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  1. Well, it's been reduced by £4K since last advertised a year ago.
  2. A small point, but you don't need knots to tie up a boat. A boatman's hitch just wraps around the bollard or dolly and tucks under the loop.
  3. This is the best picture I could find of the bracket. As Nigel says, it wouldn't be difficult to make. Mine's brass/bronze. The stem of the klaxon is held in place with a wing nut on a bolt.
  4. Get a butty - perfect for keeping dogs safe
  5. I'd say it was more a case of Buridan's ass :)
  6. Let's hope that London becomes more like Amsterdam and goes in for cycling in a big way. On the news this morning I heard that the sale of cycles has soared.
  7. I had T&G Canadian pine under the gunwales. They were not fixed, so in the summer when gaps appeared I just shoved them along a bit. Effective and simple.
  8. My previous boat was lined with eucalyptus wood, which, although a hard wood still opened up gaps in the summer. Any kind of caulking would have made unsightly joints so I used beeswax. It needed redoing each year, but it solved the problem.
  9. Another route is to use slab insulation. https://www.canalworld.net/forums/index.php?/topic/63615-insulating-a-boat-to-prevent-condensation/ (see post #8)
  10. Here's one I made out of an old shell case and a few odds and ends. It took quite a bit of headscratching to see how it worked.
  11. Yes they exist. A wonderful collection of giant sized spanners etc. I gave mine to the new owner of Owl. These originally came from one of the lighthouses. The most useful tool is the hockey-stick spanner.
  12. There are many different ways of doing this, depending on the layout of the boat. The system below worked perfectly. To heat up radiators quickly, isolate the calorifier. To heat up the calorifier quickly - e.g. in summer, shut off radiators and divert hot water through the calorifier. Make sure each radiator has its own flow and return. Not shown is an automatic bleed valve, which is fitted on the highest part of the system/
  13. Try Toplicht. Expensive but efficient. https://www.toplicht.de/en/shop/ofen-herd-und-kocher/oelregler-und-brennerzubehoer/refleks-oelregler-und-zubehoer;jsessionid=70C20058482569C78209175ED2985A8D Matty beat me to it. The Toplicht site is not easy to navigate. The above URL takes you to the catalyser.
  14. The cast iron lid on the fire, which is well away from walls, gets hot and radiates a lot of heat. It's very good for doing casseroles etc. I have mine connected to radiators and a calorifier. As mentioned above the flue gets hot. That's why it's important to protect the walls near it. The body of the fire never gets much hotter than hand-hot and the surrounding walls are only warm to the touch.
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