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  1. Do what you feel right. I was just giving CRTs advice. It is supposedly based on caravan sites still being closed but I don't really think it's a proper comparison. For our own part we extended our winter mooring in a marina until the end of June but are planning on leaving in a week or two and recommence cruising.
  2. Unless I'm reading it wrong, that missive from CRT implies that if the boat is not your primary residence you still can't stay onboard overnight. Things to know before commencing a longer journey on your boat after 1 June: All Government guidelines should be followed – this includes; regular handwashing, especially before and after using any facility or structure, social distancing and only members of your household being on your boat. Unless your boat is your primary residence (i.e. you permanently live on it) overnight stays on your boat are not currently permitted.
  3. We cook electric but always run our electric fan oven from the generator. Admittedly our battery bank is only half yours but wouldn't take long to run them flat with a 3kw load. If your oven is like ours it takes about 20 minutes to get to temperature before the thermostat takes over.
  4. We did it in our 58 ft narrowboat drawing 30 inches. Scraped when passing through the bridge/tunnel under the railway but we were off centre.
  5. BWML rescinded their planned increase in mooring fees.
  6. When we lived in Southampton the off licence just up from our business always had to draught real ales on offer. I would just take in an empty 4 pint milk bottle or they would supply one.
  7. There are some nice Wetherspoons and some not so nice (the one here in Newark is in the latter category) but the one good thing that will happen is that no one will be able to stand at the bar and obstruct others getting served or seeing what beers are on.
  8. The OP said securing, not mooring.
  9. Lost all our of drive on our hire boat whilst passing through the M62 works. Blamed the contractors at first until I realised the coupling was turning but the shaft wasn't. All the bolts in the coupling had fallen out.
  10. Your last picture not Woodlesford. Cottage on wrong side.
  11. I would have thought the actual museum, the ferry terminal and the Mann Island development should have upset English Heritage more.
  12. Forgot that. Cruised both old and new. Wish I'd explored the Saville Colliery loading basin and the other old staithes around when I could of. Didn't even take any photos of Kippax Lock.
  13. Looking at the first post picture with the temporary channel, there was also the new aqueduct on the W & B near Selly Oak where boats were also diverted over a temporary channel.
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