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  1. Tablet with OTG. Too good to be true?

    That's easy for you to say.
  2. National refuses to start

    My old dad used to say "always go back to the last thing you touched before mending it until it was broken" He also said "check the simplest thing first, if your engine is knocking, first check the tappets, then look to see if the sump has been bent in, finally think about bearings" My favourite saying of his was "Never trust labels, just because a bus has OXO written on the outside it doesn't mean they sell it."
  3. National refuses to start

    Going back to basics, a diesel needs ...... Fuel Air Compression ...... at the right time. You have air. You have compression. You have fuel ...... that just leaves timing.
  4. Cycling

    Claiming that the number of road incidents caused by a motor vehicle which then drives off outweighs the number of cyclists who do the same is a childish argument. Two wrongs don't make a right.
  5. Thoughts on this boat please folks.

    I was knew to the area and hadn't employed a surveyor outside of London before. He also negotiated the terms of my offer subject to survey. They were based on them accepting my and his evaluation after them agreeing to paying for all works he found lacking. As a result they did remedial welding including the tricky bit of the bottom the skeg attaches to plus a drop in asking price of £4K. Or my deposit returned.
  6. Thoughts on this boat please folks.

    ...... and if I were to go into Sainsbury's and they were to deliberately mislead me about the provenance of one of their own brand items then I also would be annoyed. It's never happened to me, but perhaps we should all be aware of supermarkets. The tales about Whilton always seem to be third hand, let's have some first hand. Mine is first hand.
  7. Thoughts on this boat please folks.

    I bought a boat from Whilton. I even choose a surveyor off their own list. The first thing he did was to take me into their office and question the management as to who owned the boat. They replied they did as they'd taken it part chop. They confirmed I would get all purchasers' in accordance with The SoGA. That's only part of the story it was all good.
  8. Live aboard in york

    Of course not. Newcomers usually join a forum to be included. To do so they usually say things like ....... Hi All ... I'm a newcomer with a problem ...... These are my needs if anyone can help please. Has anyone ever tried going into a doctor's surgery for the very first time and saying to him/her ......? " I am looking to have good health around here"
  9. Live aboard in york

    Let us know how you get on.
  10. Middlewich Branch breach - Shropshire Union

    This is a young guy called Brad. I've been watching his videos for some time now as he magnet fishes in The Manchester area. An activity I also indulge in, elsewhere (mainly around locks for windlasses and mooring pins). He is a responsible individual who has tried to engage with C&RT, and assures he gets the rubbish he drags out collected. He has just put up this one about the breach and I offer it as he shows the damage and also Jim's "Elizabeth". I'm not opening a discourse about his hobby or his following the Mail's stupidity regarding it being a sinkhole or his jumping a fence or blah, blah, blah ....... I share it because he gets close.
  11. Painting - cabin sides

    Thanks, it's exactly what I meant, I do know the difference between Borrow and Lend. It's Your Round and My Round I have difficulty with.
  12. Alrewas wedding

    Are you saying they wouldn't touch each other with a bargepole?
  13. Painting - cabin sides

    You're naming one of the most expensive brands of paint. It doesn't matter whose paint you buy, you're only lending it, it's not there for very long. Your preparation, application, the bushes and trees on the offside, whether you store your boat inside over Winter and how many pairs of Bri-nylon socks you own are more important. Paint is initially a preservative, if it is decorative too then all well and good, the longer it lasts is probably down to you. In eighteen months time a company in the midlands will be launching a service to vinyl wrap boats. zenataomm PS I might have got carried away a tad there and completely made up the bit about vinyl wrapping, in fact I did.
  14. Direct Line

    Winston Wolfe is not a mobster and Harvey Keitel is an actor. Otherwise quite accurate.
  15. Middlewich Branch breach - Shropshire Union

    Each to their own, but I first read it at 20 and have re-read it again twice since 1974. Each time I've learnt more. Hence my avatar and id.