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  1. pearley

    Beta 43 filters

    A year ago MC sold me a Baldwin B240 filter for my Beta 43. It wasn't until then oil pressure light took a longer than normally go outvthag I realised this too was a hydraulic filter. MC now only sell the genuine Beta filters.
  2. pearley

    Beta 43 filters

    The Fleetguard reference is wrong. I ordered one with that number last year only to find if marked Hydraulic Oil Filter. The correct reference is LF3341. I imagine different bypass pressures. No Fram listed which is PH3589.
  3. pearley

    Receiving Packages

    Which is why I ask or stipulate that the sender must use Royal Mail. Also, if getting something sent to our registered address I ensure it will go through a standard letter box and doesn't need signing for, as there is no one at home during the day.
  4. pearley

    Engine maintenance vlog

    Doesn't seem to have changed since we spent a winter there 2011/12. Pontoons still narrow, short and falling in the water.
  5. pearley

    Google home or Amazon?

    So, whichever device you have, the radio is streamed from your internet. I ask because my wife would like a voice conttolled DAB radio, but would need to be USB powered.
  6. Can we expect another call for fencing?
  7. pearley

    Ribble Link Query

  8. pearley

    Ribble Link Query

    My wife hates rivers and tidal ones even more so so we had a pilot recommended by the Boatyard at Tarleton. Jim Wilkinson. Best £50 ever. So knowledgeable about the river.
  9. pearley

    Starter On A Beta 43

    In 40 years as an auto electrician I never came across a pre engaged starter that didn't have a clutch but plenty of starters on older vehicles with separate solenoid. But the OP was talking about his Beta 43.
  10. pearley

    Starter On A Beta 43

    There is a dirty great solenoid on the top of the starter. When you turn the key the solenoid engages and pushes the small cog on the end of the starter into engagement with the ring year. There is a roller clutch connecting the small cog with the centre shaft of the starter. When the engine fires the higher speed makes the small cog spin on the shaft. So no damage if you keep the key turned too long. Sometimes the clutch will fail and the cog stays in engagement destroying the starter motor. Often with a failed starter you can turn the key and hear a click, this being the solenoid. Sometimes when this happens with a fully charged battery people will hit the starter to make it engage. Sometimes this will work as the earth path for the solenoid windings is through the starter brushes and, if they are worn, hitting the started makes them make better contact. Try this with a starter with permanent magnets rather electro magnet coils will also destroy the starter.
  11. pearley

    Ribble Link Query

    Would that have been Jim Wilkinson?
  12. pearley

    PRV Valve

    Our new Surecal calorifier came with a 4 bar PRV prefitted. I reached it with a 3 bar one.
  13. pearley

    Red Diesel Update - Meeting 20/11/18

    Pity they don't do the same with wine and beer.
  14. pearley

    Over Wintering

    If that is Newark then they've been once in the past 6 weeks. And given the boat next to us a notice for being unlicensed.

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