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  1. 7ft 3" wouldn't overly concern me. I've pretty well done the network with similar, although I did carry a Tirfor. I can see other things that might worry me more, like the distance between the blades and elum. I've never heard of a Pelapone. It looks meaty but I imagine you'd not even get a coat of paint for it.
  2. ....... I'm reduced to someone 😕 Oh well, at least I'm that memorable eh? 🙄
  3. Hi Greg! Don't apologise for your origins, seems there was one at the court of King Arthur. Just a suggestion as you are a newbie. Fly into East Midlands Airport Taxi to Napton (3 hire baotyards to choose from) Head North through Braunston Up N Oxford (Hillmorton locks x3 usually have lock keepers if you need them) Coventry (1 lock with 6 inch difference) No more locks until your return. You can continue to Atherstone. On way back go up Ashby canal to the end. Visit Bosworth Field site of Battle of Bosworth, King Richard III death there of! Recently found in Leicester car park, filed under K for King. Don't get fixated with doing "Rings" the view back is always different when returning. Also you'll see places to mark for a visit on the way back. Don't forget to pack your cases with chocolate and chewing gum to throw to the urchins. Silk stockings and parachute silk still goes down well with the local wenches too. Finally, even if only talking to yourself try and lose the word "quaint! Good luck, enjoy and have a happy time. Zenataomm
  4. I think the relevant question is, regardless of what objective Waterways attached to this initiative, would these photos stimulate non inland waterway followers to take more of an active interest? My opinion, I fear not. Too bland Nothing to fire the imagination or tell you How, Where or even Why the next step is for me. Instantly forgettable. Waterways may be at fault for broadcasting the wrong (or no) purpose to the photographer, and I'm sure the the results were chosen by a committee of sorts.
  5. Perhaps Waterways are moving the staff member to better utilise his value of experience and local knowledge somewhere better.
  6. Difficult? Not only grammatically impossible, but physically so as well.
  7. You either didn't think this through, or have a very simplistic view of the world. Your suggestion would set up enough precedents to empty half the prisons and tie up the courts for years. You can't delegate the responsibility for an individual's actions to a third party. Licensed or not, everybody is responsible for their own actions. Yes, why do you seem to think this doesn't apply to Hire Boaters? You are clearly emotionally upset about something, and are letting that to drive clear thinking out of your head. I'd suggest your question is personal, irrelevant and none of your business. Finally, let's ignore the differences between Criminal and Civil law for a moment (as I suspect this will drag on) I know of many hire companies (members here) who do not hire to just anyone. And most hire companies don't put limiters on boat throttles because it could prove lethal. Which I view as a far more serious set of circumstances to any of the ones you have listed.
  8. I don't like it and I don't understand the thoughts behind going to the trouble of constructing an expensive boat on the basis of a historic/traditional canal boat and then just getting it all wrong. You don't even have to look carefully to see it's not even a nod to history. It's a caricature, and like all cartoons relies on exaggerated features Like Spitting Image does. The front end is ugly and impractical The fore cabin again is ugly, too tall, and would get in the way. What purpose does it serve? The main cabin is slab sided, the lack of tumblehome is a short cut. The hull to cabin proportions just hurt the eye. I could continue, but would only be listing the reasons why I wouldn't want it. Seeing as I would never buy it and I can't imagine anyone else wanting to know my opinions I'll shut up.
  9. Bootsie and Snudge Z Cars What's My Line? Emergency Ward Ten Dickie Henderson Show No Hiding Place Russ Conway Show Miss World Rawhide Boots & Saddles Whirlybirds
  10. As opposed to a totally useless one then? I suppose it's better than renting her. Apologies, you're a new member, it's a quarter past one in the morning. Congratulations on your new boat, I do hope you both enjoy it.
  11. Haven't you heard of long grain, medium grain and short grain?
  12. And of course all of the offside fields that have been eroded away, allowing the cut to eat into farmers' land are seen everywhere. I hear Waterways Estate's people are queuing up in farm yards with bags of dosh to force onto the victims. Err, hang on a moment ...... did I make that up, or just dream it? No, neither! I merely thought sauce for goose and gander applied.
  13. How much are you NOT paying for the information?
  14. The best person to ask is your surveyor.
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