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  1. Try a patch of the non-slip areas first. This will tell you whether there is still sufficient grip after painting. If not you will need to scabble the roof off. Otherwise OK, but patch prime over the Vactan as well. N
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. If the parts are available and the engine is designed to be rebuilt ( not some modern asian item that is designed to be thrown away when worn out) it is almost always best to have the engine overhauled. Changing an engine for a new type is expensive, probably eye-wateringlyà so in congestion charge, emission charge, No Parking COVID London. It is never just the engine purchase. You are likely to need alterations to the engine bearers, the fuel pipework, the controls, the wiring, the cooling pipework, the drive plate ( unless you buy a new gearbox and plate with the n
  4. Don't miss out on the Arms as you do the Southern GU. Sluff, Wendover, Aylesbury, Northampton. All worth a visit, though the Slough won't win any prizes for prettiness. The others are nicely rural and ACS will make you welcome at Circus Field. N
  5. Put plenty of copper grease (e.g. Coppaslip, there are others) on the threads when you reassemble it. That way you might be able to get it apart next time. N
  6. Depends how often you get down to alarm level, and how long you want your batteries to last. Also depends on battery type. Typically a reasonable balance between life, usage and recharge time is had by not going more than about 50% discharged. The more you go deeply discharged the more wear and tear you put onto your battery. 11.4 V under load is below 50% for a typical flooded Lead Acid battery. I would crank it up to about 11.9V N
  7. The verses go back even before WW2. Scapa Flow was the base of the Home Fleet all through WW1, from whence it went to Jutland, and was where the German High Seas Fleet scuttled itself at the end of the war, remaining the Home Fleet base till after WW2. Whereas Atlantic Convoy work was pretty frantic, being the WW1 Home Fleet was not. Swinging round a buoy for months on end, with not a great deal of life and excitement at the end of a liberty boat ride, would be ideal for something like this to get going, started by a bored sailor and embellished and extended by his oppos. No doub
  8. Look for a local upholsterer. Plumbs will do it, but they only sub the job out to locals. N
  9. Blacking is essential maintenance, so is permitted. Aylesbury Canal Society have a heated covered slipway so you could get your boat done there, whatever the weather. N
  10. Pull the slide clip back and the pipe out of the pump. Remove the push in bit from the pipe. Check the rubber o-ring on the push in fitting is OK. Lubricate lightly with silicone grease. Push it back in fully and slide the clip back till it clicks. Then reconnect the pipe and tighten the worm drive clip. If it still leaks it is either the wrong push in piece or something is damaged in the pump. N
  11. I believe the Samofa shares some heritage, and possibly components, with the Gardner LW. Marine Power Services know about them, so might be worth a call to establish what support is like. N
  12. I have had the original item since about 1990, bought from a High St motor factors. I too have googled extensively and whilst there are lots of 30 and 35 A alternators I have not seen a photo resembling this one. I have considered going to a second A127, but that means new mounts, on the engine beds, which in turn means shifting the Kelvin and the generator out if the way to do the job. N
  13. The 89 mm is measured between the lugs themselves. The sliding bush can reduce the 89mm. N
  14. Could anyone recognise this alternator please?. I would like to know what it is so I can buy a spare one. I know that it was made by Bosch, or to their design and it produces about 30A with a tail wind. The mounting lugs are 89mm apart. I believe its OE application was a Ford vehicle. Thank you.
  15. You should just be able to attach it to a post. The forum, post the last upgrade, is now accepting pdf files as attachments. Not larger than 1013.17 MB though. N
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