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  1. I'm a CCer so minimal facilities but I could drill and tap the holes. That's the one I was thinking of, thanks.
  2. Fairly certain in is from the joint. We are using red antifreeze and there is a build up of reddy orange crud around that join. That is something that occurred to me. I recall seeing a rrpair to a Vetus engine along these lines, drilling and tapping the manifold then booting on a he's filler neck. Though to be honest I was just wondering if something like Araldite would do it.
  3. The coolant filler on top of the exhaust mainfold/heat Exchanger (part 4 on the diagram) is leaking around the joint. About 1/4 litre a month. The brass filler appears to be peened into the cast Manifold so my first thought was to replace it, until Cummins tell me the part is nearly £800 plus Vat. I could just put up with it and monitor the coolant loss more often or attempt a repair. What would you recommend to put up with the heat and expansion?
  4. With BWML being put up for sale what guarantees would there be that any free 24 hour mooring would remain. And can CRT just transfer property, ie the Dock wall, over to BWML.
  5. Live aboard in york

    York Marina might not have residential moorings but they do have permanent liveaboards.
  6. Wish they would do that to the footbridge over Ryders Green locks that leads to Asda. Might stop some of the trollies finding their way into the water.
  7. End of winter?

    0.6°C here at Gailey. Plenty of snow, very windy but canal not frozen.
  8. Alrewas wedding

    If you moor at Holliday Street in Birmingham wedding photographers using your boat as a backdrop is pretty normal, it only being 50 yards from the Registrar Office
  9. Diesel Sawley

    When we were at Kings in the late spring we were told that self service was turned off on the orders of HMRC.
  10. Heron narrowboats

    Pretty sure they've reserected several times.
  11. Heron narrowboats

    I think you're thinking of Triton Boats of Salford.
  12. Chancellor's Spring Statement - Red Diesel

    There is a huge advertising screen just down the road from Titford Pumphouse that faces to the elevated M5 motorway. It is powered entirely by diesel generator in a compound at its base. There is a similar one in the Chinese Quarter by Birmingham Market. Both appear to be running 24/7. Did they not need planning permission?
  13. Silver Propeller - How Many Have You Done?

    Sunday 25 March 2012 with Christine and Malcolm Richardson. Stayed overnight then walked over the top to the other end of the tunnel. Joined on the moorings by Martin and Di on Nb Florence from West Stockwith. Both days warm and sunny. Knew my diary woyycome in handy one day.
  14. Silver Propeller - How Many Have You Done?

    When we went there, it would have been very difficult to get further than the winding hole due to the number of small trees in the water. Alveston Weir, River Avon (Warwickshire) No (all boats must hold an Avon license, and obtain guidance notes, in advance, from The Avon Navigation Trust) Bedford River, Great Ouse Three times Boston Black Sluice, Black Sluice Navigation (EA) No (also accesible by trail boats via EA slipway at Hubberts Bridge) Cascade winding hole, Chesterfield Canal Yes (Cascade winding hole appears as Manor Road Winding Hole in CanalPlanAC) Coombeswood Basin, Dudley Canal No 2 Twice Fens Branch Stourbridge Canal Walked it Gronwyn Bridge winding hole, Maesbury, Montgomery Canal If that's the winding hole I think then twice. Head of navigation, Ashby Canal The old one twice, new one wasn't built. Holme, Middle Level (New Dyke) (max length of craft is 20.70m (68'-0")) Horseway Lock, Middle Level (or junction of Vermunden’s Drain and Sixteen Foot Drain) Twice to the junction Inglesham Junction of the River Thames with the Thames & Severn Canal Twice King John’s Castle, Odiham, Basingstoke Canal Langley Mill Basin, Erewash Canal Three times Leek Branch canal terminus, Caldon Canal Once Liverpool Docks, Leeds & Liverpool Canal Twice Maud Foster Windmill, Boston, Maud Foster Drain Once Melbourne Basin, Pocklington Canal Once and Stamford Bridge. Norton Canes, Cannock Extension Canal Only as far as Grove Colliery Basin Ripon Basin, Ripon Canal Once to Old Terminus, once to new River Dee Branch, Off the Shropshire Union Canal Saul Junction, Gloucester & Sharpness Canal Three times Sheffield Basin, Sheffield & Tinsley Canal Twice before redevelopment, once after. Southern portal of the Dudley Tunnel, Dudley Canal Walked it (above Park Head locks) Springs Branch head of navigation, Leeds & Liverpool Canal Walked it (turning at the end is restricted and that boats longer than 35ft will need to reverse back out) Standedge Tunnel and Visitor Centre, Huddersfield Narrow Canal Through the tunnel twice. Not been to the visitor centre Stanton Downham Bridge, Little Ouse or Brandon Creek Lock too short Terminus of the Wendover Arm Grand Union Canal, Wendover Arm Once Tewitfield Marina, Lancaster Canal Once Titford Pools, Birmingham Canal Navigations Moored at the Pumphouse now but only been to the pools by boat in the 80s Uttoxeter Basin, Froghall, Uttoxeter Canal Tunnel too low Walsall Town Basin, Walsall Canal Lost count of how often. First time was 1982 Welches Dam Lock, Old Bedford River West Summit Lock, Rochdale Canal Twice from Sowerby Bridge and return. Once whole canal Winsford Bridge, River Weaver Once and to the other end.
  15. Silver Propeller - How Many Have You Done?

    When we went there, it would have been very difficult to get further than the winding hole due to the number of small trees in the water.