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  1. WotEver


    Instant communication. I’m still waiting for the first QE iPhone
  2. WotEver

    Tips sought on buying a washer dryer

    I agree, but I can only report my observation. Our first dryer required an outlet hose and chucked out copious amounts of hot damp air. The subsequent ones (of which this is the second) have no air outlet point and the last time I pulled it away from its little cubby I didn’t find the mounds of fluff behind it that I expected to. You've made me go Google it now. Here you go, as I suggested, it’s just circulated... Although that can’t be exactly how ours works as the heat exchanger is at the bottom and the condensate collector is at the top, full of warm water at the end of the cycle. As to time - a full 7kg load takes about half an hour.
  3. WotEver

    Tips sought on buying a washer dryer

    Yes to the presumption, and no to the question. It has a large condensate container at the top and a much larger condenser at the bottom. That latter takes the form of a large tube with radiator fins along its length. The air appears to just circulate within the dryer, getting dryer and dryer. It also has a moisture sensor so it can beep at us (sounds like ABBA’s ‘Money Money Money’ to me) when it thinks the contents are dry enough. They never are, first time around.
  4. WotEver

    Battery Question (yes, another one)

    I doubt it. OP has the boat on shore power charging for much of its life. I suspect he’s simply been unlucky with one battery plus, as Tony B points out, his charger probably switches to float too soon; most of them do. Widely? Really? So tens of thousands of boaters around the world say this? Or just Mike?
  5. WotEver

    Tips sought on buying a washer dryer

    We have a condensing dryer at home and it has no water connection, so not all of the condensing types use water for cooling.
  6. WotEver

    Thames @ Hampton

    Regardless of the length of the mooring, if I’m buying something for over a million quid I’d want the contract wrapped up in gold thread personally woven by a solicitor.
  7. WotEver

    Thames @ Hampton

    The judge was pretty unimpressed with all of the parties but in the end did award substantial damages in favour of the purchasers. http://www.falcon-chambers.com/images/uploads/documents/DJURBERG_judgment_1_Sept_17.pdf
  8. Ha! Good reason for not doing so in the future I guess.
  9. WotEver

    12v battery or do i go 6v

    If you tell us exactly what you have we may be able to advise.
  10. WotEver

    How many blocks on dry land?

    Yeah, 2 hours is an absolute age...
  11. WotEver

    Death By Dangerous Cycling - New Laws

    Plenty of trucks in the US with two signs on the back, ‘Passing Side’ and ‘Suicide’, with ‘Passing Side’ obviously on the outside edge. Europe (including the UK) is a little more discreet, with a ‘No Entry’ symbol on the nearside. It’s a shame that some cyclists ignore that obvious warning.
  12. How would that work with your ‘contract’ with him I wonder? He’s done the exam, he’s refused a certificate for a fault he’s made up. Do you just say “Sue me”?
  13. Yep. Or radio aerial leads, or...
  14. WotEver

    Death By Dangerous Cycling - New Laws

    Yup. Not in any of the places where I see cycles moving to the front of a queue of traffic at traffic lights round here. There ARE some cycle lanes (which, bizarrely, disappear at the approach to roundabouts) but all of the instances I’m referring to (I very nearly wiped out a cyclist myself a few weeks back and yes, I was indicating left and yes, my indicators work) are at lights with no cycle lane. The cyclist either waddles to the front of the queue or if there’s no space hops onto the pavement to do so.

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