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  1. So last year our trip to Liverpool was washed out for a number of reasons, the breach amongst them. So booked in again this year, originally for early June, then something came up so now late June. Then last week a stoppage notice for Coxhead Swing Bridge at Maghull to say the landing was being rebuilt so only open during 'working' hours. Then this morning another email to say the control panel had been vandalised and CRT were investigating. Then this afternoon yet another email to say the vandalism is severe and it could be weeks before its repaired - dont they keep spare consoles? But the email goes on to talk about the 'mechanisms uncovered by the vehicle impact'. What vehicle impact? Not mentioned earlier. But several weeks for goodness sake.
  2. It does say this: !!ATTENTION!! This solar panel, due to its thinness,the sun shines for too long and is prone to heat,Please pay attention to heat dissipation Especially placed on the roof of the house , motorhome roof but we all know that anyway. But I'm happy with semi flexibles on my cream roof.
  3. We usually moor by the Black Prince base as its an easy walk to the supermarkets and a near by bus stop to the town centre. As others have said, mooring just on the Caldon between the services and staircase locks is good.
  4. Priory Marina at Bedford, also BWML, also has the computer controlled scheme, with 32 amp supplies to each berth. The card slot on our supply pillar was also out of line but obviously not as bad as Alans as I never had to resort to pliers, although I often had tl insert the card several times. We left our winter mooring at Kings on Tuesday. Andy had told me that the only "improvement " scheduled for this year is the laying of the electricity cable along the side of the roadway. But it also involves opening the gate at the far end of the marina tl allow trucks and plant to access the wier at Nether Lock to build the hydro plant. Will be good fun with all those cars parked along it. Especially so as the "reconfigured car park" bit means the loss of about 20 parking spaces.
  5. Ballistic Black has been available for a least 5 years so not so new. We were advised by SML to apply it over 2 coats of Vinyguard Primer to ensure adhesion over any remaining previous blacking so does need a full 7 days in the drydock. That was Spring 2016 and I was quite impressed with it's performance. So we used it again in Spring last year. It is very thick so has a tendency to 'ruckle up' rather than scrape off, if you get my meaning. The primer stays on whatever.
  6. That makes sense. The new panels are slightly smaller than the old so tnere is some paintwork that needs attention so I can just unplug them, probably two at a time, when I get round to it.
  7. Where it states 'wire an in-line fuse holder. Do not insert a fuse at this time. Confirm the connections correct and then turn on the power'. Step 6 says ' When battery power is applied and the Tracer powers up'. So by 'turning on the power' do they mean insert fuse?
  8. From what I've read you are supposed to disconnect the panels then the battery side. So presumably the reverse when reconnecting. That is connect the battery then the panels. But the manual fof my Tracer 3215RN manual implies connecting the battery last. So which is correct and how much does it matter?
  9. Year or more since we were last there. I usually email Phil to find the current situation if we want to leave the boat.
  10. Have a look at the Pumphouse at Titford. Usually spaces there as not everyones cup of tea.
  11. Officially 48 hours but we've stayed a week in the past with no problem. Never seem to be many boats in the relief channel other than those who like to see how fast they can go! Floating pontoons, just chain on for security.
  12. We had a solid oak floor in the kitchen on our boat but got fed up with rubbing it down and revarnishing, it being a through kitchen. So we pulled it up and had Karndean fitted just over 2 years ago.They put down waterproof mdf on top of the ply then filled the joins. It looks great and matches the oak of the kifchen units. As the original floor had a skirting I put a new one on. There is one joint that has opened. It looked so good that we had Karndean laid in the bathroom. This had ceramic tiles laid but one of the grout lines running acrossvthe boat would continually open. Strangely, or not so, the same artificial grout line on the Karndean opens up. I think this is because of longitudanal expansion as it closes in winter and opens in summer. Even so, the gap is only about half a millimetre. One other advantage of Karndean and presumably other makes of LVT is that if you damage a plank or tile,mit can be easily replaced by warming with a heat gun and lifting the damaged one up.
  13. More of a problem is that most narrowboats sit bow high so the screed will run towards the back of the boat and into your carpet and underlay. Dont ask how we know this!
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