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    IWA North East & Yorkshire Region Chairman and national trustee 2009-2019;
    Filling even more shelves with waterway books and magazines
    Navigation1971-2020 (and continuing): 548 trips; 3025 days afloat; 40,550 miles 29,095 locks
    Bellringing on church and handbells, when not boating

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  1. On this day in 2008 Lowesmoor Railway Bridge Worcester W+B Lowesmoor Basin Worcester W+B Compare posting this day 2020 and approaching Worcester
  2. On this day in 2006 Selby and useful sign hereabouts Compare 3May2015 5May2015 14Jun2006 (posted this day 2020) 11May2019
  3. On this day in 2007, a Waterway Restoration display at the World Canal Conference in Liverpool ... BasingstokeC maybe ??
  4. On this day in 1997 Oldbury Junction BCN Old Main Line. Look - No Scaffolding
  5. For those with a whole box of coloured pencils ...
  6. On this day in 2014 River Lock Leeds Compare 1Jan1979 13Jan2006 13Jan2007 19Dec2014 10Nov2015 14Oct2016 2Feb2018 8Mar2018 29Jan2021 and here
  7. On this day in 2009 A Lock To Nowhere Droitwich Junction Canal Lock 7 which would later be joined to some more canal, and looking t'other way. Compare posting this day 2020 of the same occasion
  8. On this day in 2015 Cow Bridge Wychnor below Alrewas Weir Compare 8Jun1989 13Jun2004 20Apr2010 17Jul2014
  9. On this day in 2015 Barton Marina T&M Compare 28Dec2001 8Jun2002 20Jul2002 Significant buildings around the Marina have converted it from rural boatpark to noted-social-venue. Not to mention the named road junction. ... ... and there seems good provenance for all the terms "Barton [Marina]", "Barton Turn", "Barton Turns" hereabouts
  10. On this day in 2012 Compare 31Mar2007 Barnsley Canal reservoir (that was looking at a postcard of the location as once-it-was) and now fenced off. Reservoir Also compare 31Mar2007 and posting this day 2020 also from 11Jun2012 (when noted that sadly that the Barnsley Dearne and Dove Canals Trust is winding-itself-up. Here)
  11. On this day in 2013 above Office Lock L&L Compare 3Apr2013 2July2013 2Apr2014 28Jan2021
  12. This afternoon 2021 Ladybower reservoir Compare 4Feb1996 9Feb2014
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