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  1. Hi just found the old thread and on this you said it was NPT Just want to make sure I get it right 😎 Head tapping on a 1.8D is NPT thread, on a 1.5D its 1/2" BSP. Calcutt can provide the NPT one. Some heads are reworked ones from the factory so check first, BMC were fond of making unannounced changes! NPT is the same thread as electrical conduit if that helps. Edited June 29 by Tracy D'arth
  2. It wasnt my engine at the time this photo was taken so cant comment on the suitability but the guy that sold it to us is apparently an expert at BMCs and this wasnt hos first one so presume he knows his stuff Os it just a standard 1/2 inch BSP or do I need something specific Regards
  3. Hi everyone following on from a previous post we now have the BMC 1800 runming and the Calorifier ready to go in currently in place but only situ. I remember some of you saying I needed a few specific bits for the engine to connect the Calorifier can you remind me what those are and where best to get then. Screw threads etc Picture of our engine before install for reference.
  4. Thankyou It was due when I bought it but due to engine issues/swap covid etc we havent been anywhere to do it. Hopefully We will get a space before november cancellations etc Regards
  5. Forgetting November as an issue can anyone give me an awnser to the other points posted a kit is advertised but seems iffy????
  6. Because its well overdue by a year and the annodes are next to nothing and need replacing. London is very busy to book
  7. Can you gimd me somewhere quicker that november then as that is the first available slot and its september to many people buying boars these fay slots are all taken up. I get what you are saying bit im not prepared to wait and do zilch til April.
  8. Whilst I do appreciate the temprature issue as I said we do need to do it. Booking a slot is dam near impossible with all slots taken up asap. Hopefully we might get a cancellation before november but given the forst available slot is november is a pretty good indication of the state of play sadly!!! If nothing else the annodes will be done and something applied to help tide us over.
  9. Hi all. We have arranged now the engine is working to sort our blacking and have contacted High Line and will be out for a month come the start of November. The first available unless something comes up beforehand. We will be Diy so just paying for crane and jetwash. Its the first time we have done it but it definitely needs to be done so regardless. We can also use the month to sort a few jobs inside. Question is how much blacking do we need???? My boat partner is a bit odd at google and came up with the following: https://www.smlmarinepaints.co.uk/offers/canalboatmaintenancekit/3050_Maintenance A blacking kit that has 10ltrs of blacking plus thinners and kit for £71 Now to me 10ltrs dont seem much, thinners Ive never heard of thinners in terms of blacking and £71 sounds very cheap???? Your thoughts and reccomendations please Regards
  10. I may have been wrong there about 5w/40 whats in it is was reccomended by calcuts But will that halfords oil be okay or do I need to find something else. Finding non synthetic oil seems to be a bit difficult without ordering. Im at bulls bridge near London not exactly farm country
  11. Delta A20 apparently???? PRM but you probably knew that already
  12. Unfortunately its a bit of an emergency as having now got the engine running with whatever was in there. I believe 5w/40 non synthetic as apparently reccomended by calcuts. We need to make sure we have enough as we have to move the boat a few miles up the canal as we have been on a 24hr mooring since before lockdown. Hence no time for ordering/buying from cheaper suppliers. Sorry Im a bit confused and tbf your right they probably are not upto spec on API. This engine oil will be suitable for our deisel engine BMC 1800 We have enough engine oil but not alot in the gearbox and Im told its the same oil. Please correct me if wrong
  13. Seen this but bei g told its no good and for petrol engines https://www.halfords.com/motoring/engine-oils-and-fluids/engine-oil/halfords-classic-oil-20w50-5l-537977.html
  14. Hi everyone having now got the engine started and running What Engine oil do I need to put in the BMC 1800
  15. Hi all thankyou we finally have our BMC 1800 bled using a manual vacuum pump. But we need to sort out a new starter battery the one we have on the boat is too small. What do you reccomend 😎
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