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  1. What's a narrow boat then ...... Mono Hull? Other?
  2. Agreed. It would be interesting if IWA then reverted to running a National Rally to attract boat owners to cruise the outreaches to save them. A campaign instead of holding linear floating caravan get togethers to award prizes to the most green and red painted clone boat. Seems the way forward to me.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  4. Rumbled! I used to own a pair of composite Small Woolwich. Both were steel rivetted sides with vegetable bottoms. A friend had a Town Class motor and became adept at making Araldite go off under water at 3.15 am.
  5. The Model Village at Babbacombe South Devon. Taken from in front of Buckingham Palace and facing towards The Gipsy encampment.
  6. Move on board, and sleep with one arm hanging over the side of the bed so you can feel the rising water. Alternatively sew a cat bell to each of your slippers. The tinkling will wake you as they float around your cabin bumping into things. Stoke your stove up high before going to bed and get in the habit of waking if you dream about being trapped in a steam drenched Turkish Bath. Keep all your wire brushes in the middle of your bed, and sleep on the very edge. That way if your boat starts to lean over you'll either fall to the soggy floor or roll the other way onto the brushes. You can make it more interesting by betting which way you'll go tonight.
  7. Stay within your own safety limits. Keep an open mind, don't take risks but learn from your daily experiences. Don't be overly in awe of the "so many experienced boaters out there" Sadly experienced people aren't guaranteed to be devoid of stupidity.
  8. Hey, if you don't want to go into any detail you should simply say so. 馃槒
  9. I can't quite make out the name on it. Does it say "Marge Tub"? If they painted it yellow, they could have gone with "Utterly Butterly"
  10. Ex FMC motor I believe not to be confused with sister boat "France" which went to Thomas Clayton early 50s and renamed Grass snake. 馃槙
  11. I believe the marina in New Delhi is keen regarding dogs. In fact it regularly appears on the restaurant menu.
  12. They do say that in violent attacks/murder/attempted murder etc. the aggressor is known to the victim, which suggests history between them like perhaps a deal gone wrong. However The News often recounts tales of misidentification or got the address wrong during the heat of the moment, especially if hired scrotes are involved to do the dirty work. Gunshots fired at 'wrong house' in targeted attack, say police | Lancashire Telegraph Confused drugs lout attacked Scots family after trying to enter wrong house - Daily Record Intruders at wrong house say sorry | UK news | The Guardian If they can get a house wrong, imagine the potential cock up when the drongoes are told it's a boat parked up next to Tesco, sort of red with stuff on the roof. Even if they don't get the wrong boat and do focus on the intended victim, what are the chances of Mr & Mrs Blenkinsopp tied up next door twitching their crotched port hole covers to find out what all the row is next door. Providing the Goths & Vandals with some witnesses that need refocusing as to what they did or did not witness? No I don't see it as any less worrying for anyone.
  13. dissolve [d瑟藞z蓲lv] VERB dissolving (present participle) (with reference to a solid) become or cause to become incorporated into a liquid so as to form a solution. [More] synonyms: go into solution 路 become a solution 路 micro solids suspended in liquid solution. break down 路 liquefy 路 melt 路 deliquesce 路 disintegrate 路 diffuse 路 solvate Seems about right to me!
  14. Well said that man, and one of them doesn't even sport its original name.
  15. What's to recognise or fawn over? It's an over priced, newish boat of unremarkable design. It hasn't been in anything remarkable or noteworthy. A lick of paint and /or a change of name and all will shortly be in the past. I suggest it's new name should be "Storm in a teacup".
  16. No, but I wish them well and all those that attend. I stopped attending IWA rallies in the 80s. They're rallies used to highlight somewhere on the system that was in need of attention. Thus forcing Waterways to refocus their priorities. I first questioned what was happening when two rallies were held at Hawkesbury within 3 years of each other. The purpose of campaigning slid down the list of purposes and appeared as part of membership and fund raising. Of course forming an association with Waterways and changing the name from National Rally to Festival spoke volumes. It soon became a Linear Floating Caravan Show. Only my opinion, based on first being a member in 1966.
  17. Yes, yes I did! However when I looked around the room for adoring recognition from my family, all I got was a round of indifference and: - "You'd have been in deep trouble of losing all credibility if you hadn't known those!"
  18. I'm just the same when it comes to using them.
  19. I don't know how to stare subtly
  20. But I didn't, what makes you think it was me? I wasn't out boating today, and haven't visited Bratch in years. Are you picking on me? I find that rude and weird.
  21. Relative term would be "Nicer looking than ...." or "Less fugly than ..."
  22. Good luck Laurie, I'll have my elbows crossed for you.
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