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  1. We have a little 600w Nikkai, but it is only on when we go out cruising, the rest of the time we’re on our home moorings shoreline. We don’t use much leccy anyway - we don’t have (or want!) a telly and then it’s just laptop and phone charging and the occasional power tool. All lighting is led. The fridge is the biggest energy user by a mile!
  2. Sounds about right - when it clicks in while running off our inverter it shows as drawing 7-8a, we r lucky and our inverter only takes about 1/2a to run itself..
  3. We have one too! Is it worth plumbing it in to the 12v then? I was given the impression that it wouldn’t save much power as on 12v the fridge is on max - sort of bypasses the “1-7” control.. we inherited it with the boat and without a manual. The previous owner had it plumbed into the 240 shoreline/inverter system and we just left it like that.. He also had some awesome Chinese leisure batteries (really really heavy to remove) that he got from a mate who was setting up a solar farm. They lasted for years, but I had to replace them with ordinary sealed leisure batteries last year. Big difference! So so if I can save some amps by running it from 12v I’d be grateful! Sorry to hijack the thread.. 😮 Eta - nope, I found a pdf manual - don’t think I’ll be saving much if anything by running it on 12v.. As you were!
  4. This may be of assistance, https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/media/original/32433-waterway-dimensions.pdf
  5. Makes for some lovely eye-candy from the pub over a bowl o chips and a pint!
  6. Came past a couple of days ago, it was gently filling up then. Met some very interesting boats going down the Atherstone locks.. work beckons, sadly tho. May nip over by car if we get time. does one have to pay for car parking does anyone know?
  7. It would have a big “public perception “ effect if the bigwigs did put their salaries in! But it’s not the canal wot failed, did someone say earlier that the canal could be fed by means other than the reservoir? Im seeing it all over; when maintenance gets farmed out to contractors, and then re-farmed our to yet another contractor, all that seems to be happening is that yet more layers of bureaucracy and large “admin” costs are inserted and more funding disappears into this black hole. Have seen it happen with other charities; utility companies, bus companies, building projects... profit becomes the over-arching motivation. And yes, from first hand knowledge, safety considerations come a very poor second.. there is a whole new industry for “H&S consultants”, who’s only real remit is that they find “a way past” actual safety, and increase the fat cats profits. Those who are a bit “old school” and actually care about the safety of say; the folks living below the dam, the passengers on the bus, the folks using the gas, the people needing to get out of that building on fire; those h&s types, those engineers etc, will find themselves not asked back... In other words, these companies tend to contract those who are “yes men”, for want of a better phrase.. Bring back the Tony Dunkleys of this world! 🤭
  8. Agree with what you say - however, the figures for the eye-wateringly large salaries/bonuses/expense accounts of the upper echelons of CRT; plus the expensive re-branding exercise that went on, makes me feel it shouldn’t be OUR pockets! Surely the preservation and proper maintenance of the reservoir should be partly funded by local or indeed national government? For the greater good, sort of thing..
  9. My uncle used to run the Bridge Pub; we used to visit occasionally but by car. sadly I’ve now missed the opportunity as he’s retired! Think a lady took over that want to make it an eatery of some sort, but sadly that didn’t do well so the leaseholders has enough... so flats it is... sasly it seemed to be a pub that was very hard work to make a go of, for some reason. but I do still have a “bridge inn” mug, one of few...!
  10. Indeed, my post was pre-edit.. what an awful shame for her poor family..
  11. Oh no, I do hope everyone is ok - aren’t there usually volockies on those locks?
  12. +1 for milliput - if it’s still the same formula as 30 odd years ago! Managed to bodge a thermostat housing with it when the corner broke off - I was only trying to see if the ‘stat was broke.. 😂 The “bodge” must have lasted about 3 weeks and still going strong when I replaced it!
  13. Cr*p - I just ate our last orange! 😂 but to return to the op - I probably would report it, both to the old bill and crt. This would be done with a big sigh as we all know it is a massive pita to do with little joy at the end of it. But I would still do it - ASB everywhere is getting out of hand and if ordinary folks don’t do something (anything) then we’ll all be going to hell in a much faster handcart. As always, other opinions are available. Also, how are you gonna feel if the drunk twonk does someone some real damage further down the cut and YOU just sat on your hands and did nowt? That was my main motivation for reporting our particular violent drunk nutter - I couldn’t live with myself if I hadn’t...
  14. Speak softly - but carry a big stick! 😁
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