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  1. They used to do drive belts. Then they stopped a couple of years ago. It’s getting ever harder to buy things from real shops, online is usually cheaper if less convenient.
  2. You’re right. I’ve found the wording in this document, where CRT points out that the HMRC definition is different. Knew I’d seen it somewhere https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/media/library/6465.pdf
  3. I have a feeling, but am not currently in a position to check, that the “not readily adapted” wording is the same as that for Houseboat Certificates?
  4. Let's get caught up in the fact that they are completely different processes instead. Dessication is extreme drying. Composting is a process of microbial decay.
  5. If the water comes in much faster than it can get out, as it would when a months rain falls in half a day (or whatever the numbers were, something of that order) with little notice, and the drain valves are relatively small (2 x 15in pipes according to the site about their refurbishment), then there’s probably not a lot you can but watch from a safe distance. The alternative is to keep the reservoir much emptier.
  6. I’ve had one of those for about a decade and never noticed that it would take a square drive!
  7. Interesting, thank you. I wonder why the north side of the spillway tapers in like that, when the south side doesn’t?
  8. The instructions for the official Shoreline fan (which these aren’t) are to put it down where the compressor and electronics are, so I arranged mine to blow up into the compressor space from the bilge - they sit in pockets routed into the floor. There’s only about an inch clear each side of the fridge, a couple of inches at the top, and the space behind is open into the void behind the rest of the kitchen cupboards, but there’s nothing I can do about any of that without some major carpentry! Those figures were from a standing start on a very warm boat, I loaded the fridge up with some of the ship’s beer supplies, zeroed the meter, switched it on, and came back 24h later. I’m not unduly concerned about that level of consumption, I assume it’ll be a bit lower when the weather is cooler, and I could probably turn the dial up a bit more. It’s a bit higher than the “official” figures Shoreline quoted at the time, but I suspect those are like official car MPG figures!
  9. Well, perhaps. I’m not boating at the moment, so the boat was shut up and it gets pretty warm inside, 30deg+. I’ve no idea how accurate the meter is
  10. Got my Ah meter working last week and used the fridge to test it. Shoreline fridge with icebox, couple of years old. Can’t remember the model offhand, but it’s side radiating, no “radiator grille” on the back. Two very small 12v fans blow bilge air onto the compressor. On a fairly warm day last week it drew 3.3A running, and used 33.4 Ah in 24 hours.
  11. The Americans measure reservoir capacity in acre feet!
  12. The water is held back by the earth dam. The concrete lining on the spillway is to stop the overspill from eroding the earth. So it doesn’t need to be thick, just watertight.
  13. Probably a bit busy trying to sort out the road bridge and didn’t think the aqueduct a priority? The MSC swing bridges are in a terrible state, the ones in Warrington break down frequently, especially when it’s hot, and cause traffic chaos.
  14. Hydraulic. All the locks and bridges were hydraulic, there are still hydraulic towers at some of them.
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