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  1. Given the known propensity of small pressure jet boilers to clog up if short cycled on high output I would change the rads, and add a new one if practicable. The existing valves and fittings should be fine. The radiator tails will also need to be changed over. I assume fitting the webobasta will not change the direction of flow throuhh the rads. If it does you will need to check the TRV's are OK with a different flow direction. Most but not all are. Don't forget to rebalance the system after the changes. You may be able to do that at the TRV's, which makes taking one rad out for painting or whatever a bit easier. N
  2. Don' t forget you will need cables all the way to the front for headlamp, horn, navlights, front deck lights etc. Your gas pipe would be less vulnerable at gunnel level, separated from the 230 and 12v cables. Plastic box trunking is usually preferred to cable tray because it provides the gas /electric separation needed by RCD and BSS. What standard are you building to? Are you building a liveaboard? Alan de E has previously put the electrical requirements on here. You should read these and the BSS inspection guide which is available on line. The PD for BS 5482 part 3 is also worth a look. Some libraries may help here with their on line access to BSI. Finally, you need to be a competent person in law to do your own gas work, but if you pay someone they need to be Gas Safe registered with endorsements for LPG and boats. Mike the Boilerman is the gas rules expert. N
  3. Legally, the 1995 Act gave BW, now CRT, the power to apply construction standards to boats, if they wanted . The Act did not require BW to apply standards. Nor did it specify how or by who the Standards were set. At the same time as the Act was in Parliament, BW and thd EA set up the Boat Safety scheme, with a non technical Manager, to define some standards, an set up a testing regime . The EA needed the 'Standards' to not conflict with the (self-certified) Thames Launch rules, which I Think were enshrined in by-laws. That provided a starting point, which was over elaborated by collecting all the bees in the various bonnets of the then current group of inland marine Surveyors. I was heavily involved with the technical side of the set-up and pushed hard for the technical review that followed soon after the scheme imposition showed that (as BW and the EA had been repeatedly told), the first version was inadequate in many ways. After that EA and BW pushed the BSS Office off to arms length and strong armed the various smaller navigation authorities into adopting it. There is no impediment to CRT or IMO the EA relaxing the requirement, either short term or indefinitely. N
  4. I hope CRT are in discussions with all the other Navigation bodies to try to agree a coordinated position. Until they get to that it would be better to say nothing more than they have. I also think that the BSS is probably one of CRT's lesser problems right now. One, at least, of the boaters organisations is on the case, and CRT have publicly acknowledged the need to do summat. Give them a chance please. N
  5. If (and only if) you are intending to burn all the fuel you buy in your eberbasta then you can declare 0%, regardless of whether if goes in the same tank as your propulsion fuel. N
  6. The guaranteed (only viable)strategy for controlling covid19 is the same as for any other virus. Develop and maintain herd immunity. Either sufficient folk have to get it and recover or sufficient folk have to be vaccinated. At gthe moment there is no vaccine, and thus no vaccination possibility, so a lot of folk need to get if and recover. The current farting about is about ensuring the rate of development of serious cases, and serious side effect cases remains just low enough for the NHS to cope and avoiding the political fall out that collapse of the NHS would cause. It is sacrificing both the economy and speedy development of herd immunity to that end. It may, by delaying herd immunity, even cause more deaths, but you would need a lot of epidemiological data and a few epidemiologists to analyse that possibility properly. That said, BoJo is beggared if he does, and beggared if he doesn't, whatever he does. N
  7. That should make a nice RC model when you are finished with it as a development tool. You could even market them as a kit for home assembly😄 N
  8. Tony Redshaw used to be there, but is now on the offside at Bottom lock. Jonathon Hewitt on the towpath side of Bottom lock at UCC is also a capable mechanic. N
  9. Someone needs to aerate the water. The fish will use up all the oxygen otherwise. N
  10. Don't get it so tight that you cannot easily lift it up to avoid getting caught under a beam. Ideally secure it with a weak link (para cord or a cable tie) one side so it will free itself if caught. N
  11. Not a major project to swap the board. Phenolic ply as you suggest is less rot prone, but may be a beggar to paint. Also you need to sort out why water is affecting the ply. That might be a bigger job. N
  12. You only have to get one out. Fix a handle to one slab with a masonry drill and rawlplugs or similar. Then you can get a screwdriver under the edges of the others. N
  13. Diesel? Swarfega is much nicer, especially for the armpits. N
  14. It was suggested above that there is diesel fuel in Aylesbury. There is none in the town basin and the fuel at Circus Field can only be sold to members. I do not think Bates boatyard has fuel (except perhaps firewood) but I am not certain. N
  15. Easy enough to calculate the possible pressure rise. Assuming you start at 0 deg C (273 Kelvin) and the normal air pressure of 1 bar then at 273 C the pressure will be 2 bar, at 546 C it will be three bar and at 819 C the pressure will be 4 bar, and so on in 273 C steps, if I have my gas laws right. This ignores any expansion of the boiler and the change in gamma/specific heat with temperature. At 819 C the boiler will be nearly red hot and the material will probably be losing strength. I can only guess at how things might develop from there but the stove itself is also going to be hot, damn hot as someone once said. N
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