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  1. Thanks Chap! About where Belmont was tied up in the 60s
  2. Fascinating Ray, could you please mark where this is situated on a map. please? ..... pretty please?
  3. Does the owner of the moorings the boat is on confirm the moorings are transferrable? Have you evidence of tenants' rights, or is it a yearly renewable contract, worse still is it an agreement that can be terminated by either side with short notice?
  4. I thought that was the answer to Sherlock's question: - "Where's Sunday's picnic Watson?"
  5. According to the local rag (squeezed in between the crossword and the list of late night chemists). Apparently, the Master and crew abandoned her - and disappeared, last seen legging it across the flat lands towards "Anywhere but here!"
  6. An advert clearly worded for the cheap house buyer and not anyone interested in either boats or waterways.
  7. "What Bad Luck" Surely not? Merely a mild irritation, after all it could have been much, much worse. It could have been my back fender!
  8. Excellent news. So in the event of a financial disaster dictating not a single penny more for any funding whatsoever towards underpinning Waterways. In your opinion, who would do what and from what direction would the money arrive?
  9. However, of course rabbits were deliberately introduced into Australia. Likewise rats hopped off ships to live on Ailsa Craig. So they were both introduced and ultimately eradicated by Nature, via Man of course. Yet Humans are part of Nature.
  10. Yes of course it will. Bloke down pub confirmed it, he also said being ex navy it was military registered and not affected by civil laws etc. So you can live on it and stay anywhere, they can't stop you.
  11. Thank you for that detail Alan. My mistake, using the expression "All other activities". In my mind I was referring to what the man on the Clapham omnibus would recognise as core activities for Waterways. - Boats. - Moorings - Access leases - Property Rent - Fishing versus the costs associated with this activity. - Cycling as above. Monies contributed by the likes of DEFRA are an entitlement (and a cheap one at that) As the inland waterways were constructed by acts of parliament it became the government's responsibility to arrange their
  12. Should the total number of boats on the system be capped? Of course not, that's the only income stream. All other activities either generate no direct income, don't cover their costs or are more of a nuisance value than any form of benefit to the others.
  13. I don't expect any recognition for my suggestion. However, I did recommend they bounce the paddles and flush out the locks on The Panama Canal. Sending a pattern of short waves across to lift it off the mud. A well proven method which has lifted me off sand bars and coral reefs on The Trent & Misery on more than once upon a time. Interestingly though they haven't denied it. 🧐
  14. I hope they're not in Evergreen Marine or The Suez Canal though. Alternatively you might consider a Hedge Fund? However I'm not qualified to give Financial Advice.
  15. Ignore the others, I'll tell you the truth and no mistake: - YES, yes you must. In case you haven't picked up the essentials from watching others, here are the basics ...... a) Don't bother with an external microphone, everyone loves straining their ears attempting to decipher your muffled, soft murmurings. B ) If you aren't just filming on your phone and have bought a rip-off Go-Pro'ish from Wish.com, don't waste money on a wind muff as everyone prefers to hear the reality of you boating in a gale. M) Use terminology like "Driving the barge" and "Parking" at ev
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