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    IWA North East & Yorkshire Region Chairman and national trustee 2009-2019;
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  1. This evening 2024 Shutt Hill Lock No 41 and the fiftyfifth oncoming moving boat that we have met today (including six paddlers). Starting from br89 on the Coventry at 0845 via FradleyJ and Great Haywood Junctions, mooring above Longford Lock S+W at 1915 (10hr30m, 23mls, 11 locks) earlier, moored ... ========================================================== This afternoon 2024 Deptmore Lock S&W Compare 2Mar2011 24Nov2011 13Apr2013 29Sep2023 and a little earlier Hazelstrine Marina Stafford Boat Club S&W Compare 2Mar2011 24Nov2011 10Oct2013 21Mar2023 17May2023 That U-turn sign is new this year, replacing a sign with useful advice about having the stern under the bridge, presumably to avoid banging moored boats. Hmmmmmm...
  2. This afternoon 2024 Great Haywood Junction T&M/S&W Compare 13Apr1978/13Apr2017 20Oct1995 16Apr2001 (#2) 28Jun2001 21Dec2002 (#2) 9Mar2003 (#2) 27Apr2003 23Nov2003 11Jun2004 (#2) 12Jun2004 21Nov2004 (#2) 22Nov2004 (#2) 24Dec2007 10Sep2009 20Jul2010 1Mar2011 14May2011 23Nov2011 24Nov2011 22Sep2012 27Sep2012 24Apr2013 20Aug2013 9Oct2013 15Jul2014 25Oct2014 (#2) 26Sep2015 31Oct2016 23Mar2019 24Mar2019 10Jun2019 22Jun2019 27Aug2019 30Aug2020 9Sep2020 (#2) 2May2021 4May2021 15Jan2022 5May2022 17Mar2023 25Mar2023 17May2023 17Sep2023 29Sep2023 "I just pick up my rod and we're off for a day fishing" Compare 22Apr2012 ==================================================================== This afternoon 2024 Tixall Wide S&W Compare 12Apr1978 20Jul2002 23Nov2003/23Nov2011 12Jun2004 11Oct2011 21Nov2004 (#2) 1Mar2011 3Nov2013 15Jul2014 10Jun2018 19Mar2019 11Oct2019 25Oct2019 24Mar2020 22Jun2020 30Aug2020 9Sep2020 posted19Mar2020 1Aug2021 22Oct2021 24Dec2022 25Mar2023 29Aug2023 13Apr2024 Is that how it is supposed to work ? ===================================================================== This afternoon 2024 t Tixall Lock S+W Unicorn has returned after the works Compare 21Jul2002 2Mar2011 23Nov2011 7Aug2012 26Sep2015 11Jul2018 27Aug2019 23Oct2021 17May2023 29Sep2023
  3. This afternoon 2024 Forty-six charges,mybe and there were only the two adults in charge. Reminds me of my junior school class where MrsW had charge of forty-three. Shows my age ... near Wolseley Bridge No 70 T&M Recount? forty-eight? Elaine makes it fifty slightly annoyed swan (?) with fewer responsibilities (?) ... T&M Spode House Long-term Moorings T&M
  4. This morning 2024 Above locks at Fradley. Dog. Looks worn-out ? ======================================================================== This afternoon 2024 #naomislanding Rugeley T&M. Spot The Gardener Compare 10Jun2019 24Oct2021 30Non2021 17Mar2023 17Sep2023 nearby: LucyAnn and fierce monster
  5. This afternoon 2024 Colwich Lock T&M LadyHatherton about to enter the top of the lock - withohe proput needing the locklanding one of the moored boats there having just extracted a cartyre from the prop Compare 9Mar2003 14Jul2008 1Mar2011 25Apr2013 (#2) 19Aug2013 30Aug2013 4Nov2016 (#2) 28Mar2017 12July2018 25Apr2021 5May2021 30Sep2023
  6. This morning 2024 at about 0915 Snap. Also Fradley Junction... and a few minutes later ... Bollard above Fradley Middle Lock T&M Compare 25Apr2013 3Nov2013 25Oct2014 14Apr2017 10Sep2017 28Sep2017 22Mar2019 4Oct2019 12Oct2019 29Aug2020 10Sep2020 5May2021 24Oct2021 20May2022 16Mar2023 17Sep2023 3Oct2023
  7. This morning 2024 Gort (Compare 15Jun2008 (#2) ##Dec2019 and here) and Rome both heading away from Fradley on the CoventryC
  8. On this day in 1992 Runcorn - Bridgewater Canal - winding by Waterloo Bridge Compare ##~1907 6Sep1985/6Sep2020 24May1992 (#2) 16Mar2009 (#2) (#3) 30Sep2015 6Sep2020 31May2021 (#2)
  9. The above picture was from a site-visit of the (then) C&RT North East Partnership, and to explain the navigational difficulties and why the management of the river ought to be improved
  10. Battyeford C+H is particularly awful for approaching downriver ... The weir boom is immediately beyond the Hauling bridge with the white sign in the middle distance. There is nowhere to pause in the river - with an anchor possibly ?? The turn is just beyond the bridge on the right .... ... there is a vertical ladder but no landing stage, and no sensible way to secure the backend if tempted to leave from the front and use the ladder (to try to open some closed floodgates). And if the river has risen since the gates were closed, I would be unkeen to try to try the wind above the weirboom to return upriver. To close the gates safely, need to ensure the quarter mile upriver is clear, and there is information at Cooper Bridge Lock No 13 that the river has been closed. C&RT people have the information and communications to do this - they may not do it properly, of course - but boaters are less likely to be able to.
  11. We find out how good insurance companies are when we want money from them, rather than the other way around ...
  12. On this day in 2012 BCN Newhall Branch and Farmers Bridge Top Lock towards Old Turn Junction Compare 1Jun1987 25Jun2001 30Oct2006 21Feb2007 28Feb2008 19May2011 14Nov2015 23Aug2016 23Sep2017
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