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  1. pearley

    Off Round The Corner Without A Care

    For various reasons we spent a total of 3 weeks moored near Anderton Services. (we did move and come back in that time) The dumping of rubbish from boat recurs was a daily occurrence. The waste contractors won't take it as its not in a bin, nor would they move if if it obstructed the bins so a CRT pickup had to come, clean the site up so that the bins could then be emptied. Presumably CRT then had to pay to dispose of the stuff. And there is a canalside council tip just a few hours cruise up the canal.
  2. pearley

    March of the Widebeams ll

    Quite a few in the 2 new marinas between Anderton and the aqueduct. When we were st the services back in July watched a 14 ft wide one gingerly negotiating the bend. Guess if someone was moored on the visitor moorings there he would have taken to the reeds.
  3. It's at least 2 years since this was first suggested, to placate the residents overlooking the moorings, and will be another year before electricity is actually available and another 2 after that before they decide if it is viable. Don't work too hard.
  4. pearley

    Festina Lente

    According to Canalplan there's only another 32 to go past!
  5. pearley

    Click & Collect

    And the bit for Argos. They don't do if for nothing.
  6. pearley

    Click & Collect

    I use 'click and collect' at Argos a lot and it normally goes without a hitch. You order, they email you confirmation then usually a second email to say the item has been despatched then a text to say its available. But, ordered a hole saw last week, estimated delivery last Friday. Saw an email with the header confirming order so didn't bother to open the email until yesterday when it hadn't arrived. Email said to please contact the seller, but confirmed estimated delivery date of Friday. So I guess if hasn't been sent for some reason which means I won't now be able to collect as we shall have moved on. I the usual palaver to get a refund.
  7. pearley

    March of the Widebeams ll

    One of the pictures on Facebook shows the boat moored there. Given the shortness of Sherbornes diesel hose it might give problems to boaters facing towards Old Turn shore want to fill. Is that not for Away2Dine?
  8. pearley

    March of the Widebeams ll

    And now the BCN. According to the press release, it will be taking prospective purchasers for trips around the Icknield Port development.
  9. pearley

    Sony Car Radio loses power intermittently.

    Not all Bluetooths are the same!
  10. Alan, how did you get on with Polytrol, if indeed you did use it in the end. 

  11. pearley

    Kitchen Appliances

    But no longer made. Current one won't work with some inverters.
  12. pearley


    Anyone used it on a steel narrowboat paintwork? The reviews on their website are all for car bumpers and plastic front doors.
  13. pearley

    Mifi device with twin antennas

    Changed my MiFi device recently to a Huawei E5577C which has 2 antenna sockets but I'm only using one with a 6 year old Laird 4g mag mount. Will there be any discernible gain by either getting a splitter cable or a second antenna?
  14. pearley

    A Tale of Several TVs, well DVDs actually

    That would be normal for any warranty.
  15. pearley

    A Tale of Several TVs, well DVDs actually

    We do have an inverter but don't really want to go down one end of the boat to switch if on the next remember to switch it off again before going to bed. Yes bug that means walking through Curry's turning every set around to see how it's powered. Refuse to buy another Cello.

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