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  1. They did a costing exercise on updating the weirs to take the flood water instead of reversing the locks and clearly it worked out a tad expensive so they keep reversing locks. I remember 1998 when a narrowboat went down the weir there.
  2. Worth a look to see what goes on down the Nene.
  3. Can been seen floating here at 2.05 filmed 4th November. From memory it has been there since early October.
  4. This was moored on the pontoon at Mid Summer meadow a couple of weeks ago, it will not be registered with Crt as it spent years on the moorings at B+Q which is not a recognised navigation to EA or Crt. Was in local paper not so long back when it sunk and spent a while underwater. Personally don’t think this is a straight forward ‘Stolen’ boat case there will be more to the story.
  5. Fuel boat Bletchley went through Alwalton about 3 pm friday and returned saturday morining up river to Oundle, didnt see you.
  6. Glad u found it ok and have managed to moor ok you are the first user of that mooring hope you have a pleasant stay.
  7. Today we have received some more good news we have another 2 mooring sites which means we now have 5 all together, 2 of these are already open and being used, the next one is not far off completion.
  8. Thanks Chop and everyone for your comments the Shoal under Islip lock along with the other 3 bad ones, Ashton,Cotterstock and Wansford have all been reported to the EA and we will keep on the case. We have got brilliant members who have been very supportive as well as turning out to get their hands dirty and clear the mooring sites with us. We have got more moorings in the pipeline and hope to be able to announce soon.
  9. Friends Of The River Nene have now secured their 3rd mooring site at Woodford with good access to the Village including choice of pubs.
  10. Friends of The River Nene have now secured their second mooring site just downstream of Wellingborough there is a work party this coming saturday to get area cleared if anyone is at a loose end.
  11. Friends of the River Nene, whats gone on at Woodford i heard people where leaving?
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