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  1. It appears that general Internet access to the Manchester Libraries British Standards Online service, which used to be here, is no longer available: "Visit the Business and Intellectual Property Centre (BIPC) in Central Library to access this resource."
  2. Quite possibly! The standards are available to view online via the Manchester Libraries site, and they include the test criteria. Perfect post-prandial reading for Christmas Day...
  3. I did try to point this out to the BSS a while ago. Certification to -2 does not necessarily mean certified for use on boats. Boat certification is one of the options in the later standard, you have to check the detail of the declaration of conformity.
  4. Did you read the BSS document analysing the consultation responses, which addresses in some detail the question of what the test button does? ETA ruddy predictive text
  5. Put the ammeter across the battery isolator then open the isolator. No inrush.
  6. AndrewIC

    Employer I.D. cards - country identification

    Interesting. What is printed on employee IDs nowadays is mostly irrelevant, any useful data is held on a chip or RFID tag hidden inside, and that could hold any number of things from your nationality to your inside leg measurement (or more likely, it holds just a disposable key to that data held safely on back-end systems). Mine doesn't even have the name of the company on it. The fact that a piece of data is printed visibly on the card suggests that there is an expectation that someone will have a need to have sight of that information with their own eyes, without reliance on a back-end system.
  7. AndrewIC

    Paint for weights

    If they were long weights then I'd suggest tartan paint.
  8. AndrewIC

    2019-2020 Licence Fees Announced

    It is worse. The effective cash increase for someone claiming the current 10% discount is 5.56% (5/90ths, not 5/100ths)
  9. AndrewIC

    Can I be the first to say it!

    Which is pretty much the way it was before the coming of the railways, with places keeping local solar time. if everyone puts their clocks forward an hour, all year round, aren't we just lying about what time it is?
  10. AndrewIC

    Fake news on NBW

    That's not the only stoppage planned in that area for that period. I doubt a crane is being provided at Audlem just so these hypothetical holiday makers can be inconvenienced by the rail bridge stoppage.
  11. Listen again, it's the surrounding moorland (which belongs to the NT) which is the protected area, not the reservoir. Let's not let the odd fact get in the way of a gratuitous CRT-bash though, eh?
  12. See also Appendix I, CO2 extinguishers "are not to be provided for living spaces". I believe on grounds of risk of asphyxiation.
  13. Wedge, end, thin.
  14. AndrewIC

    A warning to others...

    And you will invariably find yourself hanging upside down with your head in a cupboard, with a fitting in one hand, a spanner in the other, and a torch in the other, cursing whoever built it that way. Happy days!
  15. AndrewIC

    Bosley locks

    Some very pics (not mine) of Coombs Reservoir here.

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