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  1. pearley

    Kitchen extractor

    There is a porthole above our hob and a mushroom vent on the rooflight above that. I mounted a small diameter car radiator fan, about 6 inches, to suck from the hob and out through the vent. Mounted on a board and screwed to roof below the vent. Below the fan is a piece of stainless steel mesh folded to hold a piece of grease trap paper. Put a wire wound resistor in the feed, and airstream, to slow it down and reduce noise.
  2. Because the holes had been tapped for the fixing screws and so the threads gave the putty a key.
  3. He conducts Royston Town Band but has been known to stand in temporarily for other local bands, mainly Ware and Haverhill. Where are you based?
  4. Usually we burn Excel but here at Kings the coal merchant only supplies Newheat. Last year was definitely inferior to Excel, not so hot, more ash, dirtier glass but this year difficult to see any difference. £9.60 here for 25kg bag. And yes. 20kg bags are easier and 10 kg a doddle.
  5. If dont play but for about 12 years I was Brass Band groupy. Our son was always interested in music and when he went to big school prevaricated about joining the school band. When he finally went they only had one instrument left, a B flat bass, the big brother of the Tuba. So big I had to make a stand so the mouthpiece was level with his mouth. So for the next 12 years Jeannette or I took him from venue to venue, not just the school band but the local one and the County one. Having a pickup and a Transit available we were roped in to carry the timpanies, stands, etc to various venues every weekend. Fortunately he now drives, still plays Tuba as a dep but mainly conducts but we still find ourselves going to various gigs. But really enjoy Whit Friday for some decent Northern beer!
  6. Mid October 2018 it was moored on the downstream end of Hazelford lock island. Early March 2019 it was moored on the downstream end of Hazelford lock island. Early December 2019 it was moored on the downstream end of Hazelford lock island. Only my assumption that it hadn't moved in that time.
  7. My son has an electronic mute for his tuba so only he can hear it. Back to the OP the barge has been moored below the lock for at least 15 months. I too cannot understand someone not checking on his boat during that time.
  8. pearley

    Scout boat

    Wouldn't be easy to get a crane to it. Sure there's a weight limit on the bridge behind and that's The Navigation Pub garden by the towpath.
  9. Do you mind if I copy this to a vehicle electronics forum I subscribe to?
  10. Or, if Newark is closer I have one yoj can borrow. Buy will be leaving and heading upstream on 1 April.
  11. Don't recall collecting old papers but do remember climbing Cader Idris in the snow, loading the dishwasher at BP House, being put off beer for years by drinking Double Diamond. My original Scout Group were Sea Scouts so I continued to wear the blue rather than the brown of the others.
  12. We lived in the flat opposite the Synagogue for 2 years until I got married on 1967. Our first home was a 'flat' in Queens Road, Ilford for 6 months. The Polish Landlord lived downstairs. Remember the gas cooker was made by the Gas, Light and Coal Company who had been nationalised in 1947, it took most of the afternoon to cook a chicken. Jeannette got a job at Plesseys winding coils for telephones. She was warned by the union that she was working too fast. After 6 months we moved to another flat in a road off Ilford Lane, again with the landlord living downstairs. I was doing a 6 month placement at Boreham then and had a an old Popular but ran a big end on the Chelmsford Bypass. I rebuilt the engine in the wash bay there. Another 6 months and we moved to a proper flat in Palmerston Road in Buckhurst Hill and I was taken on as s Technical Author by Ford Service Dept at Gants Hill and we stayed there a year before moving back to Southampton. Should have added in the earlier post that I also had a 3 month placement at Allen's of Romford.
  13. Yes, a small world. In my first year as an apprentice at Ford's (see the other post) I was in lodgings in Barking somewhere off Upney Lane. I never went to the park but did join the 17th Barking Scout Group Rover Crew whose pub if choice was the pub at the crossroads. Scout Leader was Fred Rook who lived in Wilmington Gardens backing onto the railway tracks. Fred was a copper in real life. Went to the college up the road for the next 4 years. South East Essex Regional College of Technology? After a year there me and the other 2 apprentices took a flat in Ilford opposite the Synagogue.
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