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  1. Get them grit blasted then find a powder coating company locally. Forget for 10 years. The powder coaters may well be able to degrease and blast for you. If you are not too fussy as to colour the powder coaters will probably be able to add them to a larger job for not much moola(foldable of course). N
  2. Rain Rushers !

    Yes, but the blue ones make a loverly splash when you pickle em off. The green buggers had a nasty habit of going BNAG when they hit the water. They were bloody heavy to load off a stretcher too, but quicker than a Type C. N
  3. Question about dollies

    It is the BSS mandated vent for the fuel tank, which is often formed in the stern. In your picky you can just se the filler spurnwater on the very far right side. Beaten by AdeE N
  4. Aylesbury and wendover arms

    Good places to get into the bank on the Aylesbury Arm are: Below Lock 4 Wilstone- pub, shop? Above Lock 12 or 13 Pubs in Aston Clinton but a 20-30 min walk. Between bridges 12 and 13 (on the plastic piling where it is is visible). Above Lock 14- pub not too far across the tail bridge Circus Field basin- see the Welcome Boat on arrival Above Lock 15, Above Lock 16 at Tesco's In the town basin. We have had 2'6" alongside at all these places so at normal water levels 22" should be fine. N
  5. Cabin Strings

    According to my 1967 issue Admiralty Manual of Seamanship, on the subject of fibre ropes (wire ropes are something completely other) Cable laid rope is made up of 3 strands laid together and Hawser laid rope is three cable laid ropes laid up together. There is a good ropewalk at Chatham Historic Dockyard if you want enough or a special or there is another in Hawes, where I obtained my cotton lines. www.ropemakers.com N
  6. DIY Docking

    Once the boat is out the first thing to do is pressure wash (or grit blast). This cleans things up so you can see what is going on. Then have a good look at your boat: Are the anodes OK? - compare with a new one. If it bigger than 50% its good for another few years. What do the pits in the hull look like? If they look deep get a thickness meter on them. Watch the waterline area particularly but don't ignore the bottom. What is the wear on the base plate edge like? The places to watch are the ends of the bow and stern swims. There should still be some baseplate left before the weld to the sides. What is the play in the shaft? Push hard on it up down left and right. There should be little or no movement. Check for play between the rudder stock and the bottom cup. Will be some but not more than 3 mm is OK. Check inside weed hatch rudder tube and bow thruster tube looking for wear and pitting. Get a thicness check if unsure. Chec any submerged gas locker bottoms (or similar) for pitting and erosion. Thickness check if needed. Nö
  7. Sander

    For getting it back to bare steel you want an angle grinder- with a sanding pad and a selection of abrasive discs to fit or a tercoo blaster, both plus a saucer shape knotted wire brush depending on how big an area. A scabbler is better/quicker- really good for large areas but won't sand or get into any pits and isn't good at corners. Get one with carbide teeth if there is much rust. Treat rust with Fertan or Vactan used as it says on the tin. For the between coats sanding you need - a random orbital sander (or DA) . NOT an ordinary orbital sander. You will also need a selection of stikit discs to suit, most these days have holes and a Velcro type back, so you need buy ones to match the pad hole pattern and to have a hook type pad. Try to get a 150 mm/6 in one as they cover the ground quicker than the DIY 125 mm/5in ones and will last longer- a boat is a big area to sand off. Cheap stuff doesn't usually last. Mirka do a really good Low Voltage sander with a dust collector as well, but they are dear. Their Abranet abrasives are good too, but then so are 3M. Worth asking your local car body shop whose discs they use and where their supplier is. N
  8. London gets tough

    The pubs don't own the barrels- the breweries do. If the permission was from the breweries ( to me unlikely as they usually pursue a clear case of having barrels without a beer related purpose) then fine, but nearby pubs can't give the breweries' permission. N
  9. North Stratford

    We took 2'6" static draft all the way from Kings Norton to Stratford last year. No major problems, but deep it is not. The entrance to Brandwood tunnel S bound was sticky and the stop lock very slow but otherwise no more than the usual amount of rock and roll. N
  10. Historic Boats for sale online

    Or the pipes (Agony bag!). N
  11. IME Smoothrite goes on fairly easily ( don't overbrush it) and looks good but it is very brittle and chips if you drop a spanner on it. N
  12. Carbon Monoxide Alarm Petition

    The only way to do this would be via an amendment to the RCD. Otherwise UK requirements for new boats would be more stringent than the rest of the EU- which is not allowed. If it were just put into the BSS, apart from being outwith the BSS'S purposes, there would be the ridiculuous situation where a boat with a CE mark (doesn't need a BSC for 4 years) would be licencable withput a CO detector but an older boat would have to have one. N
  13. Hi you were kind enough to respond to a post regarding the installation of a traction battery. Would it be safe to assume that the draft of a 60 foot narrowboat will increase by about 1 inch for every ton added, assuming the weight is added  amidships?

  14. Window on the World

    When you fit the replacement strip don't stretch it and leave about a 75 mm overlap at each of the square corners. Then wait at least 6 weeks and preferably longer before you do the final trim to fit. That allows the strip to relax. It looks a bit cr@p whilst you are waiting but not as Cr@p as big gaps at the corners. N
  15. Isuzu 35 runaway engine

    Assuming a Bosch type unit pump, surely frozen water inside the pump element would stop or limit its up and down moving, thus giving either expensive noises or a piston stuck in the up position? I would also expect any pumpable ice to end up in the injector pipe and cause injection difficulties soonish? I can see frozen water outside the pump element stopping the rack turning the outer helical part of the element , leaving the pump in the full chat position but that would also probably impede the flow of diesel to the elements. My money is with Tony on a stuck rack though. whatever the cause.