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  1. Are you in Oz? If not, then there are many UK suppliers who offer suitable chargers. Victron, Mastervolt, and Sterling are pretty common. Charging voltages are nothing special - 14.4-14.7V Absorption, 13.6V Float and no more than 20A per battery. You have four batteries, so assuming you have a 12V boat then any charger up to 80A.
  2. No, he’s just a fun guy Ohhh... Mike beat me to it.
  3. It’s the brine that they not only cure the bacon with but with which they inject the bacon prior to slicing it in order to increase its weight. I only buy dry cured from a local butcher these days for that reason. It’s more expensive but you’re buying bacon, not salty water.
  4. I suspect there was something wrong with the supply. Let’s hope so.
  5. Maybe he’s a Scouser. Day do do dat don’t day?
  6. Or flick a switch... now, which one’s easier...
  7. Sounds about right then. I rarely upped ours to 2000rpm. 4mph is FAST on a canal - it’s a limit, not a target.
  8. I agree Otherwise you’ll struggle with blankets and cardboard whenever you need to change anything downstream of the controller.
  9. First check - try another bollard. Second check - confirm that incoming 230V is at about that voltage (+10% -6%). If those two checks are ok then it’s likely that the MultiPlus is indeed faulty.
  10. That’s quite possible, as is OldGoat’s suggestion of a fouled prop. We really need OP to tell us a bit more. As an aside... Judging from my singular experience of just one M3.10 it was very happy at 1800-1900 rpm, at 2000 rpm it was working a bit harder, and at 2200 rpm it was going like the clappers. I’d never have dreamt of taking it to its max of 3600 rpm.
  11. WotEver was 34ft with a Vetus M3.10 and usual cruising speed was about 1900 rpm at which speed we’d be travelling a little faster than ambling walkers. I suspect that the OP is under-propped.
  12. Which all mysteriously disappear for one day every 4 years no doubt.
  13. So should we start looking for Wives Revenge?
  14. I see the video 4 times in Paul’s post (plus a fifth one that didn’t work)
  15. And there’s a Honeypot Lane in Husbands Bosworth. Why doesn’t Husbands Bosworth have an apostrophe?
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