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  1. Had a note from Martin Kedian to say they have completed the overplating of my boat. Just got to complete the engine rebuild and fit it before 2nd May. Can't wait to get back on the water and not worry about sinking every time there's a scraping sound! Also... Sent the forms off for the BCN 24hr challenge.
  2. p6rob

    Sewing Machines

    Thanks carlt, that's very helpful information. I've just got the machine running and planning to spend a few months practicing on various bits and pieces before actually doing anything for the car.
  3. p6rob

    Sewing Machines

    Do any of the available machines have a walking foot? If not does anyone know if it's possible to convert a Pfaff 136-6 to walking foot and or where to get a new table top for the same machine? I want to try doing some of the interior trim on what was my dad's Armstrong Siddeley Siddeley Special and bought this Pfaff 136-6 but not sure it'd be the best for a novice sewer to get good results with. Tia Rob
  4. p6rob

    BMC 1500 smoking on idle

    Compression test and advance the timing? Also my current engine starts easily after 20 seconds of glow plug, check you're getting voltage at each of the glow plugs. I'm in the process of rebuilding a BMC 1500 for my boat (used to belong to Bunny) Re-sleeved bores, new pistons, crank ground. You're welcome to pop to Brum and see it in pieces if it'll help.
  5. p6rob

    To move or not to move.

    Well, it's done. The snow wasn't as deep as it looked this morning. Not the most pleasant of journeys but it's been good to go this way again. Now in the boat inn having a punt before the taxi turns up.
  6. p6rob

    To move or not to move.

    My boat is being lifted out on Wednesday for overplating. Between where I am in Radford Semele to where it's been lifted, Stockton top lock, there are 6 miles and 20 locks. If it still stands, I had an offer of help for today but that might change when they see the 3 inches of snow. I'm tied up with other stuff for the next three weeks, so can't delay the lift. Do I move today or hope for better weather between now and Tuesday? I should be at work and would have to single hand. Rob
  7. p6rob

    How not to start the day

    I normally use a dustpan and brush, however, some time ago, BSP sent a link to some offers and I bought a handheld, bagless, cordless VAX vacuum. Can't remember the model number and am at work now, so can't check. It doesn't get much use but seems to cope ok. Certainly doesn't shoot the ash straight out and I tend to empty it and bang the filter out after each use.
  8. p6rob

    How not to start the day

    Fire's gone out. Went to empty ash pan and instead of bringing the ash bucket to the fire like normal, decided to carry the ash pan outside to the bucket, spin around and promptly dropped the ash pan onto the sofa. Have vacuumed it up as best as possible and now waiting to see if the sofa starts smouldering. Wonder if I should just go back to bed before there's any more minor disasters.
  9. p6rob

    BCN Challenge 2018

    I could be looking for a small crew. I'm not very competitive, so, as long as we participate and finish, I'm not bothered about scores. My boat is going for overplating next month and had been planning a trip up to see my sister in Cheshire, with a detour across the Pontcyslltte aqueduct once it's done but other things mean that trip is being postponed. I'll also be part way through a refit, so it might mean sleeping on camp beds but, if that doesn't put you off, I will send off the paperwork.
  10. p6rob

    New batteries needed, AGM or FLA?

    Thanks for all the advice and to answer the questions: The alternator charges at 14.2 Volts through a split charge relay. The starter battery is on the permanently connected side of the relay. I intend to change this at some point. The current batteries are Super Batt Silver 9000 basically cheap off ebay. The previous ones were whatever Midland Chandlers sell. No not sinking at the moment but the cruiser stern does let a lot of rainwater into the bilge and each side of the engine bearers has a separate automatic pump. I have been wondering about reducing the number of batteries. Solar keeps up very well for about 8 or 9 months but it usually takes me a week or two to adapt lifestyle when the nights start drawing in, I suspect it's this that does the most damage to the batteries. Do AGM batteries survive poor maintenance better then FLA? The reason I ask is that my Smart Car, with an AGM battery, stood for three years and I was pleasantly surprised when it turned over and started without needing the battery charged. Rob
  11. It's coming time to replace my 3 110Ah sealed lead acid batteries. Like the previous two sets, they've lasted two years. Whereas I don't mind accepting the relatively short lifespan, if possible I'd like to increase the time between purchases. At the moment, I have two solar panels which I think are 300watt each and a 60amp Outback MMPT controller. The solar provides charge from about March til about mid October. The rest of the time, I run the engine to charge the batteries with a 70amp alternator, usually a couple of hours every few days and a longer 6-8 hour charge one weekend day. I'm a fairly light user of electric and although I live on the boat, don't get to spend that much time awake on it. The lights are all LED, there is an inverter and TV, which rarely get used and when they are, the engine is usually running. The water, shower and bilge pumps are probably the biggest, regularly used current draws. Although not an insurmountable issue, accessing the batteries to check acid levels is hard enough to be easily 'forgotten' if it's wet and dark. So if they need checking more than monthly, I'd probably not do it enough. I'm wondering if changing to AGM or maintainable FLA batteries would suit and would the alternator need changing for AGM? Thanks for any advice. Rob
  12. p6rob

    Need a Pressure Washer - Not Karcher :(

    Not sure how true this is but... I was told the karcher pressure washers sold by b&q are different to similar looking models from other outlets, same casing but inferior working parts. This apparently is to make the consumer think they are getting the same model significantly cheaper by buying from b&q. It could just be a conspiracy theory but the source was reliable.
  13. p6rob

    North Stratford

    I've been moored there for the last few days. I must admit, I've been a bit pre-occupied (plus, it's generally dark when I've gone past), so hadn't noticed the bridge control position had changed. However, this morning, while I was rushing to work, there was a C&RT contractor doing something with a junction box which is mounted on the railing facing the road. Unfortunately I was very late, so didn't stop for a chat but it looks like the control position is, or will be significantly different. It'll mean you're facing the pub side traffic, whether traffic the other side will be easier or more difficult to see, I don't know. Rob
  14. p6rob

    North Stratford

    I came from Bimingham to Shirley yesterday and thought it felt a lot better than previous trips. There was one spot where the boat rode up and over something. Can't remember where, somewhere after Lyons boat yard though, but it wasn't near a bridge hole. Rob
  15. p6rob

    2 into 1 crimps

    Not sure I understand what you're looking for but try these: https://www.autoelectricsupplies.co.uk/. I've managed to get quite a few obscure electrical connectors from them.