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  1. On my agenda: 1.Fertan 2.Sugar soap 3.Bonda Primer 4.Bonda Filler 5.Bonda 15 year Paint on top They said on the web. that resin based zinc anti-rust coating primer treatment leaves a metal surface ready to paint which got me thinking that I could skip the undercoat as I can't find a suitable Bonda undercoat product?
  2. Hi there, Yes, I'm relived that you were right its a very taught & dirty job but defo worth it. I've ordered Bonda Primer & filler, but dunno which undercoat would be best to use..?
  3. Hi Tumshie, Work on my boat is going very well , thank you for asking I'm almost done with surface preparation and once I get the rust treatment products I'll be able to start properly
  4. Let's do a '' music talk'' @the Virtual Pub one day ??I'm good at it-I won a competition for coming up with a most cheesy 80's song, quite recently..I would even add that I have a sense of humour but know I will have to prove it now... ??
  5. Hi Mike, I don't think that's ''the boat''. I got this one very recently -it was brought form Netherlands not long ago
  6. Please bare in mind that at some point you were new to boating and what goes with it, and there were people that helped you along the way. I'm learning and I'm sure that at some point I'll be able to contribute here not only by donating money. You haven't post any helpful comment on the subject but you're happy to attack people through your rude comments... Im sure that there are many people who do care.
  7. Hi , I appreciate your comment. I'm sorry you feel this way, but with all do respect ,I think that focusing on the subject rather than on unrelated comments its a sign of respect towards someone's time as they don't have to waste they time reading unrelated stuff (which might be of no interest to them). Best wishes
  8. Dear all, A massive thank you to all that replied with good tips & advice!! Kind request- please do not post unrelated comments or You Tube links here- use Virtual Pub instead Thank you.
  9. Hi Dave, Please see the attached photos Hope that helps. Thanks a lot for your valuable comments & advice
  10. Hi all Thank you very much for your replies and suggestions - they're very helpful! I'll try to post a couple of photos tomorrow. I really hope that rust isn't too bad under the window edges and I won't be left with holes?? Thanks again!
  11. Hi all, Could someone please recommend best products for rust treatment (steel) -rust converter, primer & filler? I will be treating rust around windows. I was planning to use Red Oxide Primer & Kurust rust converter (both Hammerite brand) - are those any good? As well, which sealant would be suitable to be used together with the recommended products,please. Thank you very much in advance!
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