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  1. Hi, Sorry no idea, could be but it's unlikely to affect the running at this stage. Assuming there's a decent amount of coolant in the system, I'd get it running first then worry about the water flow side.
  2. If you're only getting a little bit of smoke and the unit isn't starting up, it's far more likely to be a lack of fuel than a lack of volts. If you've got fuel but not enough volts there will be clouds of white smoke. If the unit runs for about three minutes and stops it's usually because of a failure to ignite caused by one of the above. If it fires up but cuts out after about 10-15 minutes it's overheating because the coolant isn't circulating. Have an empty jar or receptacle handy before this bit. Check you've got fuel by disconnecting the fuel pipe from the fuel pump inlet and suck on it. If you get a decent mouthful of diesel, there's no air leaks on the supply side. Once you get that far, reattach the fuel pump inlet pipe disconnect the fuel inlet at the webasto and start the webasto while sucking on the pipe from pump to webasto. It should spit fuel with each click of the pump, again of you get a decent spit of fuel, there's no air leak on the fuel supply so reattach it to the Webasto. Now with the pipes firmly reattached, restart the webasto. On my Eberspacher it takes about 4 attempts from this stage to get enough fuel up to fire. You should find the fuel vapour clouds increase each attempt until it eventually runs. If you get to this stage and it still doesn't run, there's an electrical issue or, because of previous attempts, the unit might have locked out and need resetting (you'll get an error on the display in that case). On my Eberspacher, this is done on the controller, I don't know about Webasto. I hope this helps. Rob
  3. When single handing in narrow locks I tend to let my 40' boat float, untied, while I set the next lock in the flight but I do keep an eye on what's happening. To date most of the problems I've had with locks have been with crew involved.
  4. Thanks for the parental advice #ICouldntFindTheSarcasmSmileySoJustImagineItsInsertedHere. He's 13 and to be honest, I'm just pleased that he's still prepared to come up to the Midlands from Devon, to see me, during the school holidays.
  5. Hi Jan, Hoping to catch up with you at Alvecote this weekend. Depends on number 1 son's willingness to do something other than play on the computer but will either be there Sunday or Monday. Rob
  6. I'll bid 50.00 for the horse flask and 7.00 for the Coach Bolt. Rob
  7. The entire event was really good. We had a bit of an issue with the Typhoon on the way up to Bamburgh Castle. I was going perhaps a little fast for the car, it goes pretty well but at an indicated 75mph, the wind got under the front of the roof covering and ripped it off. We slowed down enough to get the rest of the way to Bamburgh Castle and the next day patched the roof up with gaffer tape. After the tour, on the Friday we got back to the Midlands and had afternoon tea with the Lord Mayor of Coventry, whilst the cars were parked outside Coventry Transport Museum. Sunday was the main event in the Memorial Park. Apparently 90 Armstrong Siddeley's were there joined by 13 various other classics. In the afternoon an Avro Lancaster did a fly past. For me the highlight of the trip was being allowed to drive one of Chris Warner's Siddeley Specials around the field. It was a great help to get a feel for how they're supposed to drive for when I eventually get mine on the road.
  8. https://www.classicandsportscar.com/news/sponsored/lost-1954-allard-j2r-sopwiths-sphinx-finally-found How's that. I've seen a few Allards during my historic rallying days. Was always amazed how strong the prices were for a pretty much unknown, forgotten marque.
  9. Is it 3/8 Whitworth by any chance? On my Rover P6 the wheel nuts are Whitworth but 18mm is pretty much a perfect fit and tyre places tend to have an 18mm socket buried deep in their toolbox.
  10. I've only been there a couple of times as it's not on my normal route, and not been for a few years but they were extremely helpful when I was trying to find a bleed screw for my bmc 1.5. They didn't have the right screw but the young woman found a copper washer, nut and bolt of the correct diameter and pitch and explained how to fit that in place. She put a lot of work into a sale worth only a few pennies. I kept that in place for a few years and only replaced it when I happened to ask at Calcutt if they had the right bit in stock (they were out of stock each of the other times I'd asked). Rob
  11. Well spotted. I've always had Rover P6s since passing my driving test in 1990. Still have a 1966 2000TC but had to sell the 3500S when I got divorced. I inherited the Armstrongs when my father died.
  12. Hi, Some of you may know, I've got an unhealthy interest in Armstrong Siddeley Cars, I own a 1949 Typhoon and 1937 Siddeley Special. This year the Armstrong Siddeley Owners Club is celebrating the Centenary by having a week long event starting this Sunday (7th July 2019) at Bamburgh Castle, home to the Armstrong family and finishing next Sunday at The Memorial Park in Coventry. We'll also be visiting Cragside, Coventry motor museum and Kenilworth Castle during the week. I know there are a few boats fitted with AS diesel's so thought some of you might be interested in attending. We're hoping to get over 100 cars at the Memorial park on Sunday 14th July 2019. Anyone with a passing interest in Armstrong Siddeley's would be most welcome. Rob
  13. Thank you to all the organisation and to @Postcode and @cheshire~rose for letting us play on their boat. I'm sure we should have scored at least 207 points for our route plus the extras for the photos and questions, even if 13 locks didn't qualify. @tree monkey, I thought we'd agreed to blame @dyad for any problems 😄 Although, I do now admit doing Netherton tunnel was a complete waste of time, we should have done Spon Lane locks and gone along the old main line into Brum instead. Either way, I think we had a great time, the crew worked well together. I just wish I had enough stamina to stay awake for the social bit on Sunday. Rob
  14. A former member, Kendal recommended an alternative type of lay flat hose. It looks pretty good. I was going to buy one as I found my blue lay flat hose a pain the bum if you weren't moored the length of the hose away from the water point. It'd kink and restrict flow and blew the connector off the pipe on more than one occasion. As it happened my ex-wife moved to a flat and gave me my old garden hose reel back and I've been using that ever since. Just checked the link in the old thread and it no longer exists but this looks to be the same thing on Amazon. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Brunner-METRE-ROLL-GRADE-CARRIER/dp/B0013T5X0E Rob
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