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  1. They are not oil leaks. They are the outputs of the power unit and environs patent continuous exterior rust prevention system. N
  2. There are a lot of dissimilar metals in a typical boat skin tank cooling system so the corrosion inhibitors work very hard. Much harder than in a car which is the usage the 5 year life bit is based on. For the price of 500 ml of Screwfix central heating inhibitor I would just add it. The antifreeze element will last indefinitely. N
  3. Corrosion, dissimilar metals in the static coolant after the corrosion inhibitor has been used up, either generally, or more probably, locally within the system. This generates hydrogen, just like in a house central heating system. Then you have gas to collect somewhere awkward. I bet it is OK if you use it regularly, though a coolant change or more inhibitor might be a good idea. N
  4. BEngo


    Have a look at the YDSA site. That is one of the professional bodies for Surveyors. There is also usually a Surveys page in Towpath Talk, free from lots of outlets. Next issue due soon I think. Or https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.canaljunction.com/boat/surveyors.htm&ved=2ahUKEwjWoaTv4e_rAhWzQEEAHTFRBdkQFjAKegQIAhAB&usg=AOvVaw2XwR0kBtsPNzOjXRdbnBSd N
  5. Is it out yet? Any pictures? N
  6. Have a look at the flexible hose. It should have a date of manufacture on it. If it is more than 5 years ago it would be wise to change it as they do not last forever and become more permeable with age. If there is no date change it anyway. Replacements are in decent chandlers and one the same length with the same size pipe at the ends will be fine. If changing the hose disconnect the existing cooker at the pipe end of the flexible and get your gas man to start from there. N
  7. From the Southern end of the GU: Wyvern Shipping at Leighton Buzzard. Puddling Cruisers from Milton Keynes. This is a wide beam boat. You will be unpopular. Alvechurch Boats at Gayton near Northampton. There is a hire base at Weedon. Forget their name. UCC at Braunston. Numerous hires from near Napton Junction. Kate Boats at Stockton and Warwick. My choice would be Wyvern. (I have no connection). Good boats. Easy by road or train. Go to Stoke Bruerne for Museum. Blisworth tunnel. YMMV. N
  8. The skill set exists on a small scale. Cold riveting skills are readily available and hot riveting is not dissimilar, though heating the rivet is an extra skill. The scale of rivet gangs, platers and the numerous and various shipyard trades needed to build even a medium sized ship do not exist anymore. Even the H&W Woolwich production line could not be re-created today. N
  9. ECUs Direct sell alternators, as well as ECU's and have a fairly helpful website with pictures too. You may be able to match what you have on there. I have found them good to deal with. N
  10. We put Rapidac red oxide primer on the pretty bits of the hull after shot blasting in 2010. It is all still there albeit under several top coats of a Masons P type clone and has generally survived where mechanical damage has occurred to the top coats. N
  11. Note that is described as moisture resistant, not moisture proof. Do not let if get very wet for any length of time or if will turn back into Weetabix. All MDF is filthy stuff to work- you will want the proper PPE. N
  12. The gland looks to want some new packing as the follower is nearly close up to the bearing housing. The follower studs look a bit short though to get any more in though. If the bearing and shaft are coming out I would replace the two studs with longer ones, and fit locking nuts either side (not nylon type stiff nuts). N PS The plummer block bearing is not likely to have a long life after all that cr@p has descended upon it, so either dismantle and clean then regrease it, or renew, the bearing. N
  13. The original commercial use of washers as imitation rivets was done by Stoke-on-Trent Boat Building, albeit they only did the (Barlaston style) bow. There was a boat review of one in WW sometime in the 80's. Certainly by '89, when we bought Jarrah, washers on their 'Elver' style boats were a delete option at RW Davis. It may, or not, be a coincidence that Phil Trotter worked for both concerns N
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