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  1. Lidle pump & fuel tank cleaning

    Unintentional but humorous autocorrect there Fairy snuff.
  2. Getting back into this OT part of the thread... BG moved the appt from Friday to today. Gas guy had been to us before and knew the installation. Several points were made... Inspector who issued the AR was from PH Jones and wanted to demonstrate how ‘extra thorough’ he is. Constant new guidelines are issued by Gas Safe. Supports for flues used to be max distance 1.5m apart, now it’s 1.2m or any change of direction. Guidance from manufacturer always says a support for every flue section “but they’re not fitting it!” Our installation was supported at one end by the boiler and the ceiling fire stop and at the other end by being cemented through the brick, so only required a single support ‘In This Engineer’s Opinion’. So he fitted one
  3. Wrap Up Warm This Coming Week

    The Weather Channel, which I find to be remarkably consistent with the truth, hasn’t changed for several days now. It states a high of 3 today, 7 tomorrow and Wednesday, 10 on Thursday, then settling at around 9 for the foreseeable. The wind will start dropping after lunch today.
  4. Paloma PH-5-3F (Not heating up)

    He says, crawling on the floor, picking up the pieces...
  5. Lidle pump & fuel tank cleaning

    Why don’t you just do what Tony did and siphon a bit from the bottom of your tank, let it settle, and then see how it looks?
  6. Chancellor's Spring Statement - Red Diesel

    Three, at least.
  7. Paloma PH-5-3F (Not heating up)

  8. Chancellor's Spring Statement - Red Diesel

    Me neither. A few quid extra to fill your tank is neither here nor there.
  9. Chancellor's Spring Statement - Red Diesel

    I doubt that many boaters will want to struggle along the towpath with several Jerry cans of diesel just to save a few quid. I know I wouldn’t.
  10. Paloma PH-5-3F (Not heating up)

    I’d imagine he’s sorted it over the intervening 11 months...
  11. Calorifier leaking.

    That’d be B for Bin then
  12. Revenge of the Beast from the East (Part 2)

    Plenty of the cold white stuff in Nuneaton today...
  13. Eberspacher not heating water

    I agree with Sam - probably an airlock.
  14. Painting - cabin sides

    Didn’t I see a leopard print boat at Crick one year?