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  1. It must be the fat end of 18 years since I was involved on that site. Then it was definitely no live aboards. British Waterways ruled in 1998 that there would be no new linear moorings, meaning multiple moorings, but it has had some relaxations over the last 24 years! I remember the then Estates Manager telling me that live aboard boaters were a pain in his nether region. I did suggest to him that if BW set up some decent residential moorings, especially north of Birmingham, the pain would ease. He was not of the same mind.
  2. Kick the kids out to stand on their own two feet. Then the parents can have a life of their own at last.
  3. Even worse!!! You are massively underestimating the cost of living aboard and have no comprehension of the lifestyle required. It is not compatible with students devoting their time to drinking, partying and a little occasional study.
  4. They were sold originally for £23K each if I remember correctly, water was on then.
  5. If you are referring to the divided field, next to the railway line, I know this mooring. It was created some time ago and the plots sold off. Strictly non residential when I was involved.
  6. No. C&RT will do their utmost to stop the land owner allowing you to moor, including advising the local planning authority that the use of the land is changed from agriculture to leisure which will cause a panic.
  7. Its very poor choice for an air vent, these are made as eMpTy cocks hence the mnemonic. Better with a proper ait tap like in the top of a radiator.
  8. In general Canal & River Trust will not sanction any new linear moorings.
  9. The calorifier is usually in the stat bypass loop so if the stat will not open it is the only cooling. This is so that the calorifier warms up first before the stat opens. If you remove the core of the cock you will see the washer on the end or stuck to the seat.
  10. Well spotted, thought the thread was too long. Reckon you hit it on the head. Its a little knowledge is dangerous again.
  11. Those MT cocks have a habit of sticking the washer down. If the stat is not opening the calorifier circuit is vital to cooling.
  12. Oh, that complicated. Thought you were using a capillary stat not a temperature controller.
  13. Dip tube pickup? Are you hitting the bend? Fish or foreign body in tank?
  14. Temperature will be erratic with the stat outside the cabinet. How will you get the phial into the evaporator box?
  15. Fine, just wondered if you had marked the pipe where the olive sits.
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