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  1. Its the 19mm 'nut' just forward of the lever that moves when you select a gear.
  2. The use of a broker does very little to ensure that the 'owner' actually does own the boat outright. Buying a boat that is owned by the broker even though he may not declare it gives you more protection. TD'
  3. Oh I am so relieved. Westport was a bad scene, the guy wouldn't get out and the engine was still running. TD'
  4. That wasn't at Westport Park, Stoke was it? TD'
  5. I agree that a roof port is more convenient. Especially on hire boats that always seem to be pointing the wrong way on service day. There are however drawbacks. Many pump out setups have insufficient pull to evacuate a honey tank from the roof position. Also there were considerable problems with odours due to the long internal hose 'twixt tank and roof until decent non permeable hose became popular.Why they didn't use proper solvent welded pipe eludes me. My preference would be a port on both side gunwales with a tank vent external on one side. There are a few boats with their own built in pumps. Problematical as the discharge pipework is then under pressure and when the inevitable leak or blow off eventually occurs the mess can be disgusting. I remember a famous much travelled and publicised boat owned by a sewage disposal equipment expert supplier who switched his internal pump on " Just to make sure you have emptied the tank properly" when I was doing the job. When it blew the pump out connection off his roof mounted port, we ran far away very quickly. Oh, how we all laughed! Deodorised TD'
  6. Taken on board, thank you. However I was claiming totally the opposite. Instead of 2 years disruption removing cables for scrap, I was inferring that a workforce of travelling men in white vans with disc cutters could have had all the scrap out of the towpaths in a weekend. They are expert in recycling copper by cable stripping as illustrated by the piles of PVC insulation strippings flytipped in the hedgerows and farm gateways around here weekly. Credit where it is due, they certainly know how to remove things in the least possible time, such as complete power units from Transit vans by chaining them to a lamp post and reversing flat out. It was not I who suggested the the towpath reinstatement would be substandard. The boys from the blackstuff are well known. I feel that our society has become far too sensitive about discussing sub sets of our multicultural country. Telling jokes about others has been considered by all to be humorous for generations. When I was involved with committees in Northern Ireland the best jokes were told by and about my Irish companions, usually lubricated with lots of laughing ale. This will be my last and final comment in this thread. TD'
  7. A funny handshake is very unlikely to apply to me. Can't ride goats. Please don't talk about tying, it gets me aroused. Is it a sexist occupation/ position? Can I apply without being vetted? Are there any restrictions on membership like in a golf club or sauna? TD' Boys, we are so far off topic now, its getting unreal. Is it because we are all so bored witless? [ Yes, Witless I said ] Lets go cruising instead, oh sorry, some can't, yet. Yaky Da. TD'
  8. I would turn the boat, its not sensible to risk injury by working offside on the gunwale. Besides, the suction may not be so good going over the roof and the hose is a bit harsh on the cabin paintwork. Fall in whilst hanging on the side risks not just getting wet, often the reaction is to grab the handrail as you slip off and that is the easiest way to dislocate a shoulder that I know of, seen it done, the pain is horrendous after 10 minutes. TD'
  9. 😱 You mean that there is discrimination about who can be a Moderator? 😰 TD'
  10. How about a spray foam interior finish, the Teddy Bear look? Were you thinking plywood or laminate of some sort of panels?
  11. But what about making remarks about travellers? I would guess that some of the mods may be of the wandering itinerant persuasion.
  12. Are we allowed to mention that? Its local. I know where the big one is under Manchester Piccadilly, I worked in there, now that one is still secret! [I have signed the act.] Ooops, who's that knocking on the door? TD' Sorry mods, somehow we seem to be way off topic.
  13. Not telling, I keep moving just in case some folk here come looking for us because they get their knickers in a twist! Lets just say its an ex industrial area bordering on agriculture and will be destroyed if HS2 goes through. TD'
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