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  1. Your sketch is OK, except that there are an awful lot of possible water flows, not all of which achieve what you want. For instance, if you run the pump for engine heat to the fan heater the water will probably mainly circulate between the heat exchanger and the calorifier as that will likely be the lowest resistance circuit. It might speed up heating the calorifier though! You will need one or more flap type NRV somewhere to stop this. I can't definitively see where, because it depends on which way the pump pushes. If the pump pushes toward the fan heater it can go between the T and the calorifier but something odd will probably happen if you have both engine pump and webbasto pump running. Balancing the fan heater and the calorifier on webasto, so you get heat to both will be difficult I fear. A 'T' valve so you can have one or other might be OK or an external sensor mechanical cylinder stat on the calorifier inlet with the sensor under the cauliflower insulation could also do it, if you can get one. N
  2. To make it easy to remove you can use velcro dots on the battens and the underside of the shelf. Either sticky back dots or glue them on. Not too many or it will be hell to lift. N
  3. If you do not want quite such a feature of the screws you can get screw cups that sit in a countersink. Lots of No 2 or No 4 size brass screws about with round or csk heads. These have very small heads so won't show much but won't stand heavy loads either. Look for them on cabinet makers suppliers Sites. N
  4. That is similar to our fridge except ours is a different refrigerant: C-Pentane. Yes, it is a switched negative. It will not sink more than 0.8 A. The fan needs a switched and fused positive to it then the fan negative connects to F terminal. The compressor and electronic unit manual is on line. I have a pdf copy somewhere. If you want it it is on the Danfoss site, or PM me and I will excavate it. With ours the main positive and negative cables take up so much room at the terminal block that there is no room to piggy back a positive lead for the fan supply, so I took it from where the fridge positive is connected to the boat cable, with an in line fuse. It takes a few seconds from the motor starting to the fan coming on. N
  5. You can fit two sources of heat to one installation but it is complex: The water needs to circulate the same way round regardless of which heat source is in use. This is hard to do if the heat sources are at opposite ends of the system. You need to ensure that only one heat source is going at any one time. If there is a pump for one source and the other is gravity circulated the pump, when off, must not impede the gravity circulation. If there is s calorifier for hot water things will be even more complicated. Any solid fuel system that depends entirely on a pump for circulation is risky, if not dangerous. The pump will at some point fail and the system will then boil. The expansion tank can be anywhere in the system. Ideally the bottom is connected to the return pipe and the top to the flow pipe as an open vent. You probably do not need a vent at the back boiler if the flow pipe rises as it should. What is the back boiler connected to now? N
  6. River Tone is navigable through the middle of Taunton and crosses the main shopping drag at the opposite end to the castle. R Parrett in Langport is a nice riverside walk from the Junction with the Westport canal. You could bimble along the bank to Eli's (Rose and Crown at Huish Episcopi) for a pint and walk back. Lots of free parking in Langport. Best place to start on the B&T is at Maunsell lock where there is parking. There is a pub, once 'The Canal Tavern', now called 'The Far Canal', in Wrantage, where the Langport to Taunton Road was crossed by the Chard canal. The remains of an aqueduct at this point are obvious. N
  7. It is boiling. The bubbling and rising is caused by the steam generated. Turn the fire down, or out and investigate why the gravity circulation had stopped. Has someone turned off a radiator or closed a valve that should be open? N
  8. That bridge only just teaches the other side!
  9. Does not even need to be a Champers bottle. Cava would do, or even Prosecco. One boat builder used to use a 2 litre fizzy pop bottle mounted vertically neck down. N
  10. BEngo

    Boat bar

    Still available at Mad O'Rourke's Pie Factory. As is a version of Lumphammer bitter. N
  11. Well, there have been a couple of cases where a chain saw or similar was used to cut off a balance beam and others where paddle gear was damaged so the lock was not usable, not to mention the deliberate flooding that took out a complete lock on the Wolverhampton flight. Disconnecting a collar is fairly small beer compared with those. N
  12. If you mean the D section round the rim they are usually aluminium alloy, for the simple reason that it is easy to buy and easy to form into a ring and you can form rivets from small diameter round bar No reason why you cannot use stainless, brass or even mild steel if you can get hold of it and can roll it. Annealed brass rod would make OK rivets for all of them With a fire lit brass or mild steel would probably corrode for England though. Put a magnet on the ones you have. Only mild steel is likely to stick. N
  13. Do not put a fan heater in the engine space. That will guarantee condensation on the steel and then only a damp tolerant primer will stick. Hammerite IMO is garbage in the long term, especially the smooth stuff. I t may now be different if they have changed the brew. Degrease, treat rust with Fertan or Vactan then look for a damp tolerant primer and use that. Top coat with International Danboline. N
  14. Indeed. It is hard to be helpful without any real information. The OP's problem has gone away, and it seems we shall not know more. That means that the forum's collective knowledge will not be increased and a future sufferer will wait longer for a diagnosis. N
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