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  1. I wouldn't mind reading that, where can I get a copy? When I was 13 I read Narrow Boat by Rolt, is it anything like that?
  2. May be one of the causes. However, even the wealthiest are prone to depression/psychosis/paranoia etc.
  3. Interesting, I wasn't aware people couldn't be both. At what point do individuals cross the line between being one or the other?
  4. I'd suggest maslow's hierarchy of needs is most applicable.
  5. I remember Fir from the 80s. She had a SL2 under the back deck. The conversion to hire boat was done by the son of Wyvern Shipping. He removed the elm bottom (if you look at the historical photo in the advert you'll see the kelson) He also took 15ft out of the middle, and the work was done at Braunstone. She had her original massive rudder and was so good in reverse could be steered backwards around the island in Brownings Pool repeatedly. The advert says she was originally a tug ...... really? Referring back to the photos of her working clearly show her
  6. Oi - Excuse me, are you using that WP? WP - Water Point Toofast - Good afternoon, I am of the opinion you've lost your water skier.
  7. December last I posted this ....... Dating a JP2M - Lister - Canal World The same applies. To double check, add or subtract 50 and if the answer is a number that would be physically impossible due to the known range of production, then it's the number shown.
  8. The answer to all of your questions really is yes. Delivery by road, crane over your house and all the rest of it. None of it will be cheap. Even damaged and worn out boats get salvaged, unless they're rotten, rancid wood. GRP boats rarely have the headroom. You might ask yourself about the outcomes of hoisting several tons of written off boat up and over your house. You may also give some thought to objections from your neighbours. Ignoring for the moment temporary structures tending not to need planning permission, they can still complain if they cons
  9. That looks half finished to me, you do need it properly secured. Still, if you're into parachuting I know where you can get some bankrupt golfing umbrellas cheap.
  10. His feedback suggests his default is aggression when things don't go his way.
  11. Whatever you or anybody else does, don't resort to [url=ce label | eBay] this[/url] Such regulations are not to be taken frivolously. Just like my 1998 Harley Fat Boy that was cleared for importation into UK, yet failed its first MOT 2001 because of no CE plate on the exhaust. It still had every plate, sign, part reg, number, reference, design spec. that got it in here ..... but no CE label. Don't be tempted. it's only common sense.
  12. So the front end is interesting and worthy of note? So why is there no photo of it?
  13. Who was always pleading "I want me special Ethel" ?
  14. I went to Oxford in the late 70s. I think it was a Thursday as it was half closing. I am pleased to witness OP approaching A levels with the planning that further and higher education will dictate. I do question if the choice of boat has the widest field of options open to exploration and improvement. It concerns me the project report may be very short concluding that due to potential risks to life, the current design met the need and was the safest for the risks that were acceptable at the time. Semi-trad and cruiser sterns only having been around since the late 50s still
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