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  1. This will be only the second Braunston Show we've missed, but Sue is recovering from a knee replacement and has been told by her consultant that boating is off the menu for the time being. Hampton is not the easiest boat to get on and off. However, we've booked in to a nearby hotel so we'll be able to soak up the atmosphere. We had hoped that Owl, our old boat, would be attending, but unfortunately work which is being done on it will not be ready in time.
  2. I've fitted these. They have a rubber ring to prevent moisture entering the cable. They seem to work well. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07KC5S96Q/ref=pe_27063361_487055811_TE_dp_1
  3. Hmm. You may be right. However, I've had this fitted for about five years and I've never had to change a battery. There may be a button battery; I'll check at the weekend. eta Just looked it up. It does have a battery.
  4. No external or internal power source needed. There's a sort of turbine which moves the counter.
  5. The simplest and cheapest method I found was to use one of these garden hose meters. I reset the counter when I've filled the tank then I watch the meter count down. When the guage reads 250l I know it's time to fill up again. No 12v needed. Dead simple.
  6. Tut, tut. Exaggeration. There were only 674 boats breasted up. . I think you're confusing the number with the thousand ships that went to rescue Helen. It is good to note that Xerxes didn't block the channel, but left gaps for boats to pass through.
  7. Four abreast - huh, that's nothing. Same spot in 2005.
  8. I was advised by ARS Diesels who fitted and serviced my hydraulic drive to use ISO 46 also to avoid the biodegradable oil which doesn't, apparently, last as well. There are plenty of suppliers online. I don't know how much difference there is between 36 and 46.
  9. Both Pine and Fir have been drastically reduced in price since they were first offered for sale. Fir has dropped from £125K to £90K and Pine has dropped from £42,950 to £34,950. Does this mean that the imminent recession is having a marked effect on historic boat prices?
  10. Just a word of warning to those who watch TV on a 3 Go binge contract. We use it to watch a variety of TV prgrams and Netflix without it affecting our data allowance. Keep your existing contract and don't fall for an upgrade offer - you'll lose Go Binge which is no longer supported.
  11. You need a butty - that's got a traditional stern
  12. Yes the footbridge is in place. Much needed. That road bridge was very dangerous for pedestrians.
  13. I was sad to see the closure of the Bulbourne Workshops where lock gates used to be made. Also next door is the manager’s office, which for the last twenty years had been allowed to decay. Waterways was never going to find a use for these buildings which were in a very poor state of repair, so it comes as a pleasant surprise to see, IMO, a sympathetic restoration.
  14. and here's a picture of Owl paired with Mercury when it was a camping boat.
  15. That reminds me of the chaos I once observed in Blisworth Tunnel. An oncoming boat kept moving to his left whenever he encountered another boat. He'd been told that boats overtake by moving over to the left. He'd assumed that this also applied to him when he was passing a boat as well. Incidently, it should be remembered that some ex-working boatmen and women hire boats. These have way more experience than most of us leisure boaters.
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