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  1. On this day in 1991 Tinsley Railway Bridge and Lock4 Tinsley Lock7 and Shepcote Lane Railway Bridge Tinsley Lock3 and footbridge Towards Tinsley Marina and Lock2 Compare 25Oct 2009 (#2) 14Apr2010 13Nov2012 13Dec2012 4Jan2013 19Dec2013 10May2014 14Feb2016 12Oct2016 (#2) 20Oct2016 8Dec2020 (#2) 26Feb2021 (#2) 14May2021 ======================================= On this day in 1991 Sheffield Basin (which later became Victoria Quays) S&SYN Compare 11Nov1990 31May1991 6May1995 11Jun2006 (#2) 1Jul2007 27Mar2009 12Apr2010 (#2) 13Nov2012 22Jun2014 11Oct2016 12Oct2016 10Aug2017 (#2) (#3) 22Feb2019 (#2) 8Jul2019 21Sep2019 (#2) (#3) 30Dec2019 10Jan2020 17Jul2020 (#2) (#3) 12Dec2020 (#2) (#3) (#4) (#5) 1Feb2021 (#2) 25Apr2021 (#2) 18Sep2021 20Sep2021 20Nov2021 (#2) 12Dec2021 ##2021 22Dec2021 (#2) (#3) 23Dec2021 7Jan2022 (#2) 10Feb2022 9Apr2022 24Jun2022 17Sep2022 (#2) 5Jan2023 6Apr2023 9Apr2023 ============================================== On this day in 1991 Passing Sheffield Arena, then Don Valley Stadium, both built for the World Student Games 1991 (XVI Summer Universiade) and also passing Worksop Road Aqueduct Sheffield S&SYN Compare 11Nov1990 22Feb2019 6Dec2021 (#2)
  2. On this day in 1991 Tinsley Viaduct S&SYN Compare 8Sep1990 9Dec2020 13Nov2012 24Dec2022
  3. On this day in 1991 predecessor of Halfpenny Bridge bridge at the foot of Tinsley Flight S&SYN Compare 11Oct2016 14Apr2022 Tinsley Flight S&SYN Compare 9Jul2007 28Jul2007 13Nov2012 12Oct2016 4Nov2021 23Mar2022 14Apr2022
  4. On this day in 1991 S&SYN Jordan's Lock and Jordan's Weir Compare 25Jun2007 (#2) 12Apr2010 (#2) 8Aug2012 20Jun2014 11Oct2016 12Oct2016 9Dec2020 21Jan2023
  5. On this day in 1982 Salford Junction B+F Compare 2Jul1975 25Mar1997 17Apr2001 24Jun2001 24Dec2002 6Aug2003 8Aug2005/8Aug2011 25Dec2005 27Dec2006 22Dec2007 14Jan2010 5Nov2013 31Aug2019 1May2021 approaching B+F ... ... leaving along Tame Valley
  6. On this day in 1992 Warwick Bar BCN Compare 25Mar1997 8Aug2005 24May2012 5Nov2014 17May2017 Bordesley Junction Compare 10Apr1978 23Dec1996 11Jul2001 29Mar2005 3Jul2005 24Sep2011 25May2013 13May2017 13Apr2019 The Bond Birmingham Grand Union Compare 4Dec2012 (#2)
  7. On this day in 1992 Catshill Junction BCN W&E/DawEnd Branch Warbler and Carina on Daw End Branch BCN
  8. On this day in 1992 Rushall Junction BCN TameValley/RushallCanal Compare 21Aug2016 6Jul2018 Rushall Locks BCN Compare 19Apr1973 (#2) 21Apr2013 also 10Oct2011
  9. On this day in 1992 Ogley Junction W+E, BCN Compare 4May2003 28Mar2005 9Oct2005 10Oct2011
  10. On this day in 1992 Anglesea Basin and Chasewater Reservoir W&E BCN TREASURE. The two ranging rods, the lifebuoy, the barrel, the crowbar and the rope were all recovered from the canal during the trip. When we returned the boat to base we left the extra lifebuoy aboard as a contribution to the boatyard: this much confused the inventory checker who was used to reporting a deficiency but not a surplus. Compare 19Apr1973 21Apr2013 22Apr2013 9May2017 7Jul2018 (#2) (#3)
  11. On this day in 1992 Tame Aqueduct Coventry Canal Compare 11Sep1994 25Nov2002 (#2) 21Mar2005 9Aug2005 27Sep2006 16Jul2008 6Jun2013/6Jun2016 8Oct2013 6Nov2014 15Nov2015 22Sep2017 (#2) 31Mar2019 21Jul2022 25Jul2022
  12. On this day in 1992 Drayton Manor Footbridge B+F Compare 2Mar1971 2Jul1975 5Apr1993 29Jul1996 17Apr2001 16Oct2002 25Dec2002 7Aug2003 19Nov2003 5Jun2004 28Dec2004 9Aug2005 24Dec2005 26Dec2006 23Dec2007 1Jun2009 28Sep2010 20May2011 (#2) 30Sep2011 24May2012 27Jul2012 30Jul2012 20Apr2013 6Nov2013/6Nov2014 (#2) 12Nov2015 15Nov2015 (#2) 24Aug2016 12 May2017 23Sep2017 28Jun2018 1Sep2019 1May2021 10Sep2022 11Sep2022
  13. On this day in 1992 Glascote Basin Coventry Canal Compare 25Jun1979/22Jul1976 10April2002 9Aug2005 27Sep2006 31Oct2006 13Jul2008 8Oct2013 6Nov2014 15Jul2015 4Oct2017 2Aug2020 13Jul2021 22Jul2021 3Aug2021 10Sep2022 5May2023
  14. On this day in 1992 Stoke T&M from railway footbridge looking south Compare 21May1972 14Sep1977 26May1991 4Nov1993 26Jul1997 15Aug1998 12Jun2000 15Apr2001 28Jun2001 18Apr2004 20Nov2004 24Dec2006 13Sep2009 20Sep2010 8Aug2012 23Sep2012 27Sep2012 31May2013 26Oct2014 13Oct2015 6Oct2019 29Sep2016 8Sep2020 18Mar2023
  15. On this day in 1992 Hazelhurst Junction Caldon C Compare 19Apr2004 23Dec2006 18Mar2007 17Jul2012 20Jul2012 11Sep2017 7Oct2019 8Oct2019 14Mar2020 18Mar2023 and slightly earlier that day Hazelhurst aqueduct Caldon C Leek Branch / Main Line Compare 12Sep1977 (#2) 2Nov1993 19Apr2004 12Sep2017 (#2)
  16. On this day in 1992 Froghall Tunnel Caldon Canal - winding in front of the tunnel before the concreting made it impossible to wind a seventyfoot boat here Compare 3Nov1993 11Jun2000 22Jul2012 24Sep2012
  17. I clearly recall yesterday-in-1979. We were living in Kingston-on-Thames at the time and staying with family in Leeds for the Bank Holiday weekend, we had a spare day and fine weather for an otherwise-unplanned outing. Canal addiction being what it is, we briefly contemplated finding the remains of the Dearn and Dove Canal, and then settled on a backpack with waterproofs and sandwiches, to set off for Huddersfield Narrow where we walked to the beginning of the continuous towingpath (having explored up to Lock 3 on a boattrip to Aspley Basin the year before). It rained as we walked across Standedge Tunnel, which was helpful, and there was a rainbow while crossing the relative minnow of Scout Tunnel. Twenty-odd miles from our start, HNC had replaced the Llangollen and PeakForest in my list of spectacular must-do canals, and sore feet argued against going further than the sunken boat on the Dukinfield pound, in favour of beer at the pub at Stalybridge Station and a train to Huddersfield. The NiceMrGoogle has a briefly annotated version of the pictures, in the order of being taken here. HNC was always The Impossible Restoration (#2) (#3) (#4) "without the foresight, persistence and organisation of a small number of volunteers who campaigned for and led the restoration from the very beginning, restoration would have [remained] impossible" And as to mildly moaning about the current state of the canal: the current navigation arrangements for Standedge Tunnel here say "A limited number of passages have been released to allow customers to book ahead for the year. ... we have availability on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays From the 3rd April [there are] 2 passages each way [on M,W,F]." The canal has been 'open' for over twenty years under BW/C&RT management and now allows six (return) navigation trips each week, and with winter closures etc that's a maximum of about 180/year. If that's a navigation service, then to (mis)quote Ian Hislop, I'm a banana. If the first twenty years doesn't bring a properly open-and-navigable canal, then when? _sigh_
  18. Yesterday 1979 Marsden maintenance yard Maintenance boat in Standedge Tunnel Marsden end Above Standedge tunnel
  19. Yes thanks, another HNCpic from yesterday in 1979 ... Building-on-line at Stalybridge HNC Pipes crossing the canal: somewhere between Scout Tunnel and Stalybridge - and afaict no longer there ...
  20. On this day in 1979 Wool Road Transhipment Warehouse HNC (nowadays it's the restoration society's HQ) Compare 10Apr2001 22Apr2010 19Jul2011 12Mar2022
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