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  1. Used this regularly when we operated petrol stations. Still have a tube onboard for occasional checks.
  2. From reading the DBA statement it's the use of the pipe interrupter and the max 7 metre they are against, calculating that it will take 60 mins to fill the average narrowboat tank and 90 mins for a Dutch Barge. Reading that document a standpipe for drinking water only requires the Double Check Valve, not the Interrupter. Not sure about not letting the hose drag on gravel or lay in puddles at your average CRT water point but the rest is what we already do. I guess we could all keep our hoses in the air whilst filling. Certainly slow down the cyclists.
  3. Did they ever install the hydro plant in the disused lock chamber?
  4. Would suspect a shock load would pull the tap off the wall or post or seriously damage the pipework. Given the opportunity I would try a big spanner and a pair of stilsons.
  5. The description attached to that picture states: Pipe Interrupters are intended for open outlet applications and must not be used for washing machines, upstream of hose union taps or any appliance that has a control valve or restriction
  6. A Facebook post implies there is some sort of 'clutch' arrangement on the threads to prevent them being removed.
  7. Not quite sure how the 'barge' could come out of nowhere at Rodley. The photo is the road bridge which sits between 2 swing bridges with, usually a lot of moored boats. As was said earlier, perhaps the steerer would put a different slant ln the story.
  8. It will be private but does EA jurisdiction apply to this stretch of tidal waters.
  9. Do you need licence at Westview, being on tidal waters?
  10. I registered our new widebeam with EA several months ago before it became obvious how long Covid would drag on, so we could have a number to have written on the side. Going to be another month at least until we actually licence it. It did take quite a time to get the number but for us it wasn't a problem. First G number the signwriter had done.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. Sold my surplus ones on Canal Market Place on Facebook.
  13. Haven't got the notice from the EA but seem to recall the moorings are closed for a week before and a week after.
  14. Is there anything to stop boats positioning themselves at the mouth of the Lark? 2 or 3 abreast.
  15. The last time I used the Elsan at Wolverhampton someone had taken a hacksaw to the adaptor.
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