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  1. Just checked the drawings . I went from an HBW100 (now ZF10M), which has a drop of 62mm, to a PRM120, which (like its current successor the PRM125) has a drop of 72mm. That could have been just about taken up on the mounts, but the engine would have been waggling about right at the top of the threads, so the mounts were packed up at the bottom on steel blocks. However, the OP has an HBW125 (superseded by the ZF12M) which does indeed also have a drop of 72mm. However the lengths are different, the PRM120 is 26mm longer, mounting face to flange, so the OP would need room for that.
  2. All the installation diagrams are available online (Hurth is now ZF). I swapped a HBW100 for a PRM120 a few years ago, and had to have the engine raised a bit.
  3. If you start from the Hurleston end, from memory the first boundary crossing into Wales is somewhere around Whixall.
  4. If the pubs are still shut in 3 months then most of them won't be re-opening. Along with much else.
  5. This video shows a tear down of an A127:
  6. At this time of year there are typically about 10.5k deaths per week in England & Wales (ONS), but this number fluctuates year by year depending on how bad the “flu season” (which really covers a range of respiratory infections) is that year. In a bad year there can be very many more deaths than average, especially in older people. From this comes the concept of “excess deaths” as a measure of how bad things are. There is data on this for a range of European countries at https://www.euromomo.eu/index.html, the source for the data for England is Public Health England. From this, winter 2019-20 has so far been very mild with a low number of excess deaths, compared to say 2016-17 and 2017-18 which were much worse. This data is currently up to the end of last week, but so far the numbers are similar to a moderately bad - if slightly late - winter. This is true even for Italy and Spain who are ahead of the UK, and where there are signs of levelling off. Whether this remains the case is yet to be seen. There is also this article in the Spectator https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/The-evidence-on-Covid-19-is-not-as-clear-as-we-think, which covers some of the grounds you mention.
  7. Whatever the financial ins and outs, it’s a disgrace it was ever removed from Liverpool, it was ideally placed to be taken under the wing of the Maritime Museum.
  8. Who or what defines that the BSS represents the “standards applicable” in respect of the BW Act? Is that linkage enshrined in legislation somewhere?
  9. Was any follow up to last year’s consultation ever published, or are we still waiting?
  10. Had double glazed from Channelglaze fitted some years ago. Yes, same problem. No, you can’t stop it.
  11. Is there any more information on the nature of the damage at Figure of Three Locks?
  12. When my father’s house was unoccupied after he moved into care, I was able to get buildings cover (the house was by then unfurnished) from a specialist insurer, the terms required a weekly visit and suitable precautions against frost damage. And it wasn’t cheap.
  13. Almost anywhere from lock 68 to Kings Lock 71 is noisy from the road. There might be a useful spot just below lock 67. Above lock 67 is pretty bleak most of the way back to Wheelock. You could lock down King's Lock, reverse up Wardle Lock (or reverse down the following morning) and then there are lots of quiet moorings (rings/Armco) from bridges 31 to 28 on the branch. Pub at King's Lock, chippy opposite. If I was running late, I'd try for Wheelock and the pub or restaurant. If I was early I'd press on to above or below Big Lock 75 (also pub), or even try for Bramble Cuttings offside between bridges 176 and 177. There is a towpath side mooring a little before Bramble Cuttings if it's full. There is also another set of rings towpath side a little beyond, but CRT seem to have given up cutting the vegetation on that bit. NB - if your definition of "summer" includes the weekend of 19th-21st June, or about a week either side, Middlewich will be heaving because of the Folk & Boat Festival.
  14. I change the alternator/water pump belt (I only have the one) every year. Bit paranoid about it since I had one fail in the middle of a tunnel.
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