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  1. BEngo

    J2 Exhaust system

    My J2 has a 9x9 in x 2ft 6 long rectangular box across the deckhead. Inlet at one end exhaust at the other. One end is removeable so I can clean the soot out about every three years. N
  2. Once a riveted seam has been closed you should go along the edges of the plates or the edges of the buttstraps with a tool like a blunt air chisel and beat them to make the joint watertight. It is called caulking.There is (was) a specialist metal shipyard tradesman who does this-the caulker. The caulker also wields a sharp chisel when things need to be cut off. Hence the dockyard expression "just caulk off that bolt head/ surplus fitting/ failed rivet" N
  3. BEngo

    National Users Group 18 April 2018

    Quintupled! N
  4. BEngo

    Winding hole

    Easy peasy. Just avoid the trip boats. N
  5. BEngo

    Which glazing tape

    The butyl tape will be fine. Jacksons also sell tape and a gun applied butyl mastic. Google "Seamseal CV". N
  6. BEngo

    New CRT Logo - Discuss

    You were actually supposed to have a (paid for) cycle permit well before the K&A 'trial', dating back to DIWE days I think. The cost just about paid for the admin I expect. However, Alan's statement above contains the nub of CRT's problem: Most people will not voluntarily start to pay for or toward something they have traditionally had for nothing. CRT have no ability to impose compulsory charges for use of the towpath by walkers et al. ( it's in the handover act IIRC) so cannot guarantee any substantial revenue from these sources. Compare this with NT or English Heritage: if you want to see their headline properties you generally can only do so by paying and then, once you are footfall, you can be sold teas gifts and other profitable tat to get more money from you. The grand Big Society plan had CRT weaned almost entirely off Government Grant after 10 years and it is now evident that that was a complete dream. There are no donations and no prospect of any. Cycle ways grants don't pay for repairs or maintenance ( even of the cycle ways usually). CRT also know that going back to DEFRA for a pile of money will not make them popular in Whitehall so they have to be seen to have tried everything before they have to. They are at or about the limit with boaters (the Treasury measure is that a boat licence should be about the same price as a middle-of-the-fairway (not Royal Birkdale or Wentworth) golf club membership and they are at the limit with worm drowners. There is no other saleable product with enough potential volume to affect the P&L. Parry and team are hoping that high public brand awareness will mean that they can parlay this into taxpayers money as a substitute for donations. I think this will be a big challenge, particularly in the current political climate. It is too easy for the (busy with Brexit) DEFRA civil servants to park paying for the waterways firmly on the back burner of a cooker out in the shed. It is in my opinion high time the IWA took its cranium from its rectum and realised where we are. Instead of pipe dreams like taking over from EA, they need think about a 1960-68 style rolling campaign to get the real recreational value of the waterways, and the drivers of those values, once again recognised in Whitehall and Westminster. We users in turn need to make the point that the waterways are deteriorating, that there is not enough money to stop this and that public safety will soon once again be at risk as it was in the early 80's. N
  7. BEngo

    Stiff chuck on drill press

    Open the chuck as wide as it will go. Take the chuck and arbor out of the drill. Turn it so the open end faces up. Put powdered graphite in between the jaws then tap the chuck and exercise the chuck jaws open and shut a few times. Blow gently into the drill hole to further distribute the graphite ( mainly on your face if too enthusiastic!). Replace arbor in drilling machine. If it has been full of diesel it won't corrode for a long while unless your workspace is really damp. N
  8. BEngo

    Stiff chuck on drill press

    The trouble with oil is that it tends to attract small metal particles amd form a nasty abrasive paste. It also thickens ad the volatiles evaporate. A better lubricant would be powdered graphite. N
  9. BEngo

    Middlewich Branch breach - Shropshire Union

    CRT should employ some competent project managers full stop. Abrogating responsibility to Kier, as they have, is a recipe for gettinv coMmercially shafted. N
  10. BEngo

    Kingfisher Diesel Engines

    Try Cleghorn Waring. Alternatively fit an electric one with similar capacity. N
  11. BEngo

    Docking need to get job done cheaply

    It used to empty because Lock 12 (the one where BW spent 6 months and £886,00 rebuilding one wall ) leaked badly through the top gates and CRT want it left empty with a paddle up. Frequent call outs to run water persuaded CRT to do something about the top gate and it's OK now, AFAIK. The wooden boats at Bates's still suck a lot of water out though and put silt back. The trolley at Aylesbury is quite capable of accepting a deep boat any way round- there is over 4ft of water above the trolley at normal levels, which is more than the entrance depth. There might be a problem with bow locker drains etc if going all the way up stern first, and the slipping procedures cover checking for that, but for a "lift the arese-end a bit for access" job there should be no problem. N
  12. BEngo

    What a beautiful day!

    Not always 330 ml. Try a Darwin stubby. N
  13. BEngo

    Private linear mooring close to Liverpool

    Worth talking to MMBC. They have several sites IIRC. N
  14. BEngo

    Help, Battrery explosion

    For future reference, washing soda(soda crystals) is better than bicarbonate of soda. It neutralises better, is cheaper and comes in bigger packs. It also is an effective degreaser. Find it with washing powder etc. in your supermarket. N
  15. BEngo

    Bending ceiling battens

    Life later on will be much easier if you make sure you have the same shape of bend on each batten. DAMHIKT. Make a curved template on a stick and ensure the battens fit this. Notching the battens is OK but 38x25 should bend all right without. As said beware of timber with knots. It either breaks at the knot or doesn't form a smooth curve. If you are spray foaming the boat this will help hold the battens on. N

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