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  1. Matalan Two blokes called Matt & Alan...
  2. So there you go... 65kph sounds much better than 40mph
  3. “So what”. That question.
  4. How about this one? https://www.leisureshopdirect.com/gas/caravan-hob/spinflo-hobs-and-cookers/spinflo-mk-3-caprice-black
  5. Also be sure to check the galley tap itself. Many taps have a little filter on the spout which can become clogged, consequently slowing the flow considerably. The filter usually simply unscrews out of the tap. It could be that the pump flow is fine and it’s only the tap that’s clogged.
  6. Here’s an example schematic from Victron but how relevant it is to you I have no idea. https://www.victronenergy.com/upload/documents/1.6KVA-12V-MultiPlus-230-Volt-system-example-5-PIN-VE-Bus-BMS-Lithium-Orion-Tr.pdf
  7. That’s somewhere that the TravelPower can help with I guess, as it can power a good chunky charger.
  8. I’d talk to either Kevin or Wag at Onboard Energy. They know Victron stuff inside out.
  9. Ooh, I had a succession of them. I used to mildly tune them. Loved the smell.
  10. Ahh, so plagiarism then...
  11. Actually, that quote is generally attributed to Voltaire. He never actually said it though; it was invented by his biographer, Evelyn Beatrice Hall.
  12. No, Higgs has moved on to train to become a Mate...
  13. Or just a third rail along the towpath... no charging required, instant motive power
  14. I blame the dark energy. Or is it dark matter? Perhaps the matter possesses energy? Just off back to my black hole now...
  15. I've told this story before but a mate of mine, when he was quite little, was travelling in the car with his dad as they passed those aerials. He asked what they were. "That's where all the TV and radio shows are transmitted from son." "Oh... What are the little aerials for?" A short pause, then... "They're for Children's Television" He was perfectly happy with that explanation.
  16. It makes a great base for a casserole.
  17. Our very first narrowboat had a single-thumper diesel which I was told was the predecessor to the Climax - a Coventry Victor. Raw water cooled and when stopping it if you let go of the little bit of string while it still had one revolution left stored in the flywheel then it'd start straight back up again... bang.... wait.... bang... wait... bang... bang... bang... bangbangbang...
  18. Yes, it fits in well with the second of my oft-repeated three step process of... 1. Do a power audit 2. Work out how you will replace that usage daily 3. Buy 3x or more the result in (1) of battery capacity.
  19. But, as you and Ian correctly said, absorption takes the same amount of time whatever the size of the bank
  20. He makes the same non-point every couple of months.
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