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  1. How am I "generally dissing"? What does that mean? I have been called a drama queen, and I have been called rude. I haven't used any such insults (although I could, if you want). And again, I really fail to see how "not following advice" qualifies as the "height of bad manners". It's called advice for a reason. If it was mandatory, it would be called 'a command'.
  2. Why do you think you're that important? Did you research me in-depth before replying? There are dozens of people replying to this thread, I'm not going to read character biographies of all of them. If I googled everyone I interacted with on the internet to make a judgement on them, I'd be doing nothing else, ever. I asked a question. I got an answer. I repeat: I give advice to people all the time about computers. If they don't take it, I don't call them rude and tell them to google me because I'm such a big shot and they clearly don't expect to do anything for themselves. I just shrug and get on with my day. I would do the same if you asked me. Why some of you think asking a question means that someone has signed some kind of sacred contract with you if you respond, I have no idea.
  3. I find this attitude bizarre. I'm a programmer, and when people ask me for computer advice, I give it. If they don't take my advice, I don't get on my high horse about it and call them rude, to their face. That really would be rude. And how do I know you know what you're talking about? You could be anybody. You could BE the random bod from the boatyard for all I know.
  4. If they didn't want to spend their time replying, they shouldn't have done so. There is no rule that if you ask for advice, you're obliged to take it. Not least because all I asked about was if anyone knew what my fridge was doing. So no, it is not "the least I could do". Given that I've been called a drama queen for refusing to sell my only home to a random stranger on the internet, when I didn't ask and had already politely declined, even after I have repeatedly explained my situation, I will reiterate that nobody is obligated to post on this thread, including you.
  5. I see your Alice Roberts, and raise you Hannah Fry. Wot. A. Lady.
  6. We must be on the same marina then, because the other day I could have sworn I saw Reese Witherspoon sashaying along the towpath like Naomi Campbell, past some bloke that looked like Harold Shipman.
  7. Ok, that one did actually get me 🤣 Of course I was referring to the lady boaters being fabulous like Naomi Campbell, I'm sure all the blokes look like beardy OAP-snuffers.
  8. Fickle but gorgeous, like Naomi Campbell.
  9. Hang on a minute, you were on my team the other day! What gives? Did D'arth Vader nobble you with promises of divvying up my crappy canal boat after I'm out of the picture?
  10. I'd be surprised if they sell them for delivery, tends to be just food and such, although I haven't looked. Of course I could just say that I've bought one, and then everyone on here would stop asking me about it.....
  11. Crumbs, I've gone from being an insufferably ignorant drama-queen noob to being asked for my advice in the space of about 20 minutes! I feel as if the captain of the football team has just asked me to take off my glasses and let down my hair. All the major supermarkets deliver as far as I know (Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrisons, Asda), I've even heard of people having food deliveries to random parts of the canal ("please be at this bridge in this post code at this time"), the drivers'll do pretty much whatever you ask them to (within reason) - and in fact, every driver we've had has been a cheerful delight, I keep expecting a grump to turn up eventually but it hasn't happened yet - you can go out to their van, they'll carry the stuff to your boat, you go back and forth carrying and they'll help you etc. Yes, it's very easy.
  12. I'm free to post on the internet if I wish, you are free to offer advice or not if you wish, and I am free to choose to accept it or not. (although what have I done that "annoyed" you?? Seems a rather strong reaction).
  13. That is your privilege, and I accept your flouncing withdrawal of offer.
  14. I certainly don't want to put a lot of effort in! Nor do I want to buy some equipment, and then try and follow instructions from well-meaning but remote people while they try and explain to me how to Tom-Cruise-from-Mission-Impossible myself into some dark corner that they can't see. Nor do I want anybody to go out of their way to help me - I would find it excruciating. I feel I've been pretty clear on all of that. As I said, if I'd asked the marina guy before asking on here, I probably wouldn't even have thought about it since. And I like posting on here, it's quite fun, and people keep asking me questions. I became very aware very soon after coming aboard that boats need never ending effort. That's why I intend to get off the boat as soon as I'm able, and this will just be a bad memory.
  15. Maybe I just don't want to sell to some random person on the internet? Or at least waste the time talking to them about it. Ok, how about this: £150k, in my bank account, and the boat is yours (or anyone else's). Or do you perhaps not have faith in some random person posting on an internet forum? (I quit drinking years ago, and supermarkets deliver, you know).
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