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  1. Well the kit arrived today. It seems very American as all the cars listed as compatible are American cars. However below is the list of compatible adapters and M12x1.25 seems to be there. I've added the list. Thanks for the help as you can imagine having not has a great deal of fun with this engine in the narrowboat I'm getting tetchy and for that I apologise if I've been too stroppy. Regards and Thankyou
  2. Thanks for the information shame its a day to late 🙄🙄🙄
  3. This was the point of the original question which asked what the adapter size was. TBF getting really peeved off with this effing BMC nothing works 🙄🙄🙄🙄🤔
  4. Thanks Tony all Ordered. Definitely looks like a better kit 😁
  5. Define a decent Kit. I'm not looking to do alot of these and was looking at a fairly cheap ebay option This kind of thing https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/383134349347?hash=item5934963823:g:BCMAAOSwER1hzRp0&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAA8KC2px5LeqQ0qtStlvMBRPDtl1LPXGQEDf65QzNq8vkRRbhiwgsvyKFFhPxdQIxPzbsandnIG29TZaeJgBAz%2BI3fslaAk2vFTAc40CAV4KxWgEW31NXvR8pZ%2F3uXcAYl4%2FlE0BGBTNO1k%2FqAk9FB9vXv%2B%2BfaDv4Av%2FD%2Bs1Z7JnRSL8crxV8qwlGjVl51Vz7ReDnyN15y73iJt8kki9Qh8K%2BKbgxrt7THMe5GZSvjKTPCH4r2nh2cOXXchatrgS8OCLuVbkJ1l0TkRdvpIlytfWHqDrxVNs1ujeg87WhXITvOawIwXUa3xZx62V3ZVmvesA%3D%3D|tkp%3ABFBMuN_o_KZg
  6. Have ordered the Fuel Lift Pump and New Filter and expect to replace these in the coming week. As suggested I am going to perform a Compression test. (Well my brother will) so I need to get a diesel Compression testing kit. But what adapter size do I need to make sure is in any kit I buy will be compatible with the BMC 1800. Regards
  7. Oki so the plan is. Purchase a new Lift Pump £28 from calcut (provably other suppliers but happy after seeing the calcut one on a YouTube vid) get a new oil filter and new oil (still to decide which one) and try it. At least then we know that the lift pump will be good!!! If the problem still persists then we will look at getting the injector unit refurbed.
  8. I do believe the guy had some BMC experience and a military workshop. "To the OP, have you checked the valve clearances?" I haven't checked and tbh when my Bro is about to help he is often on limited time so not sure
  9. Was purchased privately from a guy from a military barracks in Dorset. It was going to go into another boat but that has some serious delamination to its shell and they sold off the engine.
  10. Will the engine run okay once started with Easy start regardless if there is a problem with the lift pump ????
  11. The story is that we had the refurbed BMC 1800 craned in last year. We has starting problems by which I mean it would not start on the control button and seem to require bleeding and lifting of engine boards not something you want to do regularly on the canal. My brother came along and got it started bled through & few squirts of easy start and it ran okay. We shifted it up the canal (it did cut out when the throttle was pushed hardish) but restarted and covered a few miles. But when it came to moving again a week later no luck. Myself not being a mechanic of any kind could do nothing. Bro came along again just before Christmas and got it running again We moved it again but winter kicked in and this past weekend Bro was able to come to the boat. Got it started after checking it through fuel coming out at all points. But would not crank. Few squirts of easy start and if fired into life and ran okay for a few minutes before we noticed that fuel was dribbling out of the bottom of the oil breather where it connects to the engine. Bro drained the sump (about two Gallons all told Oil and diesel mixture but more fuel density than oil. When it starts it runs fine but requires the easy start squirts and obviously we have the fuel in sump problem Hope that clarifies
  12. So after trying to fix the poor starting problem that has been persistent for some time. We used a few squirts of easy start and the engine chugged to life. But we then noticed that Diesel was dribbling out the bottom of the Oil breather housing. All was drained out of the sump about two Gallons in total Diesel. Over the past 6 moths we have not run the engine alot and on the few occasions that my bother a mechanic has been available we have tried bleeding the engine through. Anyway as said we have now drained all from the sump and plan to put fresh oil and filters back. I am reading from other similar threads that the likely cause is either a Faulty Lift Pump (Diaphragm) or Faulty Injector. In terms of the Lift Pump I have heard that others have Retro fitted an electric pump in place of the lift pump. What is the details on this please and of course any other support help you can offer would be much appreciated Regards Duncan
  13. Hi just found the old thread and on this you said it was NPT Just want to make sure I get it right 😎 Head tapping on a 1.8D is NPT thread, on a 1.5D its 1/2" BSP. Calcutt can provide the NPT one. Some heads are reworked ones from the factory so check first, BMC were fond of making unannounced changes! NPT is the same thread as electrical conduit if that helps. Edited June 29 by Tracy D'arth
  14. It wasnt my engine at the time this photo was taken so cant comment on the suitability but the guy that sold it to us is apparently an expert at BMCs and this wasnt hos first one so presume he knows his stuff Os it just a standard 1/2 inch BSP or do I need something specific Regards
  15. Hi everyone following on from a previous post we now have the BMC 1800 runming and the Calorifier ready to go in currently in place but only situ. I remember some of you saying I needed a few specific bits for the engine to connect the Calorifier can you remind me what those are and where best to get then. Screw threads etc Picture of our engine before install for reference.
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