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    IWA North East & Yorkshire Region Chairman and national trustee 2009-2019;
    Filling even more shelves with waterway books and magazines
    Navigation1971-2020 (and continuing): 548 trips; 3025 days afloat; 40,550 miles 29,095 locks
    Bellringing on church and handbells, when not boating
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    Retired computist
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    CopperkinsII, Fulbourne, ex-Odyssey
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    Streethay, Aylesbury

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  1. On this day in 2019 Tower Bridge River Thames London from TyphoonClipper Compare 14Sep1980 11Dec2010 (#2) 29Nov2003 (#2) 6May2005 8May2011 (#2) 1Mar2012 3Jun2012 15Nov2012 22May2013 30Sep2018 30Nov2019
  2. On this day in 2021 Derwent water, Lake District: Derwent Bank Jetty, Portinscale; Calfclose Bay, Keswick tPhotos (#1) (#2) by ©IanTaylor Compare 27Apr2012 7Mar2016 (#2) 19Jul2021 27Sep2021 18Nov2022
  3. On this day in 2016 Leeds Dock A+C (Previously New Dock, Tatie Basin, Clarence Dock) Compare: 1May2004 21Jun2007 8Oct2007 18Jul2010 20Dec2011 12Jul2012 10Jan2012/10Jan2018 24Jul2012 3Sep2013 13Feb2014 13Mar2014 27Jun2014 27Jun2015 10Jan2018 (year mistyped in posting) 2Feb2018 29Mar2018 22May2018 6Feb2020 9Jul2020 (#2) 30Jun2021 4Aug2022
  4. On this day in 2014 Public art by Marple Locks. Peak Forest C GORDON MILLS 1935-2006 This display, based on Stockport Council's 2006 Gold Medal Winning entry to the RHS Tatton Show, is dedicated to the memory of Gordon Mills. Remembered as a printer, publisher, author and photographer with a vast knowledge of Marple's local history, his legacy of publications will continue to give pleasure for many years to come. Gordon was also a dedicated campaigner for the restoration of the canals and waterways and a great fundraiser for the British Heart Foundation, but most importantly of all he was a devoted family man. Marple is a better place for his contribution. The display was recreated as a joint project between Maple Locks Heritage Society and the Friends of Marple Memorial Park. Funding was provided by Stockport Council, The Marple Website and Marple Area Committee.
  5. On this day in 2013 Huddlesford Junction CoventryC Compare 25Jun1979 24Oct1995 19Dec1999/19Dec2016 9Apr2002 2Oct2004 19Apr2013 30Nov2013 16Jan2015 17Jan2015 (#2) (#3) 11Nov2015 (#2) 17Feb2017 22Sep2017 (#2) 25Mar2019 (#2) 1Aug2020 30Apr2021 6May2021 30Oct2021 25Mar2022 26Jul2022 25Sep2022
  6. Today 2022 Long Hole Bangor Northern Island Brompton, Bangor Northern Island Pictures (#1) (#2) by ©Rossographer
  7. On this day in 2019 Durham Cathedral across the River Wear Picture by ©RichardCroft Compare 12Oct2014
  8. On this day in 2020 Moss Hall Winding Hole below Audlem flight and Audlem Milll Pictures (#2) by ©JohnHDarch Compare 5Nov2015 7Nov2021
  9. On this day in 2003 Fountain and Tower Bridge River Thames London Compare 14Sep1980 11Dec2010 (#2) 29Nov2003 6May2005 8May2011 (#2) 1Mar2012 3Jun2012 15Nov2012 22May2013 30Sep2018 30Nov2019 Quote
  10. On this day in 2013 Staveley Town Lock No 5A, Staveley Town Basin Chestrerfield Canal (not-yet-connected section) Compare 29Nov2013 (#2) 11Mar2015 29May2016 (#2) 23Jun2021 23Jun2022
  11. On this day in 2021 Friars Mill Visitor Moorings on the RiverSoar/GU Leicester Picture by ©IanRob
  12. On this day in 2021 by Tuckey's Bridge, Br43 Northern Oxford Pictures (#1) (#2) (#3) (#4) (#5) by ©StephenMcKay
  13. On this day in 2019 Kingston Bridge River Thames looking downriver Compare 8Mar1980 12Sep1980 14Sep2015 29Nov2019
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