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  1. Middlewich Branch breach - Shropshire Union

    Why can’t they pump up from the river that it fell into?
  2. Middlewich Branch breach - Shropshire Union

    I have asked the FB poster for permission to paste his image here. Should he decline then I’ll remove it. (Edit to add that yes, I know that’s backwards) I find the whole issue of copyright of an image that’s already shared in the public domain to be somewhat murky.
  3. And what did you conclude?
  4. EE 30Gb Data sim - £15/month Rolling contract.

    I had an amusing conversation with Three recently. After a cock-up and apology from them I ended up with an excellent (phone) deal of unlimited data, calls & texts for £11/month on a 12 month contract. The sales guy said “And we’ll give you Go Binge too”. I pointed out that it was somewhat irrelevant if I had unlimited data as part of the deal and he replied “But with Go Binge you can use as much as you like when watching Netflix”. I just said ok, thanks.
  5. Middlewich Branch breach - Shropshire Union

    The main pic is this one: Image Copyright Ryan Mottram, posted with permission.
  6. Odyssey extreme batteries

    Personally I would be very wary of buying used batteries. If they’re so good why isn’t the original user still using them? How do you know how many cycles they’ve performed? At what DoD? What’s their current true capacity? Direct link: https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Odyssey-The-Extreme-31-pc2150-Battery-12-V-100-Ah-Solar-Inverter-W-H-U/112880690212?hash=item1a4836a424:g:5vUAAOSwKwVaaSPP
  7. Middlewich Branch breach - Shropshire Union

    I’m certainly no expert but I’d imagine that once the towpath side collapsed there would be a huge slump in that direction effectively sucking the offside down with the flow of water. Think of when you built sandcastles; if you made a moat and then breached it, it would pull the far side down as the water flowed out.
  8. Indeed. 10mm is common and that’s pretty fat.
  9. Vetus Ultrasonic Sensor issues

    ???? It needs to be at least 50mm away from any walls or bulkheads. If the tank is now empty, calibrate it again in situ.
  10. Shower issues

    Sounds like the pipe is blocked. Limescale? Snap!
  11. As the Smelly guy wrote, mains fridges are cheaper, wider choice, blah blah... but they do require a decent inverter. If you already have an inverter (especially if it’s on most of the time anyway) then mains makes much more sense. If you only have a 12V setup then the choice is much less clear cut. Our last boat only had a small inverter for occasional use (500W) so we fitted a 12V Waeco fridge.
  12. It’s all BS either way...
  13. Typically bullish attitude from CaRT: “If it happens again we’ll deal with it in exactly the same way!” Nice one.
  14. Mr Smelly Awaiting Summer

    Well if we’re going for old ads, here’s my fave...
  15. Mr Smelly Awaiting Summer

    Time for a clip...