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  1. Mer is great as long as you never want to repaint the boat - all that silicone makes it a nightmare.
  2. I know a chap that did all three. Okay, he did 1 and 2 in reverse order, and 2 was the navy but even so...
  3. Use the two holes that currently have that black wire and resistor in them (throw that away). Com & 1Way. Do it at night, or throw something over the panels when you do it.
  4. No, it’s bad. 3 seconds ok, 5 seconds good. Anything above 5 seconds excellent.
  5. What would have stopped you from getting in with waders and doing it laboriously by hand?
  6. As I sit here typing this we have really heavy hail. I guess it’ll end in about 2 minutes though... Found it! Thanks
  7. I can’t seem to work out how to do that on a phone. Did you select it on a pc?
  8. That’s why they call it the Black Country...
  9. Not really. The 10 hours once a week will slow the sulphation but it won’t eliminate it. Spending 6 days at less than fully charged will undoubtedly cause the battery to sulphate; it’s all a balance between time/engine wear/fuel usage/replacement battery cost.
  10. Indeed. And I guess it does
  11. It takes exactly the same time in Absorption to charge 400Ah as it does to charge 100Ah. The only difference is how long you’ll be in Bulk prior to Absorption due to the size (or lack of size) of your charging source.
  12. Yes, but only... Does riding a lock gate constitute ‘striking’?
  13. Yup. And at this time of the year it starts at 6am
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