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  1. Caldron is still closed from Etruria to Ivy House Embankment. Are they pumping any water around the closure? The Cheshire Flight was bad late last summer - plenty of water coming down Bosley (apart from when someone came up just the bottom lock to wind), then scraping the bottom on the T&M summit and many of the pounds down towards Middlewich. I think the tunnel was closed a couple of days then as well.
  2. CRT also still reporting low water between 54 and 57 as well
  3. A long as they are in good condition, appropriately marked, and don’t have a marked expiry date, they’re fine. Looks the same as one of mine (sans magnets).
  4. Thurlwood Steel as an anti-example of one built not to a traditional design that was plagued with problems and scrapped as a result?
  5. I am not a lawyer, but I’m not sure that would wash. Any one of the (all male) party (or even all but one) could argue that, had they been female, the hire would been allowed, and therefore they were being discriminated against on the ground of their sex. Given that gender reassignment is also a protected characteristic, it would be a brave company that waded into that territory. As it happens, the party of chaps we met on a pair of ABC boats on the Bridgewater & T&M a couple of weeks ago couldn’t have been nicer, even the ones dressed as pirates.
  6. It’s sad, but if they all survived we’d be knee deep in blue tits by now. The great tits have occupied one end of our “sparrow terrace” (it’s had great tits, blue tits and bumble bee nests over the years, but never any sparrows), and the house martins arrived back a few days ago and are busy making a mess of next door’s walls.
  7. Big Clive on YouTube has done some videos on various versions of these LED strips.
  8. Well that accounts for 4 of their 3 weeks… If they want to do the BCLM then they’re going up and down via the Wolverhampton level one way or another.
  9. How about…. 4 Counties clockwise as far as Autherley, on a bit to Aldersley, up the Wolverhampton 21, BCLM, Netherton Tunnel (either nip down Factory, or the long way round Old Main Line/Brades), Delph, down to Stourton, back up to Autherley and continue the 4 Counties. Potential side quests to Hawne Basin, Stourbridge and even Titford if time allows? That said, T&M down to Fradley, into Birmingham via Aston/Farmers Bridge and out again via BCLM/Wolverhampton and back on the ring at Autherley is a possibility. I’d rather do Aston/Farmers Bridge/middle of Birmingham than go through Manchester again.
  10. Out of curiosity, does the drop-lock involve a change in level either end of the lock?
  11. T&M, Thurlwood Steel Lock - been and gone of course
  12. Had the alternator belt break once in Barnton tunnel, fortunately close to the exit. Pushed out with the pole and changed the belt. Came through Harecastle late one day and moored at the end for the night. The following morning the gearbox packed up just before Longport Wharf!
  13. I see the report is recommending that the Boat Safety Scheme get involved in areas beyond its stated remit to “help minimise the risk of boat fires, explosions, or pollution”.
  14. £1.40 lower rate/£1.85 higher rate at Thorn Marine on the Bridgewater today.
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