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  1. pearley

    Moorings Leicester.

    The new moorings at Friars Mill were 48 hour when we stayed there last year. There is a water tap there plus non working electricity pillars.
  2. pearley

    Deweeding tool - where can I get one?

    Because you have to twist the two halves of the handle to extend them, the hook is only peened into the that half of the handle. Too much tugging on material that doesn't want to give or cut easily and out it comes. Doubt it because it's from the market as your picture looks identical.
  3. pearley

    Deweeding tool - where can I get one?

    We're on our fourth one of those. £8.50 at Birmingham Market. Unfortunately the blade is not fixed too firmly too the handle and too much tugging and you have a handle but no blade. I prefer one of these but so did another boater who removed it from my roof in Leighton Buzzard. The current one is chained on. http://www.yandles.co.uk/draper-expert-stainless-steel-patio-weeder-with-fsc-ash-handle/p13636
  4. pearley

    Whining Propellor

    I know and I've filed dings myself but the amount Vetus and Simon talk about is quite considerable and fairly specific. To do it properly would need fairly clear water, at least enough to see one blade at a time, not something easily found around Birmingham. I'll see how it is after a stones, etc have been kicked up and taken their toll on the prop. singing prop info.pdf
  5. pearley

    Whining Propellor

    I have been sent a pdf from Vetus showing what to do. Very much the same as you. We'll have to live with it until our next dry docking by which time it might well have gone or changed.
  6. pearley

    Prickwillow, Great Ouse

    And just to the left of the yoghurt pot is the water tap.
  7. pearley

    Prickwillow, Great Ouse

    From the GOBA forum I think the moorings right outside the museum are closed. http://www.goba.org.uk/a1b2c3d4e5/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1960
  8. pearley

    Oh Hell no

    Domestic Vacuflush cassette system.
  9. pearley

    Wondering if anyone has cruised the River Lark?

    But at least you could see the bottom.
  10. The 'Blue Book' shows a toll stop at what used to be Bloomfield Junction but my OS map of 1904 doesn't. I can understand why they would put one there but does anyone know when it was installed. And when did BW remove the narrows and why did they go to the expense? Was there also a toll stop at Anchor Bridge at the other end of the Coseley Tunnel cut? The narrows through the bridge are much longer and narrower than most normal bridge holes but no mention in the book and I don't have the OS map of the area, yet. Are there any photos of the junction and toll stop?
  11. pearley

    Oh Hell no

    We replaced the pipe on ours last year, when I cut it in half we found it had reduced to less than an inch internally due to limescale, etc build up. Perhaps fit a support like ours which won't allow the pipe to come out.
  12. pearley

    Oh Hell no

    How? Even if the hose clamps were loose the vacuum should hold it in. The weak bit of the connection is the 90° elbow on the rear of the docking station. Because we pack storage bags under and over the pipe I fitted a support to ensure that no stress was put on the pipe. I feel your pain, having had the magnetic float fall apart on one cassette meaning the cassette just got fuller and fuller until liquid effluent started spraying out.
  13. pearley

    Christopher Chope, what an idiot...

    This man was my father's MP. 20 years ago ye met him to discuss a problem which Cope couldn't grasp. My father, long dead, thought him a ducks head then.
  14. pearley

    And now the Birmingham New Line

    Express & Star article states Over the past two and a half weeks a number of incidents have occurred, including 10 water conversion locks and five frog catches being broken.
  15. pearley

    And now the Birmingham New Line

    That's cos we left this morning to give you some space. Now at Tipton, water low all the way scraping over stuff in places. A group of badly secured Rothen work boars by Caggys floating out as you pass. From Facebook the say the anti vandal locks were smashed off. Could be a hire boater who couldn't find his key.

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