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  1. I did have a situation with mine where the pump micro switch was worn so it wouldn't work when the cassette was inserted but would if it was fully pressed by hand. Does it still stop after 15 seconds if you just hold switch in? As you have changed PCB then it looks like a pump problem.
  2. But the emergency number, which what this post has ended up discussing, is the same. Do not so out of date.
  3. 0800 according to my licence. I think the clue is the 999 bit.
  4. According to Facebook caused by a boater putting a strap from side to side under his boat to check the hull! https://www.facebook.com/groups/641852842517484/permalink/3392923057410435/
  5. Came past today. Empty of water and boats. Digger in the basin. Difficult to see it being enlarged as it has road on one side and higher ground to rear and other side. Guess all the boats have been relocated to Park Farm Marina as it's much fuller than last year.
  6. It would but it generally starts to leak vacuum at 9 or 10 months. A good clean and new grease keeps it going for another few weeks then I change them. We could try keeping our legs crossed for longer. I've always used the genuine ones from Leesan. Are you using a normal O ring on the 'spout' rather than the original double one?
  7. Our system is over 13 years old of everyday use as liveaboards. I replace the seals on the docking station about every 11 months, clean it and lubricate them regularly. The flush ball lasts about 4 years before it requires replacement. It holds vacuum overnight with no problem.
  8. It should run for around 40 seconds or so with an empty cassette before the pump cuts out. Thinking about it, I would first get one of those springy drain cleaner to things and shuff it up and down the hose to ensure there is no blockage. The hose is only good for around 10 years with the internal diameter getting reduced daily due to buildup of uric acid and limescale making it much easier for blockages to occur. As you have the docking station removed you can run the cleaner through from both ends. With regard to the green light, it is very easy to get the connectors on incorrectly which gives interesting faults. Have sent you a PM.
  9. pearley

    Steam box

    When I needed to put a trim around the base of the toilet on the boat I cut it slightly longer, tied it in a curve then put it in the dishwasher. Had to repeat it a few times but got it to a 12 inch circle eventually.
  10. When holding tank is removed and reinserted, how long does the pump run for? With tank removed and switch triggered with finger over vacuum tit, how long does pump run?
  11. Remove the cassette. Put your finger over the hole in the vacuum tit (under the latch if you have one) then press the microswitch in and hold it. The pump should run for a second or two and stop. Keep your finger over the hole. The pump should not run again. It it does you have a vacuum leak in the pump. The fact that the green light never comes on would imply either the PCB or the control panel at fault. You say it sucks liquid into the tank but then say it doesn't suck out of the WC when pedal pressed. How do you know it's sucking liquid? You haven't played with the two lock nuts on that lever attached to the actual pump, have you,?
  12. Like Bee says, there are many things that can go wrong with the system. There are a few on here that have it and know all about its foibles. So what are the symptoms of yours.
  13. Would be difficult to claim you didn't know you need to book. There are notices on every balance beam on the way up to Stoke.
  14. Smallest Beta gennie is 6.7 KVA which Beta say is 23 amps. Make sure you get Victron Multiplus with 50 amp transfer switch rather than the standard 16 amp.
  15. We came through on Sunday but arrived Saturday lunchtime. The CRT men on the Southern end were volunteers - at least that's what it said on their shirt sleeves.
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