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  1. BEngo

    Alternator .Controller Recommendatons Please

    Loddon of this patch has a pair of the yellow Sterling's on eBay. Details in the For Sale section. N
  2. BEngo

    K&A Closed Until Further Notice

    I have not been and looked, but I do not think the stoppage says the main chamber of the lock has collapsed. It talks of the "bottom approach chamber wall support" which I interpret as CRT speak for the bottom of one or other of the lower wing walls below the gate. If so something similar happened at Napton a couple of years back. Fortunately this time CRT had actually had noticed that the lock was in need of repair because the original non-emergency stoppage was to assess what needed doing in the coming planned stoppage. However, judging by other lock collapses, even with the logistics of a repair stoppage pre-planned we have to be looking at 8 weeks from early January before there is any hope of repair being complete. N
  3. BEngo

    Algae on the roof

    Patio Magic. Other similar products available (active ingredient Benzalkonium chloride IIRC). Dilute as directed on the can, spray on enough to get the roof just wet, on a dry day and leave. After about 10 days the algae will have disappeared. Otherwise move your mooring to one that is pretty sunny. N
  4. BEngo

    Chimney length

    If wishing the authentic trad look, not a beanz tin unless desperate. It should be a National Dried Milk tin. And in either type don't forget to remove the bottom of the tin😇 N
  5. BEngo

    Voltage on a new starter battery

    Mainly because 14.6 V is pretty much always safe with an open FLA battery and I did not know about your particular battery's max charge voltage or chemistry ( calcium, antimony etc). It would be worth a check that your battery maker is OK with 14.7 but at worst, for one charge, you are only going to use more water than expected by charging at 14.7. Fancy AGM etc batteries are something other and need lower voltages. N
  6. BEngo

    Built in (Vintage) diesel generator

    I use a 30 year old Lombardini on a 230v alternator. Is that vintage😋? Have also seen a Petter PAZ 1 driving a big alternator for battery charging. Nice set up with a huge engine pulley and a good belt wrap. N
  7. BEngo

    Voltage on a new starter battery

    Ideally Charge it at 14.6 V until the input current is less than 3 A. (Approx 2% of capacity). Then float at 13.4 V overnight. Otherwise sit it on a 3 stage charger until the current at stage 2 is less than 3 A then allow it to go to float overnight. You may need to con the charger or adjust its settings to get it to stay in stage 2 long enough to get down to 3 A at the end. N
  8. BEngo

    Recommend me a battery setup

    The starting point always has to be a power audit, because until you have built something there is no actual to compare with. A proper power audit is , or should be, based on an everything day. Include the dhobying and the dishwashing and the ironing etc etc because you are otherwise in danger of going into damaged battery country. It will not matter if you overegg it a bit ( a lot would be A financial hit) but you will always have a reserve. Then build it,use it and see how good you were. Adjust as required. N
  9. That is a Lucas A127.Available from ECUs Direct for £50 or so next day delivered. It may be a diode or the way it is fitted- see below - but for that money why worry? The wiring looks fine. The black wire is the field and should have a switch and a 2 W light in it between the alternator and the battery. If it does not then the battery will discharge through the regulator when the engine is not running. Charge the battery and then disconnect this wire. If the battery still goes flat the alternator is at fault. If not sort the field wiring before buying a new alternator. N
  10. BEngo

    boat project

    Yes but he or she are going to charge you at least £30 an hour so cost it out first or get a fixed price if you can. Marine mechanics who will do this are quite scarce. There is easier money in servicing. Much better to learn to do the work yourself. Get a basic guide to engine maintenance and learn that. Plenty of people will advise and you will know your engine much better when it is finished. You write of being in a dry9 dock. These are usually charged by the day- £70 upwards and the owners expect a pretty frequent changeover, not someone fitting out for 3 years. A hardstanding berth would be better but these are scarce. Fitting out in the water, after you have dealt with any hull snags, is also entirely practicable. In any event plenty of power is essential and drinking water is handy. Good Luck. N
  11. BEngo

    boat project

    If the engine really needs replacing then fit another of the same make and model. Anything else is likely to require structural work on the bearers and mucho (costly) hassle with controls, instruments, gearbox propellor and drive shaft. Buying anything from Vetus is usually the most expensive way in the known universe. Fortunately their engines are marinised versions of a standard plant engine made by Isuzu I think. Buy a new plant engine and swop over the marinising bits. Do not even think of living on the boat whilst it is being refitted. This only ensures that the fire you do anything half the time available is spent moving "stuff" to get at the job to be done. Allow for it all taking at least three times as long as you think it will. N
  12. BEngo

    Water pump woes

    Check the pump cut in pressure and ensure the accumulator is set to the same pressure or a tiny bit more. I think your new pump is a different setting to the old one and may be causing problems. Or it may be that your accumulator has gone a bit flat over time. I also bet your mixer tap swirl unit ( the plastic vanes at or in the end) are bunged up with crud. N
  13. BEngo

    Red Diesel Update - Meeting 20/11/18

    You would not want to put Kero ( 28 sec oil as used by most domestic pressure jet boilers) in your fuel tank unless you have a gas turbine engine. It is less viscous, has a lower ignition temperature and lower lubricity. IIRC its Cetane number is low too. Some vintage diesels might tolerate it but only with some lub oil added. OTOH Red heating oil ( 35 second) is practically diesel, though it may not have all the Gucci additives for lubricity and Cetane number etc. It is sold for both pot burners and pressure jet burners. Most simple diesels will tolerate it. Fancy ones with common rails and ECU controlled injection won't. N
  14. BEngo

    Squirrel scraper

    The blanking plate is held in by two bolts which go through two "clips" into the plate. More recent versions have a single bar across the opening but still two bolts into the blank. The plate is a bugger to remove without removing the boiler first, and then you don't need to remove the plate! N
  15. BEngo

    Squirrel scraper

    If you put the flue in the 'ole at the back it's dead easy to use the 'ole on the top to clear out the [email protected] I have an ancient tablespoon which is ideal for the corners and an ancient Goblin Rio for the bulk of the sweepings. Flue in the back means you also get a bigger useable area for eco fans, kettle, stew pots etc. No need to bolt the top lid own either. It will sit in the groove, on its sealing rope, quite happily. N

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