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  1. pearley

    Drilling a Hole!

    When I was working we would have used one of these to expand/open up the hole in the grommet to enable the plug to pass thtough. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HELLERMANN-TYTON-SS-FITTING-TOOL-TYPE-SS-1-2-TO-2MM-/181640228009?redirect=mobile
  2. pearley

    fridgemaster 12 volt fridge

    Course I did Thanks
  3. pearley

    fridgemaster 12 volt fridge

    For our old Fridgemaster 12 volt fridge freezer (converted by Shoreline) I drilled several 50mm holes through the floor behind the fridge, mojnted 2 x 100 mm computer fans on a piece of ply the width of the fridge and about 150 mm wide and mounted this at 45° above the holes so that air was sucked from the bilge and blown over the compressor and the back of the fridge. I wired the fans in parallel so the run at half speed so quieter and connected them to the fan terminals on the control box.
  4. Sherborne Wharf definitely suitable for craning. Was moored there before they took over the drydock and watched their trip boats being craned out for inspection. Jeannette has just reminded me that CRT have a maintenance yard just past Horseley Fields Junction. Minerva Wharf. Definitely get a crane in there.
  5. pearley

    washing machine on board

    Our previous Zanussi compact /studio washer woild run happily off either the Victron 3kva Multiplus with the engine running (175 amp alternator and 540 amp hr battery pack) or ftom 6 ova Onan generator from cold fill. New Zanussi compact/studio washer won't work with the Victron.
  6. pearley


    Twice we asked DWP to look at my wife's pension as the qualifying years she had seemed to low. Then we had a phone call from the Wigan office (dont jnow why Wigan ) asking ifvshd had ever been paid child benefit.. There was or still is something called Home Responsibility Protection which ensures a mother's contributing years are kept up. She eventually received a large payment of arrears plus interest and a greatly increased pension.
  7. pearley

    No more Fuller's beers

    Quite like Golden Best myself but a long-time since I've had it.
  8. pearley

    Living Aboard Newbie Questions

    There used to be a wide beam canal boat moored in the Hamble.If heading towards Southampton you could see if as you crossed the M27 bridge. If in saltwater you will need different nodes.
  9. Thought the arm was dredged towards the end of 2014.
  10. pearley

    Prescription woes

    My doctor is adamant that I can only have one month prescription. However, they will give me 2 consecutive one month scripts!
  11. pearley

    Mooring in or around Birmingham

    Just be aware that if the event is very popular then they queue along the towpath. Can be vety noisy but all gone in 30 minutes. Must do wonders for CRT figures of visitors to the waterways.
  12. pearley

    River Nene and River Ouse slip ways.

    There is one at Huntingdon.
  13. pearley

    River Nene and River Ouse slip ways.

    Ignore the one shown at Godmanchester. First the EA built a flood bank across it then the council erected the town sign in front.
  14. pearley

    Replacing engine coolant

    When I had ours replaced I used Ford 10 year antifreeze.
  15. pearley

    A Timely Reminder

    But how best to test CO monitors?

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