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  1. Depends exactly where you want to go. The Stainforth and Keadby canal is CRT so their rules apply. The River Trent in that area is ABP, so their rules apply. N
  2. Could try Justin Green, based Braunston, but mobile.https://www.google.co.uk/search?source=hp&ei=HtUQXd-SIc6Ma8nshMAB&q=Jg+marine&oq=Jg+marine&gs_l=mobile-gws-wiz-hp.3..0l4j0i22i30l4.2915.6926..7736...0.0..2.2190.4850.5-1j1j1j0j1......0....1.......8..41.Sj9ffLFe9ag# He may have gone over to mainly surveys but I am sure he would give you a steer if so. N
  3. We have the Good Ideas 3.5Kg machine. Useful piece of kit. About the same footprint as 4 110 Ah batteries ( ours lives on top of them!). N
  4. Is it not possible that the copper rivets in the handle mounts are an in-use repair? These rivets take all the load when a full can is hanging on a tap, or is lifted and carried, so would be at risk of working. Fitting copper rivets as a repair would be easier than renewing steel or iron ones. N
  5. The difference between bitumen based coatings and tar based coatings is that the production and sale of bitumen based coatings has not (yet) been effectively banned on environmental grounds. Tar products were included in REACH Annex XIV from 2017 and banned from 2019 unless their use can be justified on socio economic grounds. Bye-bye tar varnish, epoxy pitch and other useful stuff cos the application costs are not worth the potential return. N
  6. Any flexible hose suitable for LPG will be OK. It needs to be marked with the relevant standard- all as per BSS, so read the guide. The end of the flexible hose you want will be a plain piece of pipe,so buy an olive to fit it, as well as the flexy pipe. You may also need a fitting to go from the end of the flex pipe to the inlet fitting on your oven; as the current set-up is a pipe there is probably a suitable fitting which will only need a new olive, so now you need two olives. The current set-up appears to be imperial, from the position of the plain portion on the fittings and my money is on 3/8in. I would therefore buy a flex pipe with 3/8 standpipe ends. Remove the existing pipe and recover the nuts then fit the flexy in place of the existing pipe, with a new olive at either end. Secure both ends of the flexy so you can't strain the joints. Leak check, light up and do a flame check and ensure that oven works as expected. Job's a guddun. N
  7. I think you have to disassemble the window to get the slidy bits out. Easiest to clean them with a toothbrush modified by sanding the sides off (angle grinder and sanding disc is quickest) till it is narrow enough. After you have cleaned out what you can, tape the drain holes and fill the channels with Patio Wizard or Patio Magic for 10 minutes or so. This will kill any remaining moss and algae bits and hold off the reappearance of greenery. N
  8. The oculus tradition. A ship needs eyes to see her way. It is worldwide. N
  9. Absolutely correct Alan, but why is a bit of a mystery to me, given the price of boats these days Even at the bottom end buying can be a major investment, relative to the wealth of the buyer, so one might have expected more proof of ownership requirements. OTOH one hears of few transactions that go wrong on title grounds so the risk seems low enough to take ownership on trust. N
  10. I have the original Bill of Sale for Jarrah, as provided by the Registry of Ships, and acceptable to that body for registration under the Merchant Shipping Acts and to prove title ( which was then divisible into sixty-four parts, thirty two of them belonging to SWMBO). I will provide any future owner with that and a Bill of Sale from us. N
  11. Would not be without one. Home to the engine, the built in generator, the bike, the batteries, the washing machine, the spare potti bottoms and loads of handy gear. Wonderful place for wet gear to be removed and dry out and an excellent retreat when 'er indoors is on the warpath. N
  12. Yes you do need two. An accumulator adjacent to the pump is to prevent short cycling (unless you have one of the clever pumps with built-in anti cycling controls) and an expansion vessel on the hot water supply pipe near the calorifier. This absorbs the extra volume in the hot water side as the water expands on heatting. Size depemnds on the volume of your calorifier, and the storage temperature of your hot water. Set the accumulator bladder to the pump cut in pressure and the EV bladder to the pump cut out pressure, using a tyre pump and pressure gauge on the Schrader valve in the end of the accumulator/ expansion vessel. If you don't know these pressures they can be measured at the accumulator with a bit of switching on and off of the pump- search for my post on how to set up an accumulator. N
  13. Yes a short section near the Foxton end of Crick tunnel is made of Blisworth type rings. I do not know if they are identical to Bliswworth or special to Crick. N
  14. K99 has been lubricating the plummer block in Jarrah for the last 30 years. It is a bronze split plain bearing. The feed pipe is teed off the stern tube feed, with a regulating valve to control the distribution. N
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