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  1. p6rob

    Am I a coward?

    It applies equally if a non-boater finds it a nuisance.
  2. p6rob

    Am I a coward?

    I'd have done exactly the same as you. That's the great thing about boats, if for whatever reason you don't like the surroundings, you can just up sticks and move on. Rob
  3. p6rob

    replacement glass

    Thanks for the replies. It's the fixed curved window. From experience with getting curved laminated glass cut for my pre war car. It took a couple of weeks and despite giving them the original as a pattern, didn't fit. So I think I'll get a sheet of perspex and cut it myself. Rob
  4. About two weeks ago I noticed one of my windows (rearmost) has shattered. It had been moored with that side on the offside, so no idea how long it's been like that, possibly up to a month. At the moment, the glass is still in place and as I was going on holiday, I decided it was better to leave it as is. I'm back from holiday now and keen to sort it out. Can anyone advise contact details for the manufacturer please. I was planning on cutting some perspex but if a new pane is available off the shelf, that'd save some time. In the mean time, I'm going to cover both sides of the broken pane with some transparent film. Rob PS. This picture is from when the boat went back into the water after Kedian Engineering had overplated the bottom and sides. I've been really pleased with their workmanship. Will do some sort of writeup about it if it's of any interest.
  5. p6rob

    What is this and where can I buy a replacement?

    That looks like an identical sender to the one I bought from Calcutts. If your gauge is already a Farier, there's no need to buy a new gauge. My gauge is a Smiths, so I did buy both items, however, the Smiths gauge, with the Farier sender reads about what's expected. So I haven't rushed to change it out, however, I do need to take my switch panel off to repair one of the volt meters, so will swap the oil pressure gauge at the same time. On my 1.5 the diesel filter sits on the back of the engine, so further away from the oil pressure sender. It's still difficult to replace the fuel filter though as the filter sits up against the bellhousing. Rob
  6. p6rob

    BCN Challenge 2018

    Hats off to Kustomcut and crew on Carpe Vinum. A very respectable result for a DNF.
  7. p6rob

    BCN Challenge 2018

    It was an absolute pleasure, Peter. Thank you for being such a good sport. Rob
  8. You can get diesel in the oil sump. That happens if the diaphragm in the lift pump splits.
  9. p6rob

    BCN Challenge 2018

    Only found a hand. Don't let the truth get in the way of a good story. Never underestimate the luxury of dry socks and shoes!
  10. p6rob

    BCN Challenge 2018

    Just arrived at the finish. No sign of Clarrie. Are the Booths the dark horse of the challenge?
  11. p6rob

    BCN Challenge 2018

    50 locks completed toady and we're calling it a night. Goodnight.
  12. p6rob

    BCN Challenge 2018

    I'm heading into Brum from Hockley Heath tomorrow, too. Stopping off for supplies at Wedges Bakery and Lyons Boatyard. Meeting Peter X at about 6:00PM. Is there enough of us in town for a pre-challenge banter? Rob
  13. p6rob

    BCN Challenge 2018

    Good to see Clarrie on her pre challenge shake down run, at Hockley Heath Wharf.
  14. p6rob

    G i’s, I T’s and anodes necessary?

    I haven't used a shoreline, or been in a marina, for a good few years and had new anodes fitted about two years ago. My boat was out of the water recently and I was surprised by how much the anodes had sacrificed. They weren't worn out but I'd assumed they'd still look like new. I do always moor against pilings, using goat chains and I suppose the rust on the once galvanised chains should have been a clue.
  15. p6rob

    BCN Challenge 2018

    I've entered, with Peter X as crew. Though, my boat is still at Kedian's, Hull survey and BSS is today but so far haven't managed to get the new engine running. Seem to be struggling with bleeding the bleeding thing! Back in the water on Tuesday.

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