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  1. I'm in the locality and it seems everyone here knew Clive. He was a beat bobby in Tring for many years and was well known and respected as a proper good guy. I just knew him as the guy who went up and down the towpath on his bike taking boat numbers, but he was a familiar friendly face. He was an unpaid volunteer in that role. People say he just loved working outdoors meeting people and that sounds about right.
  2. Or he realised the deep poo he was in and tried to top himself.
  3. I was moored at Church when I saw that episode on the telly. Was a bit eerie! That barmaid had a long walk home from her job in Oxford I must say.
  4. You just know the owner is a tiny little bloke with a beard and an acute complex.
  5. The police must have moved it so they can look underneath where it was.
  6. I walk past it every day. If it was on the lock landing I'd notice because it annoys me when people do that.
  7. I'm moored nearby and I know the CRT data collector. He's always been very nice to me. This is a terrible thing to happen and I just want to send my love to the guy's family and friends at this time. That picture is deceptive. It's not on the lock landing. I know because I've been walking past that stupid boat every day.
  8. Izz

    Snob boaters

    I honestly did nothing. You should have seen the fella when he approached me. Pure hate in his eyes. He didn't know me from Adam. I'm friendly to everyone, but this fella clocked me and had no interest in being anything but hostile. Like the membership here it seems. Thank goodness 99% of boaters are better people than this thread suggests.
  9. Izz

    Snob boaters

    This is hilarious! I don't recognise boaters in the replies here. I see bullies who think it's fine to abuse folk they see as lesser.
  10. Izz

    Snob boaters

    You're suffering from a narcissistic episode, because I've demonstrated I won't be bullied by snotty nosed elitists who want to gentrify the cut. You've taken that very personally.
  11. Izz

    Snob boaters

    But you're the one who was insistent on judging me by what my boat looks like. Total snob.
  12. Izz

    Snob boaters

    I don't expect to come across well to nasty snobs, and I'm fine with that.
  13. Izz

    Snob boaters

    So you can stick your nose up, even though I have a boat and you haven't? My boat isn't the best, but it's far from the worst. I don't need to justify myself to snobs.
  14. Izz

    Snob boaters

    I'm a lovely, very friendly, very non-judgemental person. The same cannot be said about a lot of the seething snobs who've replied here. If I was new to the cut and I read the replies here, I'd think boaters were a bunch of absolute arse holes.
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