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  1. Heat resistant gloves

    Awesome - eggzactly what I've been looking for - big up Blackrose! :-)
  2. satirists wanted

    Very interested - keep us posted.. (OH plays guitar) we're up the Ashby...
  3. Brotherly Love?

    iirc, you can only turn 65ft at Hospital Bend - his I think is 70.. I kno it's tight for our 57. So if he were pointed this way..... Also, I somehow can't see him getting on too well with Gary @ the kilns! Folks with far less attitude have fallen foul there.... I'm assuming here that alcohol plays a big part in the guys life...
  4. Brotherly Love?

  5. Brotherly Love?

    Oh 8! Don't! Every time we have chugged past the moored boats at Hospital Bend and have seen the aforementioned; that Kenny Everitt sketch has gone thro my head and I've ended up singing it to myself - imaginary massive white hands and all! Maybe he heard me one time.... :-0 would post a YouTube clip but am on phone..
  6. Brotherly Love?

    You have my deepest sympathies, how these things can prey on your mind - especially at night - I kno!! Someone is bound to say it - can you/do you want to move? Other than that, do you see him outside at all? Although a passing "everything ok?" could well lead you somewhere you don't wanna be! I did find this lot.. https://www.julianhouse.org.uk/projects-and-services/travelling-communities-support.htm local to you I think? Best of luck, stay in touch..
  7. Brotherly Love?

    Thank u so much - cheered me up no end!
  8. Brotherly Love?

    *blush* cheers Jen.. One more freeeeeky thing Jon found when he went out to work this morning was quite a few fag butts outside the boat. Nobody here smokes, and they would suggest to me that he hung around outside for quite a while before banging on the roof and offering violence.. seriously creepy.. I'd like to thank all the folks here for all the support and kind words. It's only our 2nd winter as liveaboards, and while 95% of the time I really love it, just now and again one can feel a little vulnerable. Whether that's because I'm scared rigid of falling into wintery waters in the ice or because of the occasional mad bloke - it's nice to have somewhere to ask silly questions and get advice! I agree also that whiskey should NEVER be adulterated - except by more whiskey...
  9. Brotherly Love?

    Lol Bizz! But yes, joking aside, we are a bit worried about the next time Brotherly Love (I kno!!..) comes past. That however is one of the biggest reasons we DID call the police - this guy needs to know that there are actually consequences for bad actions.. might have more effect than letting the norty child get away with it?
  10. Brotherly Love?

    This exactly Arthur! We are both in our 50s and pretty peaceful folks.. For myself, I will always refuse to be cowed into shivering in fear behind my curtains by a psycho bully. Others however might prefer to totally avoid, and that also is a perfectly acceptable response. My reason for "naming and shaming" is to give folks the heads-up on this nutter, forewarned is forearmed and all that.. If it were a case of "this bad thing happened and I THINK it MAY have been this boater", then I also would disagree with naming them - but it wasn't. This guy is a scary nutter.
  11. Brotherly Love?

    Deffo him! My issue is not so much the icebreaking in the dark, but doing it whilst obviously pissed as a parrot is an idiot thing to do.. And of course, walking back 1/4 mile, through private land just to threaten our lives on a night like that... glad you didn't say owt to him or it'd be you as well! The guy really is a psycho - main reason I have not a moments hesitation in "naming n shaming"... Hope all is good Jen - it seems thawed here now!
  12. Brotherly Love?

    Have chased it with the Cops, going in to make a statement tomorrow- good cos I have the flu as well and I may feel better by then! Should I also report it to C&RT? Opinions? Feel like crap, neither of us got much sleep last night...
  13. Brotherly Love?

    All quiet now.. will follow it up with the old bill tomorrow. OH did go out; but was trying to talk him down, I was at the stern with the tiller arm in my hand.. wot on earth I thort I was gonna do with it I dunno! Jeez... poor OH has to b up for work tomorrow... this guy has a mooring up a few bridges so I'll make sure the cops know that. Still can't get over it.. all Jon did was open the hatch and shout "oy"! He doesn't want to leave me here alone here tomorrow now.. :-(
  14. Brotherly Love?

    True 'nuff! He didn't chug very far - he musta moored up at bridge 5 cos he walked the 1/4 mile back down Marston lane, over the locked gate and down the private track to our boat. Banged on the roof and tried to get my very peaceful OH to fight him! I called the police and they're sending someone out - blimey - wot a nutter! still shaking....
  15. Brotherly Love?

    Amazing! 8:30 at night - strange glugging sounds, loud cracking noise from the thick ice surrounding our boat and an uncomfortable pitching and swaying. Out of the darkness, at full pelt comes the ironically named 'Brotherly Love' When I realised what the commotion was I leaned out the side hatch to ask him to slow down- only to receive a hurl of abuse about how he'd run out of water and I could fxxk off. Drunk as a skunk he backed up to offer further flowery threats, fisticuffs and continued his tirade. After I declined the offer he steamed off again, still ranting loudly, into the night. As I said, amazing...