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  1. zenataomm

    The Bridge Inn, Napton

    When I saw the land I thought "Marina"
  2. zenataomm

    The Bridge Inn, Napton

    Strewth …... Take a failed pub Rip out all the pub fittings Chuck a hundred gallons of white at it Nail a price tag that resembles a phone number on it because it's next to the cut Ignore the fact that being towpath side you can't even moor a canoe outside
  3. zenataomm


    The most worrying aspect of those was the lead acid battery positioned under the seat. Should you frighten yourself sufficiently to lose control of your bladder it was possible to warm the cockles of your heart. Fortunately it was only 6 volt.
  4. zenataomm

    Traveling on a canal at night?

    What did that comment add to the thread?
  5. zenataomm

    STOLEN BOAT: from the Cowley area GU

    Does this mean that in 2 weeks somebody stole it, advertised it and sold it on to people who bought it off the towpath for cash and lacking a survey? Was the Safety Certificate on board? Or was that ignored I wonder. Oh dear, good news for the owner but not the buyers.
  6. zenataomm

    Kingfisher Photos

    Mary Turner's old boat, built in The I.O.W for the directors of the Grand Junction Canal.
  7. zenataomm

    Kingfisher Photos

    Photo is owned by The Kingfisher Group
  8. zenataomm


    That bit of Marcellus does in fact have the correct back end ….. it just happens to be at the other end.
  9. zenataomm

    Guns - what's the law?

    I only hope that whatever he's shooting gets fed to his boney dog.
  10. zenataomm

    Yet another royal baby

    I see Prince Philip and Angela Merkel are having a baby.
  11. zenataomm

    Sizing a fan belt

    I too used the string method once in Stone Staffs. I went into a little back street shop next to the market. The bloke in there wasn't overly enthusiastic about unpacking oodles of fan belts from their cardboard wrap arounds in order to offer them up for comparison. Until I said I was happy to give him two days while I enjoyed the pubs and Indian restaurants, and I'd buy three. I got them in less than a day.
  12. zenataomm

    English Rugby in a sad state.

    What is attempt a humour?
  13. zenataomm

    When do you run your engine?

    I've gotten into the habit of running my engine every time I move. And I move whenever I want to, regardless of time of day or year. It matters not a jot to me whether I'm moving through ice, rain, snow, sunlight or moonlight. I have a licence, insurance and a safety certificate, I also have a home mooring ……. it's just the kind of rebel I am!
  14. zenataomm

    canal bucket list?

    For me it would be to poddle down to London and back again, while being able to stop wherever I want in the capital, like I could in the 80s.
  15. zenataomm

    English Rugby in a sad state.

    It all started to go down hill when it became known that the public toilets in the park on the Visitor Moorings were utilised for cottaging and mainlining. So consequently have been boarded up. Also the best chip shops are no where near the cut.

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