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  1. C&RT are going for the Booker Prize for fiction again? They must be in a parallel universe, little of what they say happens around where I go boating.
  2. If it is fouled up inside, the pressure switch chamber will be full of "gunk" too which will cause it to either not fill, overfill or not drain properly.
  3. Like everything else the price of boats is driven by availability and demand. Over a period of time they will always rise, everything does. There are peaks and troughs but to say that they have reached the peak is misleading. As less can afford houses or get mortgages there will be a demand for boats to live on. The folk with pleasure boats and restricted income may have to reign in there spending and sell the craft off. If selling and needing the cash they will be willing to reduce prices. But this is traditionally the season when prices dip, no point in the pleasure buyers buying in Autumn when they will not use it in Winter. With more boats being built and less being scrapped there is a rising availability of craft but not all across the market, top and bottom ends are inflated by demand.
  4. Agreed, give the old batteries a chance but be aware that a defective battery can overheat when charged hard and even burst throwing acid and hydrogen sulphide gas out. Keep an eye on them, if you get the bad eggs smell, its time to check them carefully. ( it is a poisonous gas )
  5. Until you learn how to look after them, buy the cheapest you can find because it is likely that they will get abused and not charged properly which will lead to a short life even for the best and most expensive.
  6. That has the woodruff key, the later engines use the splines to mount the pulley.
  7. If they removed all the hiding unlicensed boats from the remote parts of the Shroppie, the water level would drop a foot.
  8. Is it because a mere woman cannot possibly know about engines? Don't know why I bother, I got to this in the third post.
  9. That was the first thing that occurred to me which is why I asked earlier. Well done, you won't do that again!
  10. I thought that was what I suggested? Bleach will kill the bug and strip the pipe clean.
  11. I did ask when it last ran but that was ignored.
  12. And me. Either this guy is a clown or too much trouble to be bothered with.
  13. If this is a serious question, the answer is yes, you need to comply like almost all other boaters do. You can loose the boat and be fined, many who try to play the system are. If it is a windup, I am sorry but it is not appreciated.
  14. I would disconnect the lines and wash them through with bleach.
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