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  1. Madness, you are heating outside rather than the boat. As central as possible on port side and sensible controlled fuelling are the way to go.
  2. The description sounds like an Acorn/Hep2o fitting. Should have a cap nut, stainless grab ring, and "o" ring still on the pipe end with a stainless insert sleeve inside. If so just screw it up again. Providing the insert is inside you will not pull or blow the pipe out, they will withstand at least 10 bar pressure, the pipe will burst first before the fittings let go.
  3. I do not know, but ATF will do no damage. Landrover decided to use ATF in their standard gearboxes to cope better with the heat, previously they used gear oils.
  4. Its not a common engine on the canals, it was a lifeboat engine but the Lister details are here http://listerparts.co.uk/STW.html The sump capacity is most likely the same as the air cooled ST3. You have the dipstick? fill it to the full mark, run it for a few minutes and top up if necessary. Does your engine have an oil filter? Many do not. Decent mineral 10w40 or 15w40 oil will be fine-----not synthetic oils. Water cooled needs 30 percent antifreeze to prevent corrosion and frost damage. Capacity depend on you boat cooling arrangement, i.e. skin tank capacity.
  5. If in doubt, ATF will do no damage. Most Hurst boxes I have seen use ATF but I have never seen the box you have.
  6. Put it in a smaller can so that the can is full and seal it.
  7. My converted LEC, labelled Batts is 26 years old and working well, never been repaired. I have probably HeXeD it now.
  8. Probably the only way is to refurbish, window makers are a come and go lot, you may not find the original makers. Seals Direct will likely find you new rubbers but removing them and disassembling is not for the faint hearted. Looks to be a nice boat, enjoy!
  9. Hopefully that will see him/her/it off.
  10. And the purpose of your cryptic first post was? We have enough clowns on here already thank you.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. It is an air lock. Check that the pipe/s from the thermostat rise in a direction so that they self bleed any air out.
  13. If the stat had failed closed the calorifier would still have been hot. Replacing the stat may have just let the engine vent.
  14. This is most relevant. There is no circulation.
  15. The neon and resistor is available as a spare assembly, certainly from electrical wholesalers who stock MK accessories.
  16. Almost certainly an air lock. But the cause may be a failing head gasket letting gas into the cooling system.
  17. Yes, they do just fail. There is a series resistor that can die too. Nothing lasts for ever. Man did go to the moon, I helped make the buggy cameras.
  18. How old is the boat? Make and model of engine? Skin tank cooling? or Is it fresh water cooled with a mud box? Bled all the air from skin tank and engine?
  19. Dedicate an inverter to the fridge, it will need to be close to 1000w to ensure proper starting of the compressor. Wire the fridge thermostat to the inverter on/off switch so that the inverter is only on when the fridge needs it. Works for me.
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  21. I have found many parts that appear to be common to the MGB engines but have different part numbers for some reason better known to BMC. If the dimensions are the same I see no reason for not using them in a diesel engine.
  22. Well if anyone had to have one puddle it would have to be you! All I can say is that I have not seen one do this. Perhaps the boat name encouraged puddles to lie idle on the roof instead of running off?
  23. There is not the full required upsweep on the early Piper shells that David built. A proper shell has sufficient to make the rear drain work properly. Look at a Gorton, Tyler or Heywood shell, they never have puddles anywhere on the roof.
  24. Sell it and buy a decent trad boat hull with the correct upsweep on the cabin rear and you will never have this problem again. Boats were built with shape in the hull and cabin for very good reason.
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