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  1. The word "vintage" is even more meaningless than confusing Historic with Historical. It merely means belonging to a particular time/year/epoch. Hence every single thing is vintage, and only makes sense so long as a clue is given to when it is aligned. "Claret, vintage 1980" Or "Narrow Boat (not narrowboat) with Mitsubishi vintage engine, installed when boat was built 2006" It's all meaningless twaddle anyway.
  2. Now, there lies yer' problem .... "Historical is used as the general term for describing history, such as 'the historical record,' while historic is now usually reserved for important and famous moments in history, such as 'a historic battle." ~ Webster Dictionary So my 1969 ex Stone Hire Boat is historical, yet in order to describe it as historic I'd need to align it to an event in that year. To the best of my knowledge there is no proof it witnessed Concorde's test flight, nor did it attend Woodstock.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  4. It seems to me people are trying to re-invent the wheel here. We already have perfectly good terminology to describe all the boats being discussed without attempting to cross fertilise them or blur the lines (perhaps for the sake of boosting their appeal at point of sale) Long distance narrow boats carried cargoes (not people) and they required a Commercial Licence (triangular in shape). They were registered as domiciles with the relevant Health Authorities, with all that entails. Boats let out for Holiday Hire and Day Hire require to meet all of the criteria as outlined by Waterways, apart from needing more stringent safety certificates they require a Hire Boat Licence. Which is not a Commercial Licence, but more in aligned to a business or traders' licence. The requirements include such pertinent clauses as a relevant mooring, car parking for hirers and ability to attend breakdowns within a timely manner. They are two totally different animals. A Long Distance narrow boat could be used as a holiday or day hire boat. However anyone planning to chuck 22 tons of Household into a Hancock & Lane should advertise it widely. I for one would pay good money to observe that. You can't make lemonade by squashing tomatoes even though they both grow off branches. I've got to shoot now as I'm due down town in ten minutes, luckily my Grand Prix similar Transit is just outside. I raced it once around a car park. Back in the early 80s I had a pair of Woolwich and went through the rigmarole of commercial licenses. I now own a 1969 Stone Boat Building ex hire craft. It might be getting close to historical but it's not ex-commercial.
  5. .... or just trees? Could be ideal for The Caldon, with those wheels.
  6. Personally I would plug the hole by by building up layers of exhaust paste/putty, such as: - exhaust putty - Google Search Properly applied it will stand the heat and because car exhausts have to be leak proof to pass MOTs if used as per instructions I'd say worth a try. Thoroughly clean around the 'ole. Dampen the metal edges. Apply a good wodge, tucking it inside the cavity. Build it up to a good thickness, keeping it smooth externally with a wet brush or finger. When cured paint with BBQ paint. Keep an eye on it during first Winter. My old Dad used "Gun Gum" for the most amazing repairs (assuming the EU haven't put the kibosh on the ingredients.)
  7. Instead of a tyre try a bucket
  8. Perhaps if they let you do a one way trip. Pick up in Brum drop it off at Paddington.
  9. I remember Arthur Bray saying, as he departed Raymond for the last time with his rucksack over one shoulder. " I always reckoned the day my Nokia couldn't connect from Blisworth Tunnel would be the day I left ... too dangerous you know." Some say mobile reception was behind the downfall of the FMC Steamer Fleet, I of course couldn't possibly comment.
  10. Personally, I'd do it. However you probably wouldn't want to do half the things I do. For those interested in this thread but with no particular input, this link may assist. popcorn wholesale - Google Search
  11. I do hope they're Safety Sandals.
  12. Amanda is very talented. Was it The Romans that ate them?
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