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  1. Were you caught? Caught in a trap?
  2. When I first looked at that I thought the airbag had gone off...
  3. I liked the Maxi. It was the first modern car where the doors went thunk instead of clang.
  4. Actually... wouldn’t that be a great name for a new Range Rover... the Rover Imperial
  5. The Mini would be metric but the Rover really should be imperial.
  6. But it isn’t. A charging current of 1% to 2% of the battery capacity at a charging voltage of 14.4V+ is nearasdammit fully charged. So 4-8A for a 440Ah bank etc.
  7. Yes, that’s absolutely correct. You are aware that 12.2V is ‘flat’ aren’t you?
  8. At our last house we had an XJS for a while. The width was tight but do-able but the length was very tight. I put some carpet on the far wall for the car to run up to and then the garage door just touched the rear bumper. For storage I built a 4ft deep (strong) shelf about 4ft off the ground on the far wall, and the bonnet used to sit underneath it.
  9. No, but Mini 3-door 2018 at 1932 millimeters and a Range Rover at 1983 is just a couple of inches, yes.
  10. Our most recently opened Lidl also has good wide bays.
  11. Only if you’re doing a poor imitation of Manuel
  12. Indeed, so what we’re saying is that modern cars are much wider than they used to be. Nothing specific to 4WD vehicles as suggested by Roland.
  13. Interesting observation. Mr Google suggests that there’s less than an inch difference in width between those mentioned 4WD cars and a modern Mini.
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