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  1. The Old Mini versus the impudent BMW imposter led me to do some comparisononnining Current Mini Countryman - Length = 4299mm, Width = 1822mm. The Austin Maxi (remember it?) - Length = 4049mm, Width = 1626mm.
  2. Who is telling OP not to do it? Name and shame them, I'll certainly condemn their attitude. I for one was answering his question and giving my opinion. Isn't that the purpose of a forum?
  3. To me that's even more curious, do you and your family need to know where, within 15 feet you all are all of the time? That was a genuine question, and I accept I may well be the odd one here. To the best of my knowledge I might have one aunty and perhaps nine cousins extant, but it's only a guess. I wouldn't recognise any of them if they tripped over me in the gutter. One of my objectives (happily stated) for going on holiday … anywhere … is to just be me, doing what I want and when I want, but not tagged and observable from a distance. I am confident everyone I know is more than capable of handling anything that might befall any of us, except perhaps nuclear war. Should that happen I probably wouldn't want to know anyway. Not wishing to appear anti-social nor uncaring, I just carry a mobile phone in case I need to contact emergency services.
  4. Nil Desperandum chaps and chapesses, if recent history teaches us anything I reckon there's every chance that if he does reach Braunston he'll turn left up the Grand Oxford to Dunchurch where their breeding pools are.
  5. Am I the only one who's worked out that so long as you know where the junctions are and can read the signposts you can't get lost. As for shops and takeaways, if you can't see them from the cut, then they're too far to walk to anyway. I've always thought of my boating as a …. "I like the look of that place, think I'll stop awhile" kind of activity. Rather than a ... "Does the screen think I'd want to stay here?" kind of subjective activity.
  6. I recall The Steam Narrow Boat that now bears the name President becoming a geographical fixture under that bridge along with an FMC butty of the line. Many years ago now. I believe this was during the period that the council governing Dudley was so left wing they only employed one legged, blind, agnostic, female, plumbers regardless of their skills and/or vocational qualifications … from 9.00am - 4.30pm Mon-Fri. I heard the steam operative in charge of operating President's (or whatever its name really is) motive power was picked up at his house at 9.00am each morning and driven to wherever the boats had been left the previous night. He was of course driven back home in time to arrive by 4.30 otherwise overtime was due. On this occasion I don't recall Waterways rushing out to remove coping stones etc I think they just left them to sort it out themselves and denied any traditions concerning breasting up boats in a flight.
  7. Funny you should say that. I remember nearly 40 years ago a new boat owner at St. Pancras taking delivery of his new fit out hull. Much to everyone else's amusement he promptly resin coated it inside and out from about a foot above the water line down. I don't know what he overpainted the area in but recall his subsequent dockings were very quick. Initially an expensive exercise, but he did work for a polymers manufacturer. It would be interesting how it stood up over the years.
  8. I was offered Ray when she was decomposing in Battlebridge
  9. Not only is this the most sensible advice, as you can't beat "from the horses" mouth when it comes to learning about life experiences ….. You might also end up meeting a load of people eager to sell you their alternative lifestyle (wooden shed on the back of a fibreglass cruiser from the 60s) and perhaps at never to be repeated prices. Take a big stick with you to beat them off with.
  10. One of the whorehouses I used to …. ooh hang on!
  11. Either join FB or talk to Bloke in Pub, he knows what you don't have to do.
  12. I heard you were your Mother's Pride
  13. And the home charger works in the office? Have you tried the office charger in all of the sockets at home? Of course the car charger is only dumping 12v DC down to around 6v DC, while the mains chargers are doing 240v AC down to the same ouput. I usually find it's the plug into the phone that causes dodgy connections. Is it possible that the phone lays in a different position at home than in the office, so the plug in the phone has different stresses on it?
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