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  1. I used second hand T&G pine boards. (they came out of the Tate!) They were thick and well seasoned. They never moved, warped etc.
  2. Have a look at this firm. I've no connection but I know the owner is a real enthusiast. https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowUserReviews-g504030-d12454777-r760036670-Grand_Union_Narrowboats-Weedon_Northamptonshire_England.html If you are in the area of Weedon, make sure you visit the historic Ordnance Depot. This is often overlooked by boaters, but it's well worth a visit.
  3. When Peter Topping had Cowroast Marina dug out he bought a rather nice historic bridge to span the entrance. I can't remember where it originally came from. This determined the width of the entrance. A few years ago we nearby moorers watched a widebeam get well and truly stuck in the entrance, because the then owner of Cowroast gave the boater the wrong dimensions. Oops!
  4. This sliding window on our undercloth conversion is made of 5mm polycarbonate. I'm very pleased with its durability. I made previous windows with acrylic sheets, but these suffered from crazing*, discoloration and scratched easily. If you go for polycarbonate which is much stronger and easier to work than acrylic, make sure you get a sheet that is UV resistant and has a scratch resistant coating. * I've tried to find why the acrylic sheeting failed, but having googled it, I'm none the wiser - possibly because of stress or the result of UV light.
  5. I'm sure the germ of narrow boating was planted in me at a very early age when my grandmother used to take me to watch the boats working through North Lock, Leicester. As for a time line, it took about 25 years to restore one historic boat and another twenty to do the same for the butty. (Concurrently, not consecutively, I might add). Has anyone taken longer?
  6. I can vouch for David's expertise and his collection of all things to do with lamps. He found me a replacement when I broke mine.
  7. I could certainly do this on my K2 Kelvin. Mind you, it had some pretty substantial steelwork supporting it. It was bolted directly onto the steel bearers. Somewhere I've got a video but I can't for the life of me find it!
  8. We had a three piece Art Deco Bergère suite by Ercol on Owl. We had to include it in the sale because we couldn't get it out of the cabin, having put it on board before lining out the interior. On our present boat we've gone all 30s with a Le Corbusier sofa and Mies van der Rohe chair. (Copies, I hasten to add - couldn't possibly afford originals)
  9. I notice that the present owner is no longer selling Owl From Apollo Duck:
  10. Be very careful about poking around when the hull is in that state. On a surveyor's advice, I began to knock off some of the rust on our boat. It sprang a small leak which I temporarily staunched with epoxy putty, but what started out as a small hole resulted in a large area of the back end of the boat having to be rebuilt.
  11. Moving slightly off topic, I wonder if anyone has designed the interior of their narrowboat along Art Deco lines?
  12. No. If I'd been asked I would have gladly given permission to link to my website, provided it had been made clear that the pictures in the advert were lifted from my site. Also a potential buyer might think that the boat as described on my website was as it is now. All the advert needed to say is something like: "You might like to visit narrowboatowl.com to see how the boat was restored by a previous owner". My website is clearly for all to see and some have found it interesting to read about the history of the boat. I hope that Owl goes to an owner who will cherish it. It is a lovely boat.
  13. I'm pleased to say that the advertisement has now been changed and there is now no use of my material. (Well, there's still my picture of the Kelvin, but I'll let that pass).
  14. I'll say. There are at least fifteen grammatical errors in the Apollo Duck advert .
  15. Thanks for drawing my attention to this. I have removed most of the website since it was used without my permission.
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