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  1. On this day in 2018 Thames Barrier Compare 25Nov1981 21Jan2008 20Jan2009 (#2) 7May2011 3Jun2012 11Jul2012 (#2) 5Jul2017 26Mar2018 3Jun2022
  2. On this day in 2015 Acton Grange Pipe Bridge Bridgewater Canal Compare 21Mar2007 22Mar2007 26Apr2007 16Mar2009 4Sep2020
  3. On this day in 2015 Waterloo Bridge Runcorn Bridgewater Canal Compare ##~1907 6Sep1985/6Sep2020 24May1992 (#2) 16Mar2009 (#2) (#3) 6Sep2020 31May2021 (#2)
  4. This wet afternoon 2022 St Anne Ings Lock Leeds L+L Compare 1Jan1979 18Nov2021 5May2022
  5. On this day in 2018 Tower Bridge River Thames London Compare 14Sep1980 11Dec2010 (#2) 29Nov2003 6May2005 8May2011 (#2) 1Mar2012 3Jun2012 15Nov2012 22May2013 30Nov2019
  6. Today 2022 Ford Below Yore House, Pennine Bridleway, Garsdale Head, Cumbria Photo by JohnWalton
  7. On this day in 2013 Long Horse Bridge (demolished), Derwent Mouth, River Trent Derwent Mouth Footbridge which replaced it further up the river Compare 27Jun1978 7Jun1989 4Jun1994 24Jul1994 28Jul1996 7Jun2002 13Jun2015 31Aug2022 and towards the T&M Pictures by PeterBurnet
  8. Today 2022 Buldoo, North Caithness Coast, Highlands of Scotland. Picture by DavidBremner
  9. On this day in 2016 Stone bottom lock27 Compare 23Dec2001 6Jan2011 27Sep2012 29Sep2016
  10. On this day in 2016 Stoke T&M from railway footbridge looking north (#1)(#5) and south (#2)(#3) red boat handrail visible (#4) Compare 21May1972 14Sep1977 26May1991 4Nov1993 26Jul1997 15Aug1998 12Jun2000 15Apr2001 28Jun2001 18Apr2004 20Nov2004 24Dec2006 13Sep2009 20Sep2010 8Aug2012 23Sep2012 27Sep2012 31May2013 26Oct2014 13Oct2015 6Oct2019 8Sep2020
  11. On this day in 2015 Nantwich Aqueduct and embankments SU Compare 19Aug1990 6Jul2005 2Jan2013 (#2) 6Nov2015 15Apr2022
  12. On this day in 2013 Swarkestone Junction T&M Compare 27Jun1978 26Feb1995 23Aug2017 16Sep2018 31Aug2022 Pictures by PeterBurnet
  13. On this day in 2013 Alrewas Lock No 12 T&M, Cow Bridge No 45 T&M Pictures by PaulBurnet
  14. On this day in 2013 River Dove Aqueduct T&M Compare 13May2018 16Sep2018 31Aug2003/30Aug2022
  15. Today 2022 The 29,000 tonne cruise ship Amadea off Fort William, Trislaig, Loch Linnhe, Highlands of Scotland Picture by BillKasman
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