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  1. I did wonder why they are issuing a notice for a stretch of overgrown canal that no-one can use.
  2. Our original Zanussi ZWC 1300 worked fine off inverter provided power save mode was switched off. It's replacement ZWC 1301 refused to work. The drum bearing on that failed a year ago and was replaced under warranty. The new one works fine. Victron told me there was circuitry in the washer called grid detection.
  3. You will need an EA licence. If you've just bought the boat it may have an unexpired licence on it as the EA don't do refunds so check. Otherwise you may be able to buy an EA visitor licence but they do have some strange rules.
  4. For safety reasons, we don't allow paddleboards to go through locks, so you will have to walk around these and rejoin the water further along. But please don't launch it in the tail of a lock just as a boater opens the paddles!
  5. I always use genuine Kubota HH160-32093 in mine. Many Kubota dealers around including one at the rear of Lyons Boatyard if you are in that area. I also have a Crossland reference if LF3536. My gennie is an Onan but same engine. Fuel filter doesn't seem to fit anything else and costs an arm and leg.
  6. About 13 years ago an Enforcement Officer (they talked to you then) said we shouldn't be there. We pointed to that sign. He couldn't understand it either.
  7. When we were on the Weaver for a couple of months over the summer, a number of boaters said that CRT were proposing a fairly long stoppage of the lift for renovation. Certainly needs painting. Confirmed by the lift operator but unsure when. A year off at least.
  8. Be spent 3 days moored at the South end in early September as it was a convenient place to do some painting. There were a number of time slots with none or only one boat, usually the second slot of the day.
  9. Guess it depends on how desparate you are. Lyons on the North Stratford always open.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  11. And we were quoted £35000 for a 60 X 10 parallel hybrid drive and more for a serial hybrid.
  12. You'd have a field day with cyclists through Nottingham.
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