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  1. It was Rad/skin tank cooled the new engine will be raw water cooled. The containers are full of the Bilge rain water mixed with coolant. The bow drains underfloor to the stern and the mixture had to be containered all future bilge water should be clean to pump over the side 😎
  2. Ahhhhh Better Hold onto the 10 Bilge Water Containers for a few days then 😎
  3. Thanks everyone. This photo is quite a few weeks old and everything has now been cleaned up 😎
  4. Hi we have reached that stage where we removed all the cooling system etc and are left with our BMC 1500 ready to come out but currently it is still connected to the prop shaft. The boatyard has said they can crane out the engine but prefer to do this whilst the narrowboat is still in the water are there any tips or suggestions for removing the prop shaft from the gearbox without letting in a load of water. The prop does seem to be held in place with a sort of collar as shown in the picture and the shaft is now much cleaner TIA
  5. Having some problems with our aging BMC 1500 which we are planning to replace following lift out at Hyline Yachting on the slough arm. We are currently on the Grand Union near Bulls Bridge. Does anyone know of any towing service or someone that may be able to give us a hand so we can get there before the 24th ready for the lift out
  6. So the smaller 5kw versions would be okay just caught a bit on Youtube and they include Narrowboats in their description
  7. Well it looks like we might be replacing our Narrowboat stove and saw these Clarke Barrell Multi-Fuel Stoves on Machine Mart quite like the look of this one as its a slimmer profile than our existing https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/clarke-barrel-ii-8kw-cast-iron-wood-burning-st/?da=1&TC=GS-090310301&&gclid=CjwKCAjw4MP5BRBtEiwASfwALw_bz4IoYptL29CWuPh16ajo0-gjA3_LwYTfBA6R6xGfEBsmGFl1CBoCxuMQAvD_BwE Has anyone put one on a narrowboat and is there any reason you couldn't
  8. I think we were thinking it has some sort of impeller rather than diaphragm
  9. Thanks everyone. How offem does the Gulper need to be cleaned as opposed to how often does the shower sump need to be cleaned.
  10. Following on from another post regarding shower sump trays. I have now discovered in all the boxes of bits left behind by the previous owner a Whale Gulper Pump 220. Others mentioned that its better to do away with the Sump Tray and just attach the shower Gulper to the bottom of the shower tray and then over the side via a skin fitting. Now I know that sounds simple enough but can someone explain the set up as by co owner does not understand (coming from sailboats) how you don't need a sump of any kind!!!! Regards
  11. Tbf didn't know these existed whats the link please
  12. I looking for more information on the manufacturer of our narrowboat from anyone who might recognise the design. From other posts I have heard it may have been from Sowerby Bridge. The distinctive gas lockers at the back seen to be the most distinguishing feature. The roof itself has been rebuilt of epoxied marine ply over a steel frame so probably different from the original. The bow drains under the floor to the stern. If anyone can help with her history and origin it would be very much appreciated 😎
  13. She does have quite a high bow. The top has been rebuilt in epoxied wood over a steel frame so probably looks a little different but thanks its a great help 😎
  14. Yep the gear box which was remov3d in the top picture but we do have it 😎
  15. As the OP The issue with this system and overheating seems to be that it was loosing water and coolant from a poorly attached hose the black one over the top of the engine The fan mentioned comes on when the engine gets hot to cool the engine and it does work. The system will be available at the end of August as we are swapping out our engine. Here is another picture of it
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