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  1. Listen again, it's the surrounding moorland (which belongs to the NT) which is the protected area, not the reservoir. Let's not let the odd fact get in the way of a gratuitous CRT-bash though, eh?
  2. See also Appendix I, CO2 extinguishers "are not to be provided for living spaces". I believe on grounds of risk of asphyxiation.
  3. Wedge, end, thin.
  4. AndrewIC

    A warning to others...

    And you will invariably find yourself hanging upside down with your head in a cupboard, with a fitting in one hand, a spanner in the other, and a torch in the other, cursing whoever built it that way. Happy days!
  5. AndrewIC

    Bosley locks

    Some very pics (not mine) of Coombs Reservoir here.
  6. I had a look at the bywash entrance at Wardle a few days after the breach, when the pound was still empty. It was badly silted up.
  7. AndrewIC

    Trent and Mersey bridge 181

    The Broken Cross is bridge 184.
  8. AndrewIC

    So the locks are closed

    Have they not turned off the taps at Whaley Bridge then?
  9. AndrewIC

    Trent and Mersey bridge 181

    Probably. There is foot access to the road on the NW side of the bridge, whether there us clearance at the top I'm not certain. Failing that you might be able to wheel it through the grounds of Park Farm Marina (which, if your map is more than a couple of years old, is also NW of that bridge. There would be good road access at 184.
  10. AndrewIC

    Canoes in Chirk Tunnel

    Only if the canoeist had a pair of coconut shells to make the clip-clop noise while the horse swims through any tunnels without towpaths. (Yes, there are tunnels with no towpaths which are on the permitted list, including Barnton and Saltersford.
  11. Perhaps they around your way, around here the FB just dole out battery powered alarms. The main points of my question were the other two parts though.
  12. Who provides an equivalent service for CO (and smoke - mandatory in new builds) alarms in domestic premises, even those with fashionable solid fuel stoves? Who enforces such routine testing? No one. Why should boats be subject to more stringent and costly encumbrances?
  13. AndrewIC

    Canoes in Chirk Tunnel

    CRT policy changed some while back. Canoes are now permitted in a variety of dangerous and unsuitable tunnels.
  14. We've been here before. Not all -2 certified alarms are certified for use on boats, it's an optional feature. The only way to be sure is to check the detailed certification. I have pointed out to the BSS that their guidance didn't mention this and was ignored. My CO alarm is about two feet from my head when asleep, and that's where it's staying! In my view anyone who doesn't have a CO alarm probably needs their head testing, but testing boaters' heads is beyond the scope of the BSS.
  15. AndrewIC

    Heartbreak Hill Duplicate Locks

    I believe there were additional inter-chamber paddles, allowing the locks to be used as side ponds. Only ever seen one picture of them though.

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