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  1. http://www.cravenherald.co.uk/news/16415490.farmer-accuses-canal-trust-of-letting-thousands-of-gallons-of-water-leak-onto-his-land-while-closing-canal-because-of-shortage-of-water/
  2. pearley

    Bank robbers

    But first you have to find a bank branch that's still open.
  3. pearley


    Yes, we've just come up Heartbreak Hill following one of them.
  4. pearley


    The ones at Middlewich on Monday were pretty good but one of them is a boater. Something that seems to be unusual for volunteers.
  5. pearley

    Middlewich Folk and Boat festival

    We must have passed you. We're now moored up above Kings Lock.
  6. pearley

    Middlewich breach

    CRT have finally installed pumps above the breach to feed water down to Middlewich. Levels there are now fairly normal.
  7. pearley

    Bridgewater Reciprocal agreement?

    Just make sure you get a receipt.
  8. pearley

    Graham Reeves Boat Builders

    AFAIK Reeves went bust at their original place near Napton Junction. They then restarted under Graham's childrens names at Fenny Compton. Last October he gold me that he/they had felt out with the management at Fenny and been given notice to quit so last Spring moved to new premises on a farm near Napton.
  9. pearley

    Graham Reeves Boat Builders

    01295 770934 or 07879 002640
  10. pearley

    River Weaver

    The only place I know of where a very long hose is necessary is Waddington Lock on the SSYN where the tap is at the top of a long slope. But that's not the River Weaver!
  11. pearley

    Canalside Market at the ICC, in Birmingham

    According to Facebook this has been cancelled.
  12. Except that, having had stuff nicked off the roof before, it's all strapped down on our boat.
  13. pearley

    River Weaver

    Yes, you passed us moored just above Saltersford. We are now moored at Acton Bridge in company with the Daniel Adamson. Won't be using the water tap though as they are using it to flush their pump out tank! Edited to add that they are currently dredging the river near the now demolished ICI plant downstream of the lift and transporting the muck to a site between Acton Bridge and Dutton Locks. TM Sky has just passed us. I'd put a photo up but don't know how to reduce its size. Also, was told by the lock keeper at Saltersford that there is a new mooring pontoon between Acton Bridge and Dutton, just long enough for one narrowboat.
  14. I fell in a lock above Elland late one November. A lot more than 3 ft deep there. Impossible to get out until my wife stopped a couple of cyclists.
  15. pearley

    Elsan facilities at Peels wharf closed

    Last time we were there was April and still reasonable price.

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