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  1. zenataomm

    Admiral Nelson for sale

    ….. or pub even.
  2. zenataomm

    Pigeon box weld in or bolt on

  3. zenataomm

    Retail Christmas.....will it be a final nail for some

    Correct in so much as town councils believe all businesses make a fortune and consequently level incredibly high business taxes at them whilst discouraging the shoppers with double yellow lines and extortionate car parking. I don't agree with your second bit about charging inflated prices on goods that can be bought cheaper off Ebay and the like. Prices are dictated by overheads, compare shop lease/rent, business tax, staff payroll, shop fittings, industrial refuse costs, lighting/heating against one person sitting behind their laptop in their spare bedroom selling bankrupt tat piled high in the cupboard under the stairs.
  4. zenataomm

    Sickly sr2

    It says Video not available.
  5. zenataomm

    Hope this is the right place

    As others have said upload your video to a site like YouTube and then copy the link and place it on here.
  6. zenataomm

    Marina smoke pollution

    I'm sure Roland was being humorous. Just like: - Which apart from butchering "Chinaman" misses the point completely. It's not the OP's smoke that is causing the problem, so it doesn't matter what kind of hat he sports. Rule one of life is be assertive. Talk to the individual who may not be aware of the problem he causes. How would you feel if a casual comment comes to you via The Management when it obviously originated within a few feet of you? It sounds as if you're trying to avoid a confrontation without thinking through how much more antagonistic you're likely to come across by involving others. Either communicate with him Move within the marina Put up with it Leave
  7. zenataomm


    It might be the fuzziness of the video but the front end of the above doesn't seem to match the lettering on the sheets. Unless it's a Small Josherwich?
  8. zenataomm

    Oil light warning

    Assuming that it really is low pressure and not just the sender dicking about. Is the tick over sounding any slower? If your prop paddles in neutral, is there anything on the prop that might cause it to slow the engine? If increasing the revs in neutral stops it from crying I'd say you could battery charge safely, but then again I would do …… it's not my engine! You really need an oil pressure gauge to know what's happening further up the scale, which is important when in gear and with the engine working hard. Unlike Listers which can just rely on a piece of paper stuck to the side of the engine with the psi you want drawn on it with a pencil.
  9. zenataomm

    It really is a buyers market.

    It's pointless trying to rationalise such a tiny market concerning such a small hobby, down that road madness lies. How many new boats have been made each year for the last X years? How many scrapped or removed from the network? How many newcomers to the hobby? How many have left for whatever reason? How much footage of empty towpath is left in London?
  10. zenataomm

    boat project

    Nobody seems to have mentioned it ….. so I shall. Fitting out a boat while it is out of the water is not a good idea. The hull will flex, it might be only a fraction of an inch, however once back in the water and it will unflex itself and you will discover doors that won't close or maybe even open. The same goes with cupboards, drawers and other moving items.
  11. zenataomm

    NB Swift Notice/ Info Board

    Here is what the two signs sold for at auction 10 days ago ……... £35 Canal Art - History Board for 'Swallow' nicely hand-signwritten board £50 Canal Art - History A-Board for 'Swift' nicely hand-signwritten board
  12. zenataomm

    Origin of my boat?

    Well from the looks of it in your photo …….. oh you didn't.
  13. zenataomm

    Toilet Paper

    You mean you wait until you've got 144 to burn?
  14. zenataomm

    Employer I.D. cards - country identification

    I agree, why should native employees be deprived of an indicator on their i.d. card?
  15. zenataomm

    Capital gains on gifted boat?

    I see what you did there ianali in your response to the op, very clever.

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