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  1. I wonder what the deal is with this boat.

    Willow (and also Elm) were for sale on the Venetian site in December, but are no longer listed. One of the Navigators (I forget which one, and possibly not one on that list) is in a marina near Northwich.
  2. I wonder what the deal is with this boat.

    The company operating out of Middlewich was the Chugalong Hire Company Ltd. Look them up on Companies House, there were charges against some of the boats. The company seems simply to have stopped sending their statutory filings, hence the automatic proposal to strike off.
  3. Seagull IV Cartridge

    I ordered a couple from the motor caravanning site, everywhere else saying they were out of stock. They were shipped from Arleigh!
  4. Gas-Oil (Red Diesel) Fuel Card

    My reading of that is that you can buy only with one of their cards, and only at 60/40 or 0%. We've been here before - Is it legal for a vendor to insist on a particular split ratio, potentially forcing the purchaser into making a false declaration? Is it not the purchaser's responsibility to declare?
  5. Anderton Services

    Been ongoing issues ever since it was built!
  6. Fire safety tip

    The advice is good. The "explanation" is rubbish.
  7. WOC Number and Alternator Paralleling.

    I have a BV1305, with the a single original Lucas A127 alternator (in the position at the top of your pic). The thing to watch if changing the alternator in tha position is length. There is very little room between the alternator studs and the dipstick tube on mine. The Beta WOC (works) number should be on that sticker on the rocker cover. Mine had long since vanished, but Beta were able to trace it from the block serial number, which on mine is on the side of the engine underneath the exhaust manifold (and badly stamped, and full of paint!), almost impossible to see without sticking your head down the side of the engine with a very bright torch!
  8. Boaters please dispose of your rubbish

    You could probably get a well-aimed bag straight into the skips at Middlewich without setting foot off the boat!
  9. Pump out filler cap

    Dunno, I'm a cassette man!
  10. Pump out filler cap

    At the risk of teaching you to suck eggs, I take it that you know that it's probably a BSP thread, and BSP sizes are smaller than the actual size. So a 51mm hole (physically about 2 inches) is actually 1 3/4" BSP, and 38mm is 1 1/4" BSP.
  11. Montgomery Canal Access

    We went down the Montgomery at the very end of September. Very quiet and peaceful, excellent meal in the Navigation at Maesbury. One embarrassing moment where I mistook a winding hole for the main channel due to volume of reeds! There was a huge new wetland reserve under construction in the fields alongside Aston locks
  12. Montgomery Canal Access

    I'm pretty sure that there used to be a morning slot and an afternoon slot, would have to check an old Nicholson to be sure.
  13. Incralac thinners?

    Thanks, I've got some cellulose somewhere
  14. Missing RCD

    How does probate establish legal ownership?
  15. Incralac thinners?

    True, but I have some assorted thinners (if they haven't all evaporated), but not with numbers on them!