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  1. Decided to rip the old ceiling down and start again with new panels and LED fittings. Hopefully easier than messing around with cleaning and covering holes etc. Could be an opportunity to get some better insulation up there too. I’ve got a pallet of Celotex/Kingspan boards which I’ll see if I can use. Depends on whether I can get them to fit the curve of the roof or not. Already stripped out 2nd bathroom and knocked through from one bedroom. Big bedroom now! 🙂
  2. That looks pretty good actually! Question though: Your ceiling panels look smooth in those photos. Is that just my eyes, your camera or are they really? Mine are more textured with a kinda crossweave pattern. Not very cleaning friendly, by the look of ‘em! Not that I’ve tried ?
  3. Do you reckon the newly cleaned ceiling now matches the colour of the ceiling under the old light fittings? Or is the ‘exposed’ area of ceiling panel permanently discoloured, like what BSP describes? Would be handy if it could be cleaned to match what’s under the fittings, but I suspect I can’t?
  4. Sounds just like mine! ? The last owner left me about 30 spare bulbs/tubes for the ceiling lights. I’m really hoping that the lights have gone in the skip LONG before I need to buy any more! I keep staring at the lights again now that you’ve mentioned them. I can feel my blood pressure rising by the minute. Thanks for that! ??
  5. Yes, those original ceiling lights are horrendous! ? One of my first comments at the time of viewing was “Well, they’ll have to go immediately”. They’re all still there....?
  6. Pictures are actually on page 4, not page 5, if anyone’s interested. Taken by previous owner when he reluctantly put her up for sale after 17 years.
  7. Good afternoon, new member here. How are you all? Also, another ex Black Prince owner - there’s a few of us around! In fact, my boat has featured on this thread already. At the start of May we became the proud new owners of Holly Blue. As you can see from the photos that were posted on the previous page, she is still in very original configuration and condition. That could all be changing soon though if I finally get around to the planned alterations and refurb. I’m still in the “thinking about it” stage at the moment! Holly Blue has only had one owner since she came off fleet hire and any work that was done to her over the years was carried out by Black Prince themselves. She’s had a few extras added but is still fairly close to original internally. For now...
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