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  1. Yes it is specific my boat. I wasn't offering advice, just giving my experience.
  2. Our boat has a Beta 43 and as delivered had a plain cap on the engine header and a plastic header tank (a Renault one) with pressure cap. When having some work done 3 years later at a different boat builders they remarked it should have a pressure cap on the engine. I spoke to Beta who said a 10psi cap and no header tank. I now just run the overflow tube into a Tesco milk bottle. I find the level in the engine header needs to be about 30mm below the top of the tank.
  3. The gorge with its hydro plant is well worth a visit and there us a useful place to replace your ropes and fenders.
  4. But not so good if you want to trsnsfer from a CRT licence on 31 Dec and move to an EA Anglian licence.
  5. And from CRT website Gold Licences are non-refundable and only issued for a full calendar year, running from 1 January to 31 December (no matter what point you buy it in the year), but you can transfer it to a new owner on sale, inheritance or any other change of ownership
  6. You mean you'll be paying for 12 months but only getting 6 months use.
  7. Our bathroom floor was originally tiled with ceramic tiles. In the summer one grout line across the boat would open up. It would close again in the winter. 3 years ago we had a screed put down and Karndean tiles laid. A gap still appears in roughly the same line every summer.
  8. But if it is a Vetus thruster then almost impossible to replace whilst in the water.
  9. The big Tesco in Middlewich is now rebranded as Jack's.
  10. We have grilles over ours made of 1 inch weldmesh secured on 4 M10 studs. 3 years ago a bit of 2 x 1 managed to get in the tube breaking one blade from the prop although it didn't alter the performance too much. At the next dry docking a year later we found one of the studs had broken off. The last few days the thruster wasn't working too well and today I put my hand down the weedhatch to find lots of fishing line wrapped around the blades.
  11. Do you mean the brass pump for draining the engine oil?
  12. That is how the Fischer Panda hybrid system is configured with 48v motor and 48v DC diesel generator. Whereas the Beta system had a direct drive diesel with 48v alternator and 48v electric motor with belt drive to the prop shaft. But is the Fischer Panda system ok on a river?
  13. You can still see the remnants of the mountings. If you're following us to Liverpool then I should warn you that there are very few boats around. Pete Currently at Wigan.
  14. It's hybrid drive actually.
  15. Yes, the ones at Butts Bridge are not too obvious, especially if coming from the Leigh direction as they are tucked in by the side of the bridge.
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