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  1. BEngo

    Gas pipe sizing

    They were made aware of this bt the BSS technical committee before the scheme was imposed. The flame picture test replaced the earlier proposal for an operating pressure test . As this would have required a gas test point at the end of the gas pipe(s) and the HSE declared that opening a gas test point was 'work'within the GSUIR it was a non -runner. BSS Manager of the day was not willing to hust drop the test altogether and did not have the competence to understand what he was being told so like many other things in the BSS we were stuck with a nonsense. N
  2. What about South along the GU? Pubs at Norton, Weedon, Heyford, Bugbrooke, Blisworth, Stoke Bruerne, Cosgrove. Two tunnels, one museum and say 20 locks each way. Less pubs but perhaps more canal interest if you go up the Leicester line to say Foxton and to Welford as a diverson one way. Apart from Watford I don't think there are any time restrictions either way, yet. N
  3. BEngo

    Surveyor Recommendation

    101 cm to be precise. Theoretically uop to 200 cm but the lights get in the way of the lift columns! Thank you all for the suggestions so far. N
  4. BEngo

    Surveyor Recommendation

    Any suggestions for a Surveyor for an Insurance survey on our 60 ft narrow boat please? Boat will be on the Aylesbury Circus Field covered slip. Thanks N
  5. They can still be bought, though you will have to sharpen it yourself! Boaters would have 'acquired' them of course fronm exchange basins and railway served loading and unloading points but Google "shunters pole" and you can pay money for one!
  6. Knowing Jim, and that he made and gave away several of his prop clearers, I doubt that much negotiation would be needed over a production run, even if the device was patented. (It isn't AFAIK). As an aside the rules on Patents allow you to use any patent to make one item for your own non-commercial use. N
  7. A cabin shaft with a sharp point to the hook is good for poly bags/ tights/ clothing and tough weed. Mine even ripped a foam mattress into manageable (by 3 people) pieces. The J MacDonald patent prop clearer is excellent at rope and other tough stuff. Bargee Bills prop cleaner is a useless gimmick. A bread knife is essential and a wire type Commando saw will tackle just about anything you can thread it through. Bolt croppers tend to be an " in the water" job. N
  8. BEngo

    How to fit bulkheads

    Build the bulkheads square to the floor and shelves, worktops etc parallel to it. Looks much better than horizontal, which is never the same in relation to the floor. Choose and site the shower tray so that the drain is in the low spot- ideally centre rear but nearly all boats have some list to one side or the other so one corner may be better. Bed depends. Trying to sleep with you fee above your head is difficult. Bed across the boat can be parallel to the floor. Along the boat should be built so that at the worst trim (full water/ empty diesel or vice versa and don't forget the effect of any poo tank) condition the foot end is level or a little below the head end. A roofers square or a big triangle cut off the machined corner of an 8x4 sheet will be much more use than a plumbline and level. N
  9. BEngo

    Three Way Fridge - maintenance?

    The other advantage is that one can get more beer /tonic in yet still have the same amount of food in there:-) N They are of course still deteriorating whilst sat in your stock. Look at the manufacture dates to be sure it is worth the effort of changing them. N
  10. The manifold should be supported by the bolts which hold it to the cylinder head and there should be a flexible part between the manifold and the rest of the pipework. In a water injected exhaust this is normally a bit of rubber hose after the water injection point. Yours is a dry exhaust so you should be able to get a suitable piece of flexible metallic exhaust pipe to go between the manifold and the fixed-to-the-hull pipework. One sort , though not my preference, is here: https://www.asap-supplies.com/exhaust/flexible-dry-exhaust-pipe Mine came from Uxbridge Boat Centre but there are other chandlers. There are weld-in and screw types e.g.. https://www.limekilnchandlers.co.uk/exhaust-flex.html If you go for the weld-in type you need to think about how it might be got apart again if ,say, a decoke was needed. N
  11. BEngo

    Three Way Fridge - maintenance?

    That is because you have a gas 'leak' of incredibly minor proportion. When you turn the gas off AAat the bottle /main tap there is at least some pressure in the flexible pipes. ALL flexible pipes are permeable to gas albeit very slowly ( too slowly to be detected by a BSS type leak check) so while you are away the gas in the pipes diffuses out through the flexibles and is replaced by non flammable air When you come back this air has to be expelled before you get a flame. Permeability gets greater with age which is why flexi hose should generally be treated as having a life of~5 years betweebn routine changes. You may hear a brief hiss at the regulator as the bottle is turned on-this is new gas repressurising the pipes after the old sneaked off. N
  12. Many years ago I bench tested a new Ford diesel engine intended for road use. I can confirm that stationary on the tdyno the uncooled exhaust manifold did indeed get any where beween dull red and bright red, depending on the power demanded. At full chat we were quite worried about the long term integrity of the manifold. In a car, but not in a boat engine space, there is a howling gale rushing through the engine space once the vehicle is moving at normal speeds. There is also a fan to assist at low speed. N
  13. BEngo

    Contracts (Commercial to Commercial)

    The general principle in Contracts being brought into existence is that they require three (and only three) things: Offer Acceptance Consideration (usually but not always monetary. IANAL but in this case the unsigned Contract appears to be an Offer, paying for the offered service appears to constitute Acceptance of the Offer and the Consideration is the money freely paid. I reckon you are on a good wicket legally. Whether the Cost of Enforcement risks (and any reputational risks) are worth the candle is a commercial call. N
  14. BEngo

    Treated Timber 1930's

    In the thirties there was quite a timber shortage because of the huge consumption of trench props duckboards etc in WW1. There was also a house construction boom and this was the era of 'gerry built' housing. Pressure treatment of timber was in its infancy so in combination not at all likely your wood has been treated. N Partly beaten to it by TM!
  15. They are (were at least) a BSP size so you should be able to get a suitable temporary replacement stopper from a plumbers merchant or even a DIY shed. The size is I think 1 inch BSP .Ask for a flanged plug in brass. Repacing the proper stopper will probably involve buying a new filler unit. N

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