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  1. WotEver

    Rubbish Pipex Email server.

    ???? Just buy it. Eg here: https://ecrateruk.com/products/outlook-2016-microsoft-digital-download-license-1 Okay, that’s not the latest version but it’s fully functional. Or you can buy the (Word, Excel & PP) office suite for £120 if you prefer. You don’t have to go the subscription route: https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/p/office-home-student-2019/cfq7ttc0k7c8?ocid=AID681541_aff_7794_1246483&tduid=(ir__1mfhfuppnokfr1ve0hnrewwq9n2xhbmpltjxrzts00)(7794)(1246483)((be18e95969472963b2fd54a3af364070)(266696)(1503186)(803X112721X7213ba48a44ecbec6699331496031690)())(be18e95969472963b2fd54a3af364070)&irgwc=1&irclickid=_1mfhfuppnokfr1ve0hnrewwq9n2xhbmpltjxrzts00&activetab=pivot%3aoverviewtab
  2. WotEver

    Brexit 2019

    It isn’t worthy of a response. Nobody took any notice of Farage’s lies on his bus apart from the remoaners who keep suggesting that it was influential on the leave vote. Every time I saw that bus on TV I laughed out loud, as did everyone I know.
  3. Well yes, that particular one gets doubled in price with the carriage anyway.
  4. https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Electronic-Specialties-308B-Atc-Fuse-Buddy-Current-Loop/233117960516
  5. WotEver

    Engine mounts

    In case you can’t read the above post (it’s scrambled for me) the answer boils down to “A spanner on the hex at the top of the stud or a pair of pliers at a push”
  6. WotEver

    BETA 35 not starting - help!

    When I recently changed a brake servo the last bolt was undone with me upside down on the seat with my head in the footwell with a long extension and a uj on the socket set, done entirely by feel. Great fun.
  7. WotEver

    Charging problems

    Just a buck. No boost required.
  8. WotEver

    24v charging problems

    It appears that OP joined, made his first post, then left. Perhaps he only has access to the internet in the evenings?
  9. WotEver

    24v charging problems

    Or a 12V tap again.
  10. WotEver

    Charging problems

    I wonder if he meant B to B? Sterling sell those.
  11. WotEver

    24v charging problems

    Assuming that the OP really means that he’s charging at 28.8V or thereabouts the most likely scenario for the problem he describes is that he’s taken a 12V tap from the series bank in order to feed his 12V appliances. If so, that wants removing and a 24V-12V buck converter using instead. This is now the third 12V / 24V problem we’ve seen on this forum in as many weeks.
  12. WotEver

    Harvesting free power

    If you turn them off they’ll still charge just fine with a smaller charger.
  13. WotEver

    24v charging problems

    How does that work then?
  14. WotEver

    Brexit 2019

    Which pales into insignificance against the £39,000,000,000 that we have to pay to leave the club.

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