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  1. Only required for portable appliance connection points and appliances supplied by hoses. But a good idea nonetheless.
  2. And this site advertises long ash poles, but they ain’t cheap! https://www.arthurbeale.co.uk/acatalog/Staves--Poles-.html
  3. I had a similar problem when I switched from a Hurth box to a PRM120, with an older Beta BV1305 engine - the box rattled a lot at idle and low speed using the new drive plate initially recommended by Beta which had a “B” element. Turned out the original drive plate (which I didn’t see until the thing was taken to bits) was a much softer AC element like your spare, for which the then current replacement was an AN element. Swapped the drive plate for an AN, upped the idle speed a bit and it was much quieter. ETA, I did the swap of the plate, it’s not difficult provided that there is enough clearance between the coupling and glad or the prop and rudder to push the shaft far enough back to be able to get the gearbox input shaft clear of the drive plate.
  4. The caption mentions “one way bearings” it’s almost like two bicycle freewheels opposed.
  5. Partly due to the amount of coal mining subsidence around Wigan, there are a couple of disused locks and some very odd levels with the towpath now much higher than water level.
  6. There’s always further down until you’re at sea level
  7. These look like they may be the Channelglaze ones, same as I have. Give them a call and ask, they’re usually helpful, but one of mine failed just inside the warranty and it had to be reglazed with new glass because they couldn’t get the thing apart without breaking the toughened glass panes. A couple of others of mine sometimes go a bit misty, I just wait for the sun to come out and live with it.
  8. 13ft 9in, 13ft 6in, 13ft 1.5in, give or take.
  9. So, the pic from Facebook was posted publically by NABO and credited to Dru Maryland, so I will attempt to attach it to this reply. The boat was going down the lock, and the bottom gates are open. There is clear water visible between the boat and the lock wall, but the boat is stuck half way out of the lock. The boat is the Toggenberg, which is listed as 13ft 6in, and has apparently passed the same lock previously without issue. Conclusion: the wing wall rebuild may now be narrower than the lock. CRT implicitly blaming the boat for being wider than their "published dimension" of 4m is obfuscation and diversion, the real questions are why have their contractors rebuilt the walls significantly narrower than the lock, and why have CRT unilaterally reduced the maximum beam by at least 4.5in (and maybe as much as 7.5in)?
  10. Bradshaw says 13ft 10in, Clew has 13ft 9in, but 4 metres is only 13ft 1.5in. According to the note on the Facebook post, the stuck boat is allegedly 13ft 6in and has previously passed the same lock without problems. Sounds like another failing to repair properly.
  11. Done almost all the odd bits of the BCN, including Typhoo, Norton Canes, Engine Arm, Hawne Basin. Bottled it on the Titford a few years ago at the junction of the branches, where it all got a bit too soupy for comfort. Defeated on the Bradley Arm by copious amounts of weed, and warned off attempting the Ridgeacre!
  12. Have they not run out of bricks from the wall over the tunnel portal yet?
  13. Yes, I can understand that there may be a difference in quality, and I was assuming parity of features, but I wondered if can size, as they say, mattered much. Flow rate as a function of element surface area perhaps? I've had various brands of filters over the years, some of them very different in size but supposedly "equivalent", but they all seemed to work ok.
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