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  1. Ah, now then, I know you're only doing this to help others, but I think you've copied it wrongly. Shouldn't it be Benevolence built by Nursers. Violent Ben was a Nurse, who lived in Braunston, easily confused I realise.
  2. I didn't realise The River Avon was a tributary of the Grand Union Canal! So was Shakespeare originally known as The Bard of GUCco. ??
  3. Basically a third of a million to replace the bridge. While a couple of hold-fulls of hardcore shovelled over the side would in fill the gap and provide a safe, wheel/push chair friendly towpath at ground level for what? A couple of grand? Especially if CRT volunteers are involved. Another advantage would be "Mr.Tim" instead of reducing the number of berths he leases from CRT could reclaim at least another two or three to sit in the refilled gap! From what I can see the only other issues I can guess in refilling the hole in the towpath is those who moor at that end of the pools can't just nip out. They'd have to return to the marina entrance. The same as every other marina moorer in the country does. Oh, and, the parade would need to change its route, no big deal.
  4. I see in the advert for "Shilton", she is described accordingly ... Current Price: £5,500 Quantity: 1 Condition: Used Listing Type: Chinese ... Does that mean she leans towards the Far East? And then later they say ... Description: The narrow boat shilton is on the river medway and needs a complete refit but would make a great liver board ... I remember the joke as being a Pizza Take-away and don't think it fits a Chinese. "Hello, Marco's Pizza" "Do you deliver?" "Aye we do, what do you want?" "Give me a 12" Deep Pan with Liver" "Liver? We don't do liver, you can have Cheese, Vegetarian, Salami, Chicken." "Yes you do, I just asked you, and you said you do."
  5. Hmm! Is it true though that you didn't shoot the deputy? 🤠
  6. I guess we all recognise Hillmorton from the description and location.
  7. "We are a gnat's wing away from lock flights locked up except for a couple of hours a day." Suggests what is likely to happen based on previous experience. The last time I recall was Napton around 2009'ish
  8. Now then Richard, you know what they say about knowledgeable youngsters? Us crotchety old farts should listen to them so long as they know better. Cos it won't last long.
  9. Only my personal priorities of course, however I'd much prefer CRT to be focussing on their "Let's not bother back pumping this year" policy. Without water under you, The Coventry and Ashby Country Lanes won't need clear towpaths, everyone will be able to walk up the middle. The same applies to The Trent & Mersey pathway and The Leeds & Liverpool Bridle Path. After that they might take a rethink about gates and paddles. We are a gnat's wing away from lock flights locked up except for a couple of hours a day. It's a shock when you approach a flight and find moored boats as far back as a mile from the beginning and you realise that by this time tomorrow you might have only moved 20 or 30 lengths nearer. Don't worry about hire boats though, they'll be alright, they tend to get priority under these situations. Why? Well they're on holiday aren't they? Oh hang on so are we isn't that right?
  10. Was it "Pine" that was broken into at The IWA rally at Suttons Stop in the 80s? After the rally several boats were left for the following week. When the owners turned up to start weekending her back home, they were puzzled at high out the water she was. It seems another boat had been moored on the outside for most of the time. Apart from many of the fixtures and fittings making the short journey, an extensive plate collection disappeared, as well as the engine and gearbox.
  11. Mayflower (in the 80s) had a water cooled Lister (CE2?) from a crane, yes it had a radiator. Martin Fuller I believe, I was also told the propeller was from a stirrer on a brewery vat.
  12. ... have none of them heard of Brasso? And as for how to coil a rope, don't get me started!
  13. Very informative and it was great to see into the darker recesses of living with a giant Mamod. One question for Daniel and family. How do you view the threats to continued supplies of "steam coal"?
  14. Bound to upset somebody, so I'll post the link https://www.facebook.com/sixties.timemachine/photos/a.814433018611008/2340828109304817/?locale=zh_CN and you can decide for yourselves.
  15. The main one that springs to my mind is The Green Shield Stamp Catalogue which ceased publication in 1972.
  16. Sure is pretty, but I'd find the costumes a bit wearisome.
  17. I'll try rewording that. The OP is in the Rugby area. So I assume he has arranged a mooring in that area. Why can't he arrange dropping it in at the mooring? That should be easy to arrange as all the moorings I can think of on that stretch are either off-side or marina/boat yard. None of which should bother CRT. The only exception, which would be impossible to drop in at, due to being towpath side is Newbold, which I understand is fully occupied anyway. Of course he may not have a mooring and is planning to cc around Rugby 😬
  18. There are no towpath moorings in the Rugby area (except Newbold - which I understand are all taken). All long term moorings are either off-side or marina/boat yard, in which case why can't OP drop it in at his mooring? Or, is there no mooring arranged?
  19. I sympathise exactly ... Mrs. Dial's Dairy was never the same after Jim went.
  20. Strewth, I use my boat to escape TV! I have a radio to listen to amusing snippets on Radio 4. I find the view outside my boat much more interesting than moving wallpaper on the inside. Try checking your settings, someone may have sat on the remote and deselected an input option.
  21. My SR2 is missing one nut from a Rocker Cover. I actually have a dozen or so of them, but they are with the newly missing one. I'm hoping @RichardPowell spinster of this parish or an expert of his ilk, can point me in the direction of a source. It would also be helpful if anyone knows how to subdue gravity a bit, especially beneath my back deck.
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