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    IWA North East & Yorkshire Region Chairman and national trustee 2009-2019;
    Filling even more shelves with waterway books and magazines
    Navigation1971-2020 (and continuing): 548 trips; 3025 days afloat; 40,550 miles 29,095 locks
    Bellringing on church and handbells, when not boating

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    Retired computist
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    CopperkinsII, Fulbourne
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    Streethay, Aylesbury

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  1. On this day in 2012 Great Haywood Junction T&M, S&W Compare #527 (2001) #699 (2013) #3580 (2015) #1945 (2019)
  2. On this day in 2015 Tyrley bottom lock SU Compare #352 (second image, 2002) #3240 (2008, 2020) #3560 (2010) and a tree hereabouts
  3. On this day in 2012 Stoke T&M from railway footbridge looking south An ex-light on the bridge Compare #3394 (1977) #2584 (1997) #2881 (1998) #1725 (2000) #506 (2001) #3376 (2009) #2776 #3519 (2012) #1459 (2013) #3346 (2020) And looking north
  4. On this day 2016 A view of the lock from the Barrage control room. Tess Barrage. And across the barrage And downriver
  5. On this day in 2015 Great Haywood Junction Compare #527 (2001) #699 (2013) #1945 (2019)
  6. On this day in 2017 S+W Botterham above Compare #3286 (2011) #666 (2012)
  7. On this day in 2012 Harecastle Tunnel nothern portal from above the old tunnel
  8. On this day in 2016 It's a canal at the same level as a river ... and from t'other side, found by the Nice Mr Google ... Stockton-on-Tees River Tees Ornamental Canals
  9. On this day in 2012 T&M A plaque of the breach and later £2.1m repairs (NorthwichGuardian). C&RT had taken over the canals three months before. Nobody was injured. VinceMoran, acting Chief Executive said (in the context of compensation for landowners) that a few very-valuable sheep had got their feet wet.
  10. On this day in 2003 Walsden Rochdale C. Moored outside Grandma Pollard's Chippy. It's a takeaway. And having taking it away, you can eat it in t'bus parked around the back by the cut.
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