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  1. Having had Listers I found it hard to distinguish anything loud or out of place. However I was surprised to then read it wasn't a two cylinder. Are all four exhaust manifolds equally hot?
  2. Some sheds are so well looked after they're kept in high class marinas
  3. Tell him to open a bottle of Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognac. He should sip that while turning the flywheel by hand to ensure one of the inlet valves is closed (on a compression stroke). Re-opening the bottle, refill his glass and also share a healthy slug of it with the engine. Killing time to allow the felt to absorb the cognac he can finish his glass off in order to refill it. He should then ignite the vapours within the air inlet and congratulate himself as the felt burns off to ashes, he could do that by having another snifter. He'll have a peaceful night's sleep and in the morning his most prevalent thought will be how much he enjoyed cognac at £1000 a litre.
  4. If it was shaped like an I it would have no leverage. If it was shaped like a Y the people in the boat behind you could lean forward and steer you out of their way. Shaped like a d or a b could be useful as it could be called into service as a replacement if your rudder dropped off. I used to have one shaped like an H but I couldn't get BBC2 with it. V was popular for a while but offended the meek W offended them twice as much So Z and S were given a go.
  5. Mr Giles homed in on this in the 1950s Click Here
  6. 10cc ????? You'd need a prop the diameter of a 1np coin.
  7. Interesting comment. Why shouldn't it be?
  8. Don't be complacent Jak ……. she says the same to me!
  9. I'm not criticising the altruistic long term nature of anyone's concern or interest in this issue. Waterways, just like any budget driven organisation are only going to concentrate on one issue. Survival between beginning and ending of every financial year. This will lead them to prioritise maximum income over minimum expenditure during that 12 month period. Short sighted I know but in business you are only as good as the last financial report.
  10. The one that amuses me most is at the bottom lock at Hillmorton, which explains the angle of the approach. They're all visible on Google Earth.
  11. The original line curved under the iron bridge you can see at the beginning of the video. Later near the end of the video you get another chance to see it and can trace the original route across the fields to the village of Brinklow. It crossed the village, curved back and re-joined alongside the shop at Rose Narrowboats, where upon it continued up the arm where Brinklow Boats now are. The modification cut that loop (as well as many others from Sutton Stop to Hillmorton … further?) and crossedthe valley on the multi arched aqueduct
  12. The arch is part of bunch built to carry the shortened route when the main line was straightened. The others are still there, but well hidden. Clicky
  13. I watched the video merely because I couldn't imagine how you'd climb into one without wearing an expression of terror due to its top heavy wobbly'ness. No where in the video do we see anyone attempting it, so I conclude that's its main design flaw. Possibly along with the jigsaw joints in the hull flying apart following a head on meeting with anything stationary. Great fun ……. but not for me nor anyone I remotely care about.
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