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  1. I’m one of the members here with an ARS hydraulic drive fitted to a butty. See https://www.buttyhampton.com/undercloth-conversion-2005 Pros: Pretty well maintenance free. I just change the oil about once every five years. I've renewed all the hoses after about ten years – merely as a precaution. ARS provide excellent service and will design a system for you that matches your engine. There are also specialist engineers around who will come out to your boat. Very simple to fit to a bog standard engine like my 1.8 BMC. Can be fitted anywhere on the boat where it’s convenient. Very useful if there’s low headroom in the back cabin because of a conventional prop shaft running under the floor. Cons: A bit of a whine. Not really a problem. Expensive when things do go wrong. I had a log trapped in the propellor and for some reason the safety valve didn’t actuate. Blown oil seals resulted in rebuild. I am told that they are efficient, but I’ve never been able to verify this. There's certainly no lack of power on our 70' boat.
  2. I had at various times these two arrangements. The first one shows a feed tee-ed off the day tank; the second one just has a simple reservoir.
  3. We’d owned Owl for over thirty years and the butty Hampton for twenty five. Maintaining two historic boats meant that we were spending more time repairing and renovating than we were actually boating. Crunch time came in 2017 when I was going aground with Owl on the north Stratford every 100 yards and for the first time in over thirty years I was not enjoying boating. We decided to sell Owl and use the money to restore to a very high standard our butty, Yes, I miss the Kelvin, but it’s a joy to boat with the far less deep drafted Hampton. We were very pleased to see that Owl is now in the possession of an enthusiast who will lavish attention (and most likely, money) on looking after the boat for the next generation. Tempora mutantur et nos mutamur in illis.
  4. Oops, double post. (BTW is there any way of deleting a post?)
  5. I was told by a member of the Edwards family that Owl was used as a prototype to see if transport of chocolate chip by narrowboat was feasible. I have not been able to verify this, however.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. I see you've already set up a family tree on Ancestry - I presume it's yours - and you've only got back as far as Mary Mullarky, your grandmother. You will have seen on the Catholic Birth Registers that there are scores of Mary/Maria Mularkys from Ireland from around the correct date. Have you got birth certificates of your mother and grandmother? This might narrow the area of Ireland Mary came from. Best of luck with the family research. By the way, since there is a boating family connection, you might try contacting Lorna York (she posts on this forum). She has an encyclopaedic knowledge and a huge database.
  9. This is the set up on a josher (Owl). Someone has tried to make the rudder a little easier to turn by adding a small balance strip to the back edge. This meant chopping a piece off the bracing strut. Also someone has chopped a D shaped hole for the same reason. I should point out that in my opinion neither modification was very successful - the boat is pretty heavy to steer round sharp bends.
  10. I would be concerned, but as tempting as it may seem to have a go at removing the rust, don't start chipping away while the boat is in the water. I speak from experience.
  11. That looks serious. If it's localised, you may be able to effect a temporary bodge with epoxy putty. This can be very effective.
  12. I'd had a full hull survey done on the boat pictured above. No significant problems were identifed. Huh!
  13. I would suggest you get a full hull survey. What started out as a small patch of rust on our historic boat turned out to be a much more serious matter. I don't wish to be a Job's comforter, but maintaining an iron hull can be very expensive. Whoever does the work for you should also check that none of the rivets have blown. P&S at Watford did some good work on the iron hull of our other boat - very sound and professional. Good luck.
  14. In our installation with a 1.8 and an hydraulic drive, the engine is bolted right down to the steel bearer. Never had any vibration problems.
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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