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  1. Any reason I shouldn't pressure wash my boat? It's 12 years old, barely been used, barely been touched. So paintwork very dull. Want to wash it (avoiding windows), then use some bullet polish on it.
  2. Hi, the plastic TV aerial on the roof (a fairly flat round disk, a bit starship enterprise like) has perished. The TV wiring I inherited seems a bit jumbled, with some lose coax wires in the cupboard to the right of the stove, and a fuse box labelled 'TV amp fuse 2A'. Before I start removing the existing aerial on the roof and leaving a hole; which will be above the middle of the bedroom ceiling, I'd love to know if it's easy to replace the coax so I have options around what replacement aerial to use. Also interested in whether I could run some sort of 4G or MiFi aerial out the same hole. Any advice or guidance appreciated.
  3. Hi @John Wetton, How did you get on? I've just bought an Aqualine reverse layout boat, and need to try to sort out the TV aerial, so any advice or findings you can share would be massively appreciated. Many thanks.
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