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  1. koukouvagia

    Boat at Braunston

    Our motorised butty has the propellor in the rudder and it turns on a sixpence - so coming out of the ladder bridge is easy. Cheating, I suppose but not so easy with a motor. As usual, perfect turns are never recorded for posterity.
  2. koukouvagia

    Boat at Braunston

    Every year on the Braunston parade I get to the ladder bridge and say to myself, “I’m going to power round and do the turn in one.” Most years I chicken out and back off because I’m afraid of clobbering this boat.
  3. koukouvagia

    Historic Boats for sale online

    I see it's open to offers for a quick sale.
  4. koukouvagia

    Historic Boats for sale online

    A big drop in price from £60K to £42.5K.
  5. I did have an air start, but was always reluctant to use it. I had no means of knowing the state of the air cylinder and I was afraid that it would explode. It had a test date marked on it dating from forty years previous.
  6. koukouvagia

    Chop saws for DIY uses

    Plenty to chose from. Make sure you buy one with a laser marker. I've got a cheapish one from Screwfix. Performs well.
  7. That reminds me of starting the Kelvin on Owl. There's a YouTube video which shows it takes 5 minutes to perform all the requisite preliminaries before it springs into life (much longer if the magneto was misbehaving.) That's only a minute faster than the Blitzen Benz. One of the selling points I made to my wife before we bought the Kelvin was that it was a simple push button start, unlike the Seffle that it was going to replace. She ruefully pointed out that I had to perform over twenty separate operations before I pressed the button 😄. Slightly off topic, I've seen a picture of a K2 Kelvin fitted to a tractor, but I can't find it now. Ray, you're good a tracking down pictures.
  8. koukouvagia

    Ceiling Cladding Advice Please

    Another vote for thin routed ply. I used this method to hide decaying roof timbers on our butty until I was able to have the back cabin professionally rebuilt.
  9. koukouvagia

    Rusty water tank on sitting on damp ply boards

    I wouldn't rule out condensation. Before doing anything drastic and having eliminated the more obvious sources of damp - leaking pipes, windows etc. I'd cut a gap in the flooring all around the tank. This would prevent anymore damp from the tank spreading to the floor and will give it time to dry out and you could see if the tank was leaking. You could also then see if there was any water in the bilge. edited because I didn't read the title properly.
  10. koukouvagia

    Never again!!!!!

  11. koukouvagia

    Never again!!!!!

    There is quite an industry spinging on Brexit related spoofs. I received as Christmas presents "Alice in Brexitland" and the Ladybird book "The story of Brexit"
  12. koukouvagia

    Kelvin K2 engineer

    Despite their rather idiosyncratic features they are basically very straightforward engines. I would definitely concentrate on starting it on diesel. The magneto/petrol start can be problematical, especially if the magneto has been left standing for any length of time. Detailed starting instructions are given in the manual, which is available online. I'd also change the oil, paying particular attention to the gauze filter at the bottom of the sump. I suppose you've checked the obvious things: do the injectors creak? What's the compression like? It should be very hard to turn the engine over when the change-over levers are in the forward position. I would advise fitting a thermostart heater (see previous thread). This will make starting on diesel very easy, even in the coldest weather. As others have pointed out, you are going to need a much sturdier installation (see how the K2 was fitted to Owl.
  13. koukouvagia

    Help - can’t identify cause root cause of leaks!

    Also bear in mind that water can travel long distances along gunwales etc., so the leaking window might be at the far end of the boat.
  14. koukouvagia

    Tips for cleaning hydraulic hoses

    I don't know the lifespan of hydraulic hoses. I'm in the process of replacing all the hoses on our hydraulic drive. They don't appear to have any wear, but I've been told that they should be replaced every ten years.
  15. koukouvagia

    Best Window Frame Varnish.

    I also used Craftmaster varnish on our motor. When we sold the boat the paintwork was 17 years old and was still a deep, shiny red. Each year I would lightly rub the surface down with fine wire wool before applying the varnish. I've got a new paint job on our butty with the lettering done by Dave. I'm in two minds whether to apply varnish to the new paint or wait a few years.

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