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  1. A price hike like this is not a new phenomenon. Nearly twenty years ago our son lived on a boat in Battlebridge Basin* for five years, paying a high, but reaonable rent to the property company who were the leaseholders. When the lease expired BW (as it then was) took back the basin and at a stroke tripled the mooring fees. Argument was futile and negotiation proved fruitless because BW's attitude was "take it or leave it". At the time, continuous cruising was very rare and it was an option we never considered. Reluctantly, our son came back onto the land and we had to move the boat to a location we could afford. eta * now known as Ice Wharf.
  2. koukouvagia

    BMC 1.8 Diesel leak into sump

    Thanks, Tony. I'll report back. I've got a new lift pump on order, so I may as well fit that. I note the comments about a failed seal on the injector pump. I would think this unlikely since I had a new pump fairly recently.
  3. koukouvagia

    sound deadening

    Ha ha.
  4. koukouvagia

    sound deadening

    Yes, that had occurred to me. However, the alternator is not overheating, even in this hot weather. I'll keep my eye on it and possibly do as you suggest.
  5. koukouvagia

    sound deadening

    Don't forget to allow openings or grills for the engine air intake and the alternator cooling. In my experience these necessary openings don't make much difference to the sound level.
  6. koukouvagia

    sound deadening

    Agreed, but done properly it can produce a pretty impressive sound reduction. In my case the decibel level went down from 80dB to just over 50dB.
  7. koukouvagia

    sound deadening

    Get the 45mm thickness. It's a bit pricey, but very good.
  8. koukouvagia

    sound deadening

  9. koukouvagia

    Historic Boats for sale online

    Agreed. Also I reckon it's a very fair asking price. I've no doubt it'll sell quickly.
  10. koukouvagia

    BMC 1.8 Diesel leak into sump

    Wow. Consensus. That'll be the first thing to check then. Thank you.
  11. koukouvagia

    BMC 1.8 Diesel leak into sump

    After a recent oil change (15/40) I've covered about 60 hours. The oil level in the sump has risen by about 1/2". It's now showing just above max. The engine is in otherwise good nick - it's has a top end rebuild, skimmed head etc.) There is definitely a diesely smell on the dipstick where the top inch of the oil is less viscous. Before calling in an engineer, I thought I ask for a few pointers as to what might be causing this.
  12. koukouvagia

    Braunston Historic Boat Rally 2018

    Thanks Alan.
  13. koukouvagia

    Historic Boats for sale online

    Couldn't agree more. When we sold our boat I made a website. I found it was surprisingly easy to construct, never having done one before. One big advantage of a detailed warts and all description is that only the genuinely interested buyers will then go on to pursue their enquiries further. They know exactly what to expect.
  14. Our narrowboat is one of the ones you describe as “of advanced years”. I’m not sure whether you are saying that replating or overplating is an easy option. (By the way, it’s iron, not steel). I can assure you that it’s anything but easy to deal expertly with a rotting iron hull. Hampton was both replated and overplated nearly 50 years ago and at some later stage parts of the overplating were overplated! Behind this overplating the boat continued to rot from the inside out until eventually it sprang a rather dramatic leak. The answer was certainly not to slap another layer of steel over the rot, but to cut out all the old iron and remake a large portion of the back end. This took a highly skilled restorer about three months to achieve. It may well last another fifty years, but achieving this was definitely not “pretty straighforward”.
  15. I can see why the owner is putting the boat on the market for what seems a huge sum. Clearly a great deal of expensive work has been done: new steel superstructure, replating, a paint job, a high quality fit out etc. Renovating an old boat like this is always very costly and presumably the owner would like to recoup his expenditure. Using Leo's house-selling analogy, it's rather like someone buying an old property and then spending a fortune on doing it up and then expecting to sell at a profit. A sensible house developer will only spend as much on a refurbishment as he or she knows the market will bear. Mind you, I can't talk, having spent a fortune on restoring a 107 year old boat. But then I'd never put it on the market expecting to make a profit. I'd be lucky to break even.

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