( 2 feet 6 inches ). ......travel from Derwent Mouth to Stenson marina for lifting out prior to road transport to London. Of course as this was probably about 30 years ago things may have moved.
  5. A self inflicted confrontation. Would you consider filming the pair of you getting your just rewards? I'm running out of amusing clips on YouTube that are canal related. My Mother would have been furious with you. She always told me two wrongs don't make a right.
  6. Instead of "bright spark" try literate. As 16% of UK adults are functionally illiterate, then given the evidence that you can be seen fishing next to a notice saying "Don't" might easily suggest to a passer by that you fall into that minority group and you should be grateful for their benevolent assistance.
  7. Just had a go, I think more reality could be added like ... Fisher'ists sitting on the moorings Locks being reversed in your face as you approach A bladeful at the exact moment you commit to turning into the marina Doggy doo where you tie and untie your ropes I have to say I thought it very good and the responses quite realistic.
  8. I'd say so, even if it's false the average drongo would see it as a valid reason to inflict harm on the feline population. I recall the day following the result of the Brexit referendum, groups of youths were arrested around the UK for abusing Eastern Europeans on the back of it. If that's what they'll do to people what chance does a poor b700dy cat stand?
  9. -Austerity returns with a vengeance. -People retain caution over mixing with strangers which effects buying & spending other than on line. -City and town centres remain under patronised until memories fade, leaving many of them no go areas after dark. -It will be recognised we need more emergency services people, youngsters will be ambitious to join, but there won't be the money to do it properly. -There will be a drive to train and involve The Military in activities bordering on martial law, just in case. -In an attempt to kickstart the economy we return to a credit society which in time causes a return to debt ridden individuals and families. -Instances of poor mental health within all ages will rise considerably, but there won't be enough money to do it properly, self harm due to depression/anxiety/low self esteem etc. will rise. -Restaurants will be one of the few businesses relying on groups of people massing in one place to survive. Pubs, cinemas, spectator activities will suffer. -Having seen savings dwindle and values of investments shrink, people will live more for the moment. Banks etc. will suffer. -Taxes will increase, day to day expenditure will rise. Pre Corona-virus times will be known as the good old days. -Previously held popular values and measures of achievement will dramatically change as will the definition of a media celebrity and those paid a lot for doing bogger all. -The decrease in pollution due to lock down will blind many who conclude man's effect on nature is easily rectified, few will conclude that there are just too many of us to have anything but a detrimental outcome really. If WW1 hadn't happened there would have been 20 million more alive, Spanish Flue removed another 50 million, no WW1 would probably have meant no WW2 so another 75 million not decimated. Allowing for an additional 145 million breeding during the first half of the 20th century what would the world's population be now? Thought may be given to controlling world population ourselves before nature feels the need to cull the herd again. -The cost to each European country and their need to reverse so many of the principles of the EU to combat the virus will force many members to question the contributions they make. There will need to be dramatic changes to The Union in order for it prove its value and survive.
  10. I'd have thought they were the 'Tipit', the narrow heavy duty roll that runs along over the top cloth on top of the plank.
  11. I understand this is how Walker Bros. at Rickmansworth built theirs. Except of course they weren't Joshers.
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