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  1. Thanks, very close indeed but must be pricey
  2. 3 miles is not too bad. Travel on a senior card to London for £26.00 return including the tube is a steal. Many thanks Tony!
  3. Whilton was the first i picked during my search but has no station. But Mercia is a great find. Many thanks
  4. Hi All, i'm cc for the last 2 years but only in the south east of England. I'm looking for a marina located further north but it has to be in walking distance to a rail station. I started to research but i thought you might be able to name a place and save me a lot of time.
  5. The only difference i can see that you don't have to pay council tax and they have a rule what the post delivery is concerned. Post Boxes are available from the marina office for rental. They are to be used for the sole purpose of acting as a forwarding address only. Customers may not use to the post boxes here at Pilling's Lock for voters roll registration, running a business or claiming of state benefits. Post boxes are only available to Leaseholders & Berth Holders paying “Daily User” Rates
  6. I know, Limehouse or Canary Wharf 14k pa plus council tax. But 3k for daily use without council tax to pay at Pillings Lock is tempting. Still a 2 hour train journey to London and i am looking for an option closer.
  7. Hi All, looking for an alternative to residential mooring and i found the option of daily use leisure mooring at Pillings Lock Marina. They offer the usual leisure mooring option but for a roughly £40 monthly surcharge you can stay on your boat 24/7. Can't be the only Marina offering this option but i struggle to find an alternative closer to the south east.
  8. Thanks for all your suggestions. I agree with Tony, bow thruster, inverter, central heating and much other stuff is not vital for boating. I'm happy not having central heating, just stove with back boiler. One thing less to worry about. As for the thruster i have called Vetus in Southampton, apparently no spares available for 20 + year old thrusters. I will wait for my next blacking schedule in 2022 to get it checked out.
  9. Hi All, checked the oil level on my vetus bow thruster and the reservoir was empty. Topped up and half an hour later I noticed an oil film on the water. The reservoir was completely empty again. What is the problem I'm facing?
  10. and that could be a faulty isolator switch or something else? I can't see anything between the alternator and batteries apart from the isolator switch and a shunt rpm goes up when alternator cuts out
  11. Yes measured from alternator. That would be an easy fix, many thanks. I'll give it a go.
  12. no the batteries are not ok. Mistreated them from new a year ago when I didn't charge them well enough due to lack of knowledge.. I think they have lost about 50% of capacity and I will replace them next spring when I get finally the solar fitted. I charge them once a week with a fast charger for 7 hours until the charge rate goes to 14.7v. No float charge, I know I keep molesting them but no alternative available at the moment.
  13. Now i have to question if it is a wiring issue. Had the engine run again and the alternator was charging fine constantly at 14,4v at 1100 rpm. Then after 1 hour i noticed a change in rpm and checked again only to find the voltage going up to 16.6v. Went to tick over and output was still high at 15.2v. Any more advice would be appreciated.
  14. Thanks for the advice. Checked on the alternator and the reading is 14.35 volt. Same time reading on the battery 13.2volt. Can I assume this is indicating a wiring issue?
  15. Would just 00 wire wool and WD40 bring the frames back to beauty?
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