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  1. Ahhh... so no walking either then.
  2. It’s only 16A in free air. Hidden behind panels, probably surrounded by insulation it’s considerably derated.
  3. It’ll be softer when the weather warms up
  4. Better? https://www.michiganpropellers.co.uk/products/canal-line-19-x-13-for-1-5-x-1-12-shaft if you think that’s an egg whisk you should have seen the 13x12 on WotEver
  5. I was on a short stretch of the A14 last week and for a stretch of a couple of miles they had ‘No HGVs in the outside lane’ signs. At last, thought I, we’ve taken a leaf out of France’s book of the road. Sadly, the signs ended almost as soon as they started.
  6. Absolutely. I just went to the Screwfix site out of laziness.
  7. If you search their site you find them listed. Eg https://www.michiganpropellers.co.uk/products/canal-line-16-x-12-for-1-5-x-1-12-shaft
  8. From Screwfix... 2.5mm2 bog standard flex, £47.99 for 50m: https://www.screwfix.com/p/nexans-round-flexible-cable-3182y-3-core-2-5mm-50m-white/531fk 2.5mm2 arctic flex, £61.49 for 50m: https://www.screwfix.com/p/nexans-arctic-flex-3183yag-3-core-2-5mm-50m-blue/810fk So a difference of 27p per metre. Wow.
  9. Well, okay... it was me that didn’t know what it was till I chatted to the owner.
  10. Speaking of motors, I was intrigued by this, earlier today... Betcha don’t know what it is. No cheating!
  11. Yup... due to the ‘amphour rule’ (which isn’t a rule at all, nor even totally true in all cases), the battery bank will only accept a current more or less equal to the depth of discharge. So... At 90Ah discharged it will accept 90A At 80Ah discharged it will accept 80A At 70Ah discharged... you get the idea. That’s why charging takes so much longer than many folk realise - the closer you get to 100% SoC the slower the charge rate. It can take much longer to get from 85% to 99.99% than it did to get from 50% to 85%.
  12. I can’t write the next line now... ... i know, I’ll skip to the one after... And Vulcanised the skipper!
  13. A day’s worth of cruising may very well not fully charge the batteries, depending on the size of the bank and the depth of discharge. It may do, but guessing isn’t the best way to look after the batteries. Only by monitoring them can you actually know how charged they are. Either by taking a hydrometer reading or by measuring tail current at 14.4V+. As to how long you can can survive without hammering the batteries, have you done an energy audit? Without knowing how much you use daily (or nightly or whatever) you don’t know what percentage charge you are removing from the batteries per day. If you’re only removing say 20% of their capacity then you could go two days, but if you’re using 30% of their capacity then you really shouldn’t go more than a day if you want to maximise their life. The answer to having a high daily usage isn’t simply to raise the battery capacity to cover it because you now have to consider how you’re going to replace that energy. A high depth of discharge simply won’t be replaced in the 12 hours between 8am and 8pm if you have a tiny alternator for instance. The answer to good battery life life comes from monitoring them and following three steps: 1. Do an energy audit to estimate your daily usage. 2. Work out how you will replace ‘1’ daily (or 2 x ‘1’ every other day if you prefer). If you can’t balance this then reduce ‘1’. 3. Once 1 & 2 are balanced, buy a battery bank of at least three times ‘1’ if you want to last a couple of days between charging. Oh, and with the current low price for solar panels it makes absolutely no sense these days to not have any - a decent solar installation can handle your entire daily power requirements in the summer.
  14. I’ll think about that for a while...
  15. According to Ely boat chandlers (https://www.elyboatchandlers.com/lpg-water-heaters/morco-d61b-lpg-water-heater) it sits just 9mm further forwards.
  16. Which is how my brother in law wrote off his SM.
  17. However, the ASA authority states that the % symbol must be used when quoting APR figures. Go figure as the Yanks might say.
  18. At least the front didn’t fall off...
  19. APR 29.9%. What’s that % for?
  20. ... ..- .-. . .-.. -.-- -. --- -!
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