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  1. Hello I have a under the counter weed hatch. I think that is how you refer to it. My narrowboat build date is approx 1980s. It has two bolts on either side them coming up from the underside of the top plate into the lid is a bolt that someone has put in and tapped off with a weld. There is approx 4 inches from water level to the top of hatch. Has anyone encountered this before and does it spell impending doom. I need to clear prop of somthing wrapped around it. Many thanks for ideas, information.
  2. Have just looked and it seems wrong seals provided in. Packaging bought another one and the explanation of the seals placement makes sense. Had 4 large seals hence confusion. Thanks
  3. Many thanks for your help. Yes you are correct as it does pool around the bottom of the filter housing. Much appreciate your time and knowledge
  4. Ah so two big ones on top and two on bottom. Plus one little one for bolt. Could explain why leaking only had one one each when took it apart.
  5. No drain hole in this one. Many thanks for the thought. Gonna strip it out and try again. But still puzzled why so many seals perhaps because it may be different ones for other applications
  6. OK. Thanks. All unions good and tight it's just seeping from bottom. The filter is a good old fram one. I will pull it apart weekend and see what I got. Like said many thanks for help and reply l
  7. Hello thanks for help. Had two large seals in packaging and one small o ring. Have fitted o ring under washer and one seal top and bottom. Could this be problem. Trouble is last person who owned her was a bit off a texas ranger when came to looking after her. So only put it back way it came out so it could be wrong.
  8. Just changed fuel filter on 1.5 bmc engine. Diesel seems to be gathering around the bottom of of the filter housing have fitted new seals as per workshop manual. Any ideas help much appreciated. Thanks in advance for help
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