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  1. Suck it and see. You will not do any more damage by taking the excess oil out. I cannot see any reason though why it might have caused a problem, except by overheating things. The Hurth box has no reputation for reliability in canal work or for being worth repairing when if goes wrong. You are probably looking at replacement, and it would be worth looking at a better box, such as a PRM, if there is room and the engine position is manageable. You need a good margin of torque capacity and a box that is happy to have lots of gear changes every day. N
  2. My front line rubs on the cant when moored. A 15 mm ish wide piece of alloy D section either side has stopped the paint damage. I think it is the stuff Derek Pearson used to put round the top of his chimneys, but I would expect one of the Model Engineering suppliers will have something suitable. N
  3. Jersey Royals are the variety of First Early spud officially titled International Kidney. IIRC. N
  4. It is a Lister SR. If the oil stops leaking it is because it has run out. Good idea to get a better fit of the cowling, and, while it is off, give the cylinder fins a Good rake out. N
  5. P&S Marine at Watford did Jarrah in 2010. Epoxy pitch only, not zinc and epoxy. It was still in good order last year when docked for a survey. Since then coal tar has been banned so epoxy pitch is not available but other epoxied are. N
  6. Simoniz. Lasts 6 months between applications. As above give it at least 6 months for the paint to harden properly. N
  7. The Wessex most certainly did and thus I assume the whole 0 S58 family.. There was a big hydraulic contraption for tightening it up. Then you had to rig it... But of course, no helio copeter pilot was actually expecting to meet Jesus. They are all headed the other way👹😁. N
  8. The Naval Lynx could be barrel rolled, as could the Gazelle, though neither had the manoeuvre in their Release to Service. There was a bit of a tendency for the Lynx Central Warning Panel to light up here and there as the aircraft became inverted but it sorted itself out on the way down again. AFAIK there were no Naval Rotary wing aircraft that could be looped. A big wingover, carefully flown, could be made to look like a loop from the right viewpoint. It might be possible to loop an (Army) Apache, but I have never been in one of them. N
  9. If you have 2 solar arrays and 2 controllers on one battery bank, at some state of charge the output from one array will cause the other controller to go to float. Provided the point of shut down leaves the remaining solar array still able to fully charge the battery, all will be well. I would want to set the controllers up so that in good light the smaller array shut down first. That may need a little experimenting. N
  10. The boat builder's filler of choice is P38. You will need to get the roof back to bare metal, and fairly rough to help it stick. Attack it with a 40 grit disc in an angel grinder, or a similarly coarse belt sander Apply the filler when the roof is cool, so the liquid in the filler has time to get into the scratches before it sets. The roof .must be well above dew point though. N
  11. BEngo

    Watford locks

    Has anyone ever thought of training some woodworm, or perhaps teredo worm for under water work? N
  12. Our local builder (Taskers of Southport) was still producing their own lime mortar in the late 60's. They had a slaking pit, and a mortar mill. Mortar came in white, which contained washed local sands, and was cream coloured, or grey which contained ash, and was dark grey. White was always available. Grey usually needed to be ordered. Cannot remember the source of the ash. I think the chemistry of mortar means you have to have some burnt limestone/chalk/ other source of Ca oxide or hydroxide in the mix, so that CO2 is absorbed from the air and carbonates (???) form to hold the aggregate (sand etc.) in place. ISTRR that burnt cockleshells or similar will work in mortar. N
  13. Somewhere outside the bathroom, or possibly inside it as a pull switch, should be a 2 pole switch which cuts all the power to the shower. In an ideal world you would renew the cable between this and the shower. Ours at home involves less than 1m of cable when the electric shower packs up and has to be replaced. Filling the old screw holes and replacing the associated tiles is a bigger PITA. N
  14. The grant of planning permission for residents, or rather the implementation of the permission, should cause the premises to be re-rated. Whether it is or not depends on the local Council chasing it up with the rating values people. Once re rated it would be on the basis that all the resi moorings are occupied, so no reduction if a resident leaves, nor increase if a vacancy is filled. To achieve a decrease in rating the marina would have to apply for planning permission for a smaller number of residents. Unofficial residents are not rated for, so if they go away the marina rates are not reduced. N
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