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  1. pearley


    I am currently using a Samsung tablet. Has a hissy fit with that. Ah but the colouring was applied by the owner of said book using a crayon AFAIK At least that's how mine was coloured in.
  2. pearley


    If you want real detail then I can recommend the Alan Godfrey reprints of OS maps from around 1900. Roughly 1/2500 scale. Waterstones in Birmingham keep quite a few as does the Ian Allan shop near New Street Station. Beware though you can get a bit obsessed and want to collect the lot, about 34 to cover all the BCN, at £3 a time. I started with the Round Oak one as I wanted to see how the canal had been moved to accommodate Merryhill shopping centre, then the lovely colour one of Birmingham City Centre. After the BCN I then went into other interesting canal areas around the country. I'm waiting for them to reprint Burton on Trent so I can look at the brewery railway system and Wigan to show the coal and iron industry along the Wigan 21. I can also recommend 'The Industrial Canal - The Railway Interchange Trade' by Tom Foxon, published by Heartland Press, which has much detail of many of the basins including maps/plans of several. The section on Hockley Port is extremely interesting. And Jeannette has just pointed out this https://bcnsociety.com/canal-hunter/
  3. I'll continue to call it Broad Street Bridge or Tunnel. Just like Ashted Locks will never be Eastside. Could be they are continuing BWs tradition of ignoring tradition. I was rather annoyed a few years ago to find Locomotive Bridge in Huddersfield had been renamed Quay Street Bridge and then there is High Bridge on the Dudley No 2 which is now High Bridge Road Bridge.
  4. pearley


    You need the Blue Book. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Birmingham-Canal-Navigations-cruising-Walking/dp/B00I3O0YYC If you can't find a copy then someone on here has a pdf version.
  5. Guess that depends on where it's positioned. I have the same one but it's behind my head do I can see the reflection but not the actual light. Have a second one in the lounge area.
  6. Ideally you want one to EN 50291-2 spec for a boat rather than -1
  7. Not hire car related but... Before I retired we installed car air conditioning. One of our customers was the Mercedes dealer in the Channel Islands who would send the vehicle over to Poole unaccompanied. The time for Customs release varied a lot so we would wait until they phoned. It was late on a winter's evening when we drove down to collect a 190e so dark and wet. I signed the customs declaration, took the keys and walked out to the car park, approaching from the drivers side. Drove back to Southampton, opened workshop doors, drove it in and locked up. Next morning drove it back out and that was the first time I walked around go the passenger side. Which was stoved in! I rang the dealer who gave me a mouthful before laughing and said the customer had done on the way to the dealership but as everything was booked they didn't want to miss the slot so sent it over. Taught me a lesson though.
  8. All the way from Skipton to Bingley there are nice new blue CRT signposts for the benefit of walkers and cyclists, both of who usually know where they are going.
  9. Except as CCers we use it all the time to find various shops. And Streetview is good to identify what bus stop to get off.
  10. You should be ok. Restrictions lifted but not at Bingley of Wigan.
  11. Google maps is a pain on my Galaxy Tab E tablet. Slow and often stopping working. Any suggestions for a good Android map app.
  12. Wish we had had some of those. Plenty at Wigan when we came up, none at Johnsons Hillock but there was some sort of CRT supervisor taking photos of the new footbridge but wouldn't makeveyd contact. 2 at Blackburn who were being assessed. (And I was glad to see them having been stoned by kids at every lock last time we were there) none at Greenberfield but lots of boats coming up so no so much work to do, 2 at Bank Newton who went ahead and set each lock leaving us and a hire boat to come down on our own (which was fine) and one at Gargrave who wouldn't let any single boats down, but a couple of singles up and was for ever asking how long we were going to be filling our water tank. Now moored above the 5 rise. Very few boats today but seem to insist that a single boat coming up must leave the top lock before the single boat waiting to descend can start down. Unlike the wonderful Barry who would cross boats over in the chamber. Edited to say that Bank Newton and Gargrave locks have notices on the balance beams asking/advising/telling you to not touch the bottom gates.
  13. The coir rolls are pre planted with suitable plants.
  14. Difficult to say for sure but that bank looks as if it wasn't really suitable for mooring and maybe mooring pins have badly damaged it. Repairing banks by putting in material supported by stakes then backfilling putting cour rolls on top is fairly common.
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