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  1. +1 for milliput - if it’s still the same formula as 30 odd years ago! Managed to bodge a thermostat housing with it when the corner broke off - I was only trying to see if the ‘stat was broke.. 😂 The “bodge” must have lasted about 3 weeks and still going strong when I replaced it!
  2. Cr*p - I just ate our last orange! 😂 but to return to the op - I probably would report it, both to the old bill and crt. This would be done with a big sigh as we all know it is a massive pita to do with little joy at the end of it. But I would still do it - ASB everywhere is getting out of hand and if ordinary folks don’t do something (anything) then we’ll all be going to hell in a much faster handcart. As always, other opinions are available. Also, how are you gonna feel if the drunk twonk does someone some real damage further down the cut and YOU just sat on your hands and did nowt? That was my main motivation for reporting our particular violent drunk nutter - I couldn’t live with myself if I hadn’t...
  3. Speak softly - but carry a big stick! 😁
  4. Actually one of the best things to come out of posting on here and farcebook was that we found out that we were by NO means the only ones to be targeted by him - an alcoholic with anger issues for many years it turned out. It can really make a difference in the wee dark paranoid hours to know that we were nowt special! I was scared he would come back for months... but then really.... ”Brotherly Love”???!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  5. We had a really nasty experience at our home mooring, right in the middle of “the Beast from the East” linky below.. we contacted both the police AND CRT and were told by the latter that all such reports will go as notes on the perpetrators file, especially as we had a crime number. According to the person I talked to - persistent ASB could mean they may not be issued another licence. First I’d heard of it! The police did eventually feel his collar - as we had full I.d. Including his home mooring.. but this didn’t happen for months. Something thankfully seems to have have had an effect though as he now cruises past us regularly but at a sensible pace with eyes front and no loud “threats to kill”! Really really freaked me out at the time, I didn’t feel safe on our home mooring for months.. later in the spring new security gates and cctv were installed which helped no end. Now the only emotion I have when I think of that incident is laughter at what could possibly be the most mis-named boat on the System 😂😂
  6. This^ contractors round here are awful, Rothen Group I believe. Had one scrape his hopper all the way down the side of our boat on a dead straight bit of wide canal, not another boat to be seen and he was going a fair pace as well. When we objected to this the teenage steerer asked my OH if he “wanted to make something of it?!” So we did. We rang them and crt and kicked up a right old stink! This was 2 years ago on the north Oxford. Thankfully the guy that seems to drive their boats past us on the Ashby is rather more experienced, and nicer.. 😁
  7. Bus driver dark humour would ask if he’s bought a lottery ticket yet, cos he’s obviously one of life’s lucky ones! ?
  8. We seem to work for the same company; but not the same depot.. v close tho.. our drivers are all very concerned for your colleague.. any news? Plz feel free to pm me..
  9. Met him a few times; he was a kind and gentle soul.... ?
  10. It's all in the eye of the beholder aint it? We love that boat (Black Pearl iirc..), the owners are proper creative types who have i think a vw camper and a motorbike of some sort which are all proper works of art - not to everyone's taste to be sure but we loves 'em..
  11. That was certainly the case just now when i rang CRT for a bit more info on the Ashby closure - the only bit of info not merely regurgitated from the webpage was that local teams would be back in offices on the 2nd, and would i like to ring back then! (actually, that was quite useful!)
  12. Awesome stuff! A cool Yule and a happy new year to all... especially all those who have helped and offered advice with our last 3 years of numpty-ass questions and crises! ?
  13. We'd rather like to go next year, and take the boat - any idea how quickly, if at all, the tickets sell out? How hard is it to moor on the towpath anywhere near... hmmmm....
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