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  1. BEngo

    Looking for a marina nr. London

    Grove Marina ( Leighton Buzzard station) or Pitstone ( Cheddington). Both to Euston. N
  2. BEngo

    Propeller size for Beta 20 engine

    More details of the boat please. Type, weight, length, draft at least. More details of the gearbox too- what is its reduction ratio? N
  3. Paint them to match or contrast with the cabin side? You will need a specialised primer but after that ordinary exterior metal paints will be OK N
  4. BEngo

    Poo boat

    Gave up on the self pump-out I guess:-) N
  5. BEngo


    The elements are easily swapped ( by a specialist shop not DIY) provided they are the same diameter. The first 3 numbers in the pump identifier are the diameter in mm- 070 is 7 mm and 100 is 10mm IIRC. Somewhere on the late Peter Forbes site is/was an identifier to parse pump identifiers so you know what is inside. The most valuable part of this pump may well be the camshaft as they are no longer on the shelf but are I think common to most if not all BPE x pumps. N
  6. BEngo

    Kelvin J2 - Water from No2 cylinder spark plug

    The most common place for a crack is in the narrow land between the two valves. They can be hard to see so rubbing a piece of chalk over the head and filling it with paraffin can help. Paraffin is more penetrating than water so shows up better. Wash any good head out with strong detergent solution afterwards though. Earlier this year Tony Redshaw had a J3 which came with spare heads, cylinders and liners IIRC. Might be worth asking after one of the removed heads if he has not sold it as a job lot. Otherwise the Kelvin spares club (the group that bought KW's leftovers) may have an Agra one. N
  7. BEngo

    JP3 running speed

    If it is not maintaining the speed you set there is something wrong with the governing. Increased load should see it slow a little ( with a bit more bark to the exhaust) and reducing the load should cause it to speed up a little ( and have a softer exhaust note) but generally it should not run away up or down in speed. Check that the injection pump rack is not sticking or stiff first. Then look at the setup of the governor. A fixed speed industrial engine has a different set of springs to those in a variable speed engine and there is usually only provision for minor speed vatiation. I guess yours has been converted from fixed to variable speed and it may or may not have been done using factory parts. N
  8. BEngo

    Sizing a fan belt

    There are three sorts of belt: V belts, wedge belts and poly V belts. V belts and wedge belts are similar and both look like a traditional car fan belt with a trapezoid section. They can be had as plain belts or cogged belts. Poly V belts look like modern car drive belts with 4 or more raised ribs. V belts are sized by the belt width, using the letter codes A, B or C and the length in millimeters or occasionally for American sourced belts the length in eigths of an inch. Look for a number like A 1033. There is a standard range of lengths, which google will find you, plus specials for big volume vehicle makers. The length quoted is the pitch length of the belt not the outside length. The pitch length is measured at about the centroid of the belt shape and is less than the outside length. Again google will turn up some correction factors for the difference between outside length and pitch length. Wedge belts are similar but deeper section and the size is described by the letters X,Y or Z. eg Z 775. Marked Lengths are pitch length, not outside length. dmr has given the sizes of common sections above. Cogged belts have notches on the inside and are better for small pulleys. Poly v belt sizes are described by the number of ribs, a P(for poly V), the rib size by letters H,J K. and the length in mm. ( or eighth inches). Eg 4 PJ 1133. Cars usually use the K size. N
  9. BEngo

    Can anyone ID this Tachometer, please?

    Ignoring the dial face logo for a moment, the last image has a damaged logo in the corner that reminds me of a windmill and I think one of the big outfits had a windmill in their logo- was it perhaps Ladyline when they were a chandlers? N
  10. BEngo

    Pump out manual and pump out station

    A proper pump out unit is either a vacuum tank device or one based around a vane pump. Either version works very well. Our moorings one ( a low end version) will suck up over 4 feet and that is while fitted with a 30 m suction hose. Try the Whale pump with a flooded suction and I expect it will shift sh!t very well. It probably is not designed to suck uphill more than a short distance. With water priming it is fairly easy but not so in a black water tank. N
  11. The hard part is getting the kit set up so you can actually do a pump out. It is not much use as it comes. The pump needs mounting on a board ( or to the boat ) so you can keep the pump still while you pump. That makes storage harder cos the pump is now quite big, or permanently mounted to your boat with hoses attached. Then the outlet hose loose end needs a device to secure it to the sani-station receptacle. If you leave it loose sooner or later it will come out and you will dose most of the the sani-station with your effluent. This will not endear you to fellow boaters and you will probably not enjoy having to clean it up. The hose end clamp will probably get covered in cr@p so design it so it is easy to clean. Rinse the hose and pump well, then rinse it again. Otherwise it will soon start to chuck up rather, especially if it is warm. On the other hand if it is a fairly large tank you will not need the gym that week. N
  12. BEngo

    Saving water at Foxton

    The event which costs most water on a staircase is teversing the direction of travel. If all the boats are one way they cost a lockful each. At Bingley 5 it costs 4 locks to reverse the flight from down to up. At foxton I think it costs one extra lockful to reverse each staircase. Otherwise coming down is exactly the same water cost as going up. N
  13. BEngo

    Steel quality and origin

    Submarines hulls are made of high strength high toughness steels. The welders are somwhat special too. Boats are generally not painted but are covered in rubbery tiles. They also, like pressurised or miltary aeroplanes, have a hull life based on pressure cycles. N
  14. BEngo

    A replacement for your washing machine?

    Not to mention the time needed in rinsing and spin drying it after it's "wash". The Dolfi widget still needs dhoby dust. The washing machine makers will either include an ultrasonic wash to the program dial or just move on to marketing rinse spin and tumble dry machines! N
  15. BEngo

    Boat fire at Clifton wharf

    Something catching fire as a result of welding is not an 'accident'. I would expect the wharf to have a Hot Works procedure in force and to have required the welder/owner of this boat to comply with it as a condition of being on the bank. Welding boats can be a high-risk, high hazard activity but the risk and the hazard are easily mitigated by a few simple precautions. A Hot Works procedure (and a notification method so the boatyard knows they are occurring ) can give guidance and set out the actions needed before, during and after welding to ensure a fire does not develop. N

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