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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. I suspect the £9 one is a Print on Demand book. I've had a few of them but they just don't seem the same as a 'proper' book.
  3. Thanks. Have no ordered it. Don't do electronic books, sorry.
  4. For sale? When I last searched I couldn't find one available.
  5. Probably an under estimate. As Kermit once said 'its not easy being green'. I don't know costings for a narrowboat but we are in the process of having a 60 X 10 widebeam built. We wanted to go electric and looked for several months into the various options both parallel and serial. A Beta Hybrid system would have cost us £35000 more than the conventional equivalent. That will buy us a lot of diesel between now and at 74, our eventual demise.
  6. We have a similar thing in our lounge but it has no cable operated water valve. It is plumbed in parallel with the calorifier with no control valves whatsoever. As long as I don't switch the fan on until the calorifier has got up to temperature everything works well.
  7. What I was hoping for was a book that would say here there used to an arm to xxx quarry and that concrete wall on the offside was the loading stathe for XXX colliery.
  8. Our workshop as Auto Electricians was opposite a branch of KwikFit. People would buy new batteries there then a few days later come to us to get their alternator repaired.
  9. Didn't think it necessary to say the obvious. Ours blocked once through sons partner putting in something that she hadn't eaten first. Quick poke with screwdriver sorted that. Then about 3 years ago, at 10 years old, it would block at odd times and require rodding through. I replaced the pipe between WC and docking station and no more problems. When I cut the old pipe open the internal diameter was down to about 20mm due to limescale andvuric acid.
  10. Thanks for that Nick. Despite EE saying my phone doesn't support WiFi Calling I've done this and it now works fine. All I need to do now is sort Jeannettes Sony Xperia where the option has simply disappeared from the menu.
  11. After hanging in the phone outside for 15 minutes with the snow falling EE have confirmed my particular model of Moto G6 doesn't support WiFi calling despite it appearing in the menu. Only solution is a new phone or put up with it.
  12. But the OP said his was 134A We only started recovering and recycling R12 around 1990 but for 134A from its introduction into cars. Our first machine was all singing, all dancing recovery, recycling and recharging. Cost a bloody fortune and only got used a handful of times in the first year mainly for dealers who didn't have their own equipment. Leak detection on R12 was fairly easy. Generally you just looked for the oily patch but 134a much more difficult. In some cases like condenser leaks they could be seen but UV dye made it easier except over the years some cars en
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