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  1. I'd have to agree with what you've surmised. I hope you've got a switch somewhere that selects some sort of aux. alternative which your cat has moved. It might be an input that allows other gadgets to play through the organ's speakers, thus detaching your keyboard. Alternatively it might be an output selection which plays your keyboard through (as you said) headphones or a different external amplifier/speakers. As Dr Bob says tell us the make and model and we can examine the website for you.
  2. Of course Ems sorry about that ...... you will be my age one day and, I hope less easily confuddled than I .... have I had my dinner yet?
  3. Hi Emma I'm glad you've picked up on what basically should be your thread. You're still not telling us very much about anything. You've been asked if it is capable of movement or needs towing? Make of engine, water cooled or air cooled? I've read somewhere there is a suspicion it might be headed for Coventry .... Why? What's the story there? ..... Which Police station issued the report number? .... Is there a particular route to Coventry that is behind that assumption? Have you checked fuel stops and manned locks along that way? What kind of distinguishing marks has this boat got? Bumps, dents, bits that have been welded like old windows? The sort of things you would recognise it by regardless of paint? Inside layout that might still be unchanged? I.E. pump out toilet or not? Solid fuel stove set up in a particular cabin? As others here will point out almost every report we read of like this turns out to be an exaggeration of circumstances, and to be honest they usually offer more details than you do. We already have one currently suspicious thread about a stolen boat running which is so vague and underpinned by as many questions as Trivial Pursuit. I appreciate yours has been posted on this forum and FB by others and not you, however if it were my boat I'd be doing my best to circulate all of the above details and photo within my possession to everybody and anybody within 50 yards of a canal.
  4. Righty Ho! We've got ourselves: - No Boat Index No. No Name No Police Crime No. Originally posted by a person on FB on behalf of a friend. Repeated on here by somebody different again. I'm going to go and make myself a coffee and some toast.
  5. ....... if it's too hot in the kitchen
  6. I remember Elizabeth in the "Freedom" days. I helped Jim carry that bath into place. Elizabeth deserves a secured future, which of course can't be guaranteed. The new owner is going to need a thick skin and an ever open door, not to mention ears.
  7. The link works, you just need to Register ...... Sign in ..... Log on ..... Fill out your details ...... Swear you have a TV Licence .... Confirm how many Bri-nylon socks you have.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  9. Will Margarita Pracatan make a comeback?
  10. Well I never realised it was all so non challenging! I always fancied living somewhere like St. John's Wood or Camden in a King Size bed. I can't wait to give it a go, perhaps I can hire one on Airbnb. 🙄
  11. Would it be worth doing a bit of both? Boat to somewhere like Uxbridge who have their own crane, lift out there (if they have road access for that size? I once had a 30ft craned in there) 84 road miles to Evesham.
  12. Is it this one advertised on a different day to when you bought it?
  13. I think there are: - Boaters (Own one, boat with it, paint it and scrape bottoms) House Boaters (Who have an engine, do the above but it's also their home) House Boat People ( Live on a boat that doesn't move, unless it's to the bottom of the cut. Sometimes it doesn't even look like a boat) Boat Owners ( Bought one once, when they last visited it was a white GRP cruiser. It's now green and has about 35 gallons or rain water lying in its collapsed tonneau) Bridge Hoppers ( Know every inch of The Regents Canal, but nowhere else on the system. They think it's a river and have parked their car near to every access point on it)
  14. Artistic licence is evidenced accordingly ... The geezer on the left is very tall and wouldn't fit in the house on his right, so where can he be going? Donald Trump is peering out of the boat's funnel. The quandary concerning the horse towing the steam boat is actually an alternative explanation supporting a methodological bias. Closer scrutiny shows the tug is connected to the horse by a large pole and is indeed pushing it ahead. Also we don't know the nationality of the geezer on the left
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