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  1. Likewise, now just wiser. I predate mechanised pipe machines, used to thread 2" conduit by hand on a pipe vise. Can't even pick it up now.
  2. I would simply turn up there and ask boaters waiting to go through, many will be happy to have you aboard.
  3. Your knees will be bigger and harder than mine if you can bend even annealed 28mm on them! I stop at 22mm on my dainty knees.
  4. Not always but they often squeeze the pipe either side of the bend. A spring is better but you have to use it carefully on soft or annealed pipe section, not thin wall copper. Don't just pull a spring out, relax the bend slightly and twist the spring up as you pull.
  5. How far from boiler to rad? If its less than 4m to 5m then 15mm will be fine if it is installed well. If not, then 22mm for the straight run on the flow and return with 15mm on the verticals to the boiler. If 15mm try to avoid any soldered bends, its easy to bend with a spring. Can you guarantee that the flow from the boiler is rising all the way to the highest point even when the trim of the boat changes? And the return rises all the way back to the boiler so it vents Can you join the header tank feed to the absolute highest point? 15mm will be fine for the feed/vent. Use a bending spring wherever possible. Slow copper bends otherwise. Plastic pipe is out unless you fasten it on top of a continuous batten to avoid sags and crests which will make venting air impossible. Flow into top of rad, return opposite bottom is best for flow and heat output. Anything else, just ask.
  6. Its all over the Starboard engine bearer and splattered across the bell housing & gearbox. It looks like emulsified oil to me, but I am often wrong these days.
  7. Cables fail prematurely due to sharp bends or damage to the outer, often caused by touching the exhaust or a moving part. Often they are badly fitted in haste. Having the correct length helps to place them with sweeping bends and supported away from damage.
  8. Is the pump running when switched on? If not it is not getting power. Fuse? Circuit breaker? wiring? Time to get the meter out and see if there is any volts.
  9. Judging by the amount of oil splashed about down there I would suggest that it is leaking and is short of oil. That would make it lose all drive. Where has all that grey emulsified oil come from?
  10. Set the tappets this decade? Could be timing errors due to skew gear wear as Tony says. If any doubts, get a compression test done.
  11. There is a torsional element to the rotation of the 3 bearing crank. The front pulley is also a weight, rubber bonded to the inner, that has a natural oscillation counter to the crank and hence damps the whip in the crank.
  12. Something like this? https://pumpexpress.co.uk/shop/marco-up1n-12v/
  13. Old gasket with a smear of Hylomar will be fine. Degrease it all first. Tony fast out of the blocks again!
  14. Do the base plate too, unpleasant but on an old hull it may make the difference of it surviving 5 more years or 20. Its not true that base plates don't rust or that you rub off all the blacking when cruising.
  15. Was it the base plate or the counter? Many boats have a thinner steel under the counter right at the stern. I have no idea why other than that the bit of base plate cut off at the stern is used for the counter but is of course a couple of feet short so a bit of odd thickness plate gets added. Sorry I don't know the plate gauges.
  16. What do you expect when you once again go dredging up old threads? Are you so bored?
  17. 5kw is never going to provide a hot shower with acceptable volume. If you look at a shower head for a 7kw electric shower the water passing through is very little.
  18. Does this help? https://thegreynomads.activeboard.com/t65996399/thetford-toilet-installation-wiring/
  19. The instructions I found on line show only 2 connections.
  20. HOAT would seem to be the way to go now. https://knowhow.napaonline.com/what-is-oat-coolant/ Last part.
  21. You use nothing like 5 ltrs a flush on a boat. 210 is an average size, not big. Macerator electric loos use too much water, A manual sea toilet uses what you want, same as a dump through ( which I hate )
  22. I used Screwfix No Nonsense I think but they seem not to do it anymore. There are others on their site or try Toolstation?
  23. You could ask them................................. I top up the anticorrosion with central heating stuff from Screwfix occasionally, not very scientific but there is no rust in the coolant so far.
  24. Some of the adverts are very misleading. I only buy the 100% concentrate, hate paying £1 a litre for tap water, its only about £2 for a tonne!
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