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  1. Arrange a separate fuel supply from a small tank and use clean diesel or better still clean diesel with 25% kerosene. see if it smokes on that. If its OK you have some degraded fuel in the tank.
  2. They may be "fresh" injectors but white smoke is unburnt fuel suggesting a misfire. Are you sure about the injectors? Are they real BMC 1.5D injectors and not the Perkins that look just the same? The Perkins injectors are different and NOT interchangeable. Where did the come from? You say Calcutt which should be correct but even seasoned engine guys have been known to confuse them.
  3. Would seem to be a pointless exercise, 8mm (or 5/16", only 7 thou" difference) is adequate for the fuel lines. Soft coiled 10mm for microbore heating circuits is 10mm OD. Much refrigeration and gas soft coiled is still imperial, 3/8" OD.
  4. I had a customer turn up with a boat they had bought and sailed up north. On their journey they had been in 3 marinas ( who will remain un-named) to try to get the electrics to charge properly. All had failed despite having two new split charge relays fitted and 3 alternators replaced/repaired. On examination I found it had only one isolator switch, in the negative combined battery feed. Not uncommon but I don't like it. Then it was found that the engine battery was fitted the wrong way round. No wonder the relays burnt out and the alternators kept failing.
  5. Or try sales@coh-baines.co.uk You want flocked seal. Very helpful. If you have a sample or good photograph with scale measure they will send you a sample of what they have foc.
  6. The worst I had was a gecko in a swimming pool control panel. It took out the relay, cut-out and the most of tracks on the pcb. Not in the UK of course, Montaleigne, S. France.
  7. Wow, Sellweb is estimated at £422 for repair. But without any circuit diagrams and a 3 layer pcb its unlikely I can fathom it my self. Still that's £1k less than a new one.
  8. I knew a guy who for many years was Britain's longest surviving heart transplant receiver. He lived on a boat In Macclesfield and drove himself to Papworth for his check-ups.
  9. That is what I thought too. There is no technical information from Victron, I problem I have come up against before. I would never buy from Victron because of this policy.
  10. Could you move down to a piano or is it too heavy to lift? There are lots of reasons why a physical problem could preclude living on a narrowboat but lots seem to overcome them. It will be better for your wellbeing of course as advertised.
  11. Found the remains of an insect on the back of the main processor pcb, may have shorted across some components as it fried. Nothing else obvious, still dead. I give up, where is the best place to get it fixed?
  12. Welders run at 50V on the rod at 150A, 7500W ideally but a bit less due to the voltage droop with load. But at 240v is still around 25A to 30A on the plug at peak.
  13. Thank you, I will commit that to what's left of my memory.
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