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  1. ABC at Alvechurch only a short walk. Or if you want adventurous, Bridge Boats at Ely.
  2. Fortunately only 30 litres in our case. Either way a bloody pain.
  3. This what happens when filler not sealed to deck.
  4. When we visited the Lancaster 10 years or so ago the info said a tag was required to access some facilities. When we tried to get one were told it was no longer needed.
  5. The filler tube is a 2 inch steel pipe welded to the tank and the underside of the gunnel. The chrome filler just sits inside that steel tube. There is water laying at the elbow where the steel pipe goes across to the tank, veryfied by water finding paste in the end of a dipstick. I don't know what I'm going to find when I remove the filler but want to be prepared.
  6. Would that be ordinary Sikaflex? I see they do one called NT specially for tanks but comes in packs of 20!
  7. Matty, Aintree boat. As you can see, feeler gauge (Tesco milk bottle) slides right under implying no sealant.
  8. Water is getting into my diesel tank coming under the filler where it is screwed to the gunnel. Any recommendations for a good diesel resistant sealant.
  9. Don't think current Multiples has an internal megafuse. Haven't looked inside my new one but one on old boat didn't. Whereas the one that replaced did.
  10. 2/0 AWG should be heavy enough but part of the idea of asking for 2 cables for both pos and neg is to spread the load over 2 terminals inside the inverter. I'd would want to give all those battery terminals a good clean. Some of the crimps look suspect and two of the thin wires don't look to have terminals.
  11. My Multiplus manages OK providing I reduce the charge rate down to a trickle for the first couple of hours. Easy to do with the remote.
  12. If you go to Victron website you can download a guide to all the LED definitions to your phone. Yes, the thing attached to the neg terminal is a temperature sensor. The 12 volt supply cables look to small. My 3000 states 2 x50mm for both pos and neg.
  13. Some 25 years ago my father looked to buying a house at Hythe Marina Village. That had the same conditions but what really annoyed Dad was he wasn't allowed to sublet it but the marina could. In the event Mum refused to move anyway.
  14. And I guess for those who have the plastic ones, a cuphook could be fitted.
  15. For a narrowboat. For a 60 X 10 we were quoted £48000 by Fischer Panda for a system with 20kw motor and 800 a/hr of Lead Carbon batteries reduced to £40000 for a 15kw motor and cheaper batteries. Hybrid Marine quoted £38000 for a Beta 90 with 20kw of motor. 90 a bit OTT, they did say they could fit the two motor, 20kw system to a Beta 60 but it wouldn't save much money. We also approached Lynch. They may have been cheaper but it was very difficult to pin them down to specifics. Eventually went for B60 plus separate genset.
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