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  1. Rather than draw cooling air from outside many of us draw it up from the bilge. OK, it might not be as cold as the outside air but it is pretty cold in winter and it helps in summer too. There are plenty of 12V fans on the web, and they draw tiny amounts of power. I use a couple of 3 inch printer fans in parallel. Something like 3 W each. There is a dedicated fan control terminal on the BD 35 electronic unit, so the fan only runs once the fridge motor is going. There is even a short time delay to allow the condenser to warm up before the fan starts! The effect of the fan is noticeable. A bilge fan helps keep the bilge dry too. N
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. 12V or 24 V is where you start for all compressor fridges. Some prefer to use an inverter and a 230V appliance, some to use a low voltage appliance. The choice is down to preference, existing equipment and lifestyle. Compressor fridges are much more efficient than absorption ones, which is one why gas (or paraffin!) fridges are less common than they were. Another is that decent sized ones are scarce. There can also be boat safety scheme issues. Electric absorption fridges exist, but use so much power that they are not practical except on a permanent land line, when a mains compressor fridge would be better anyway. N
  4. Great Western near Broad St in Wolverhampton. The pub (Hopwood House?) at Hopwood on the W&B. Several pubs in Alvechurch, though that is at the top end of your range. Lunch at the chip shop in the BCLM? Not sure whether they have a veggy option in the newer chippy. The coal fired one used to use dripping. N
  5. The New Pelapone Engine company, moved to Derby in 1948 and changed its name, to Pelapone Engines according to Grace's Guide. N
  6. If you just want a heater, we installed a Boatman Heron. Do not run it at full blast unless you are trying to roast yourself.! It is a welded stove so does not have the problems of cast iron absorbing damp and then cracking when lit. So far it is about 30 years old and seems to burn anything, even South Midland Water Transport's extra special stinking coal.🤣
  7. An acronym from Prudence Electric Light and Power Oil and Nautical Engines. Based in Leeds I think. There are a few about with the stationary engine fraternity. Most components seem to be made of unobtainium. N
  8. If you come across one in a car boot sale or similar, a carpenters gimlet is a good tool for destuffing stuffing boxes. It should have a nice wooden handle to pull on. N
  9. Citric acid, formic acid or oxalic acid are more common descalers. Phosphoric acid is usually used as a rust remover. After removing the rust, any unconsumed acid goes on eating the steel, until the acid is consumed, so it is normal to use inhibited phosphoric acid for derusting. I am also not sure how Phos acid gets on pros aluminium alloys. Can you set the genny cooling up so that you could use one of the proprietary engine cooling space cleaners? That would be my preference. N
  10. If you are using the common single wall 4 1/2 in 113 mm diameter steel flue pipe then Midland Chandlers sell it, as do steel stock holders but cheaper. It can then be fabricated into the necessary shape by anyone who can cut and weld it. You also need a roof collar to suit the pipe and your roof shape, and a detachable chimney, with or without brass bands etc. If you want twin wall, any decent wood burner stockists, or MC again. You are then limited by the prefabricated pipes, bends etc. that are available. Check before buying that there is a stove to flue adaptor available for the stove you fancy and that a suitable roof terminal and chimney can be obtained to fit your boat. N
  11. The plastic twin tub works for us too. An hour washing will do a weeks worth of boating gear for two of us. It is slower at towels and bedding but will still spin bath sheets, albeit one at a time. We tend to go to launderette for these. N
  12. Shoreline are usually very helpful if you e-mail them. If not Bedazzled sell a wide range of LED lamps with various fittings. I am sure you will be able to find something suitable there. Or, try lamps direct. N
  13. The interior light has nothing to do with the thermostat. If the light is out either the lamp has expired, the switch is deceased or there is no power to the fridge. It appears your lamp is the cause. If you replace the lamp and power up the fridge there should be light when the door is open. If not, investigate the door operated switch next. There should be no light when the door is closed, but it is hard to check this, unless you have a very small child.😊 Turning the fridge thermostat down (warmer) will cause the motor to stop. It takes a couple of seconds while the electronics catch up, for some reason. If you immediately turn it to colder then nothing will happen for some time. This is because the compressor cannot start until the gas pressure at its outlet is low enough and the residual pressure from when the compressor was running before you altered the thermostat has to dissipate. There is a warning lamp code for this built into the compressor electronic unit. It flashes the same LED that is flashed when the voltage is low. Where Shoreline put this LED depends on which cabinet the fridge uses. Mine is behind the salad crisper. There is also a good deal of hysteresis in the thermostat and electronic unit so turning it up does not always produce an immediate go signal to the motor. N
  14. Could be, but both my Shoreline fridges with BD35 compressor have had a crimped and brazed fill pipe. Like Tracy, I think any valve is a probable leak point, sooner or later. N
  15. As Tony says, stiction and slackness in the linkage, plus a governor characteristic ( of nearly all fairly simple mechanical governors) called 'governor droop' . Nothing to do with brewers, it is that if you increase the load at any given speed setting the governor will eventually settle down at a different speed even though the speed setting has not been changed. Usually the new speed is lower, but some governors cause an increase. It means you usyally get a higher frequency output from a mains AC generator at low load and a lower frequency at high load. N
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