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  1. AndrewIC

    Large (6 3/4") mushroom vents?

    Fair enough! Can't help you there, sorry, except to observe that fans are probably available in a larger range of sizes than mushrooms
  2. AndrewIC

    Large (6 3/4") mushroom vents?

    BSS (if it applies to you) may not like the hatches if they can close off all the ventilation?
  3. AndrewIC

    Trent and Mersey stoppage

    No it isn't, 67 is Crow's Nest aka Booth Lane Top. The paired locks don't start until the Wheelock flight.
  4. AndrewIC

    Rollering varnish?

    Thanks for the tips. I used those Screwfix rollers (which are in fact described explicitly as varnish rollers on the packaging), worked one door at a time, and tipped off the wet varnish with a dry soft 4" brush. I am a rank amateur when it comes to any kind of painting or varnishing, but the results are far better and much more even than I could achieve with a brush alone. Now psyching myself up for the ceiling panels later in the year... Additional lesson learned: de-bit the roller before you start, lest the first panel end up a bit fluffy!
  5. AndrewIC

    Rollering varnish?

    Thanks - just checking! That's nohair, not mohair!
  6. AndrewIC

    Rollering varnish?

    Something like this? https://www.screwfix.com/p/harris-trade-gloss-mini-roller-sleeves-simulated-mohair-pile-4-x-24mm-5-pack/5519x
  7. As part of my slow internal refurb I've reached the revarnishing of my big cross bathroom doors. They're about 6ft2 tall and 4ft wide, so a fair acreage to cover, both sides. I'm using Goldspar Satin, and I'm only working in the early morning when it's cool, but I'm not happy with the finish I'm getting. The data sheet says it can be applied by roller, and I was thinking of giving that a go, using a foam roller and tipping off with a brush to get rid of bubbles. Does anyone have any experience, hopefully good, of applying satin varnish with a roller?
  8. AndrewIC

    Weston Marsh Lock, Weaver Navigation closed UFN

    The Anderton Lift also had tram-type controllers in its electrically operated incarnation: https://goo.gl/images/XZyyMA When Vale Royal large lock was pressed back into service a few years back, following the collapse of the bullnose between small lock and sluice, the gates were indeed operated by water turbines. I assume they still are - is the large lock still the one in use, or have they reverted to the small one?
  9. AndrewIC

    Weston Marsh Lock, Weaver Navigation closed UFN

    What are the handles lower left that look suspiciously like tram speed controls?
  10. AndrewIC


    They won't be getting very far, there's still a hole at Melling and a distinct lack of water beyond. I'd be surprised if there was anything much moving at Burscough, unless it was heading for Tarleton.
  11. AndrewIC


    Not being of the pump out persuasion I wouldn't know, but do a high proportion of boats with pump out toilets also carry self pump out kit? If this is a regular occurrence in one locality then one local with no sense of responsibility sounds more likely than lots of passing boats which all happen to have their own pumps.
  12. AndrewIC

    Cyclists and CRT Code

    Two apposite letters in today's Times.
  13. AndrewIC

    Warburton High Bridge

    There is a similar (free) cantilever bridge over the MSC in Warrington, between London Rd and Knutsford Rd swing bridges. I have always understood that the crossing of the MSC at Warburton was free (by statute? as are all other MSC crossings), and the toll is to cross the old bridge, now filled in below, across the former course of the Mersey. It seems the Acts, which pre-date the MSC, enabling the toll bridge were never repealed. See this FOI request: https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/rixton_warburton_toll_bridge_act And this historical note: https://www.gracesguide.co.uk/Warburton_Bridge
  14. AndrewIC

    Barnton Tunnel

    When the IWA National was held at Preston Brook (which Wikipedia tells me was 2005), Barnton and Saltersford Tunnels were operated as a single timed entry unit, I think with stewards. Prior to that both tunnels were untimed, and after that Saltersford was left as timed entry. I have a vague recollection that Dutton Stop was operated "straight through" for the National as well. Saltersford could be entertaining, a loud horn and a bright light were de rigeur.
  15. AndrewIC

    Leeds and Liverpool breached at Maghull

    Yes, there is a sign. I don't know why, but I wondered if it was an anti-vandal measure, to stop the bottom gates being opened and the canal drained via the top paddles. The bottom gate paddles were the ones that used to have tubes welded over the spindles and to require special windlasses.

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