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  1. BEngo

    Historic waterways pictures

    It looks to me more like the bridge below the bottom of the Nag's Head Three (lock 34?) The towpath there is wide enough to be a nowadays car access to the bottom lock cottage (the one Vic H had) and there is a farm on the offside at that bridge. N
  2. BEngo

    Coffee and red wine combo

    There are sulphur free wines. Domaine de l'Arjolle make one. Wine Society £8.50. N
  3. BEngo

    Stratford to Gloucester

    I cannot imagine anyone in their right mind going from the upper Parting down to Gloucester lock on a raft without a great deal of preparation, CRT approval and a safety boat or two. In fact I would be quite surprised if Tewkesbury Upper Lode lockie will let an unannounced raft in to the lock, let alone out again. The potential reputational risk to both navigation authorities is high and they (having real money) are prime lawyer targets in the event that something goes awry on their patch. It may be that the OP has already contacted both ANT and CRT to sort out their requirements and get approvals, registration or licence waivers etc., but the post does not read as if that is the case. Lots of planning needed IMHO. N
  4. The problem is the propellor law. This says that the power required by the prop is roughly the cube of its rotating speed. Ie if a prop needs 10 hp to do 500 rpm it will need 80 hp to do 1000 rpm. So if you halve the power output by running on 1 cylinder there will now only be enough power for the prop to be able to go round a lot slower. If that speed is close to normal idling the engine will not be able to accelerate, or may stall. Losing one cylinder will also more than halve the power output, because most of the losses have not been halved. That just makes things worse. I think you will find your pre-improvement position a good guide to what will happen if you try it. Use an anchor for emergencies! Certainly my Kelvin J2 will run on 1 cyl, if I open an injector drain, but it drops to about 150rpm tickover (normally 225) and accelerates very slowly if at all, with mucho black smoke and general complaining. It ticks over on 1 fine though, which is great for refilling the governor when needed. N
  5. Looks nice. Loadsa questions! For starters🙂 What is its maximum capacity, length wise and is the overall length/trolley spacing adjustable for short boats? Will it do V bottoms? How does the hydraulic jack bit work? How do you stop the wheel bearings going rusty when it is out of the water? N
  6. BEngo

    Keeping a non-shiny look

    Just keep well to the outside for a couple of days after leaving the dock. The overhanging vegetation will soon sort the shine out. N
  7. BEngo

    The Deisel Engine in narrowboats

    Should any one wish to see an early Sulzer running, then the Internal Fire museum in Wales is well worth a visit. Theirs runs daily. There were not only town gas engines but also producer gas engines. From National, and Crossley among others they had their own gas producing plant (Crudely a coke fire through which syeam was passed) so could be installed where no town gas plant was handy. I believe one at least of the FMC steamers was so fitted. The trigger to cold starting diesels rather than the Ackroyd semi- diesels was the development by Robert Bosch of the solid injection pump. He was German and during and after WW1 companies liks CAV were able to develop similar pumping arrangements. This produced demand for mobile CI engines which developed Diesel Technology and in some cases were the basis of the small marine engine. As a rezult most successful early small diesel engine designs date from the late 1920's and early 30's. Names like Gardner, Petter, Kelvin all introduced Diesel engines in this timeframe, to complement earlier designs of petrol engine. Firms like Ruston and Fowler went from steam to Diesel. The internal Combustion Engine by Harry Ricardo is a good read, if a bit technical in places, as is the Caxton Press book High Speed Oil Engines. In 3 volumes. The Ricardo Book is on the web, but you will have to look for the Caxton book in hard copy AFAIK. N
  8. BEngo

    kelvin k3 in a modern 63 foot tug

    With about 12 - 15 HP available at tick over (160 rpm) either a lot of power is going to waste at the top end (750 rpm) or it will be far too fast at idle, depending on the blades. Slowing the idle too much soon upsets the big ends. N
  9. BEngo

    Plummer block question

    Best thing to do would be to replace the plummer block with a combined plummer block and Thrust bearing. The engine will then not move under prop thrust, because it won't feel any and you can tighten the securing screws fully. Other wise, remove the block and mounting screws. Grease the base of the block and then insert two springwashers on each mounting bolt separated by a plain washer ( so the spring washers don't bind on each other) and tighten up again just tight enough so the block can slide on its mountings. Fully tighten the shaft screws and loctite them. Periodicaly lightly grease or oil the sliding area. The block will then support the shaft but be free to accept the engine movement fore and aft. N
  10. BEngo

    avon /severn

    Ran our S(R)W2 in a 36 ft Springer up and down between Sharpness and Stourport for about 18 months with no problems. Wot Roland says is common sense. N
  11. BEngo


    Buy a cheap brolly. They always seem to get caught or escape on a gust just as you are doing something really tricky. N
  12. BEngo


    If you can, attack the pits with a powerful pressure washer before you wire brush. The pressure washer will get into the pits more effectively than anything, except possibly a grit blaster. N
  13. BEngo

    Ram pump

    Find your local model engineering society. Pitch up to a club night and explain what you need done, offering beer coupons as a recompense. Someone will sort you out. Model engineers just love a challenge, especially if it is a change from making steam engines, or tools to make things. You are a bit far from me, but if you get no other joy and are OK with a trek to mid Somerset let me know by PM. N
  14. BEngo

    android smartphone reminder facility

    Android Oreo Samsung Galaxy J3 - Yes. Apps; Calendar; Create an event by tapping the + button. Choose the reminder time. Settings; Sounds will let you change the alarm noise.
  15. BEngo

    Sharpness to Bristol on the tide

    I also believe that to get a pliot you will need to have a certificate that your fuel tanks have been cleaned recently. No need for a pilot Portishead to Cumberland Basin but talk to Bristol Harbour Master for traffic deconfliction. Timings from Pill or Portishead will depend on your boat and the state of the tide. I would avoid Springs cos it will be really lumpy in The Shoots and fast up the Avon. No idea of current costs but temporary moorings in Brizzle Floating Harbour are not cheap. N

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