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  1. The seller is not responding to questions so far.
  2. They are fortuitous but they are permanent, measurable, incapable of being blocked ( unless by an obsessive ) and are to the outside, just the same as any purpose provided vent.
  3. You could do that in Harecastle tunnel and be still ignored by the volunteers I believe according to a recent emergency there.
  4. The guidance I got many years ago when the scheme started was that if you could measure a permanent gap directly to the outside it counted to the vent area. If you take the average sliding hatch, the gaps around the front and back are probably sufficient for the high level ventilation area calculation!
  5. Ventilation is only an advisory on BSC. Most boats are massively over ventilated anyway with loose fitted window glass and hatches.
  6. If you dig around it you will be able to remove it in one piece and have it for breakfast. Seriously, the flat UFO vents are not brilliant, they drip condensation. I would remove it and fit a plate over the hole using the same screw holes as the mushroom vent. A decent sealant will prevent any leaks and the solar panel will hide the patch. Welding in a patch is more involved, insulation etc. I would then insulate under the patch and fit something to the deck head inside to hide the hole, like a magazine rack or dummy light may be? ( a mirror if its in a bedroom? I never suggested that )
  7. I have seen such a windlass, very versatile and simple to use. I hate those skeleton pressed metal horrors that are now sold, there is no taper on the "hole" so the fit on the spindle is terrible. Sam no longer posts on here, sadly missed.
  8. Glynda's computer seems to be lacking a full stop or is it a phone difficulty? Its not the facility to get an "engineer" to your boat that alarms me about RCR but the underhand business practices and the fresh paint recon units that they sell. For someone with no aptitude to repair it themselves I am sure that they are wonderful.
  9. Always be aware of thermostatic blending valves, it is impossible to drain the cold side unless you loosen the union because of the non return valve.
  10. Having watch folk faff about with them I have come to the conclusion that they are a waste of time and money. The extra weight is a hindrance, no extra leverage and the ratchets are too course to be useful. Bit upsetting when you drop it in the cut too!
  11. Its even worse than that, there are certain shells that have never had the tubes blacked at all from new! And the tube is thinner than the hull in some cases!
  12. Contraction on cooling? Approx 4% from ambient to 80 degrees.
  13. Well,,,,,, I'm not so sure...................................................................................................
  14. I have reviewed my post. I slagged off nobody. It would appear that the burst bow thruster was a rust hole in the forward compartment. An unblacked tube maybe?
  15. You were using a what at 2am? If it was a bow thruster I would have to ask why? Never seen one burst, intrigued.
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