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  1. They all have stops in th middle until you drill them through.
  2. If the pipe is not cut, there is nothing to fail, best way. I don't understand the brass sleeve bit, especially if the pipe is loose in the sleeve. Its a BSS fail and I have never seen it done this way.
  3. I did think that would be the case but everyone was adamant that I was wrong. The return goes into the pump. As it is working, well done!
  4. Athy is on it, he says please stop reporting, there are now 3 threads running and it is doing his head in.
  5. Thanks Athy. There are 2 threads running.
  6. I was most relieved NOT to hear that C&RT had built all the canals in the last few years. Made a refreshing change. It did highlight how much we have lost from almost 5000 miles of canal. The alignment of Blisworth tunnel is well documented though last nights account did lay too many of the problems on errors of surveying. There were considerable ground problems too.
  7. I read the title carefully but could not understand why my in-car entertainment system should run on hydrogen rather than a battery. Hat and coat on the door..............
  8. I do know of one that was towed behind the boat on the flexy hose for many miles before it was noticed.
  9. Paul Lorenz at Bedford Basin had loads of Calor and others' cylinders in his yard that he had pulled out of the Bridgewater Canal on the Water Womble. The gas suppliers would not take them back if they had been in the cut.
  10. Park Farm Marina, Oakwood Marina, both on the T&M near Northwich.
  11. Alan does have these lapses of reality, frequently. Unless he can quote something he has found on line it tends to be drivel.
  12. No problem with stabilised supplies but gets a bit critical with un-stabilised ones if the current rating is widely different.
  13. And why pairs of gates top and bottom on the whole Bosley flight?
  14. I would put a small section of rubber hose through the hole in the casting sandwiched between the rubbers. to prevent metal to metal contact.
  15. I wonder whose safety barrier it is? Could it possibly be one C&RT hired in via their contractor? Pathetic.
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