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  1. I'm with TheBiscuits on this one. I'm not into fish teasing nor maggot drowning, and sure don't follow the theories ... "if i'm paying around £1173.70 per annum for my boat license i expect to be able to do a little fishing now and then" sic "been doing that for about 12 years" The world doesn't work like that. I've been hearing the "You don't need a fishing permit to fish from your boat" verbal since 1966. It wasn't true then and until someone can show evidence to the contrary it won't stand up now.
  2. "Swan Knight", had an ignominious end around 1967. When she came off the hire fleet she ended up for sale at Nautocraft, Boot Wharf, Nuneaton. The price was around £200. My Dad, who was looking for a boat after having hired from Holt Abbot the previous year was smitten. He went to look at it a few times and as a result ended up visiting his Bank Manager. This savvy old chap was of the old school, the kind of Bank Manager we don't see any more. He picked up his phone and called Nautocraft. Claiming to be my Father he offered them half the amount. To everyone's surprise they immediately accepted . So he next said he'd pop down any day to sign and pay, and could they just pull it up onto their gravel slip so he could paint under the water line, he'd buy the paint from their chandlery. They'd arrange it straight away and looked forward to his popping by. My Dad was astonished, he was delighted at the drop in price yet more than surprised about having to buy new paint and finding the time to apply it. "I'll drop by there tomorrow and leave a deposit ..." he thanked the Bank Manager. "No you won't, he was told ..." The Bank Manager was suspicious. He didn't want my Dad to go anywhere near it, but made him an appointment to come back in two days. On his return my Father was presented with a foot square of soggy wood. Turns out a mate of the Bank Manager had been down there looking for a small boat, he'd been directed towards The Swan Knight, sitting in a cradle on the slip and resplendent in its previous price. It had taken him as long as minutes to find a spot under the waterline that resisted to his probing finger. We heard that everything was stripped from her and a Viking Funeral performed at the weekend. My Dad was requested to buy the Manager's mate a pint or three and purchase a couple of books of the bank's raffle tickets. Those were the days when a bank looked after you and you put a tie on before visiting the manager.
  3. It's unlikely you'll further damage it, as I'm sure you've experienced by now slow manoeuvring is likely to be a bit hap hazard. Bear in mind if you have an accident under way and need to make a claim your insurance company is likely to take a dim view of you navigating with knowingly defective steering. I don't see why you'd think removing the Swan Neck and tiller bar is a good idea, as that's the handle and leverage you need to lift the assembly and adjust its approach to the cup. Others above have given you good advice about that. I suggest at least two of you, and consider getting in to stand on the skeg.
  4. It could even be a dry contact in the fuse board.
  5. I remember well the day Arthur Bray climbed off The Raymond for the last time. "That's me finished" he muttered, to no-one specifically. "I always said 'cum the day I can't stroll down the corner shop and pick up one of those stickers that show the danger areas on me boat around the tiller and not to walk down the sides or on the roof, I'll be off" A man of his word was Arthur, even though butty boats don't have cabin side gunnels.
  6. At least she's been consistent in the distance she travels.
  7. Mouse & ...Mole(?) Built to wind inside the tunnel. Weren't Spitfire & Hurricane (?) built by Harris Bros? Many think they were commercial because of the rivets, yet they were pleasure craft.
  8. I am not aware of any rivetted mud hoppers built on the cusp of those decades. Although as said previously it could be a Harris Bros, Bumble hole in the 30s. Search a photo of "Ben" for comparison. Either way the vertical joins of the hull plates is BCN style.
  9. My post questioning "built in 1959" was based on the photo of it I found by following the links in the article.
  10. And if you did manage it, the blades would stand still and Erebus would spin like a rotisserie.
  11. Just buy the longest and cheapest you can find. After a year of cyclists riding over it and parents ignoring their children jumping up and down on it while they push buggies backwards and forwards over it, you'll be wanting to buy fresh every year anyway.
  12. I recall The Viscount St Davids terrorising the ducks (60s/70s?) with one. This was before he took up sailing his electric narrow boat.
  13. There's no point in my telling you where it did get me, as you'll only belittle that as well in order to substantiate your half arsed opinion. Merry Xmas.
  14. Many people make the mistake of thinking "Consultation" means nothing is settled yet and we're open to alternatives. Others' views and ideas will be heard in case the army of working parties, consultants and management teams have overlooked a way they can save even more money. However, the outcome will be synonymous with the reason for the change in the first place. Its role is to broadcast what you're doing, why and by when, it's not to ask permission.
  15. I love people like this .... they make me look like a genius.
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  17. I should have thought CRT would have needed access by water for moving in plant/lock gates etc. Especially if they're working on three of the locks.
  18. Could be worse. It could have been the bottom of the Aylesbury flight. At least where it is, it can be untied and pushed out of the way ... diabolical liberty either way!
  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  20. The irreplaceable Jim McDonald fitted such a system into "elizabeth" in the early 1980s. Perhaps the new owners can update us.
  21. What does "AIUI" mean in English as I understand it?
  22. When I read "no time wasters" in an advert I imagine a vendor who turns aggressive when things don't go their way. Not that I'd be put off going to view, however I do wonder what they were hiding that got rumbled.
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