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  1. WotEver

    Rylards Paint - suppliers ?

    I painted our garage door last year. I was REALLY impressed with the shine and finish (minimal prep, just a wipe down with Sugar Soap). Several neighbours and friends have said “Wow! What a finish! What did you use?” It was just a tin of Dulux outdoor gloss paint (oil based) which I picked up as an impulse purchase from Wickes. So I tend to side with Tony B when he says that any decent exterior oil based gloss is likely to give a good finish.
  2. WotEver

    Cratch Info Required

    No, but he’s still there, I believe. Edit to add - so you’ve found
  3. WotEver

    Cratch Info Required

    According to Companies House his company is still active and you can contact him at:’ Navigation House, 1 Whitebridge Lane, Stone, Staffordshire, ST15 8LQ
  4. WotEver

    Setup of our boat and instant hot water taps ??

    I thought this point was worth repeating. So I’ve repeated it. You could probably have six showers with the same water as you’d use in one bath. Do you really want to have to top up your water tank daily? Besides, a bath takes up loads of room.
  5. WotEver


    Bunch.Bubble.Divisions here.
  6. WotEver

    Edwardian Bedding Company & others.

    Just like Guy Martin...
  7. WotEver

    Beta Green Paint.

    And you know this because...
  8. WotEver

    Solar Thermal Hot Water System

    Wouldn’t a temp comparator as opposed to an LDR be a better solution then? Isn’t that why most controllers use that system? Obviously you’d still need the over-temp safeguard.
  9. WotEver

    legal expert required

    Then you should steer with more care.
  10. WotEver

    Alternator info

    I had a similar problem swapping a brake servo on an S-type Jag. A couple of weeks later I was chatting to a chap who explained that he worked in the Jaguar design department, modelling all of the components in 3D to see how they’d fit together, be pressed or moulded etc. I took the opportunity, following my recent experience, to ask him what consideration they made for future maintenance of the vehicle. From the look he gave me you’d have thought I’d asked him the meaning of life...
  11. WotEver


  12. WotEver

    Alternator info

    Just to save a couple of feet of cable?
  13. WotEver

    2 RCDs?

    No. As Nick explains above he referred to the RCD’s requirement for an MCB under certain circumstances, not an RCD. There are many and varied types of mains installations that are possible, my response was to the OP’s question regarding a single Multiplus plus shore power and I tried to keep the answer simple.
  14. WotEver

    Eco Fan

    It’s the gift that keeps on giving...

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