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  1. ??? There are no posts that I can see which show that he has edited them.
  2. WotEver

    NB Phoenix

    So is that stern a semi-cruiser...?
  3. And always bear in mind that flotsam may be claimed by the original owner, whereas jetsam may be claimed as property of whoever discovers it... ... should you wish to pull it out.
  4. Have you read the recent comments below that article? Priceless. https://www.canalboat.co.uk/canal-boats/steve-haywood-let-s-ban-the-bullies-1-6081716
  5. Having recently plumbed in a replacement 1 1/2 bowl sink I can attest to the fact that... Not all push-fit pipes and fittings fit each other. And... The ‘compact’ waste kit sold by Screwfix is incorrectly named. That probably doesn’t help either.
  6. Yup, my brain was Confuzzled too. ‘never had a KFC’ does not compute.
  7. If you do a Google for “Wago 60947-7-1” you’ll see a bunch of Wago connectors that specifically state that they conform. None of the 221 type state that, so I don’t believe they do. This still doesn’t address the meaning of that RCD reg where they refer to ‘other types’. I find that reg ambiguous.
  8. But do they conform to 60947-7-1? I don’t believe they do. They fall off after a while. You need to cover them with clear heat-shrink.
  9. Won’t work. KFC is deep fried in a pressure vessel; frying it as a mere mortal might won’t give the same result.
  10. I’m unsure of the meaning of that Reg. Firstly: “Screw-clamp or screwless terminal blocks shall conform to IEC 60947-7-1” Standard Wago connectors with the little flip-up levers like the 221 don’t conform to that spec as far as I’m aware. They make connectors that do but I don’t believe they’re the type we’re discussing. Secondly: “Other terminals shall be of the ring or self-locking captive-spade type, not dependent on screw or nut tightness alone for retention on the stud or screw.” What do they mean by ‘others terminals’? Do they mean connectors which don’t conform to 60947-7-1? If so, what’s the purpose of the first paragraph? I’m confused. Doesn’t take much.
  11. If Wagos were to be used then I believe they’re intended for use with solid cable are they not? In which case stranded would require a ferrule.
  12. I doubt if they’re approved for use by the RCD. Why do you say ‘horrible’ though? For their intended purpose I think they’re great.
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