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  1. Except we had already paid for an extra weeks stay 4 days earlier and when you phone the number or contact the email address no one answers of acknowledges. When finally after a few days and a complaint to whoever it was running BCC then we get an excuse that his computer wasn't working. As the only way you can book extra days is online you would think they would check regularly which boats had bought extra time.
  2. pearley


    Whilst stuck there I spoke to 2 CRT men who were clearing the rubbish away from the top gates. They had manoeuvred s large branch to the small overflow weir and were waiting for the hydro to be shut off so the level would rise and take the branch down river. They reckoned it made a foot difference.
  3. pearley


    Whilst stuck there, there were a couple of days when it just inched into the amber. Looking at the flow there was no way I would go out, especially knowing that the flow speed increases just before Cranfleet.
  4. Was on that for a few year now Lansoprazole for 20 years ot more plus large bottle Gaviscom a month.
  5. pearley


    Babbling Brook now moored just up from us.
  6. We have a crossbed to make a 6ft X 5ft bed. I suffer badly from reflux so had the head end made 3 inches higher than feet. Although we've had if for over 12 years and it takes less than a minute to make up, it does pall a bit now.
  7. pearley

    Inverter woes

    Don't think you can blame it on voltage fluctuations. As you say, the Victron, if set up properly, is designed to cope with this. In July we plugged in a shoreline in Scarisbrick Marina for a week with no problems. A week later we plugged in again in Salthouse Dock and promptly tripped the RCD on the bollard. Trying it again it blew the main RCD up on shore. It transpired that one of PCBs had developed a fault. Things happen.
  8. They had one of these, or similar, at Priory when we were last there in 2015. Hartford Marina have had similar for some years with full residential use and the ability to moor up to a 60 ft boat alongside. They have a service charge of just under £400 month which is much the same as a widebeam leisure mooring there.
  9. pearley


    The odd thing is that the cost of our winter mooring here is only a few pounds more than last year. We met Peter - the ReMap man - at Nottingham last month who said he had left Kings due to cost, and I think he had more than one boat here. He's now CCing though on the pontoon at Newark for now.
  10. Scholar Gypsy is the one to ask but tide times come into it.
  11. pearley


    Lots of space here. Don't know if it's because many winter moorers are still stuck or if lots have left due to cost.
  12. It will always be a brand new van when it happens with the customer expecting to take delivery the next day.
  13. pearley


    Plenty of room in Nottingham. If you have to be trapped for 6 weeks there are worse places to be. Diesel 87ppl at Castle Marina if you need any.
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