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  1. And now another one! https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.birminghammail.co.uk/black-country/date-disaster-woman-enjoying-tgi-17078243.amp All jumping on the bandwagon, or in the water, for compensation? Now this woman knew the canal was there. From TGI Fridays to the canal is a dead end other than the Hungry Horse pub. Of course she might have been heading the other way to the Inn on The Wharf. Either way, why or how did she end up in the water. Oddly, where the walkway from TGI Fridays past the cinema to the Hungry Horse ends at the water's edge, it looks as if there was an intention to put a swing or lift bridge. Would save a long walk around but probably council wouldn't pay.
  2. We had Pat Buckle built Sundowner. 200 litres as others have said.
  3. Never been to a Nandos but that Frankie and Benny's is the worst we've ever visited. Not sure where they fell in. The basin alongside the Inn on The Wharf has railings to prevent drinkers falling in, there is no reason to walk along the Premier Inn side as it leads nowhere, unless you want to drink at their mediocre bar, which leaves the bit by the Art Gallery where there is an escape ladder. On our many visits there has always been a boom across the entrance to stop weed and other rubbish entering the basin, the prevailing wind usually being in that direction.
  4. Might be old but still serves as a warning to us all. So no need to apologise.
  5. Aqueduct Anderton Orchard Uplands Droylsden Portland Basin Kings Lock
  6. But the crossing at Alrewas still closed. Hopefully open on Sunday when we get there but lots of standing water on the fields coming down from Stone and river running very fast.
  7. Yes, we were in Kings Marina in Newark last year and have booked again for this winter. Just have to let the Trent subside a bit.
  8. Newark, electric and water on floating pontoon and elsan a short walk away but in the cheapest band!
  9. That's because the alternative is a wheel coming loose and them being sued.
  10. We fit a washing machine filter instead of the normal o ring in the Hozelock tap connector. Tank is always pretty clean when I inspect it. Only ever check the strainer when I replace the pump.
  11. The elsan at Hazelford is closed with a notice on the door stating it is due to 'vandalism'. Given that the only approach is by water or a long walk over a narrow walkway after going through a locked gate I can only assume it is the boaters who are the vandals.
  12. Off Grid 07533 188620 came to us in Burnley. He might cover your area.
  13. OP is going north so presumably going down flight. Perfectly safe to moor just above top lock of the 21. Towpath side you can visit The Great Western or offside on secure moorings but you can't get off. New Main Line if you're in a hurry or Old Main Line if you want it interesting. If you need supermarket large Sainsbury's just up from Whimsey Bridge at Oldbury.
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